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Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Aug 27, 2006 on USA

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  • Fifty-Fifty

    Fifty-Fifty was a perfect episode and season finale of The 4400's third season. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action, drama, character and plot development. Jordan Collier finds Kevin and Tess and keeps them close. Isabelle thinks she is unstopable until her father comes to Tom's rescue and injects her with the needle Tom carries. Diana takes Maia out of the 4400 school against her wishes and Collier sets in motion a world changing movement. I think this episode show cases how great this show really is, how complex, how original, while making it feel like it could be a real possibility. I look forward to the next season!!!!!!!
  • I guess we are finding out what is the masterplan!

    A really good episode which is really revealing. Jordon has come back a changed man and the fact that he came back from the dead he learned a lot of new things. He learned about the future when Alana helped him to figure out who he was.

    Now it comes to the Promicin the drug which either can give you an ability or kill you. You have to risk to know if you are on of the lucky ones.

    Maybe there will be a better future for Isabelle now that she has no powers. Dennis Ryland is one of the characters which I do not like at all.. he creates something and knows its effect and because it was stolen he did not give the side effect and he thinks that this something justified.

    Jordon knows what Promicin is doing after what happened to Devon and now they are telling the effect and risk of taking the drug. It was pretty strange that Shawn could not heal her. Maybe it is part of the drug that effects his healing.

    We see Kyle in the end going to take Promicin... who knows if he will get an ability or if he is going to actually take it. Shawn Farrell he shows that he is not trustworthy but in my opinion he did the right thing telling on Jordon. In the Prison we can see how hard that was for him and it left him very weak and unconcoius... Maia a very talented little girl..who sees the future (her 4400 ability). It was very interesting what she was about Diana and now I am hoping that she will take that step with Ben.

    Let's not forget Tom and Alana. It was quiet interesting what she said to Alana.. so what is going to happen actually? And what happened there at the end? Did she dissapear?

    Richard has changed since his wife Lily died. He did not have any control on Isabelle but he did the right thing at the end giving that injection to Isabelle.. but that means that he was ready to kill his daughter for the better of man kind.

    Tess and Kevin look good together and finally that are seeing their dream come to reality. But here is a question that you will have after finished this season : How is the promicin going to change everyone? How many people are going to die? And what is this war the have talked about all through this season?
  • Ryland discovers he cannot control Isabelle.

    An exciting and at times moving episode with an unexpected ending.

    Finally, father and daughter, Richard and Isabelle have to fight it out and with some help from Tom, Richard manages to overcome Isabelle. The result of the injection were surprising, most people assumed it would kill her, but 'all' it did was to cancel out her powers.

    The shot of Kyle considering taking promicin was sad but also expected.

    Alana disappearing was unexpected and Diana deciding to leave was very unexpected. Now we know because of Maia's prediction that she will return, but I wonder how that will happen and what it will take to get her to return...
  • How much would you want a special ability? Is it worth a 50% you get it or 50% you die?

    I think this was a very good season finale. First, Isabelle tries to kill the 4400 and Tom finally has the guts to inject her with the needle the future gave her. Ironically this doesn't kill her! Who knew? It simply made her human. Unfortunately before she was humanized, she messed with Shaun's mind and left him in a coma. And all I can say is I hope Isabelle disappears to jail. I really didn't think she made an effective villain this season

    Next Jordan Collier steals the promycin the government has accumulated and distributes it to anyone who wants it. The only catch is if it doesn't work you'll die. Thus the episode title 50/50. At the close of the episode we see both Tom's son and Diana's sister inject themselves. I think Tom's son will definitely develop an ability (it wouldn't make sense that they attempted to take him and then him not be able to develop an ability). Now as for Diana's sister, I really hope they don't bring her back as a character. But I do think the premise of a whole new bunch of characters with special abilities will make the coming season much more interesting.

    Finally, Tom's wife (or girlfriend not sure in this reality) appeared to be taken by the future. Not sure what this means, and I hope it's explained in the next season.
  • Finally back on track.

