The 4400

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Jul 31, 2005 on USA
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Tom and Diana investigate Edwin Mayuya, a 4400 who has the ability is to heal damaged fetal chromosomes while in utero. Unfortunately, it turns out this man is responsible for the slaughter of an entire clinic. Tom and Diana are torn apart over their different opinions.

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  • Painful to watch - because it was written badly. An episode looking at the gray areas between war and murder... or simply a political message that toned things down so as not to offend anyone?moreless

    Normally I enjoy 4400. However, this episode reeked of political correctness, to the point of causing characters to act in unseemingly strange manners compared to how we actually understood them.

    The doctor accused of doing nothing while government troops killed the refugees inside the hospital is treated as a war criminal himself. No one seems to point out that A) this man never pulled a trigger and B) he did not directly inform the government of the presence of the refugees.

    However, everyone hates his guts because he didn\'t... well, what did they expect him to do? Seriously, did they expect any normal human to sacrifice himself in an attempt to protect the refugees, most likely knowing full well that they would be slaughtered after his death anyway? That\'s not a normal human reaction. That\'s why we consider those sorts of people *heroes*. Because they took that extra step that no one else had the courage to take.

    Was the doctor coward? Yes. Was he a murderer? No.

    And the overreactions of the major cast show that this was not an episode about moral dillemma, it was a writer having a particular political axe to grind, and making the story suffer for it.moreless
  • Rebirth

    Rebirth was a good episode of The 4400. I enjoyed watching this episode which introduced us to Edwin Mayuya, a 4400 who can heal genetic abnormalities in babies, but at a cost. It is revealed he is a war criminal wanted by the Rwandan Government. This was a sad story of irony, and as Edwin Mayuya put it, the abductors definitely had a sense of humor. Meanwhile Kyle is dealing with what he has done now that he remembers. Shawn and Danny try to offer help, but Kyle refuses. Maia gets upset when Diana kicks April out. It was cool how Maia helps Diana come to her senses about family. This is one wise little girl! I look forward to watching the next episode of The 4400!!!moreless
  • Richard attends the funeral of an old army buddy while Tom and Diana disagree on one of the 4400.

    A few storylines in this episode.

    I didn't really like the main one about a Rwandan refugee who turned out to be, at least partly, responsible for a massacre during the Tutsi and Hutu uprisings. I felt the tone of this storyline was too overdone.

    On the other hand, I loved the side-storyline of Richard visiting the funeral of an old army buddy. It was very moving and poignant and striking to see this young guy stand in a line of old war veterans. The writier struck a chord by not making this about vengeance. Well done.

    Despite Danny and Shawn offering help to Kyle, Kyle flees the house and tries to come to terms with what he did.moreless
  • Another new 4400 character is introduced.

    After last weeks episode, which had kind of a timed emergency going on, this week's episode was a welcomed slow-down of sorts. Things weren't quite as panicky, and we could resume to what I would call a normal show.

    This week, we're introduced to Edwin Mayuya, played by Hill Harper. Harper is a familiar face, on the supporting cast for CSI N.Y. Well, his character Edwin Mayuya, a 4400, returned with a healing ability. Instead of being able to heal most diseases, his ability was specific to birth defects. Unfortunately, it turns out that the more people he heals, his own health degrades. By the end of the episode, his medical tests revealed that he had hints of cancer and problems with his spine.

    The primary problem with Edwin was not the health problems, but rather the fact that when he was in Rawanda, he was a doctor. When there was a serious civil war, he didn't help save people from the war, he seemed to have sat idly by, forced to watch it. For some unknown reason, Tom has a serious problem with this guy. He seemed to look at this guy as though he personally killed everyone, like a Nazi for instance. I'm wondering if there will be some reasoning behind Tom's prejudice sometime in a future episode before Edwin dies.

    The Richard subplot was surprising. I wasn't expecting this sort of thing, but it adds to the character development. He meets up with several war-buddies from his youth. One of them has died, and he attends the funeral. He also meets up with a man who physically assaulted him after Richard spent time with a white woman.

