The 4400

Season 4 Episode 2

Fear Itself

Aired Unknown Jun 24, 2007 on USA

Episode Recap

At Woodhaven Insurance Company, an employee is going up the elevator when suddenly people start appearing all around her. They eventually fill up the elevator and she starts screaming out in panic, screaming she can't breath and is claustrophobic. Meanwhile, over on Jefferson Street a man is being chased by a clown, apparently spooked by it. When he goes to ask help from some officers they appear as clowns too and as more people gather he starts envisioning them as clowns as well. While trying to help him he trips and falls into a fountain and the crowd grows larger.

Over at Tom's house Diana comes to see him. He says that given the situation he was expecting her eventually, and they discuss April's situation. Diana reinforces that if she had the shot, she would've taken it. Diana inquires about Meghan, stating she would like to get back on temporarily so she can have NTAC's help in locating her. They discuss Alana and the paintings, which Tom found out there were five more of, totaling six. He discusses trying to contact the future again to find out what happened to her.

Tom gets a call from a psychiatric ward and when he and Garritty arrive there the doctor informs them of eight cases of extreme fears people are experiencing. He states this is why they called NTAC to begin with. Tom and Garritty start off in the usual fashion, suspecting it's an ability and trying to decide where to start looking.

Tom starts by looking at a local bank. He wants everyone at the bank to submit to a test for promicin. While going through ATM videos they spot several victims.

Kyle goes to visit Shawn in the hospital again, and Shawn states they are letting him out in the next day. They discuss Shawn catching up and what Jordan did, and when Kyle quotes Jordan Collier Shawn is surprised. Kyle asks if this is a bad thing, and he explains he didn't think Jordan would go through with it. Shawn then gets worried about people finding out what Kyle did to awaken him.

At NTAC Diana talks with Meghan, and Meghan is upfront with her knowledge on why Diana wants to come back to work for NTAC temporarily. Meghan questions what she gets out of the deal, an Diana states she's one of the best agents considering her history. Meghan asks if she's seen La Dolce Vita, and after discussing it Meghan offers her the job back.

Out at prison Isabelle is having a conference with someone who discusses the possibility of her being transferred to a lower security facility being opened soon. He states if she wants to be moved they must test her to see if she could possibly regain her powers from a dose of promicin.

Tom is talking with people from the bank and they all seem to be discussing the same person. They find out someone from the bank didn't show up and they go to apprehend him. While talking to him they assume he has the ability, and the man admits he did it; but his ability is to play instruments like he's known how to all along. Meghan walks in and pulls them aside, stating there has been another "phobia attack." She explains how an apartment manager complains the place is covered in germs and 911 was called.

Elsewhere, Shawn comes home. He and Danny are talking about him going to law school, and he starts talking about how things have been changing lately. Shawn states just because the world has changed Danny doesn't have to either. Shawn goes on to talk about how there are people with and without abilities, and that this separates them. He mentions taking the shot, defending his position to take one. Shawn is opposed to the idea. They argue about it, and Shawn leaves angrily.

At the apartment complex, they arrive as the manager is being taken in an ambulance. Garritty and Tom discuss the possibility of them being separate incidents and find this unlikely. They canvas the building for a possible link. They stop at an apartment with a mother and an autistic child, and when Garritty tries to talk to the kid he has an episode and gets scared. Tom notices a picture of the family on a shelf and it's one of the guys from the ATM line. They agree they've found their link.

Shawn is talking to Kyle about Danny taking a promicin shot, and Kyle states that it didn't kill him. Shawn seems shocked about it all, and Kyle tells Shawn he survived but received no ability. Kyle says it's not all about getting an ability it's about making a difference. Shawn defends his position, stating that Danny only wants to take the shot for personal reasons.

At NTAC, they discuss Ryan Powell's test results. He didn't have promicin in his system and are left at a dead end when suddenly Garritty starts to have a phobia attack that his teeth and hair is coming out. They call for help and Garritty's condition worsens while they wait for medical to arrive.

Meanwhile, Kyle is walking around and Cassie runs into her. Kyle inquires about how she wasn't at the school and she asks if it really matters where she went to school. He asks how she knew promicin would wake up Shawn, and she agrees to take him to answers. He follows her.

