The 4400

Season 2 Episode 7

Life Interrupted

Aired Unknown Jul 17, 2005 on USA

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  • Tom wakes up in a world where no one has heard of the 4400.

    A strange episode set in an alternate reality, a dream world created by one of the 4400 to give Tom a source of strength in the times of crisis to come.

    Interesting storyline that hints at the problems that are to come.

    Seeing a world where none of the 4400-related events took place was intriguing. Kyle being a doctor, Tom being offered the promotion, Maia being a grandmother, Shawn, Nikki and Danny all getting along are all events that could have happened if only the people from the future hadn't interfered. It was a lot of fun to see this what-if scenario, even if Tom and Alana didn't think of it as fun...
  • Life Interrupted

    Life Interrupted was a superb episode of The 4400. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was a great story that made me think. I liked trying to figure out what was going on. Tom had an encounter with a 4400 in a world where they suppossedly didn't exist. I thought it was neat to see an alternate version of the world. Tom had a lot of character development in this episode. I thought it was an interesting way to introduce Alana and her ability to the show. I think this was definitely a wierd way to get to know someone, but it works. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • a great episode!

    i'm not through yet with all the episodes of "the 4400" but i think that this one has been the best i've seen so far. this was so exciting! i really enjoyed how tom would land up in a reality so very different from the one he had been in and how happy he finally got, how things were just perfect and yet he still would decide to go back to the life he had before to furfill his mission. there was some wonderful acting involved by joel gretsch and i'm looking forward to seeing more of newly introduced karina lombard, playing alana mareva.
  • Tom discovers that everything he knew about the 4400 simply just vanished. He is now in the world where none of the 4400 ever existed, and he is going to find out what happened

    This is a great story, and I have like it very much till the end. In the beginning where tom just realized everything have gone wrong, it really have everyone watching the show wondering the same thing as him. As the story goes on, you discover that tom really want to go back but cant and really felt like exactly what tom is feeling like. And the moment was intends when 8 years have passed in the alternate reality, you thought that tom is never going to leave the place and this is the end of everything. However, to discover that tom still haven’t given up the idea of going back, and made a very difficult decision on giving up the wonder life was very heroic of him. In the end, when tom was returned to the present reality, and he went out to chase Alana, the moment was very touching
  • Simply great episode, it twists your mind about everything that happened so far and makes me watch the 4400 under a better point of view!

    This is a wonderful episode. It's great the fact that it is different from the previous ones and makes you wonder about anything that happened until now. I'm sure that EVERYONE wondered at least for a second what was going on and how it would finish.

    The best thing that made me rate it with a 10 is this: i was VERY afraid that it would end with Tom that remembers those 8 years and his 'virtual' life just simply ignoring and not remembering. INSTEAD they BOTH remember, and this is the best possible end for this episode.

    What will happen from now on? How will Tom's life change after what just happened. EVERYTHING becomes more interesing and it really makes me follow the 4400 more and more.

    See you everybody and I'm happy to share this nice show with lots of you, ciao from Italy:-)
  • My favourite episode so far!

    I normally don't like episodes where our heroes are thrown in an alternate reality and have to deal with the strange happenings there.

    But this episode took that idea a step further with Tom and Alana staying 8 years in this other universe, which turns out to be created by Alana's mind or more specifically a part of her mind changed by the people from the future.

    The lovestory was convincing as was the pain and the sadness that filled both of them as they left the alternate reality. (the special effects in this scene only added to it's greatness) One could really relate to them leaving all this happiness behind and entering the real world again, where it will be nothing like this.

    When they reunited in the real world and she called him Thomas in her own special way it was very moving - I have to admit I even cried a little.

    This is my favourite episode so far, it had it all. A good story filled with mystery and emotions, great acting, the revelation that the whole relationship was planned by the abductors was just icing on the cake and added a whole new level to the main story.
  • We're introduced new 4400 in a unique way and one which has affect on Tom's life

    Well this episode attracted 42 reviews for an episode which quite high for this series. i found this episode intresting yet very confusing at the same time.