    This season final got seaosn three back on track. I think season 3 went off the point on a few episodes and they rushed through a lot of plots like the NOVA group. Anyway the final to season three was left very open. Diana's sister is taking the drug that could give her 4400 abilities. Now that this drug is on the market thosands will die but others will gain abilities. Diana is leaving but i'm sure she will be back. I love the 4400 when it is on track. Season 1 and 2 were great. I hope season 4 stays good. I look forward to watching it.
  • This is the seasonal Finale. It ended with a BOMB!!!

    This episode was great. The long awaited suspence - whether Isabelle would die or live - was answered. Diana and Marco end their relationship. Tom and Alana are together. Kyle leaves to travel the world. He injects promicin in himself along with Diana's sister , April. Shawn is still hospatized after the fight against Isabelle. Jordan Collier is more peaceloving to the future. Mia has a glimpse that there is more 4400's when she sees the number of 4400s raise. In the end, the greatest part, Alana is kidnapped by a flash of light! Dun DUn dun! Overall, a great episode and great way to end the season. I can not wait until the next season!!! If i could I would give this episode an infinite out 10 as 10 being the best !!!!!!!!!!! GREAT EPISODE!
  • A Great Ending to the third season! (possible spoilera)

    This episode was a great ending to the third season - it answered a few questions but gave me just enough to ensure that I will be watching the next season when it starts!

    The world in this episode changed, especially with the free distribution of promicin to everyone who wanted it - it was interesting and sometimes surprising to see who in particular, would take the promicin knowing there was only a fifty/fifty chance of survival and ultimately developing a 4400 ability.

    What is left lingering until next season are: will those specific characters who have to promicin take it, and if they do will they survive? What happened to Alana? What will happen to Isabelle? What will be the effect of more people developing 4400 abilities? These questions and more are keeping me interested in the show and keep it exciting.

    Episodes like this are exactly why I watch this show.
  • so good

    i can't believe that he shot issabell it came out of no where and was very excaiting and i couldn't believe he did that! me and my sisters were screming like crazy i love it that was the high light of the season!!! and a good season finale!! whooo! man i got to watch that one again!! tom i didn't know you had it in you! go tom go tom!!! bye bye issabell even though i knew she was going to be in the next season be can't wait!!!!
  • Way to go, Ms. Echevarria!

    This third-season finale' took me by surprise, every step of the way. For instance, Maya's uncharacterisitic display of temper when Diana dragged her home from school, at the 4400 Center. I thought to myself: "What is up with this girl? Is she finally becoming a typical 21st-century spoiled brat?" Then, came Isabel's entrance into the classroom (to which Maya had disobediently returned). I thought to myself: "Oh, come on! This bee-yotch is so powerful, she can now block even Maya's precognition?" But, it all became clear after Diana, Tom, and Richard stormed to the rescue. Maya had foreseen the whole show-down and was worried about her mom!!! But, she did not want to add to her mother's worries, so she reluctantly kept quiet. Only her "brattiness" giving any indication that something was wrong. Equally unforeseen was the injection being a future version of promyacin inhibitor. Making Isabel completely powerless, and nothing more! I guess, for someone like her, that _would_ be a fate worse than death. Hence, her trying to goad Tom into shooting her a second time.* I deduct one-fifth of a point, however, for the re-taking of Helena. Why would the Abductors do that? Was she only meant to form a bond with Tom, so she'd willingly use her VR powers on amnesiac Collier, when the time came for Tom to request it? I sure hope Ms. Echevarria answers that question before Christmas break of Season 4. Otherwise, I might not tune in for Season 5. *After he fired the first few rounds, I jokingly thought to myself: "OK! Now, take out your sword,...oh, wait! That was the other series."
  • Great ending for this season. Ties up some loose end yet makes you want to watch the next season as well. The suspence is not too much but there is a great promice in the story.

    This show is getting good ( not that it wasn't ) The story that they have picked is quite fruitful and the writing staff is doing a great job. The acting is pretty good too. As far as the episode goes it's nice the way Isabelle is developed as the ultimate enemy and the conflict daughter-fater was interesting to watch. The only part that was not really believable was Diana leaving NTAC in order to go wi Europe with her new found boyfriend. It's a little bit out of character for her. The episode ends with a prediction from Maia for future disaster(s) and this ties up nicelly with the gradual build up of suspence. Overall this was a nice example of what season finales should look like. ( Can't wait for next season to start )
  • A really disappointing end to the season.

