The 4400

USA (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 9/16/07
      Danny Farrell's newfound ability to spread promicin leads to several hundred deaths, including his mother. With Seattle in chaos, NTAC is forced to accept Promise City's offer of help. Shawn is faced with a difficult decision when Danny asks him to end his life to stop the spread of promicin.
    • Tiny Machines
      Episode 12
      Isabelle works with Tom in order to get close to Jordan. Shawn recruits a small band of promicin positives to break Kevin out of Promise City. Tom and Diana face off in the backroom of a grocery store, and Diana is forced to shoot Tom.
    • 8/26/07
      A computer virus attacks a large software company owned by a suspected member of The Marked. Maia visits Promise City and receives an unexpected birthday gift.
    • One of Us
      Episode 10
      The Director of National Intelligence pressures NTAC to pursue Richard and Isabelle. Richard is visited by his dead wife, Lily. Shawn and Kevin Burkhoff announce that they have developed a test that can tell people whether taking promicin will cause their death. Tom has a dream about the future and the 4400.moreless
    • 8/12/07
      Richard kidnaps Isabelle from Collier's Promise City. Richard hopes to start a new life with his daughter. Elsewhere, Tess has taken over a 1950's diner, and Shawn is asked to intervene.
    • No Exit
      Episode 8
      A lockdown at NTAC threatens the lives of Tom, Diana, Meghan, Shawn, Kyle, Jordan, Isabelle, Maia, Marco, PJ and Brady when they wakeup inside the building with no recollection of how they got there. They must work together to survive when he building appears to have a mind of its own.moreless
    • 7/29/07
      Jordan and his followers annex a run-down part of Seattle, dubbing it "Promise City". Shawn's campaign for city council is threatened when a woman accuses him of using his healing ability in exchange for sex.
    • The Marked
      Episode 6
      Tom and Diana search for Curtis Peck, a 4400 film maker whose ability allows him to "know" the truth behind historical conspiracies. Jordan tries to recruit Shawn into his movement.
    • Try the Pie
      Episode 5
      After realizing Tom knows he is promicin-positive, Kyle joins Jordan in a remote town called Evanston. Tom follows Kyle, and learns the remarkable truth about Evanston: all of its residents are promicin-positive.
    • April's new ability endangers her life. Shawn is approached to run for public office, while Kyle helps Isabelle.
    • 7/1/07
      Audrey Parker develops the ability to astral project herself. However, after she is murdered, Audrey attempts to use her ability to lead Tom and Diana to her killer.
    • Fear Itself
      Episode 2
      Tom and Diana search for a person who has the ability to make people's worst fears come to life. Danny seeks Shawn's help in finding a promicin shot. Cassie leads Kyle to a book that contains a prophecy about Jordan Collier.
    • 6/17/07
      A high school student develops an ability after injecting promicin. Tom visits Isabelle in jail, while Diana searches for her missing sister. Following the advice of a young woman named Cassie, Kyle is able to wake Shawn from his coma.
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