The 4400

Season 4 Episode 11

Ghost in the Machine

Aired Unknown Aug 26, 2007 on USA

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  • Ghost in the Machine

    Ghost in the Machine was a superb episode of The 4400. I really enjoyed watching this episode because Diana finally suspects Tom is becoming some one else. It was very interesting to see this other personality. Isabelle is given another chance to have power and engage in her original purpose once again. There was a lot of character and plot development with awesome scenes. I thought the story of the old man on life support going after big corporations run by the Marked was good. The personality inside Tom is prepared to do just about any thing. I liked the ending. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Great play on Shirow's work and it's a shame Trask didn't leave little autonomous bits of code in the system of himself to continue causing strife every now and then

    I found the first few episodes a real struggle to get into and actually started thinking that the show had done its dash. There did not seem to be any direction and it was kind of boring. For me (just me) the turn around came when the battle lines started getting drawn between the different groups and the Marked has certainly livened it up. It continues Isabella's reason for being created and now she's up and running with a dead switch as a control mechanism. There are a few annoying things for me
    1. NTAC always get a kicking. They know who they are dealing with, the latest example is Tyler. They watched what he did on CCTV but they still rush up and point things at him - everytime they go in unprepared they are just so stupid.
    2. The guys ability to see behind the conspiracies - no way!!!! The fact that 4400 people were abducterd by people from the future and returned changed, that Tom's girlfriend lives in alternate realities, Maia sees visions of the future - NTAC of all people should not be questioning a 4400's ability (and now P Positives)
    3. Why is that NTAC indiscriminately and in some instances with a mightier than thou lecture arrest P positives and 4400's using their abilities but the minute Kyle or anyone else they are close to is the subject they break all the rules to let them get away with it.
    4. When are they going to give Kyle a spine and an opinion or is the destruction of his blind faith metaphorical for some bigger pciture. If it is I hope it crumbles quickly because he's annoying me. Just my opinion - But I really like the series and can't wait till the next one.
    this is a third one but it's more an observation - When is Kyle going to get a spine and a mind of his own???? He's irritatingly
  • Diana and Meghan are now certain that Tom is one of the marked and Isabelle regains her abilities.

    Exciting episode with two main plots and a few subplots.

    Let's begin with one subplot. The Maia and her parents illusion. I do NOT like it one bit. To me, it feels like Maia is betraying Diana and everything she's done for Maia. I hope this storyline ends soon.

    The first main plot revolves about Isabelle. Against her will, the 'posessed' Tom injects her with promicin after having purged the anti-promicin components from her body meaning she will regain her abilities. However, this time, they've added a kill switch so the marked can kill her is she disobeys them. It will be very interesting to see what future Isabelle decides on.

    The second main plot revolves around Tom, who's not longer Tom but one of the marked. In this episode Diana and Meghan discover or confirm that he's no longer Tom and they will now have to find a way to get the original Tom back. I hope they succeed soon, cause this Tom is creepy...
  • Season 4 is building to a showdown between the "marked" and the messianic figure Jordan Collier.

    The personality from the future has gained full control over Tom Baldwin who is restoring Isabelles power. Though this time, a "kill switch" has been added to insure her cooperation. That and a veiled threat against her father, Richard.

    Jordan is firm in his belief that all non promicin positives must die and gives Shawn one last chance to abandon Burkhoff's research and announce that everyone should take promicin. Shawn refuses and is told he is no longer welcome in Promise City. Jordan started out as a seemingly nice guy who wanted to save the world, now hes more like Hitler Stalin and Pol Pot all rolled into one; he's once scary guy. Killing 3 billion people with forced promicin injections would make Hitler and Stalin look like small time criminals.

    Meanwhile one of Jordans groupies has developed a computer virus that threatens the world economy. The marked Tom Baldwin puts a stop to this by ramming a car into a utility pole that is keeping the 4400 who created the computer virus alive on live support machines. Diana discovers this but keep it quiet....

