The 4400

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Aug 14, 2005 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Featured 4400s

      * T.J Kim, disappeared 2 February 1998. She has the ability to create a disturbing sound that only affects men and makes them enraged.
      * Roger Wolcott, disappeared 6 March 1987.
      * Sara James, disappeared 5 November 1971.
      * Laurel Bryce, disappeared 7 January 1982.

  • Quotes

    • Tom: She's gone. A 4400 who nearly took down a fortified government facility and walked away without breaking a sweat!
      Marco: They got a name for that?
      Tom: Yea, terrorism.

    • Nina: (to Tom) You're in charge until I'm released. Pull whatever manpower is still left walking, start picking up the pieces.
      Tom: Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
      Nina: And you get that head looked at.

    • Dr. Hudson: If I start to go crazy can you… take care of me…? In the back of the head!
      Diana Skouris: You won't even see it coming… Dr. Hudson?
      Dr. Hudson: I just gave you permission to blow my head off. You can call me Max.

    • (after Diana gives Lemon to Maia)
      Nina: I'm guessing you don't have a stuffed animal for me? Maybe a fifth of Jack Daniels?

    • Maia: Mommy, I'm scared.
      Diana: I know, baby. I'm scared, too. But it's gonna be okay, 'cause Mommy's here. Okay? Whatever's coming through that door… (raises gun) I'll protect you.
      (Tom breaks down door and pulls a gun on Diana)

    • Diana: Thank you for everything.
      Dr. Hudson: No, thank you for not putting one in the back of my head.

    • Diana: My mom always wanted me to hit it off with a cute doctor, but make another move and I will pull this trigger.

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