The 4400

Season 3 Episode 4

Gone (1)

Aired Unknown Jun 25, 2006 on USA

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  • Gone (1)

    Gone (1) was a perfect episode of The 4400. I really enjoyed watching this episode because Maia has a creepy prediction that Diana would forget her, Shawn and Isabelle grow closer together, and Isabelle finally tests Matthew and finds he has no power over her. I enjoyed the story of the disappearing 4400 children which was kind of disturbing. I think this episode had a little of every thing that makes the series so great. The actors really play their characters well, and the plot moves at a great pace. I look forward to watching the next episode of The 4400!!!!!!!
  • 4400 children are disappearing and Isabelle is growing up.

    Great cliff hanger!

    Great storyline, I am very curious how they are going to resolve this because, after all, Maia predicted that Diana would forget her and Maia's never wrong.

    Alice Krige is such a great actress and very scary in this part too. She seemed so innocent and well-intentioned but then she reveal her true nature (or does she?)

    I really like that Isabelle is no longer afraid of Matthew and is taking charge. I'm not sure about Shawn and Richard's power-sharing deal. I do feel that it's unfair on Shawn but I understand why Richard would agree to it after the revelation from Shawn about the Nova Group.
  • I'm still bitting my nails!!!!

    Oh my God!!! One of the best episodes untill now!!! That Sara woman is so creepy!!! And how can they treat the kids that way?!?!? They're suposed to be the good guys!!! Poor Diana, she loves Maia so much!!! And what's with Tom, is he jealous of Allana sharing her abilities with someone else than him??? So not cool!!! I still can't figure out exactly what's with Michael, though. Where did he come from??? What is his agenda?? And how does he knows so much about Isabelle??? Did Collier really hired him??? And for what exactly??
    What will happen whith the children???
    Very exciting episode, hope the next one is so good as this one!!
  • an average episode..i didn\'t like it that much

    this is not one of my fav episodes..i usually love every episode of this serie but not this..i don\'t exactly know why..the acting is good asalways and the plot is good..i just hate that maia has been kidnapped..and i HATE the actress that plays the role of SARA (Maia\'s sis) that woman is grotesque..
    that\'s all.. o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
  • Maia's Gone...

    Maia: "Please let me go..."

    A good story with some convincing acting from Conchita Campbell. Marco learns how he's gonna die (something picked up on later in the series?) and Tom becomes more frustrated with Alana going to the Centre. Isobelle's latest ability is pretty cool too - very Darth Vader-esque. The fact that the disappearances of the other kids wasn't noted sooner is a bit odd though. You would have thought 4400's (especially kids) vanishing would be top priority.
  • For the love of GOD shaun, she's only 2 years old!!!

    This episode continues the shows journey back to its usual high standards after the opening 2 episodes.

    Some good character development throughout with Isabelle showing that her powers are moving. I also liked it when Richard told Shaun that he was a "good man". Hmmm he wouldn't say that if he knew he was snorkelling his 2 year old daughter!!

    More good points were Marco finding out how he's going to die, Tom getting blazed at the centre's BBQ and also getting jealous about Alana sharing her powers which will no doubt lead to something....

    This episode ended on a top cliffhanger with Mia being sent further back in time and everyone forgetting her. i look forward to seeing how they are going to resolve this.
  • This episode makes me almost makes me cry....

    I felt how much relationship about maia and diana and how much love they have together. While I\\\'m watching, I felt so bad that maia has to transfer to another time. I sit still and watch with hoping that they will be back together again like in the previous episode. So I think this episode was very special to me. It makes me miss some person that I love and if they have to be in another time, it will be very bad for me. This episode entertain me a lot and I also like GONE part 2 as well because they meet together again...
  • It felt a bit like without a trace there for a few minutes I thought it was thrilling

    It was just fun to see them trying to find Maia, but I hope that it ends well, I haven\'t seen any of the next episodes but I hope that Maia doesn\'t disapear from the show, because I already lost Lily this season and I like Maia and I like Diana and I can\'t stand it when I know things that nobody else does, definetely if it seems as though they\'re never gonna find out (I\'m referring to the fact that the future people were going to erase Maia\'s memory and the memories of her)
  • The children disappear in this one and for a glimmer I thought as they banned together they would be able to escape.... No such luck.

    I think each show is a great stepping stone to the world of the bizzare. The writers and wonderful cast are able to have the audience suspend their disbelief and accept the unusual events in the lives of the 4400.