    The Season 4 showdown between the "marked" and Jordan Collier is rapidly approaching. Perhaps the "marked" really are the good guys? Judging by the way Jordan is acting, wanting to be the biggest mass murderer in history, the chances of that are more than 50-50 that the "marked" may indeed be the "good guys"....
  • Ever woke up next to a guy and discovered he was crazy?

    Ever woke up next to a guy and discovered he was crazy? This is how you'd feel if you haven't been keeping up with The 4400. Tom Baldwin has been body snatched by a person from the future who wants all 4400 dead. Shawn gave Dr. Burkhoff facilities to discover a way to test yourself before taking the Promicin shot because of the 50/50 life or death thing. Dr. Burkhoff discovers that left- handed people have a better chance of surviving. (I totally wanted something more complex than that because I'm not left- handed.) Rational people think this is good news. Jordan Collier thinks that everyone should take the shot because he thinks that if you don't have a 4400 capability that you should should be obsolete. In this episode, a man suffering from a stroke is attacking a big financial company and is making the stock crash. This company is secretly giving financial backing Tom and his crew of futuristic body snatchers. The company had to be saved at all costs so Tom kills the 4400 responsible by making it look like an accident. This makes Diana suspicious and she and Megan now suspect that Tom has been compromised. Tom suspects that they have found him out. In the midst of all of this, Tom reactivated Isabelle's 4400 power. This episode had a lot of set up. I think the season finale is going to be one hell of a ride. The way they've been telling the story, I can't really tell what direction the story is going and that is something that keeps me tuning in.
  • Racing towards another great finale

    With only a few episodes left for the season, the writers are doing everything possible to avoid any sense of predictability. Matters are coming to a head, but week to week, the status quo appears to shift. This is a stark contrast to the third season, which succeeded using steady execution of a well-telegraphed plot arc. I have every reason to think that this season was equally well-conceived, but I'm finding it a lot harder to predict where the story will go next.

    The title of the episode refers directly to the p-positive behind the attack on Drew Imroth's software company. But the title pertains equally to Tom's "marked" personality. The implanted personality drives much of the drama in the episode, enhancing the tension within NTAC more than the situation would otherwise suggest. Diana and Meghan take a little too long to figure out the problem, given their access to medical information, but a confrontation (both personal and professional) is on its way.

    Two major plot elements spring to mind. First, the decision regarding Drew Imroth and his "marked" personality. This is an audacious move, to say the least, and one that would change the game even more than Tom's conversion. There are questions of access, but this could lead to an unusual alliance between Tom and Shawn. Shawn is desperate to force the promicin genie back into its bottle, and he could find himself operating in Jordan's moral territory if he continues down that road.

    Meanwhile, there's the second major plot element: Isabelle's restored abilities. Assuming that the "Future Elite" did their job with the "kill switch", Isabelle is once again a walking timebomb. She has a mission to destroy the powered, and if the restoration process worked, she has the means and opportunity. It's more a question of motive. I think it's just as possible that she'll review her choices and elect to eliminate herself rather than kill Kyle.

    All of this will likely converge in Promise City, as one would expect. Collier has abducted Kevin from Shawn's facility, this halting the research that could prevent the deaths of thousands. Collier expects this to place the odds in his favor. Shawn is ready to bring Tess and his own followers on an assault of Promise City. Isabelle is already there on a mission of destruction, in perfect position to implement Tom's plans. Even Maia has been drawn into the crucible, thus putting Diana's personal stake in the situation if things explode (as they must).

    More than ever, Shawn's vision of the future, as seen at the end of the third season ("The Starzl Mutation"), appears to have long-term implications. Much of his vision played into the third season finale, yet elements seem to mesh equally well with the coming confrontation in Promise City and beyond. This is a great example of a talented writing staff. Given that the producers openly admit to adjusting the story each and every season, this kind of continuity is impressive.

    I will reiterate what I've said before: with so little time left for the season, and no assurance of a fifth season pickup, the writers have left themselves quite a tangle. This episode manages to complicate matters further, or so it appears, so I have to wonder if two episodes will be enough. It would be a shame if this series came to an abrupt or rushed conclusion.
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