The 4400

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Jul 11, 2004 on USA



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      * Maia Rutledge, disappeared 3 March 1946 from Crescent City, California. She has the second sight ability of precognition.
      * Richard Tyler, an Air Force pilot, disappeared 11 May 1951 during the Korean War.
      * Orson Bailey, disappeared 11 June 1979 from Tacoma, Washington. He has the ability to exert extreme telekinesis.
      * Shawn Farrell, disappeared 22 April 2001 from Highland Beach near Seattle, Washington. He has the ability to heal others.

    • Goof: Titan II missiles have not been used by the US since 1987.

    • Goof: Diana gives the projected location of the comet as "47 north longitude, 122, maybe 123 west latitude". This is not possible: latitude coordinates are north or south and longitude coordinates are east or west. The proper location would be 47 north latitude, 122 west longitude.

    • Goof: As the comet heads towards Earth, the Chinese and US launch missiles at it, and a near real time countdown is presented. This would mean intercepting the object at least near the atmosphere, as the missiles were not designed to target things in space, but when it is revealed that the missiles failed to destroy it, the comet is now passing by the moon, which even if the missiles were designed for outer space, would have taken much, much longer to intercept.

  • Quotes

    • Tom: Shawn, uh... do you remember anything? Anything at all about what happened that night?
      Shawn: Nothing. Nothing. One minute I'm sitting there with Kyle on the beach, the next, it's three years later and I'm standing next to some mountain with a couple thousand strangers around me. Listen, Uncle Tommy, some people are saying that we were abducted by aliens.
      Tom: We can't rule anything out yet.

    • Diana: So the red dots mark the spots where the American members of the 4400 originally lived.
      Tom: You mean the returnees.
      Diana: Not according to the press. It's the 4400. You know, you have to admit, it's a bit strange, a nice round number like that. I wonder if it has any significance.
      Tom: Oh, so you're saying that if 3,781 people had suddenly showed up that night, it wouldn't have been as strange?
      Diana: I'd say...slightly less strange.

    • Diana: Well, it was more of an attempt at bonding, via a shared similar experience. Can you open the door?
      Tom: How long did you go out with this guy?
      Diana: Nine months.
      Tom: Nine months. So you're equating your nine months of dating, with my nineteen years of marriage?
      Diana: You're right, ok, forget it. You want me to drive?
      Tom: What for?
      Diana: I don't know. So you can brood?

    • Diana: You know, I had a boyfriend once. Every time...
      Tom: Boyfriend?
      Diana: Well, don't look so surprised. God!

    • Diana: Is this all that's left when you're done, a box of trinkets?
      Tom: They're not trinkets, they're memories, the kind you leave behind, you know, for family and friends.
      Diana: Hmm, I should get to work on that.
      Tom: I'm not going there.
      Diana: Well, believe it or not, some of us are happier alone.
      Tom: No one's happy alone, if they are they're kidding themselves.
      Diana: I thought you weren't going there.

    • Tom: So between you and me, what do you think happened to them? Where do you think they've been?
      Diana: I don't know, but there had to be some kind of intelligence behind it.
      Tom: As in the hand of God, or little green men?
      Diana: I'm not discounting anything.

    • Diana: Here's where the 4400 are right now, two weeks after their release. (shows Tom the computer screen)
      Tom: Sixty-five percent are still in Seattle.
      Diana: They're just not going home, and none can come up with a good reason as to why.
      Tom: You think it means something?
      Diana: In the CDC, we call this a statistically, significant, disease cluster.
      Tom: Yeah, well in the FBI, we'd call it a freaky coincidence.
      Diane: I don't believe in coincidence. Disease clusters, I believe in those.

    • Diana: I got it on SeaTac radar. It's slowing down.
      Ryland: What?
      Diana: It's at Mach 7, Mach 2. It's going subsonic. It's leveling off and continuing to lose speed. It's as if it's coming in for a landing.
      Ryland: Landing?
      Sid: What, like a plane?
      Chen: No, more like the mothership.

    • Diana: Can I ask you a question?
      Tom: No!
      Diana: Well, I'm gonna ask you anyway. So, your son, how long has he been in a coma?
      Tom: Three years.
      Diana: Three years, that's a long time.
      Tom: You have no idea.
      Diana: Maybe you and your wife can work things out?
      Tom: You know one day, Kyle is going to wake up and I'm going to have to tell him that his family is falling apart. I go to that hospital everyday, and tell myself that makes me a good father.
      Diana: Oh, you are a good father. Kyle is lucky to have a dad like you. Not every one does, you can trust me, 'cause I know.

    • Tom: For future reference, if I want to play good cop, bad cop, I'll let you know.
      Diana: Which one do I get to be?

    • Lily: You look so lonely standing there without an ID number.
      Richard: I'm supposed to be eighty-two years old. There's no one here waiting for me.

    • Richard: (to Lily) Lily's dead, and I'm sitting here with her granddaughter. It doesn't make any sense, no goddamn sense at all.

    • Shawn: They're just jealous that I get to enjoy two more years of high school.

    • Richard: My friend, her name was Lily, too. Lily Bonham.
      Lily: That's my grandmother's name.
      Richard: Lily Bonham from St. Louis?
      Lily: You knew my grandmother.
      Richard: Is she still alive?
      Lily: I'm sorry. She died before I was born.

    • Shawn: I just told you the truth! Is that what you've been thinking, this whole time? That I gave Kyle something that messed him up and then I just took off? Screw you Uncle Tommy! I just told you everything I know!

    • Richard: The Secretary of State is colored?
      Shawn: You mean Black. I'll take your word for it.
      Richard: And the National Security Advisor, too. Lord, the world sure has changed since we've been gone. You should try and relax, son. You're not going to get out of here any quicker by wearing a groove in the floor.

    • Skouris: Well, good luck, Maia.
      Maia: You'll see me again.
      Skouris: Yeah, next week.
      Maia: Sooner than that.

    • Sid: Sir, it just changed course and accelerated again.
      Skouris: A comet cannot change course.
      Ryland: This one has.
      Skouris: Then it's not a comet.

    • (Orson and Maia are watching the news network argue about them)
      Maia: She doesn't like us much.
      Orson: The feeling's mutual.

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