The 4400

Season 4 Episode 2

Fear Itself

Aired Unknown Jun 24, 2007 on USA

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  • Fear Itself

    Fear Itself was a superb episode of The 4400. I enjoyed watching this episode as Diana reconnects with Tom and asks for her old job back, Isabelle is given some possible options, and Kyle learns a lot more about himself. I thought the story of this episode was well written and the actors continue to shine in their parts. As Tom continues to obsess if a painting from the 1800's is Alana he soon realizes there isn't much he can do about it. It was interesting to see director Doyle help both Tom and Diana. Shawn is finally released from the hospital and discovers that his brother Danny wants to take promicin. This episode really brought a lot of the plot lines together and moves the season forward. I look forward to watching the nex episode of The 4400!!!!!!!
  • excellent

    Wow this episode was terrific! I liked Kyle's face from the end, when he was shocked about his ability. He was very funny in the same time :D. And the kid with Austin, poor boy, he did so much harm (i mean, his father was guilty because he shot him with promicine, but I think those whom are shooted with promicine can control his powers, even if they are sick, but in the end he was just a kiddo)! But I was happy when everything ended ok. The kiddo got rid of his power but the most important is that he got rid of his ill, and that thanks to Shawn.

    Things I don't understand:
    How come Collier is the Messia, because I thought that he's one of the bad guys! This conffused me a lot!
    And if Collier is the good guy, why isn't Shawn on his side?!

    Things I don't like:
    Is that Kyle is venerating Collier. And this really I don't like, because in this way Shawn and Kyle will become enemyes! ok, now I'm just waiting for the next episode! see ya!
  • Kyle discovers his ability and Diana returns

    Fabulous episode on two levels. The overall story arc is progressing nicely. Kyle discovers his ability, Shawn finds out he can still heal, Isabelle is apparently totally devoid of abilities (which I do not really believe) and Diana returns, at least until she find out what happened to her sister, April. Who got a syringe with promicin and, knowing April, took it too.

    The episode's story dealt with a family with an autistic boy. The father's longing for contact was so strong, that he risked the fifty-fifty chance and gave his son the promicin. His telling of the reasons was heart-wrenching and very emotional and I'm so glad that they decided on a happy ending, with Shawn's help.
  • Another great episode.

    This was another great episode which kept me hooked up until the end. The story was very intresting a 4400 who can make people see there worst fear, this is definatly NTAC's worse nightmare. Also in this episode Tom and Diana were united and she was reinstated. Shawn tries to get back to normal after the coma, but is shocked when his brother says that he wants to give promicine a shot. So eventually they find out that the person responisble for the fear is a kid who was injected with the promicine by his father. So overall i thought this was a great episode. And i am not sure what to think of about the Kyle thing yet. I am looking forward to the next episode.
  • Flawless, Excellent, Commendable

    Fear Itself: Another flawless episode. I can hardly believe this show contiues to get better and better. I really love the way they had the incredible fears of all these people tie into the life of an autistic child. With so much being learned about and yet still unknown about Autism, the episode delivers a double punch by bringing this situation into the forefront. Very commendable. Obviously, another episode with many things going on. Diana is officially re-instated at NTAC, Shaun gets out of the hospital, and Kyle is beginning to quote Jordan Collier like he's the next messiah. While each of these sitiuations aren't really relavant to the episode in general, we do get some good set up for future episodes. Isabelle's plotline is coming along well too, as she is given an opportunity to be moved to a lower security facility, if her blood shows adverse reactions to Promicin, I think this is a diversion though, I do think that she has abilities still, and has kept them under wraps. I think we'll get some ability out of Isabelle yet. Finally, Kyle's new ability is revealed, which was obviously going to happen or he'd be dead. Again another impeccable episode from this show's creators. Looking forward to more.
  • The show continues to get better with this season so far. New abilities popping up everywhere. Great episode.

