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I'm glad it wasn't a disappoinment....

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    I've been holding off on watching season 4 for some time as i was afraid it will end in tears of frustration. However, I finally completed the last episode today and i was glad it ended the way it did. I can't see how this whole 4400 story will have a satisfied ending if it keeps dragging on, sooner or later the writers will run out of ideas and it will become a war movie or another 'Heroes'. I'm definitely going to miss all the wonderful characters except for that immature, selfish, coward brother of Sean. He makes me sick! Since the beginning of the film till the end, everything is ',me. Why must he be the one who is special. why can't i be special too?' And even when he was dying, he did not have the balls to suffer and whinged for the easy way out. I Never did like his character. Other than that, I have to say, I enjoyed the 4 seasons. At least this is one series that was cancelled with a proper ending. Well, time for my dose of promicine.

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