The 4400

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Jul 11, 2004 on USA



  • Quotes

    • Diana: Can I ask you a question?
      Tom: No!
      Diana: Well, I'm gonna ask you anyway. So, your son, how long has he been in a coma?
      Tom: Three years.
      Diana: Three years, that's a long time.
      Tom: You have no idea.
      Diana: Maybe you and your wife can work things out?
      Tom: You know one day, Kyle is going to wake up and I'm going to have to tell him that his family is falling apart. I go to that hospital everyday, and tell myself that makes me a good father.
      Diana: Oh, you are a good father. Kyle is lucky to have a dad like you. Not every one does, you can trust me, 'cause I know.