    I kept watching The 4400 this season hoping it would pull itself out of the depths that it devolved. The story line was pure lunacy with big gaping holes not addressed in later episodes - or just inane plot lines.
    For example, in The Starzl Mutation, there was the big story that Shawn's marriage to Isabelle would change the course of history. At the end of the episode, and throughout the rest of the season, this was left unanswered. (unless ofcourse you assume that the Armageddon vision would occur by not marrying isabelle). But of course, now that isabelle is powerless, what's the point?
    I'm really disappointed in the inanity of Diana's relationship with the photographer (i don't even know his name becuase i intentionally skipped this story as they both appeared on screen) Maia's foreshadowing is Hit or miss.
  • the end is only the beginning

    this is how you should end a season : close a lot of subplots and start at least the same amount of new ones.

    Nobody escapes this time and nothing stays the same. Who can hold on this is faith, who can endure the pain to maintain a future ? Who, except from Collier, can see where this is all leading to ? Let it all flow over you and try to figure out the best way. Fifty-fifty. Not only the chance of creating special abilities, but also a representation of how the future will turn out.

    Not as good as the finale of season 2 (which I consider the best season final of any series ever), but still breathtaking, absolute fantastic television. And Season 4 promises to be at least equally good, with the charismatic Collier being back in full force and Isabelle brought back to normal. Please let it be summer again soon !
  • Pure Awesomeness! Warning: Spoilers!

    This episode was one of the best of The 4400 I have seen so far. It was full of everything that makes a tv show perfect. The way the writers wwrote Isabelle in this episode was, for lack of a better word, pure genuius!, she was so great! Even though you wanted her dead for everything she was doing, she was doing it so that you still wanted to see her. Also this episode was very cleverly written as a whole, there were more twists and turns than any episode so far and near the end, when Isabelle goes to the center to kill everyone, and almost gets to Maia, it get's so suspensful that when it ends three minutes later, you could feel like crying! Also the whole Isabelle almost killing Shawn thing! WOW! is all I can say, anyway, I don't want to give anything else away, if you have not already seen it, then do NOW! Seriously, even if you know nothing about the series, you will LOVE it!
  • This episode was amazing. What a great way to end a great season.

    WOW! My mouth was hanging open this whole episode. First Devon's death and Shawn torture by Isabelle, then the explosion and Isabelle's attack on the 4400 Center, then all the craziness at the end! I don't know what to say. This finale didn't dissappoint. I'm so upset we have to wait till next year now for another episode. How long will Shawn be in the coma? Why did the future take Alana again, and when will the return her, if ever? What's gonna happen to Kyle, will he develop an ability, and what? What is going to happen with all the promicin out on the streets? I have no idea, I have so many questions, this finale just blew everything out of the water.
  • Isabell

    Wow! I mean seriously, wow! Isabell really deserved what she got! She looked at Richard like....don't you are my father how can you.....plunge! She was going to kill him so why not him kill her first, and he saved Tom's life too. And to top it off she was left without her powers, and got shot how exciting! I have to think though, what if wee are wrong? What if it is all deception and the real bad guy is Collier, and Isabell was good and any looked bad to do good? Mia is such a sweet little girl, she knew it was going to happen. As she basicaaly put herself between Isabell and the other little girl to save more lives till the NTAC, and the good 4400 could get there, risking her own life. This was a very good conclusion to many things. Also the passing out of the promican at the end. Very nice play Collier, very nice!
  • A great ending to the 3rd season!! A must see for anyone who missed it!

    This episode was amazing! My heart was racing through most of it! I had high expectations for the season finale and this episode definitely lived up to those expectations and even surpassed them. Like any other great season finale, many long awaited questions are answered, while new ones emerge. This is definitley the best episode of the 4400 yet! The surpise twist that the syringe did not kill Isabelle, but left her powerless was great. I have a feeling that this is not the end of her 'reign of terror' though because Tom's intructions were to "Kill Isabelle" and not just to rid her of her powers. Also, Diana leaving was understandable, but I hope she doesn't stay away long. Maia's Diary entry said they would be needing her again soon.