    I found this episode interesting and touching at the same time. You have an autistic child who gains the ability of having people experience their worst fears mentally. You feel bad for his troubles because it wasn't his fault his dad decided to inject him with promicin, but you still understand his father's grief and pain. I'm glad Shawn was able to use his power to hear him. We are learning more of people's abilities and it's simply making our minds work hard to wonder what's next. This episode also reviewed a little bit about Kyle and his ability, which keeps you wondering, "What really is it?" Can Cassie really be his ability, and what use will that bring to him? There's so much going on, but in a good way in in which it's not scrambled. I just can't wait for more episodes.
  • Freak of the Week: Autistic Child (Dad gave him the shot) that Makes People's Worst Fears Overcome them BUT the real story is the character development

    Ok the episode starts out with a man who's terrified and thinks everyone trying to help him is a clown. They then realize that there are more people losing there mind. They track down the child, but not before Tom's old partner becomes crazy. They are able to give the child the promycin inhibitor which makes all the victims start improving. Oh and Shaun heals autism. But this is just window dressing for the true story! Several very important character developments can happen seemingly in the background:

    1. Diana asks to be reinstated and blonde boss says yes. Diana also knew what her foreign film poster was so that gave her points.
    2. Shaun leaves the hospital and stays with his mother and brother. Shaun's brother (who hasn't aged well) says he's going to get the promycin injection. Shaun, of course argues, and brother said he just didn't want to be the only special one. Shaun asks Kyle to tell him not to do it, and Kyle says no and by the way I did it and nothing happened. So in the end Shaun gives him the shot because you get thrown in jail for even asking the wrong person about it, but asks him to wait before taking.
    3. Since Tom's partner has lost him mind, he and Diana pair up again.
    4. Kyle sees Cassie again (the art student who didn't go to the art school in the previous episode who recommended giving Shaun promycin). Cassie takes him to see the grandson of the founder of the cult White Knight which was founded in 1918. He shows Kyle White Knight's version of a Holy Book which has a picture of Jordan Collier as the messiah. When Kyle walks out of the house Cassie tells him that Jordan Collier is the messiah, Shaun is the healer, and he is the Shaman. At which he says Cassie is crazy! Later Cassie shows up in Kyle's bedroom, when Tom opens the door Kyle introduces her. And Tom doesn't see her. Turns out Cassie is Kyle's Power! Which rather makes sense since the original intention was Kyle to be a 4400 not Shaun. It makes sense that he's the one who will know things.
    5. Finally, Isabelle! Isabelle agrees to be tested to see if she can still be affected by Promycin in order to go to a lower security prison. So they take a vile of Isabelle's blood and add a drop of promycin. Later someone tells Isabelle that she now has a fatal allergy to Promycin. Now I don't know if I believe this. If I was the government there would be no way I'd tell someone who did what Isabelle did that there was anyway she could get her powers back.

    Finally, what some people have been angry about is the portrayal of the autistic child. I do not think any offense was meant towards autism. And although I realize that some say the child's rights were violated, don't forget that in the season finale people were waking up from comas in nursing homes.
  • An episode full of surprises and setup

    In a number of respects, this is another introductory episode, delving into the details of the ongoing reaction to promicin distribution without the demands raised by a season premiere. Clearly, much of what happens in this episode will be important later in the arc, and for that reason alone, it’s easy to overlook the minor struggles with editing.

    This episode is chock full of plot and character threads, almost to the point of bursting. Juggling all of that material becomes a difficulty in the middle of the episode. Some of the scenes feel like they were forced into position to keep the tension mounting and the pacing intact. Every now and then, the lack of transitions could be jarring. I can’t honestly say that I could have done much better under the circumstances; it’s amazing that the rough edges were kept to a relative minimum.

    The theme continues to be the morality of Jordan’s decision to unleash promicin on the population at large. On one scale, we see how it can be misused by those in desperation: first Graham in the premiere, now Mr. Powell. In both cases, the consequences were large enough to demand NTAC response. In Brandon’s case, the solution required Shawn’s intervention, which is a new complication.

    The “new world” puts use of promicin-induced abilities as a crime, because as seen with the terrorists in the third season and so forth, the powered can be a danger to society. But the powered can also be a benefit to society, and that has always been part of the series’ equation. Meghan Doyle may have to enforce the law, but under the circumstances, someone like Shawn would be a miracle for her father.

    That element should help to complicate the ongoing conflict of interests for Tom and Diana. Nearly everyone in their personal sphere of influence is powered, and it’s something that has been troublesome since the beginning. Diana’s reinstatement, even on a temporary basis, may reveal something about Meghan and her stance on the powered.