    So we introduced Alana who has the ablity to create alternative reality put Tom in a situation where 4400 doesn't exist and Alana is his wife and 8 years have passed they have feel in love. Was it just me that thought it was rather conventent for Tom to find love so quickly-what i mean by quicky we found out that only few seconds have actual reality and what do you think happy familes. i'm happy for Tom-he needs some love in his wife and with matter son killing Jorden more help he can get the better he handle it.

    The reason why i liked this episode it gave break all secondary story-line gave Tom a good story-line to have. Since i have few more episodes it seem Alana will be regular in Tom's life.
  • Excellent Episode

    This episode shows some of it's writer's and creative head's connection to Star Trek TNG. I felt very much like watching some of the more mind boggling TNG episodes from the later seasons.

    But unlike Star Trek, here we are presented with actual consequences ... and I really like the idea of suddenly presenting Tom with a long relationship. I never really feel any connection between Tom and Diana .. so not much here for shippers ... so .. now a new twist. Well written. This episode is pivotal to the extend that the writers managed to insert a new character in a great way and created space to change or enhance the dynamic in many ways ... makes you want to see more.
  • The 4400? Never heard of 'em. Spoilers? Yes.

    That's what this episode was about. Tom being in an alternate reality where nobody ever heard of the 4400. Together with the season finale the best episode of the season, I can't believe the low rating some people have given this episode! Usually, I can't get very emotional about a tv episode, but with this? Seen it twice, chills and wet eyes when seeing the final scene, Alana and Tom seeing eachother again in the 'real' world. Wow. Just amazing...
  • It’s a terrible terrible episode!!! I absolutely resent it!!!! How could such awful idea even get approved in the first place??? It really is the worst episode and destroyed this whole wonderful show.. I hate it!!!!

    It’s a terrible terrible episode!!! I absolutely resent it!!!! How could such awful idea even get approved in the first place??? It really is the worst episode and destroyed this whole wonderful show.. I hate it!!!!

    It’s a terrible terrible episode!!! I absolutely resent it!!!! How could such awful idea even get approved in the first place??? It really is the worst episode and destroyed this whole wonderful show.. I hate it!!!!
  • This episode emediately starts out of the preview says no one has heard of The 4400 and Tom is going crazy about it when finally the woman his family is telling him is his wife shows up and inlightens him that he is not the only believer of The 4400!

    This episode was the best of all I\'ve seen yet and that\'s half because of Karina Lombard! The epsiode showed a better side to Tom and Karina played her part so wonderfully! Plus since the end of the first season I\'ve wanted to see Tom get with someone to help him deal with the stress of his job. But I always thought it would be Diana boy was I shocked and happily shock. Welcome back to the world of tv Karina Lombard! I love Karina Lombard soo much it\'s not even funny! :-D
  • Not what we've come to expect and still not dissapointing in any way..

    The thing about "the 4400" is that because of the storyline itself, they don't have much elbow-room in shaping the episodes. For instance: most of the episodes so far (except for the first season finale and also the second season's first episode) have featured one or two returnees, their abilities, and often, their demise. Although I never expect this pattern to end, and it's not like the show is boring in any way, but still there was due time for some new ideas. Thus, this episode is a nice turn-around that doesn't comprimise the plot in any way and still gives us something different from the week to week discovery of abilities, which i quite frankly found a bit one-tracked.

    Enjoy (:
  • A mixture of "What If?" and special episode

    I love this kind of episodes in every TV series. A mixture of \"What If?\" and special episode. And this one if perfectly written. It keeps my attention all the time, wondering if Alana was one of the good or the bad ones. And I also fell in love with her, what a gorgeous woman!

    Unlike other tv-series \"The 4400\" it\'s getting better episode afeter episode.
  • Tom and the 4400

    This episode was completely without merit.

    What started out as an interesting mini-series has turned into soap-opera schlock.

    The actor who plays Tom is not a strong enough actor to carry a whole 1 hour episode, which I've noticed is getting to be the trend. I'd rather see more about other returnees than the melodrama and whiny agents and their problems.