    The final scenes of the episode really resonated with me. I really liked how they parallel Shawn's hospitalization with Kyle's as we see Tom sitting by Shawn's bedside. We know that the plan to distribute promicin is working and having positive effects, but this doesn't outweigh the risks involved. We are reminded of the possible consequences by Kyle and April's apparent decision to take the promicin. And Alana's reabduction reminds us of the future's presence in the 'New World'. But we'll have to wait until the 4th season to find out what they have planned for the 4400 and the rest of humanity.
  • Frightening, Enlightening, and Endings

    This was as we all know the culmination of all of Jordon Collier's plans. A plan put in motion almost from the moment he returned as a 4400. It's always a bit frightening to those who don't understand or relish change when there's someone so frightfully insistant upon it. The episode enlightened us to the plan for the Human Race. A plan institued by humans from the future. We understand now that in order to keep people from abusing power, that the plan is to allow each person their own power, should they choose it. I find that an amazingly enlightened position for a television program to take. Kudos to the writers on that one. As endings go, this was passionate, exciting, disrupting, and a touch sad. We'll have to wait an entire season to find out if Diana is truly gone, or if we see her return to finish everything out. (I hope we don't miss the weddin')

    Obviously we've been given some clues by Maia as to what may happen, when she tells Alana that they won't see her again. It'll be interesting to see all the newly changed people in next season's eppies. For now ... I'd just like to say ... Job Well Done!!!
  • Solid ending to a solid third season

    Ever since the season premiere, I’ve been impressed with the level of complexity and continuity present in the third season. In the finale, there are number of elements from “The New World” that come back to pay off in the final hour. A lot of shows have struggled with the idea of a tight season arc; I think I can safely say that this was one of the more satisfying attempts.

    Some would say that the finale was predictable, but I think there’s a huge difference between “predictable” and “well-foreshadowed”. An episode is really only “predictable” if the resolution to a new crisis presented in the teaser or first act is telegraphed long before any complication etners the picture. “Well-foreshadowed” is something else entirely. The writers knew where the story was going from the premiere forward, and they made sure that everything was in place well ahead of time.

    For instance, it was important to introduce Boyd, because he plays into the ruse that eliminates Ryland’s men in this finale. It was equally important to demonstrate how invulnerable Isabelle could be, so that her survival was a matter of course. Similarly, Richard’s telekinesis emerged in the premiere, and was refined through a desire to protect the world from Isabelle. Tom was given the chance to stop Isabelle without resistance, only to regret it later. (If there was one element that I would call “predictable”, it was the resolution of the final act; I called that in near-perfect detail the minute Richard was practicing throwing knives!)

    So now Isabelle is effectively out of the picture, and her effect on the course of the series was certainly unexpected (yet consistent with the end of the second season). So as anticipated, Jordan is able to use his grass-roots movement to spread the stolen promycin to the masses. The question is: will those empowered by Isabelle’s promycin become the forebears of the Future Elite? Could that be the method by which Isabelle preserves the Future Elite and ultimately overcomes the 4400? It would play into the idea that Jordan has been deceived.

    I also like how the whole Diana/April/Ben thing addresses one of the concerns I’ve had for quite some time. Tom’s involvement with NTAC seems to be fairly clear: he wants to be an advocate for the 4400 and he can’t have influence in NTAC if he’s not there. But Diana has to protect Maia, and when is enough enough? Now she has the chance to get out of the game and find some safe place to ride out the storm. The kicker is, April has chosen to take the promycin. My guess is that April’s reaction to the promycin will lure or force Diana out of hiding and back in the saddle.

    With the series renewed for a fourth season, the status quo looks to be taking another major shift. Alana’s abduction is an interesting twist, though it once again brings into question her role in Tom’s development. With Isabelle neutralized, does the future believe that Tom’s role has been fulfilled? Or is her knowledge gleaned from Jordan seen as a threat? Ryland has even more political currency against Jordan and the 4400, the Center has been closed, and who knows what kind of individuals will get abilities. If the writers can pull off another season like this, then the fourth season ought to be one hell of a ride.

