The 4400

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Jul 25, 2004 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: NTAC stands for "National Threat Assessment Command".

    • Featured 4400s

      * Oliver Knox, disappeared 22 August 1983 from Friday Harbor, Washington. He has the ability to plant ideas into peoples' minds by his speech, making them do whatever he desires.
      * Jordan Collier, disappeared 10 April 2002, from the Seattle, Washington area.

  • Quotes

    • Kyle: (raspy, strained voice) How long... have I been in the dark?

    • (in Marco's office)
      Tom: Goddamn serial killer. This guy murders eight people before he's abducted. They send him back, he picks up where he left off.
      Marco: In 1983, Knox was your garden variety psychopath. They sent him back enhanced. Big difference.
      Diana: Well, it makes whoever took him sound pretty nasty.

    • Barbara Yates: (on television) The rash of violence involving the 4400 continues. Sources tell us Homeland Security is investigating a possible connection between the Friday Harbor murders and an undisclosed returnee.
      Ryland: That hypocritical, self-righteous, irresponsible bitch…
      Diana: I take it he doesn't like her show.
      Tom: He doesn't like her.

    • Jordan: Well, what can l do for you this afternoon, Lily '93? Don't worry, it's not a line. Though you're the most attractive abductee I've met all afternoon. I'm Jordan Collier. l'm throwing this party.

    • Jordan: (to a fellow 4400) 1969, huh? Well, the good news is your bell-bottoms are back in style.

    • Shawn: There's this one guy one was just talking to, and he's been gone for forty years and he came back and picked everything up without missing a beat, and then, there's me, I'm gone for three years and it's like my whole life is falling apart.....everything's different.
      Jordan: I know, Shawn, remember that most of us feel the same way you do.

    • Ryland: I want Barbara Yates's coverage of the 4400 to stop.
      Gibson: What do you mean "stop"?
      Ryland: I mean it ends, she stops covering the story period.
      Gibson: Listen, Mr Ryland, Barbara has sole authority over her editorial content. Barbara says what Barbara wants, there's nothing I can do.
      Ryland: You're her Producer, produce.
      Gibson: I don't think you know what it's like in this business these days. We're not Walter Cronkite here.
      Ryland: You want to talk about the old days? In the old days, I would need a warrant to tap all your phones, to freeze all your assests and to prevent you from ever being a passenger on any airline in the world. But like you say, it's not the old days anymore. Now you've worked for Barbara Yates for a long time, since the beginning, and I'm guessing that you know where the bodies are buried. Draw me a map.

    • Jordan: How are you guys managing, got everything you need?
      Richard: Everything, except a job. I was a pilot in the air force and I'm supposed to be drawing a pension, but that hasn't come through yet. I've applied for flight instructor jobs, and even the Seattle PD, but, every time they find out I'm one of the 4400, the job suddenly goes away.

    • (Richard looks shocked when he sees two teenagers kissing on the street)
      Lily: Richard, you can't tell me that teenagers didn't make out in 1951?
      Richard: Yeah, in a parked car by the lake.
      Lily: Oh, in a parked car by the lake, that's very cute.

    • (Jordan sees Lily and Richard together)
      Jordan: Do I detect a little romance brewing among the 4400?
      Richard: You have a good eye.

    • Diana: Maybe he can't control everything they do. What if Knox can force people to kill, but only by convincing them they really are the Friday Harbor killer?
      Tom: In for one murder, in for them all.

    • Sheriff Conrad: This is the spot where we found Theresa Baron's body. We went over everything pretty good.
      Diana: Yeah, well, we have the toys. We like to take them out of the box every now and then.

    • Diana: So, I guess we're taking a trip up to Friday Harbor?
      Ryland: Bring me back a t-shirt.

    • Maia: Breakfast is ready.
      Diana: Shouldn't I be saying that to you? Maia, thank you very much. This beats a can of Coke and a slice of cold pizza. And I promise, I will get better at being the grownup in this relationship.
      Maia: It's okay. I like being the grownup.

    • Jordan: I have no agenda, but someone had to put a human face on the 4400. We've been demonized enough by people like you.
      Barbara Yates: Well, if you're implying that this is a witch hunt, I disagree.
      Jordan: You're not the one being burnt at the stake.

    • Richard: (to 4400 Assigned Therapist) Look, you wanna help me? Help me find a job. Tell me what to say when they ask me how old I am. Or about my work experience, or or or, tell me how to explain that 58 year old gap on my resume. Everyone says that the world has changed for the better, and that people don't judge you by the color of your skin. Well let me tell you something, I'm still being judged, and you're sitting there asking me... about my relationship with my parents?

    • Oliver: Look, I know how tempting the math is on this on this murder. I disappear in '83, the killings stop. Here I am, a- and the poor girl is dead.
      Tom: We noticed.
      Oliver: And if I were in your shoes, you know, I'd probably want me to be guilty too. It would be so convenient. But... I almost feel bad I can't oblige you. I did not kill that woman.

    • Ryland: D.C. is calling for your head. I want you to dial back on the 4400.
      Yates: Not gonna happen. I'm a journalist, I answer only to my viewers.
      Ryland: Don't you hide behind freedom of the press. What you do isn't journalism, it's shouting "Fire!" on a crowded theater. And you're gonna stop before the stampede begins.
      Yates: … Yeah. You have a really strong face. Seriously Dennis, you should come on my show.
      Ryland: You're getting in the way of my job Barbara. If you're going to continue to interfere with the Department Of Homeland Security, I'd advise you to tread lightly.

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