The 4400

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Jul 23, 2006 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Tom lives at 240 Parkside Avenue, Seattle.

    • Featured 4400s

      * Naomi Bondermann, disappeared on 9 February 1992. She secretes a special oil from her hands, which causes people to have hallucinations of people from their past.

  • Quotes

    • Mitch: You're going back on the case. I'll come with you.
      Tom: No, no, no. I'm not working an investigation with my dead father.
      Mitch: I don't think you got much of a choice, Tom. Either I come along for the ride, or you and me go back inside and talk some more.
      Tom: Fine. Just don't show up when I'm in the middle of talking to somebody, okay?
      Mitch: No problem. Been a long time since I've worked a case. This is gonna be fun.

    • Isabelle: We keep pretending everything is the same way it used to be. I still keep pretending.
      Shawn: How's that working for you?

    • (hands Tom the gift basket)
      Tom: What is it?
      Randy: Sorry man. I'm not a psychic.

    • Josh: You look, eh, different.
      Diana: You look exactly the same.

    • Shawn: (to Richard) I can heal people. You can move things with your mind. We live in a crazy world.

    • Marco: I picked up some Italian on the way here.
      Diana: Don't be nice to me.
      Marco: Ah… I don't like the sound of that.

    • Diana: Listen, um, I'm exhausted and I just want to take a shower and get into bed.
      Marco: Want some company?
      Diana: No, not tonight. I'll call you in the morning.

    • Mitch: I know I'm not perfect.
      Tom: You're not even alive.
      Mitch: All right, fair enough. I wasn't perfect.

    • Isabelle: I would never hurt you Shawn.
      Shawn: That's good to hear.

    • Tom: You were engaged?
      Diana: Why does everybody have such a hard time believing that?

    • Josh: The whole thing with us, the wedding, it really must have changed you.
      Diana: As usual, Josh, you're placing yourself at the center of everything.

    • Marco: Uh... I don't want to sound jealous of a hallucination, but you must think about this guy a lot, huh?

    • Isabelle: Shawn, you and I are the two most powerful people on the planet. We're supposed to be together. Who else is good enough for you?

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