    I LOVE the 4400! I was upset when Lilly died but read it was something going on with the actress and her people and other people etc. When Richard throws her ashes on her grandmother’s grave I am convinced Lilly will not be coming back.

    I think Alana adds a lot and thought it was very clever how they added her to the show with 8 years passing in a millisecond. IT was one of the most clever ways I have ever seen a character introduced to an already running show. Great writing!

    now GONE….

    After loosing Lilly, I feared we might loose Mia forever. I found this episode was another tribute to the writers as it was smartly written. The coffee cup which leaves the “circle” on the map adds to the intrigue of Mia’s diary. In her diary, she wrote she was in the circle. However, I found it very shocking, that when Tom and Diana show up at the correct location, they didn’t find Mia. Which makes me think they are in a parallel universe unable to be seen in this one.

    Dianna is becoming more friendly with her new geek boyfriend, which when one looks at him, he really is cute under that bad hairstyle.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next… Will Mia return? I certainly hope so.
  • I was a little worried at the beginning of the season, but was glad to see that the 4400 is back and looking like its old self again!

    The first couple of episodes in this series scared me - I kept hoping that something would pick up. And I was pleased at the first half of this two-parter.

    I wonder why it is that Maia has trouble explaining some of her visions. While she can clearly state some visions, this was confusing [in her mind] to explain. I hope that she is recovered as a child, and not as an adult. I'm not sure I can handle all the kids growing up that fast.

    I sense trouble peeking over the horizon in Tom and Alana's relationship. Hopefully it won't be destroyed. Tom's gone through enough. And somehow I don't think Richard is going to be too happy about Shaun and Isabelle. Duh. And, that weirdo that appeared after Jordan Collier's death? Axe him. Reminds me of a creepy little Jordan wannabe.
  • This is what it's all about. Classic 4400 action at it's best.

    The question we all knew had to be answered has finally been answered. The plan for the future has had too much interference. Strange that they should take such a turn with it now, I thought they'd save such a surprise for later. Defintely intriguing, nontheless. Maia, Lindesy Hammond, Olivia and Duncain Germaine, and Tyler Downing are all abducted and are planned to be re-seeded earlier in time. Possibly several times, seeing as Lindsey is returned to the hallway after being taken once. Definitely an interesting episode. Now lets delve deeper into this mysterious Nova group. I want to know more about them...
  • The plots thicken, chickens.

    Ever since the Season 3 premiere, I have been increasingly convinced that the mysterious Abductors (my own term of convenience) might have enemies. A rival faction that might want to see the equally mysterious Catastrophe occur, rather than averted.
    This would seem to be confirmed, with regard to the actions of Sean's "administrative assistant." I can't even stand to say his name, I hate his character, that much!

    So, I cheered when Isabel put this apparent traitor in his place. And, yet, I was also a little concerned that he just might have created the proverbial Frankenstein Monster. Only future episodes will tell whether or not I'm right.
  • This was a great episode involving Maia. It was kinda creepy but excting to watch. Can't wait for the next episode.

    I liked how this involve Maia because I think she is a great character and she makes the show interesting. Plus I love her power. I found this show one of the best episodes so far this season. I thought the girl they chose to be play as an imposter sister for Maia was creepy looking and scary but it made the episode even more exciting to watch. It was intereresting to see how the 4400 kids use their powers. I think it is also interesting how the future people are going to take the 4400 and put them in a different time loop to stop the catasophe that is to happen. I also find Isabelle in this episode starting to grasp the power she holds as something bad and hurting others with it. I also think Shawn is becoming stupid. Why does everyone listen to Matthew!?
  • A women shows up claiming to be Maia\'s sister, but there\'s more to it then that, Shawn and issabelle\'s relationship is estabnlished

    Painful to wath absolutley, but mostley the ending. The episode itself was great, still i will be interesting t see how they reslove this, and they better resolve this. It was enogh having Lilly die and Kyle leave the show, Maia was one of my favorite characters, they\'lkl have to interact with the future again I gues. Loved the interactions with Shawn and Isabelle, they really are good together, but loved her standing up to that Mathew guy more, but I\'m still left with one question, where is Jorden Collier??\" There\'s barley been a word of his return, except on that phone call in that one scene, All in all, painful to watch, but a classic
  • I can't get enough of this show and this is a good example of why.

