The 4400

Season 4 Episode 8

No Exit

Aired Unknown Aug 05, 2007 on USA
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No Exit
A lockdown at NTAC threatens the lives of Tom, Diana, Meghan, Shawn, Kyle, Jordan, Isabelle, Maia, Marco, PJ and Brady when they wakeup inside the building with no recollection of how they got there. They must work together to survive when he building appears to have a mind of its own.moreless

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  • Agreed with most posts - good filler

    I thought it was a really good episode, but am looking forward to the "meat" of the story as others said. It was interesting to see how in the end the 2 "leaders" were able to sacrifice themselves (albeit knowing they would probably wake up just fine). Look forward to the next one.
  • No Exit

    No Exit was a great episode of The 4400. I enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of action, suspense, and character development. The story was pretty interesting and was entertaining. A new 4400 ability is discovered though some fear the consequences of its power. This was a great way to bring both sides together, and it made for an interesting point. I like the choice of characters to be engaged in the game. The ramifications of the game were not as harsh as thought, but PJ paid the price. I was intrigued by the ending. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!moreless
  • Filler episode, but still good.

    Although nobody liked this episode, I did. It was a filler episode, but it was good - at least for me.

    In this episode, PJ, one member of the NTAC staff has taken a promicin shot and developed the ability to create a game in which brings opponents together to play it until its end. They play it while they're sleeping and in a PJ dream. PJ got together Tom, Diana, Jordan, Shawn, Isabelle, Kyle, Maia, Marco, Meghan and himself. Meghan and Shawn "died" on the game. Then, PJ died too. This brought Tom and Jordan Collier to fight together (and "die" together) to save the others, so they could know that they didn't die in real life.

    The last scene was amazing. On the phone, Jordan asks Tom who should be the first to hang up. It was a good connection to what happened on the end of the dream.moreless
  • It turns out that one of NTAC's staff has an ability which brings togethr opponents.

    Many reviewers seem to dislike, if not outright hate this episode, but I disagree. I liked it, it was a change of pace and whether it was intended to save money or not, I felt there were some worthwhile moments in this episode.

    The standout moment for me was the conversation between Kyle and Tom about their beliefs and about Shawn. That was a very emotional moment, extremely well acted in my opinion too by Joel and Chad.

    I also loved the argument between Tom and Jordan while going to the 'backdoor'. The vehemence of both of them was fantastic.

    Finally, the last scene. Suddenly it's Tom and Jordan, magnificent!moreless
  • Typical Sci-Fi filler episode. No need to watch for the big picture.

    I don't get how this episode can get anything between 8-9. In its worst times, Stargate (and SG-A) had filler episodes that were better than this one. Jordan, Kyle and Baldwin have to hold hands to solve the problem. But holding hands between counterparts does not a good character-centric episode make. The final scene is the _only_ scene worth watching, where Jordan asks Baldwin on the phone who shall hang up first.

    Let me make this clear: I _love_ "The 4400". But the series has the problem of not moving on quick enough. We're in the fourth season, and we _still_ have no real idea about the two powers fighting each other in the future. We still haven't seen anything that would make it worth to fight for or against the 4400 in the _big_ picture because of that. All we know is that those "future pals" are sending enabled people back into our time (and others) to fight a war even before it actually happened (from a future perspective). That idea is fine, per se, but if all we do is watch filler-episode after filler-episode until the network shuts the series down and *maybe* _then_ we get a conclusion episode... - That's not the way a fine Sci-Fi series should be made, in my opinion. Instead, they should give us a real fight of powers. A big final battle. At the end of Season 4, perhaps. One where father has to sacrifice son to save the future - or vice versa. WITHOUT a coming back, of course. A real death. And then show that the timeline has been altered because of it. But that _that_ is not the end, only the reason for "them" to try even harder. But these up and downs with the 4400 being good for a couple of eps and then bad for some others cannot, in my opinion, be held up much longer.

    If "The 4400" ever dies because of not enough people watching: _This_ episode and others alike will be the reason. Give us story, give us meat. This one, sadly, has been a snack, and a stale one at that.moreless
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