    This is the part where the season finale review would usually launch into a discussion about the season as a whole, but things will be done differently moving forward. The “4400” post-mortem (so to speak) will be the main focus of this week’s episode of “Dispatches from Tuzenor”, the podcast associated with my various reviews. That episode should be up after the weekend, so anyone interested is invited to drop by the archive site ( and click on the link. (It’s also available on iTunes.)
  • By far, the best episode of the 4400 yet!

    This episode was HUGE! Everything gets thrown into your face like your going a hundred miles an hour. So much stuff happened in this episode it's insane.

    Don't get me wrong, I hate watching the season come to an end, but I love the way they end every single episode. It's that cliffhanger that everybody hates, but I love cliffhangers, it's what keeps to guessing, and I like to guess what's going to happen next. But anyways, onto the episode. There is so many plots in this episode that it could drive somebody crazy trying to figure them all out at once. First off, Isabelle loses her abilities, shawn gets put into a coma, alana gets abducted by the future AGAIN, and so many other things.

    This is one episode nobody can miss, roll on season 4!

    "Fifty-Fifty" - 10/10
  • A partial ending that raises a lot of question marks

    A great season finale, interesting, dramatic and breathtaking. This season ends dramaticly leaving us guessing whay will Isabelle do know that she is left without her ability will she be put out for good or she will take promicine and revenge herself. Will Kyle survive the promicine treatment. My favourite scene is the one in which Alana is being taken by the ray of light, remeber that in previous episodes, the ones in which she and Tom were living in an world created by her mind, in the storage room she speaks with Baldwin and gives him the seringe, that is why i belive she is in fact not from the past but from the future an has been acting to be an "normal" 4400, if that is posible. I think she is an supervisor from the future, a spy assuring everything goes as planed. Well we shall see how Tom manages without Diana allthough I guess she won't be gone for long, as for the other people now buying promicine from the streets ther will defenetly be a batalle beetwen them and NTAC that might just make Ryland join forces with Baldwin to defeat Collier and Shawn.
    A great way to end a season, spectaculous and intrigueing
  • What a way to end it!

    I really was lookiig forward to this episode and it did not disappoint! So, we see that Jordan Collier is a generic messiah, waging war on the government. I was a little worried about Shawn and Richard. I thought they'd kill Richard and I figured something would happen to Shawn because he seemed to be straddling the fence. But I must say that I am so glad they finally stopped Isabelle, at least for now. Especially because Richard got the chance to do it. She truly showed her colors and I must say I thought she was going to do a lot more damage than she did. It'll be interesting to see how April is integrated into the show as well as all of those other people taking promicin. This episode was great and I can't wait for the next season to start! Hopefully, we'll get more Shawn development and if we're lucky Isabelle will stay powerless, because if she doesn't she's going to seek revenge on a lot of people.
  • What a phenominal way to keep us wanting more...

    This episode, in all honesty, could have been where the series itself ended. They could have had Collier die, Isabel die, whatever. And, to be honest, that is what I was expecting. However, I was truly surprised at some of the directions this took.

    First off, Collier is still the mysterious man who no one, be it 4400, human being, or TV viewer, can truly figure out. His motives, while seemingly in plain sight, are often shrouded by circumstance and question. Is he really here to save humanity? Will he truly lead us on the path against the catastrophe that the 4400 are here to prevent? To be honest... I have no idea.

    We saw both ends of the Jordan spectrum, him sacrificing the shapeshifting 4400 (Brody, I think?) in order to send a message. Then, you see his compassionate yet determined side as he's careful to make everyone sure of the promicin shots side effects when they're given out.

    Tom Baldwin partially kept his promise to the future, with aid from Dianna and Richard Tyler. The shot that the future gave him tore Isabell Tyler's abilities from her. She remains in a hospital with Shawn, her ex-fiance.