    I really enjoyed Isabelle and her little rebellion against Matthew in the episode. I believe she genuinely likes Shawn and will become and important, yet dangerous ally. The future people who kidnapped Maia were very high on the creep-factor scale. Each episode presents a new problem and this one was no exception. I can't wait to see how the characters claw their way out of this one. It looks like they are going to have to go directly up against the very powerful people from the future. Oh, yeah, is anyone else wondering where Kyle is? I know he's in prison, but I'd still like to see a little of his story continue in there.
  • In this episode Mia gets taken by a woman that says that shes Mia's sister. The woman takes Mia to her house and keeps her there like a prisoner. There are four other 4400's being kept there. The end is very surprising.

    This episode was very revealing to what happened to the 4400s when they were taken. The episode was also very well written. It showed three new 4400 faces. Two 4400s can move water back and forth, which happends to be very helpful near the end of the episode. We found out why the 4400 people that were taken had no memory of what happened. This episode was informative to Mia. But in the end Mia won't remember anything that happened. I don't know about you but I wan't to see what happens in part 2. I hope part 2 will be as revealing.
  • only the fourth episode and maybe the storyline is turned on its head already ... magnificent !

    I don't know where those scriptwriters keep getting their ideas, but this episode is really brilliant, they only negative thing i can say is that they should have broadcasted it as a double eps :-)

    It starts out with a kidnapping of some 4400-kids and then you think you'll get the always-repeating sequence of a run-against-time to save them. Well, thanks to maia's diary, they get on time in the right spot, except for one thing : the kidnapped kids are there, but in the future ! ha ! How's that for a surprise ? Turns out "they" miscalculated and they will be sending those kids back to another time, possibly with altered abilities. Can't wait to see how that will turn out, since Maia seems to be too important to be gone already.

    another thing to watch for in this eps is Isabel in green clothing. Do I really need to explain that one ? :p
  • I hate it. (Im atleast upset!)

    I hate it. At the moment I dont know if they are going to kill off all worthy characters and make this series just like any other lame series, _smart kids are scary bla, bla, bla..._. Perhaps the directors at USA have gotten a bit more influence over the series??? Hopefully this is not the fact and they wont kill them all, well se in the next episode.

    Ok, I liked it somewhat, Im affected (upset at least) so that should count for something. The next episode may be the best ever... Hopefully everything will be solved and Maia will still be left in the series.
  • I love it when I am not sure what is going to happen next . .

    Huh . . . what was that . . .? This one had my head spinning.

    I am going to be thinking on this one for the whole week . . wondering on all the what ifs that could happen here.

    What if they erase everthing that we have come to know about the 4400?

    What if the people we know completely change, will they change them back?

    Will Maia disappear from the show as a little girl or will she be a grown woman when we see her next?

    What is going to happen with Isabelle and Shawn? Will she become evil and turn on him?

    Will Jordan Collier come back?

    Will they get rid of that awful guy?

    What next? What is going on here?

    Lots of questions . . . a lot of thinking till next week comes around and I really like it when a show does that . . . allows me to give my imagination a good work-out.
  • Just when you start to think you know what is going on..

    This weeks twists were just plain brilliant! You think you are starting to figure out what will happen, then the writers prove you wrong. Most of this episode I thought "Sara" was doing something malicious to Lindsay, Maia, Tyler and the others. Now in the end, I don't know what to think. Is she really one of the others from the future that want the 4400 to save the world? We don't even know that for sure. Now that they have sent Maia to a different time, will she stay there? What was done to Lindsay? They took Lindsay with them and brought her back to the house in the future, where she did not remember Maia. The future obviously has big plans for Maia and the children. As for Isabelle, is her dark side taking over?
  • This show grows from strength to strength and always keeps the audience guessing

    I Love this show and this is how all shows should be. Short 10 - 15 episode seasons with exciting 2 - 3 episode story arcs and very few filler episodes. I didnt realise this was going to be a two parter going into the episode which probably helped give them twists an extra edge. Usually in 2 parters you know something is going to happen at the end that will leave a massive cliffhanger for the following week. I think Conchita Campbell did a fantastic job and she really is a talented young actress. I wonder what time Maia has been sent to, im guessing sometime in the future and I wonder how it can be resolved so everything is back how it was, or maybe things are going to change from now on.

    Whatever the case its going to be a long week!
  • Good first part to a strong mythology tale!

