The 4400

Season 4 Episode 10

One of Us

Aired Unknown Aug 19, 2007 on USA



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      * Byron Lillibridge, a physically disabled young adult male in a wheelchair, disappeared 28 February 1966. He has the ability to telepathically make others see specific people in their lives (whether dead or alive) and interact with them under the belief that they are real.
      * Cora Tomkins, disappeared 2 November 1950. She can produce a substance, that when it is mixed with water, can make someone younger. She also has the ability to restore those who drink it to their proper age.

  • Quotes

    • Shawn: What's your alternative? Do you really want the entire world to take promicin?
      Jordan: Yes. Yes, I do. It's what I've always said has to happen.
      Shawn: Half of the planet will die! You're talking about mass suicide!
      Jordan: I am talking about a single generation of sacrifice. And at the end of it, a more fully-evolved species. All of our failings as human beings will be addressed when we are all gifted. I am not making any announcement. And no one who cares about what's right for the world would.

    • Cora Tomkins: These abilities we have, they are a gift from God, and we need to treat them with respect.

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      Czech Republic: 05 June 2008 on Cinemax
      United Kingdom: 04 September 2007 on Sky One

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