The 4400

Season 2 Episode 7

Life Interrupted

Aired Unknown Jul 17, 2005 on USA



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      * Alana Mareva, disappeared 5 September 2001. She has the ability to create alternate realities in her mind.

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    • Tom: Tom Baldwin. (Tom and Alana shake hands)
      Alana: Alana Mareva. So, I guess we're married.
      Tom: So I'm told.

    • Alana: You have to play along. I need you to get out of here so we can figure out what's going on.
      Tom: What are you talking about?
      Alana: None of this is real to me, either. I know we're not married. I've never seen you before yesterday. The things you talk about, the ball of light, the 4400...
      Tom: You know about the 4400?
      Alana: Know of them? I am a 4400.

    • Tom: It can't be a joke. There's too many people in on it.
      Kyle: Sit. Sit down.
      Tom: So then, either I'm cracking up or the whole world is.
      Kyle: Dad, the doctors said you were okay.
      Tom: I don't wanna scare you, but something's wrong. I don't recognize this place. I mean, I sorta do, but everything's been tweaked.

    • Tom: This is not the same world that it was yesterday. But I'm, uh, I'm still Tom Baldwin and you're still Diana Skouris, which means that... the people they took, they exist too, right? Gary Navarro. We worked with him last month. He could read thoughts.
      Diana: Read thoughts? Tom, come on.
      Tom: Played for Cincinnati? Lifetime .317 batting average.
      Diana: Easy to hit .300 when you know what the pitcher's thinking.
      Tom: 1973 to 1984. But... he was never taken. Richard Tyler.
      Diana: What did he have? Heat vision?
      Tom: No. Some of them can do things. Some of them... some of them can't. He's dead. His plane was shot down over Sinanju in 1951.
      Diana: So, that's two down. We gonna go through all 4,398 more? I'll take my boots off if we are.

    • Alana: (to Tom) They're worried about you. Your life is about to plunge into crisis. Your mission will be threatened. They can't allow this to happen. They gave you this relationship as a source of strength. To sustain you in the trials that lay ahead.

    • Diana: You know, this other reality that you're anxious to get back to. I mean, even if you could get back to it. It doesn't sound that great, Tom. Back there, you're divorced, here you have a beautiful wife. Back there, your son, Kyle, spent four years in a coma. Here, he's about to spend four in medical school. Back there, your sister's family is completely dysfunctional. Your nephew is in a cult and the future of the world is in jeopardy.

    • Tom: What do you remember about the 4400?
      Kendrick: It was the best Sedan Citroen ever put out. Hydraulics came standard on every model.
      Tom: You're talking about a car?

    • Alana: The real Kyle? I know that's not exactly your son, but he seems pretty real to me. He gets happy when he hears good news, cranky when he gets tired, and he forgets to put the toilet seat down.

    • Kyle: This is unbelievable. I think this was the interview where I said I wanted to go into medicine because nurses are sexy.

    • Tom: Jordan Collier Museum of Contemporary Art?

    • Diana: Tom, whatever you've been through these past few months, I can't even imagine it and everyone here is pulling for your recovery, but you gotta listen to yourself. You sound delusional. I mean, the future? I never heard of the 4400 and I can promise you that nobody ever came back in a ball of light.

    • Tom: Diana, stop! Fill me in here, who's Doherty? Does he have something to do with Collier's death?
      Diana: Governor Collier? What are you talking about, he's not dead.

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    • Tom: Richard Tyler.
      Diana: What did he have? Heat vision?

      A reference to the superpower wielded by Superman.