    Thus far, the season is designed to prove out the claim by the producers that the third season will focus more on the mythology. The first two episodes were one big story, there was one connected stand-alone episode, and now we’re into another two-episode arc. That’s a huge chunk of the first half of the season, so they’re not playing games.

    It’s notoriously hard to review the first part of any two-episode story without seeing the resolution ahead of time, so I won’t be dwelling on too many items of speculation. There’s every reason to think that “Gone: Part II” will answer the big questions raised in this episode, especially in terms of the true purpose of Maia’s abduction.

    The abduction itself, and the reasons given for the “adjustment” to the plans of the “future humanity”, bring up an interesting point. As I’ve noted in the past, Dr. Burkhoff’s recent experiments with the modified promycin could begin a progression that leads to the catastrophe requiring the 4400 in the first place. Just based on the information provided before this episode, one is left to wonder if the “future humanity” missed the obvious. Could the 4400 themselves be the source of the catastrophe, in some kind of self-fulfilling time paradox? (As a minor point of speculation, one could wonder if this “adjustment” is, in fact, a trigger point.)

    One of the interesting aspects of the episode is the long-range effect of this future technology. If the “future humanity” chooses to intercede in the complex conflicts of the “present”, it adds a wild card into the mix. One would imagine that the current crisis will resolve itself by the end of the second half of the story, but is that necessarily the case? Wouldn’t this be one way to alter the status quo? The question is whether or not anyone would be aware that the timeline had changed. It’s bad enough when everyone has to worry about the Nova Group and interpersonal politics; it’s a lot worse when agents from the future can act against all of them without interference.

    The internal politics at the 4400 Center are getting painful, but it a good way. Richard has always been there to help Sean, especially at the end of the second season, so there’s reason to believe that his motives are sincere. Matthew, on the other hand, clearly has an agenda, even if it’s still not clear. I got the feeling from “The New World” that he was acting against Jordan Collier’s interests, but he also seems to be working against the Nova Group. Whatever the case, it’s clear that he has some goal in mind.

    If we continue with the “X-Men” analogy, it seems as though Matthew is unleashing a hint of the “Dark Phoenix” within Isabelle. I like the fact that Isabelle continues to wear green as a signature color; it fits into the idea that she is the “Phoenix”-analogue. Watch for her to start wearing red and black as her personality shifts into a more violent mode. I fully expect that Sean and Richard power-sharing will be enormously complicated by Sean’s relationship with Isabelle, and that the relationship will also factor into her turn towards violence, if it does indeed happen. But the main point is this: Isabelle’s lack of proper maturation leaves her vulnerable to extreme shifts in mood, and also without a clearly defined sense of morality.

    It’s always fun to see how Tom and Diana are caught between the demands of their position at NTAC and their relationship to the 4400. NTAC is always worried about the possibility that they will be compromised by their personal connections and allegiances, and some among the 4400 see them as snakes in the grass. I continue to think that extreme elements on both sides are losing sight of the utility of such natural diplomats.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes are related to “The 4400”, so it might be something of interest . Go to if you want to listen!)
  • This is why I watch The 4400. What an episode, though we will have to wait until next week to find out what really happens.

    This is why I watch The 4400. What an episode, though we will have to wait until next week to find out what really happens. The kids go into the future, they are erased, they go further back into the past. All is chaos, what will happen. This is a great episode.

    At the 4400 Center, even more happens, with a change in leadership, the manipulation of Matthew, and Isabelle with involement too. This is why I watch this series, I can not wait until next week, what is wrong with the future, next week can tell and make all the difference.
  • The show takes a wild twist that proves how daring it can be.

    Wow. Only this show can defy expectations like this. Like everyone, I assumed the kidnappers were some nefarious group trying to use 4400 children for some evil end. That they\'re the future people throws a wild twist into things and shows things are far more complicated than we thought.

    The bits with Richard taking over were well handled but I enjoyed Isabelle finally showing what she truly can be...even if this does mean a very dangerous shift for her that doesn\'t bode well.

    Liked the return of that teacher from last season I liked and having Alana join promises some new twists too.

    And then the wild ending of Mya sent back and history changing. The images of all evidence of her vanishing were chilling to watch and I have to wonder how it is that without her, Marco and Diane seem to be together. It all adds up to a cliffhanger that makes the wait till next week very long indeed.
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