The 4400

Season 4 Episode 10

One of Us

Aired Unknown Aug 19, 2007 on USA

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  • One of Us

    One of Us was a superb and exciting episode of The 4400. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action, suspense, and drama. There was also character and plot development. It was nice to see Lily again. Isabelle went through all sorts of chanages in this episode but in the end is brought back to how she was before and is in danger of falling back under the use of the Marked. I thought it was interesting what Tom was experiencing as the Marked took over his body and begun working with Rebecca Parrish. Richard tried his best to give him and Isabelle a second chance. This episode had a lot of great elements. I look forward to watching the next episode of The 4400!!!!!!!
  • Lily is back and Isabelle is an adult again.

    After having dreams about the future and the 4400. Now, Tom Baldwin is one of the Marked. He has got Matthew Ross's old personality. He wants Isabelle to get back her powers. Isabelle is now an adult again (her memories are back) and Richard is in prison.

    Shawn and doctor Kevin Burkhoff announce that they have developed a test that can tell people whether taking promicin will cause their death. Jordan Collier is opposite to this test. He wants everyone to take promicin, so those who aren't promicin positives, will be dead. He doesn't want two kinds of people living on earth.

    When Isabelle was still a baby, Richard was visited by his dead wife Lily. The sad part of it is that it was the ability of a 4400 to telepathically make others see specific people in their lives and interact with them under the belief they're real. Who exactly is Cassie?

    Joel Gretsch's acting was great. It was good to see him playing a completely different character.
  • Lily returns...

    A great episode despite it not being my favourite storyline. I don't like the thought of Tom being controlled by someone from the future, turning him into one of the marked. I'm sure Diana and Meghan will figure it out, after all, he is behaving unlike Tom, but still, I hope they figure it out sooner than later.

    I loved the return of Lily, if only for one episode. I always loved Richard and Lily as a couple, so it was great to see them together again, while at the same time it was very sad.

    Isabelle was always going to be returned to her adult age, but this seemed too easy, too fast and too soon.
  • Consistently entertaining...

    ...despite the last guys review. I have to disagree. I'm completely spellbound by the entire series. I have only recently started watching the 4400 and have watched the entire 4 seasons in the last couple of weeks. Sure there are a few bits that are slightly loose ended, but for the most part this show is never dull and always surprisingly entertaining. I love how the reintroduce characters, such as Lily. Sure she was off shooting Dirt, but I forgive her. Ha ha. Anyhow, I love this show and like all of the episodes previously, I loved this episode. I am bummed to see Tom turn into one of the marked, but I'm sure that Di will catch on soon and they'll find a way to bring the real Tom back. Interesting plot twist.
  • Too bad tv dot com has pretty much no choice for negative (:

    Any way, i can live with the twists and turns but not another "Lost" for Christ sakes. Everytime the script fellaz` run out of juice we either get flash backs wich are flash forwards in this case. Instead of strongly exploiting the main plot of the movie they are breaking it down to less and less advancement. And the morals they preach - War is inevitable, casualties are inevitable and the only way to teach people better is by killing many of them i realy hate that, that kind of thinking over the ages led us where we are today. And i doubt many ppl would say that its a good spot to be in. Only people who think themselves above others think that way. So as the previous episode it looks like the ship is sinking. If they keep it up probably many people will scratch the series.If it were up to me id scratch the series for message it tries to send to people.
  • The writers throw another compelling curve

    With only a handful of episodes left for the season, the time had come for the season's plot elements to pay off dividends. This installment only begins the fun, taking what could have been a predictable plot turn and standing it on its head.

    The previous episode hinted at the emergence of Tom's "marked" personality, and sure enough, that's exactly what happens. Not only that, but a key member of the US intelligence community reveals herself to be one of the "marked" as well. Had the writers been thinking in more predictable, traditional terms, this revelation would have led to Tom's apparent conversion and eventual restoration. In fact, that pattern is found so often that I was waiting for the moment when Tom would break the conditioning and come to his senses.

    That reversion never happened, which gives the drama another massive boost. After all, Isabelle's restoration was all but assured, so the writers had to find something unexpected to counter the predictability. Isabelle's fate was practically a minor consideration compared to Tom's character turn. It was clear that Isabelle would be "re-aged" from the very beginning, but Tom's new personality is hard to anticipate.

    Unlike this point in the third season, where the resolution of the season arc was relatively easy to predict, Tom's situation opens up any number of possibilities. This solidifies Tom as Jordan's opposite number with Shawn still caught in the middle. As one of the "marked", Tom is actively working to eliminate the powered and maintain the control of the current (and future) Elite. Jordan has now made it clear that he wants to eliminate the "mundanes", using promicin as a form of artificial selection for humanity's evolution.