  • Yanked out of the series narrative.

    After seeing Collier assassinated at the close of the previous episode, it seems like this episode was a way to stall until the writers could figure out what the death of Cult-Leader-Collier would really mean to the show. Colliers death exposes Shawns healing ability, then the body disappears.. and this is the followup?

    This show has been so great so far, I wanted to see a continuance of the main story line.
  • One day, he wakes up and he\'s told that the 4400 had never been gone...

    This episode is really amazing, feelings are so intense, it\\\'s my favorite \\\"THE 4400\\\" épisode, no doubt. Even though the \\\"parallel reality\\\" concept has already been used (in other series), it\\\'s once again done with success maybe because of the time spent in that reality, it\\\'s a really wonderful episode...
  • different, but exciting

    I know this episode is probably a quick way to get a new character into the show, but I really liked it. It was nice to see an episode where we still have the "monster-of-the-week", but it's not overt. It's intricately woven into a great story that shows us a bit more character development.
  • Up until this, the show has been a drama with just a touch of sci-fi flavor. This one turns it upside down - sci fi with a small touch of reality. Why this? Why now?

    Anyone who has ever been in an English class on book report day learns the following: There is a difference between a well researched report and one made up on the spot. One of the things that has been pivotal in this series so far is the arcing storyline. Its seriel nature keeps the audience coming back for more. Why then veer off the path into la la land? Did they make this up because they were running behind on writing arc episodes and needed something to fill in? It was all a plot device of creating a back story for a new character. I am a fan of sci fi and a fan of this series. Up untl this episode, my wife was a fan of this series despite not really liking sci fi. She is about to jump ship. Thanks, guys, now I have to watch this show by myself. And it's all because someone didn't do their homework. Next time you guys decide to do something like this you should at least give a heads up. Warning! the episode that you are about to watch has nothing to do with the show you have been watching for two years.
  • Sometimes the devil we know is preferable to the devil we don't.

    You go to bed one night with the weight of the world on your shoulders. Bad men, questionable characters and grudge-carrying family members are just the tip of the iceberg that's your life. The world is doomed unless a silver thread of hope is found in the rubble that is right now and so far, every 'silver thread' you think you've grasped is just another grey one.
    Then, you wake up and it's all different. Like a bad dream that lasted a year. This life, the one you've just awakened to, is so much better!
    Well, our hero (character: Tom Baldwin) has just experienced this very thing. His life is transformed from angst ridden to filled with rewarding relationships and love. He's carrying little more of a burden than the usual stress of his job keeping the world safe from terrorists and other select bad guys. The thing is, he knows better. The "aliens" (ourselves in a distant future) could'a-should'a (?) erased his knowledge of a different life, but didn't. So Tom struggles with whether or not to accept the gift of what's real for him now, or fight to return to what he knows.
    After 8 years (which ultimately took just moments to accomplish) and the love of his life (who turns out to be one of the 4400, Alana), he chooses to 'go back'. I'm not sure anyone else would really make this choice (in real life). After all, if tomorrow I woke up nearly care free and living what amounts to a "Leave It To Beaver", "Little House On The Prairie" (whatever) sit com life, ummmm, I could live with it. Not like he was missing anyone or anything significant; in fact, he seemed to attain a great deal more than his original life ever offered.
    Alana, also losing her reality, which was pretty good overall, made the choice to keep the new one. Did that make her less of a person? Or more of one?
    Eventually, of course, it turns out that the future-people created this to introduce him to the love of his life and jump start the relationship because he was going to need her and the support in the very near, well, 'future'.
    So, did the series' writers make a last minute decision to give Tom a love and figured they only had one episode to do it? Probably. And so far it works, although I'm interested to see how this obviously advanced relationship is explained to everyone else.
    The question to ponder and philosophically discuss over our next latte' or at the office water cooler is whether we'd really, really do it. Jump horse in midstream. Take a brand new life overnight, even if it meant that those things and those people we have known inside out and upside down for a lifetime, would be "different".
    Would we choose to keep dealing with the devil we know (the life we have, as it is), because it's just what we know (I mean, how many real surprises occur in anyone's life after a while?); or would we choose a devil we don't know. Could be easier, could be nicer...or it could be worse in ways we haven't imagined or could begin to.