    On the other end of the scale, equally important, is the personal effect of promicin availability. Diana is terrified at the possibility that April is dead or dealing with a crippling ability. One might argue that Diana is now more concerned for April than she’s ever been. Danny’s decision to get his hands on promicin highlights the growing rift between the “powered” and “normals”, taking the macroscopic issue and bringing it down to the identifiable sibling-rivalry level.

    And of course, there’s the most important revelation: Cassie, the cute and spunky redhead in Kyle’s life, is actually his flirty spirit guide. He’s become a modern-day shaman, whether he likes it or not, and this puts him in the position (foretold by more displaced persons transplanted by a future faction, perhaps?) to be as involved in Jordan’s cause as he desires. His spirit guide could be tapped into some subconscious communication with the future.

    The implication is that Isabelle was meant to become a source of promicin, that Jordan was designed to distribute and control the promicin thus unleashed, and Kyle was then meant to take the promicin as a further control over Jordan. Perhaps that was the original intention for Kyle in the series premiere, and given that Shawn became an acolyte/adviser to Jordan over time, perhaps there was some role encoded in the abilities exhibited.

    In other words, this episode may appear to focus on a “4400 of the Week”, but that’s just a pretext for putting together the rest of the character threads. The pieces have to be staged on the board and the status quo must be established, and this episode continues that process. And because this is a 13-episode season, there’s very little padding. So far, this season is living up to the legacy of the third season!
  • A somehwat misinformed view of a child with Autism...

    I was not overly pleased with the portrayal of a child with Autism. Children with Autism are more complex than a boy sitting and rocking and occassionally becoming agitated. I felt it reinforced the "Rainman" stereotype. I realize that in an hour show there isn't a lot of room for minor character development, but I think reinforcing this stereotype heightens people's fears of Autism and does not allow for any discourse of relevant information to come out. That said, in the context of the story, it was certainly interesting that a child with Autism could be 'cured' and that s/he could posess a 4400 power.
  • Pretty much like the last episode, another Power of the Week episode.

    This time an autistic child is given promicin by a father in a desperate attempt to cure his son and communicate with him. The promicin has some unitended consequences in which the child infects people with their worst fears: germs, snakes, CLOWNS! That last one was pretty funny - people joke about an irrational fear of CLOWNS all the time. Though not afraid of CLOWNS, I detest them - MIMES are worse. Yet another unintended consequence of taking the drug. But Shawn saves the day with his special touch.

    Diana rejoins NTAC to continue the search for her sistem and Tom finally starts letting go of Alana realizing she may have been sent back into the 1800s to punish him for not killing Isabelle by the people who created the 4400. Shawns younger brother wants a promicin shot but Shawn thinks its too risky as 50% of people die from it. And Kyle Baldwins new friend turns out to be some kind of spirit guide leading him to dig up clues about Jordan Collier including an old book that seems to have foretold events of Colliers life - part of which is in code. And Isabelle is tested to see if the white substance she was injected with has taken away her powers permanently. Since they are moving her to a less secure facility, the answer is apparently yes. But something seems odd here. Did she really lose her powers or is she just suppressing them until she has a chance to escape? Or does the government want to use her?

    The previews indicate things may involve some action as recent events have increased paranoia in the general population regarding the original 4400 as well as the new people with powers. Heck, I would be spooked too - you never know if the person next to you is one of THEM and will turn you into a mindless drone or put you in a mental hospital screaming "CLOWNS! CLOWNS! CLOWNS!!!"
  • The show is staying on track now showing another danger.

    This episode really showed yet another danger. When adults start giving this promicin shot to a child who is to immature to even understand or comprehend what is being done to them, let alone the fact of the fifty-fifty chance of receiving powers or dying. Children's rights have then been taken away, there right to choose, because they are not even old enough to understand a power when they receive it. Tonight the episode examined and demonstrated the dangers when a young child can not handle powers.

    Kyle finally learned of his new ability, which is Cassie whom I guess will help him in future episodes with the plan for him involving Jordan Collier.

    Diana is back on the force with Tom, her goal to find her sister but I hope she does not lose a husband because of this.