    With the episode rounding out, the one thing I was truly looking forward to was the epilogue that previews next season. While it wasn't as dynamic as last year (which revealed a grown up Isabell entering Shawn's office, Richard Tyler developing telekinesis, Dr. Burkoff injecting himself with Promicin, and Jordan Collier alive and unshaven washing up on a shore), it could possibly prove to make a much deeper season whenever the next season airs. First off, we see Diana and Tom sharing a parting moment as Diana has decided to take her and Maia to go with Ben, Diana's future husband, on a trip. This could mean there will be no Diana next season. Maia makes the parting even more mysterious when she tells Allana, in that creepy tone with the matching blank state, that when she returns, Allana wont be around. Creepy. Then, Isabell and Shawn are both shown in a hospital, both appearing unconscious. Jordan Collier is writing in a journal as Dr. Burkoff and Tess appear, saying that a woman on TV cured her father of Alzheimers. More of Jordan's homeless people are shown passing out Promicin shots, and Diana's sister takes one. She's told of the risks, takes it and walks off. Kevin Baldwin is shown in his room with a promicin shot, appearing to debate whether or not to take it. A meteor appears to be falling at Allana, who, when the screen pans back in, has disappeared. Finally, the man who gave Diana's sister the promicin shot turns to the screen and ends it all with "How about you, you want the shot?"

    All in all, we couldn't have asked for a better finale. Everything that needed to be done was, and everything we could anticipate has been dangled before us in a taunting fashion. I am eagerly anticipating season 4.
  • Most exciting episode to date!

    To me, this is the best episode of The 4400 to date. I never thought that Shawn would go against his uncle. This episode shows that there are two sides but it remains unknown as to which side will be the victor or which side is actually good or evil. I am proud that Tom's finally gathered enough to inject the drug he was given into Isabel and that she's now "normal." I never liked her and she's done quite a bit of damage so she deserves it. All in all, an excellent season finale and am happy to hear that there'll be another season.
  • One door closes, another one opens.

    The great thing about this ep is that it told so much in just one hour. This was perhaps my favorite episode of The 4400 since I started watching the show.

    The 4400s two worst enemies were taken down hard. It appears that Dennis Ryland and Isabelle Tyler are no longer a threat to the 4400. How ironic. Ryland wanted to eliminate them, but the person he counted on to help him do that turned into the very thing he was trying to destroy. When Richard injected her with the syringe, I thought she was dead, but it turned out to be promicin inhibitor. When Tom shot her, it was a shocking moment to say the least, but then we see it was a test to see if she was really depowered. How will she cope with her loss of power in Season 4? We'll see.

    How ironic is it that Shawn, the one who can heal, is in need of healing himself. Isabelle left him in a coma, and now he is of no use to anyone. He must have the worst karma in the world after he brought Kyle out of a coma. Speaking of, I believe Kyle will take the promicin. He would've been abducted anyway.

    The 4400 center is shut down, which will prove to be a good plot device if it stays that way in Season 4.

    Even though some people think so, I don't think Jordan Collier is evil. At least he doesn't think so. If he was, why would he give out the promicin instead of destroying it? If he had destroyed it then Ryland would've been proven right. What are his real intentions? How long will we have to wait to find out?

    Diana's departure was an emotional moment, especially for Tom. That moment between her and Tom helped to illustrate the bond between them, and what they really mean to each other.

    Someone from the future has taken Alana. For what reason is unclear, but if her fate isn't resolved next season I will be really pissed.

    This episode did a great job of character development. Even the minor characters got some growth. April has gotten some of the promicin. Where that will go will be fun to see.

    So, where does the series go from here? So many questions answered, but now there are questions left unanswered.
  • A very revealing and character developing episode!

    In this episode Jordan Collier is just as conniving and evil as he was before he came back from the dead. When he first came back on the show, I thought maybe he had changed, but I quickly realized that he was just as bad or worse than he was before.

    I was wondering how they would disable Isabelle and what that shot would do to her. I didn't think she would be allowed to keep her abilities because if she did than there would be no battle because she is so much stronger than everyone else.

    In a way I'm glad she's not dead because now she can maybe learn to be a normal person. Of course she'll be behind bars, but I'm sure her dad will be allowed to visit her on occasion.

    I was a little surprised at how Alana disappeared and am wondering if she will ever be back especially after hearing what Maia said to her.

    I wonder what will be in store for next season!
  • The season three finale of The 4400! Wooooo!