    While I'm not thrilled with this season of The 4400, there are just enough 'good questions' like this one sprinkled throughout, to make it a still MUST SEE.
  • Good ? No really, this episode was totally out of order....

    I see what they tried to do; I get it. But I also really did not like it. It\'s waaaaaaaay too soon for this relatively new series to try and do something like this. The storylines are still not strong enough, the concept is still developping .. An alternate reality ? For a whole episode ? Totally not believable and a real waste for a show that was heading for a classic... Too bad !
  • The Prophets Speak

    With Ira Behr writing this episode, it's no wonder that its concept bears a striking similiarity to his other show, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." This episode is essentially a dream sequence, done really well I might add, in which the future humans/prophets tells Tom/Sisko of impending challenges. This episode kept me interested until the very end. 8/10
  • Very cool episode - great way to liven up the show

    The show was becoming routine. This out of context ep mixed it up in a great way. Interesting way to introduce a new character as well. Hope they have more shows that don't follow the same old format of having a new random 4400 appear, and show what hius ability is and how they stop it. Not that I don't like these unique individuals, but a good twist always helps
  • Tom wakes up into an alternate reality where there are no 4400 and his life and that of his family are changed for the better. His only contact with his world is his new wife, Alana (Karina Lombard), one of the 44 who also finds reality changed.

    This episode is a shot in the arm for a series that had, in it's second season, become at best average and in its worse moments was boring.

    Science Fiction at it's best is unpredictable and this week it was. Tom finds himself in a world where all the things that were bad in hi life are fixed. Kyle never was in a coma and in fact is headed to Stanford Medical School. Shawn was never abducted, his sister’s family is not dysfunctional and he remarried two years ago to a beautiful woman named Alana.

    Back at work Tom joins a strike team to arrest a man named Doughty who is involved in a plot to create and explode a “dirty” bomb. They go to the Jodan Collier Museum of Contemporary Art, which Tom remembers as “The 4400 Center.” Doughty runs into a closet, and Tom is the only one who sees the closet door as black with a bubble window through which he sees a dark room with people walking about and a cloth covered table in the center.

    After they arrest Doughty, Tom returns to the closet looking for the room he had seen. Tom’s partner, Diana, finds him there and tranquilizes him. Tom wakes up in restraints and is questioned by an agency psychiatrist. He is allowed to talk to Alana who tells him that he needs to go along and that she also doesn’t recognize their reality. She also tells him that she is a 4400.

    Tom takes Alana’s advice and slowly the get to know each other and become man and wife in fact. Ten years pass and Tom and Alana are at the museum for a social event. Tom finds himself at the black door again and starts to enter until he is jarred back to reality by Alana.

    Finally Tom manages to enter the room and he pulls the cloth off the body on the table to find Alana who tells him that she has been sent to stabilize his life, which was getting out of control. She tells him that he must convince “his” Alana to let go of their reality and they will meet in the real world with all the memories that they have accumulated in this reality.

    Tom convinces Alana and slowly all the people, the cars and the house they live in dissolve as they walk away from that reality. Tom returns to his reality as Diana tells him that Alana has just left. Tom runs after and they a reunited in the real world.

    This episode shows returns to the 4400 that unpredictably and fantasy that have been missing in this show that made last season’s miniseries so special. It is the best show of this second season.
  • Why do things happen as they do? This episode delves into one scenario and entertains on how that can be.

    Do you ever wonder why some people who fall in love just seem to meet out of the blue? And have it seem like they\'ve spent a lifetime together? This episode entertains and takes us through such a possibility.