Tom and Diana are in Garrity's medical room going over his chart when Tom realizes it has to be the kid, since he got agitated when Garritty tried talking to him.

At the Powell's apartment Ryan is trying to get them to leave and Ryan tells his wife about giving their son the shot. She freaks out and Ryan explains he thought maybe the shot would help him somehow.

When Tom and Diana arrive at the Powell's, Ryan informs them his wife and son are already gone. He explains what it's like living without Brandon being able to respond to him. He tells them his wife didn't say where they were going and accepts the blame for injecting Brandon with the promicin. He defends he wasn't trying to kill him, only help him.

Meanwhile, Isabelle is tested with a promicing vial by combining it with her blood to see if she could regain her powers. The test vial turns purple, and they leave without saying anything other than they will contact her again soon.

Cassie brings Kyle to a house, and he asks if she would like to join him as he is walking up. She states it would be better if she didn't. The houses inhabitant had a great grandfather who started a group called "The White Light." He shows Kyle some of the cult's memorabilia, as well as their scripture; in the scripture there is a picture of their savior which bears a resemblance to Jordan Collier.

While driving to evade NTAC, Mrs. Powell reaches for Brandon's train to calm him down and his ability goes off on her, causing her to see snakes. She crashes the car near some railroad tracks and Brandon runs off along them.

When NTAC arrives at the car crash, they ask Mrs. Powell if they say where her son went. She is still frantic over the snakes, and Tom notices the railroad tracks. The scene shifts to Brandon walking along the depot, where he runs into a night guard. The guard tries talking to him and Brandon has another episode.

Kyle leaves the house after reading the scripture of "The White Light," and he and Cassie discuss it. She goes on to tell how the book explains a magic elixir being passed out by their savior that causes amazing things to happen to people. Their savior was prophecied to die once and come alive again. She goes on and explains how the book predicts Kyle as the shaman who will lead Jordan Collier down the right path. Kyle starts to get angry and finds it all to be nonsense, accusing her that she is part of this cult. He tells her to stay away from him.

At the Farrell residence, Shawn gives Danny a shot and Danny asks what changed his mind. He states that nothing did, he just acknowledges it's his own decision and he didn't want Danny to get in trouble trying to find it on his own. They discuss Shawn's standing with Jordan, and Shawn isn't sympathetic to his cause. He proclaims that he wishes Jordan would've just buried the promicin somewhere. He asks Danny to hold off for a bit and just see what happens before he really takes it, and Danny agrees.

Tom and Diana make their way down the depot and find the security officer having a panic attack of people seeing him. They locate Brandon and coax him over to them with a toy train so they can sedate him. Diana mentions Jordan being able to take abilities away, and Tom states they can't cure him of his ability; but maybe they can help him control it.

They take Brandon to NTAC medical and give him the inhibitor, and decide to have Shawn try and cure Brandon's autism. Shawn is cautiously optimistic, stating his luck with developmental diseases in the past hasn't been so well. After Shawn is done, Ryan comes up to his son and Brandon quietly utters the word dad for the first time. Meghan is shocked, and Shawn remembers how much he used to enjoy healing.

At the prison, Isabelle's test results have come back. They inform her that if she takes the shot again, she will die. She asks if she will be transferred then, and they respond that it will take place within two weeks.

Tom is seen alone at the museum looking at Alana's painting and Meghan walks up to her. She informs Tom that the people Brandon got to are starting to get better, and Garritty should be back soon. She asks if he would rather Diana work with him and he agrees. Meghan says as long as Brandon stays on the inhibitor things should remain normal for him. Tom states that sometimes these abilities can be used for good, and it's worth remembering.

After discussing Alana for a short minute, Meghan gets a phone call. She is seen at a hospital where her father is sick and the doctor tells her maybe it's time to start preparing for the inevitable.

At the Baldwin house Cassie is in Kyle's room and he questions how he got in there. She says "Isn't it obvious? Wherever you go I go." Tom walks up and asks Kyle if he'd like to join him for dinner. Kyle tries to introduce Tom to Cassie, and Tom asks who Cassie is. When Tom asks if she is his girlfriend Cassie states this would be kind of hard, considering that she is Kyle's ability. Tom continues, telling him she should bring Cassie by the house sometime. Kyle is shocked into silence as Tom walks out.