    Amazazing! I loved the ending! What happaned to Alana?!?!?! I loved it! Especially when Isabelle got the shot...I hoped and wished that when she got the shot...she'd die and Lily would magically apear! Of course that'll never happen! And yes, I'm still upset about Lily! Anyway, I loved the whole dramatic sense of the climax. It was better than last season's season finale. I loved it!!!!! My new best friend ever...however, I'm disappointed that there was only one sort of cliffhanger. I mean...Tom's son and Diana's sister taking the promician was not really a cliffhanger. But Sean in the hospital with his life on the Well anyway, the Alana one definetly was!!!!!!! I thinks she got taken again...I'm not sure. Hopefully they're be a season four! WOOOO!
  • WOW! An amazing ending to the season.

    Well, this might just be the best episode of the 4400. Ever. We got to see so much in just an hour. It was great, and it makes me really anxious for next season to start. First off, Shawn is in a coma! Put there by Isabelle. And of course, since he is the one with the healing hands, he can't wake himself up like he woke Kyle up.

    Speaking of Kyle, he has run of to some part of the country. And he is injecting himself with promiacine. I wonder if he will survive. I'm guessing he will, which makes me wonder what power he will get.

    Isabelle is powerless. Richard used his ability to poke Isabelle with the needle full of that gray stuff, and now she is powerless. Will she remain that way?

    Collier has made his move. He has sent out all the homeless people he met while living in the streets. He has given them all promiacine to give to anyone who wants some, and even though there is only a 50% chance of living, many are taking the chance. Including April, Diana's sister.

    Diana and her new boyfriend, along with Maia, left for Spain. Who knows when they will be back?

    Another person left as well. Alana was taken by the future again. Why? Good question.

    All of Rylands soldiers were blown up in a suicide bombing set off by the kid who could look like anybody. Looks like his army is gone.

    Also Collier is hiding in the mountains, along with Tess and Dr. Burkoff. They are listening to the first reports of people devoloping 4400 abilities.

    So, in one hour, the whole show has been changed. Everything is different. It is no longer a power struggle between Ryland and Collier, or even Isabelle and Collier; because niether Ryland or Isabelle have any power now. But at the same time, now anyone can get power from off the street, and they aren't all going to be friendly to Collier and the 4400. Next season is going to be great!
  • Here comes the Boom

    Well this season really come out with a boom, literally. Things come closer and closer to the war between humans and the 4400. The episode starts off with Shawn getting caught be NTAC. Then the military moves in on Shawn to get the info on the location of the promisaden, by using Isabelle. So when the military gets to the location, it ends up being a trap and the 4400 blow up the building. This makes Isabelle angry and she attacks the 4400 center. At this moment Tom makes the decision to kill Isabelle. Though he doesn't kill her she gets weakend and ends up hospitalized. So as the episode comes to a close you see many things happening. It shows Isabelle and Shawn in the hospital, Skouris and Maia moving away, Jordan and 2 others(I can't think of their names), and a guy passing out promisaden needles to people(one of them being Skouris' sister) and the guy asking the viewer if he wants one. END OF THIS SEASON
  • The finale is as wild and unpredictable as the season that it led into.

    We knew it was going to be wild but not like this. ALl the plots are beautifully woven together into a terrific mix that makes the whole trip worthwhile. Kudos to all the actors for amazing work through it all.

    I loved the twists with COllier's setting up the trap for NTAC and Ryland's expression when he finally realized he couldn't stop ISabelle. As for Isabelle, the fight with Richard and Tom was great. Some might think it's getting off easy for her to simply lose her powers but I think it's better this way, having to adjust to life as a normal person. Interesitng how that will work next year.

    The Diana bits were good, with April and Ben. While I will miss her, it makes sense she'll want to take what may be her only chance at a happy life. That last scene with her and Tom was wonderful, showing the friendship they have, marked by Maia's sad "You won't be here" to Alana.

    And as with last year, we end with some great jarring scenes like April adn Kyle both ready to take the serum, Jordan ready for this new world, Alana being sucked away by persons unknown for reasons unknown and that great last shot of "You want to take it? Fifty fifty." What is 100% is that this show keeps getting better every year and one can only wonder what season 4 brings.
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