    It\'s a world set up for us by those in control of a higher power and hopefully in a benevolent way. It shows us the way for our destiny to be. It prepares us for events that are extreme. For extreme events requires extreme measures. Done none other than to have us be ready for the catastophic event to come. One in which would not need necessary readying unless it was sure that one could not survive without.

    To those who provide this, one must be so thankful. It is a recognization of things to come and of the gratefulness of what is given for us. Placed at our feet, sometimes one is not always aware of the great gift before us, but only to open our eyes to look around and find it, and embrace it is our infallibility, is what makes us imperfect, what makes us human.

    To those who have lived our own lives without a care for those around us, open your eyes, make a better effort to see what is blessed upon you, all around you, and you will know you are looked out for and have so much to thank for.
  • The same old scifi, but new and refreshing 4400. SPOILERS so don't read if you haven't seen.

    Wow, what a great episode. Sure we have seen this fake reality senario a million times in scifi, but it works so well for this storyline. We were left off with Collier being killed, or disapppearing in the last episode. Then, we start off this weeks episode with the 4400 missing. This episode could be a huge turning point for the series.
    We saw a glimpse of Kyle getting taken away by the police with blood covering him. I have a feeling that we will be seeing that come into existence.
    Perhaps the most important part of this episode is the introduction to a new character. Alana Mareva. She appears to be someone very important to Tom in the coming days. A test is going to thrust upon him and he's going to need Alana's love to carry him through. Or, is she a plant that the 4400 put foward by Shawn and the rest planning in that room alone at the end of last weeks episode. I guess only time will tell.
  • The 4400 is an original and interesting TV show that leaves the viewer with much anticipation for the next installment. This episode is not an example of this.

    Before this episode, I thought that the writers of "The 4400" were original, thought-provoking and had a good sense of what constitutes good viewing. After this episode, I have changed my mind.

    The storyline for this episode is one of those "Ah, it was all just a dream" type of affairs. Whilst being one of the oldest tricks in the book, its also one of the most predictable, not to mention degrading to us, the viewing public.

    The entire show was unrecognisable from "The 4400" as we know it, and had no connection whatsoever to the rest of the series. Throwing in the conclusion that it was all in the head of a 4400 survivor does not link it with the rest of the story, and neither does the ending (which I won't ruin for others here).

    I hope that next week's show sees a return to form for one my (usually) favourite shows.
  • Alternate reality

    WOW This was a strange ep? Why did they do it? Is it suposed to mean anything? Is Tom some sort of a chosen one that is supposed to help the 4400 save the world? Hope they explain this in the next episode and also what happened to Jordan! Can't wait for next week
  • Even though this episode digressed from the rest, it was still VERY exciting and worth watching. This is why I love this show.

    Even though this episode digressed from the rest, it was still VERY exciting and worth watching. This is why I love this show.

    It just makes you wonder why the people from the future would do all this so he would fall in love with this person. I loved how she remembered at the end, if not, it would of been a wasted episode.
  • Can you say Deus Ex Machina?

    Can you say Deus Ex Machina? While I'm happy our main investigator finally has a decent love-interest, why do I feel like the writers have pulled a fast one on us over and over this "second" season.

    Maybe it's because the first season was written as a mini-series event and not expected to continue on as a recurring series, but the rapid-fire changes prevalent in these first episodes of season two seem like plotline-tweaking by the writers to create something that will last through seven seasons. Let's look at the changes thus far in the season.

    -Lily, Richard, and child are no longer on the run.
    -Collier is suddenly kind and benevolent. "The baby made me see the error of my ways" indeed.
    -Sean is suddenly in charge of the 4400 foundation.
    -New wife in the picture for Tom.

    I've never felt so hoodwinked since "Buffy" introduced a sister out of nowhere. I expected better. Bah.
  • Great episode

    This is exactly the kind of twist that makes the 4400 a great series to watch. The introduction of Tom's new wife and the circumastances around their life will ad a new juice to the already great story. I can't wait to see how their relationship will evolve and exspecially how Kyle and the rest of Tom's family will welcome the newcomer. Hope to see more episodes like this.
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