The 4400

Season 3 Episode 5

Gone (2)

Aired Unknown Jul 02, 2006 on USA

Episode Recap

Marco and Diana are about to have dinner when he notice three table settings instead of two. He ask her if they are expecting company but she no and wonders why she would have done that.

Alana and Tom are in a dreamworld taking a drive in the countryside when suddenly a little girl steps into the road and Tom hits her with the car. They are both horrified and shocked and wonder where the girl came from and where did her body go. Alana turns around and sees the child walking away from them. Tom ask her if she is okay, and turns her around and is horrified to find that she has no face. Tom and Alana are back in their home, both shocked & confused by what they saw.

At the Center, Shawn and Isabelle are kissing in the stairway; Isabelle wants to have sex right now as a way of spicing up their sex life. Devon enters the stair way and sees them. Shawn wants to stop but Isabelle says that Devon is afraid of her and won't tell anyone.

Tom is in his office sketching a picture of the little girl he saw, when Jarvis walks in with a case she wants he and Diana to investigate against a 4400 named Christopher Dubov. Tom and Diana question Mr Dubov about his attack but he says that his son was just mad that he split with his mom and introduced her to her one true love. Mr Dubov tells the agents that he can smell people pheromones and match them together. Diana asks Mr Dubov about his relationship with his son.

Diana begins to cry in the car and Tom tries to comfort her but she tells him that's she's just saddened by the hard lives the 4400 face.

Shawn tells Richard that he and Isabelle are seeing each other. Richard gets angry and tells Shawn he was just supposed to be a friend. Matthew enters the room and sides with Richard on the matter.

Tom and Alana go on another reality trip. Tom begins to call Kyle from upstairs and finds Maia on the stair case. Tom asks her have they met before and she says yes, and that he should try to remember her. Tom and Alana come back from the reality world more confused than ever before.

Tom visits Diana at her apartment, and finds her working on a project. She has magazines clipping of blond girls all over her apartment and tells him that she is trying to remember, and piece together what a little girl she keeps seeing looks like. The agents realize that they are both seeing the same child. Diana wants Alana to take her into a reality dream to speak to Maia.

Back at the 4400 Center Isabelle is playing the piano beautifully (it's her first time) when Richard enters the auditorium. He wants to discuss her relationship with Shawn but Isabelle says that Shawn is making her happy and that he should be thrilled because of it.

Alana takes Diana into a dream world of her apartment, but instead the two appear in front of the courthouse where Maia is waiting. Maia takes Diana by the hand and leads her to the office of the Judge who presiding over her adoption. After signing the adoption papers, in flash back scenes Diana remembers exactly who Maia is. She explains to Tom and Alana that Maia was her daughter and that a woman posing as her sister kidnapped her. Tom, tells Diana that although he can't remember Maia, he trusts her and he will help find her. They hug.

Richard receives a call from Daniel Armand, who wants to have a meeting with him to discuss Shawn's future. Richard tells Matthew and Shawn about the phone call and the three discuss strategy. Shawn is against the meeting.

Tom and Diana are in Jarvis office and tell her about the missing 4400 children, but she tells them that those children were never taken or returned. Tom tells her that he has spoken to the kids families and they are having the same memories of children that aren't there anymore. Marco, enters the room and say that he has found the missing kids further in the past than when they were originally taken.

Shawn tries to break up with Isabelle but she tells him that she doesn't want the relationship to end, and it's not going to.

Tom and Alana are home, when they hear a knock at their door; Diana is at the door soaking wet from the rain. Diana wants Alana to take her to see Maia so that she can say goodbye. Tom goes to the kitchen to make some coffee. Diana appears in her apartment with Maia, and she wants to make pancakes. Tom returns to the room and find Alana and Diana on the floor.

Alana tells him that Diana let go of her while in the dream world, and that she wants to stay there with her daughter. Tom tries to revive Diana, but he has no luck. Tom and Alana take Diana to the hospital where the Doctor's prognosis is very bleak. Diana's heart rate and brain activity are extremely high.

Tom ask Alana to take him to see Diana so that he can talk to her and convince her to let go of the dream. Toma and Alana find Diana pushing Maia on the swing. She tells them to leave her alone and that she is not leaving.

Meanwhile, at the 4400 Center Richard and Matthew are walking in the hallway when Isabelle walks by without acknowledging her father. Richard calls her name, and Isabelle tells him that her relationship with Shawn is her business and that he should stay out of it. She use her powers on her father and when he falls to the floor in pain she begins to feel remorseful and runs to his aid. Matthew looks on and smiles at Isabelle's actions.

Tom visits a comatose Diana in the hospital and tells her that he has a plan to get the children back, but he's not certain it will work. The scene cuts to Tom standing on a bridge with a rope around his neck. He jumps off the bridge and enter into the future room where Maia was taken to previously. He wonders out loud if he's dead, and Sarah appears and tells him that he is not. She tells him that they weren't supposed to remember the children and that they were taken, and sent back further into the past to prevent the future catastrophe from happening. Tom is surprised that the catastrophe is still going to happen and Sarah reveals that they have enemies who are working against their plans.

Tom tells her to return the children and he will do whatever they want. Although, Sarah complies to his wishes she warns him that he will rethink that statement when he finds out what he has to do.

Tom is sent back to the present and stands in front of the house where the children are being kept. He enters the house and finds a letter with his name on it, but when he begins to open it, he hears a noise coming from upstairs. He runs up the staircase to investigate the noise and finds Maia and the other kids, who are all happy that someone has come to their rescue.

Daniel is waiting for Richard when he gets a call that Richard has not shown up. Daniel says that because of Richard's absence he has made a decision. Daniel closes his eyes and a piercing sound is heard. The scene cuts to Shawn's apartment where he looks distressed while he searches for something. He finds a blade in a draw and use it to cut open his mattress and then he cuts his arm.

Back in her dream world Diana tells Maia that it's time for bed, but ask her to do her favor before she goes to sleep. She ask Diana to close her eyes and she takes her by the hand. The scene cuts to Maia in the hospital asking Diana to wake up, which she does. Mother and daughter reunite.

Tom leaves the room to give Diana and Maia some privacy and he takes the envelope from his jacket pocket. Inside he finds a needle and a note that says to kill Isabelle.