    Shawn and Kevin have found a middle path, but Jordan makes the most obvious point. Creating a class system between the powered and the mundane will only serve to foment war. This brings up an interesting possibility. One might assume that the "marked" will be thwarted in the process of restoring Tom (if he is, in fact, restored), and that Jordan's movement will meet a bloody end. Both philosophies are too extreme to work as a long-term solution to the conflict.

    That leaves Shawn's "middle path", which could very well devolve into the future scenario that spawned the 4400 (and the "marked") in the first place. That would be an interesting way to bring the series full circle. It would be a wonderful time travel paradox if the 4400 were created using the last remnants of the promicin left over from the victory of the mundanes over the powered decades earlier!

    Kyle's ability (which more and more seems to be a twist on the "marked") seems to indicate that Shawn's "middle path" is a threat to some final solution to the conflict, which lends credence to such speculation. The origins of the White Light cult have yet to be revealed, and even if Kyle was meant to build Jordan up as a messianic figure, there's no certainty that Jordan's success is Cassie's true endgame. With so many balls still in the air, the writers have their work cut out for them.
  • Things are finally coming together.

    We got to see Lily again, even if she was only an image planted by another 4400 to mess with his head and convince Richard to reverse what he did to Isabelle. The woman who helped Richard reverse the deaging process for Isabelle reminds me of the woman in the Matrix - she should have offered Richard some cookies.

    Tom's personality (same one that was in Matthew)begins to assert itself while giving Tom glimpses of how Isabelle was created in the future. The official from Washington sent to kick start the war on the 4400's and positives, is also one of the "marked" and used Tom to send Richard back to prison while hiding Isabelle back at his place where he intends to restore Isabelles powers. Being a changed person will she do what Tom's alter ego personality wants? Tom has also placed the NTAC resident geek under his control. It tooks like the "marked" are ready for a major move against the 4400 with plans to use Isabelle to deal with Jordan Collier once and for all.

    When Shawn revealed to Jordan that research into a method to identify who would survive a promicin injection was close to bearing fruit, Jordan showed his dark side. Jordan wants people not to know if they will survive or not. According to him only the 4400 and promicin positives should remain with everyone else ending up dead. He says there no way both types of humans can co-exist on Earth. Jordan doesnt mention what will happen to people who refuse to take promicin? Will they be forced to take the shot in the end? Though there is some logic to Jordans position, it does show he has a very very dark side.What Jordan Collier never addresses is what will stop people with powers from using them against each other?

    All this makes me wonder, are the "marked" from the future really the good guys trying to change the future for the better by stopping the 4400? Could it be that the devastation (that Jordan Collier reported seeing season) was the result of people with powers first killing off regular humans then turning against themselves? There are a number of possibilities. Perhaps in the history of Earths last city, the people with powers came about in a different way and this time around the 4400 Project leaders are trying to increase the numbers of people with powers to 3 billion so as to eliminate regular humans in one quick decisive move. But there may be people in the future who think that is an incredibly bad idea and think humanity should be allowed to evolve naturally with no one having super human abilities. It will interesting to find out who is really good and who is really bad. Seeing Jordan Colliers dark plans for half of humanity is very disturbing.
  • Just what are they up to????

    Things are getting a little more complex as Tom's alter ego takes over. After Richard successfully makes Isabelle younger, Lily appears. In actuality it's another 4400's ability that's making Lily seem to appear so they can try to influence Richard to reverse the process. This episode left me wondering who these people from the future are working against the 4400? Why wouldn't they want them to succeed in changing the future for the better? Are they the cause of whatever happens? We know Isabelle was originally a plant to help combat the 4400 using her extraordinary nearly infallible abilities. That is till her father, Richard, gave her a shot that supposedly not only rendered her powerless but also made her allergic to the promicin shot, thereby, making it to where she'd never get her powers back. At the close of the episode, however, Tom's alter ego suggests that may all be untrue. Will Isabelle get her powers back? If she does, will she go against Jordan and Kyle? Also, I've begun to wonder whether or not Cassie is actually working with the 4400 or against them. Is she a plant from the "Marked" group? So many questions and only 3 episodes left...I don't know about you but I'm intrigued. Excellent episode.
  • It appears you can't count on any episode staying true to its storyline. Isabelle supposedly lost her, unable to get it back, but now it appears she can as Tom offers. I don't believe that this alter ego that Tom's son has is a good "person".

    Didn't like it at all. I believe the writers have run out of storylines and I am beginning to get bored as is the rest of my family. If it keeps up we will probably move on to something else. Out of character with the previous episodes. It is frustrating to see the flip flops. I watch TV to enjoy myself not to get perplexed and frustrated. Give the viewers a break, we are not idiots nor suffer from amnesia and want some sensibility in our shows. Tom is soupposed to take promicin and be the good guy, what happened? The jumping back and forth to the future and back is tiring. There is no flowing or continuation from the previous episodes as these new and strange episodes are integrated. It is getting difficult to follow the story in a coherent manner.