The 4400

Season 3 Episode 5

Gone (2)

Aired Unknown Jul 02, 2006 on USA



  • Quotes

    • Alana: So this woman took these children and somehow made everyone forget they ever existed?
      Diana: Yes, but they existed. Maia Rutledge disappeared from Crescent City, California, March 3rd, 1946.
      Tom: So, wait, you're saying she was abducted, then returned with the other 4400, then taken again and none of us remember this but you?
      Diana: It's like they've wiped all of our memories!
      Alana: But why?
      Diana: Because they didn't want us looking for them. The 4400 were taken and returned to change the future in some way. And maybe, maybe Maia and the others were taken so that they could change it again. But I don't know and I don't care. All I know is that four days ago, she was here with me. And I, I need you to believe that I have a daughter named Maia and that she's been taken from me.
      Tom: I don't remember Maia or the kidnapping or any of it. And the idea that my memory's been messed with scares the hell out of me. But after everything we've been through with the 4400, yes, Diana, I believe you.
      (Diana walks over to Tom and embraces him)