    Kyle is still coming to the realization that he shot and killed Collier, and he's having some serious problems with it. He's offered a place to stay in the 4400 center to think, but at the end of the episode, he didn't show up there, and left a note at home saying he's left.

    I really thought this was one of the better episodes of the season. Richard's character development was probably the highlight for me, but I'm glad to see a new 4400 introduced to the show.moreless
  • A good episode with various interesting storylines.

    The main storyline about the mass-murderer who can heal certain gene defects in utero was quite engaging. It reminded me of an early episode of Babylon 5, another favourite of mine, where a murderous woman who wiped out entire species created the elixir of youth (that episode was called "Deathwalker" if I recall correctly).

    It also showed that Tom is becoming quite fed up with the abductors of the 4400. No wonder, after putting his son in a coma and then using him for various machinations, putting Tom in an alternate reality and so on. This will become very interesting since they specifically marked him as their hope and the protector for the 4400 in the last episode of season one.

    Meanwhile Richard comes to terms with his old buddies from the army, especially Lee, the one who beat him up for dating Lilly's grandmother.

    Another fine acting example and good character developement.

    The third storyline centers around April and her cunning use of Maia's gift in the last episode. She confesses to Diana, who naturally gets angry and throws April out.

    The last scene between the two sisters was moving, despite the fact that I couldn\'t stand April from the beginning.

    I really liked this episode, it was moving, compelling and dealt with important issues in the show's own, very special way.moreless
Link Baker

Link Baker

Young Lee Kendall

Guest Star

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Edwin Mayuya

Guest Star

Luke Askew

Luke Askew

Lee Kendall

Guest Star

Kaj-Erik Eriksen

Kaj-Erik Eriksen

Danny Farrell

Recurring Role

Garret Dillahunt

Garret Dillahunt

Matthew Ross

Recurring Role

Kavan Smith

Kavan Smith

Agent Garrity

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Featured 4400s

      * Edwin Mayuya, disappeared on 24 February 1996. He has the ability to repair damaged chromosomes of babies while they are in the mother's wombs (in utero).

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Tom: These mutations you can induce...
      Edwin: I believe they are not mutations, sir. I believe they are repairs.

    • Edwin: It would seem my abductors have quite a perverse sense of humour. I will of course, continue to heal for as long as my body allows. At least then, my death will have a purpose other than vengeance.

    • Lee: (to Richard) Oh! You want vengeance! Well, sorry to disappoint you. That's not gonna work out either. Time has kicked my ass worse than you ever could.

    • Maia: I don't understand. Why do you have to go? Can't you just say you're sorry?
      April: It doesn't always work that way with grown ups. Sometimes things get so messed up that sorry doesn't cut it. It happens a lot when I'm involved, actually.
      Maia: But if you only just leave, nothing gets better.

    • Matthew: Edwin Mayuya. He was born in Rwanda.
      Shawn: This guy is some kind of healer.
      Matthew: According to the internet. Don't worry. You're still the alpha dog.
      Shawn: Oh, it's not like I mind. It's great if he is, of course. We should invite him to the Center.
      Matthew: At the very least, I think Mr. Mayuya merits a sit-down.
      Shawn: All right. Set it up. I'll be there.
      Matthew: Why don't you let me handle the meet and greet. I'll figure out if there's anything to these stories. In the meantime, there's a move I'd like you to consider making. Call it the next phase in your development as a leader.
      Shawn: Matthew, I told you I will read The Art Of War, okay?
      Matthew: I want you to call your mom. I know Jordan counselled you to distance yourself from your family.
      Shawn: Before Jordan was telling me anything, my family had already distanced themselves from me.
      Matthew: Family dynamics are complex.
      Shawn: I don't think that a phone call is gonna lead straight into some kind of group hug.
      Matthew: Even if it leads to just dinner, you're heading in the right direction.

    • Tom: Kyle! Kyle!
      Kyle: Yeah, I'm in here. Hold on a sec.
      Tom: It's ten after eight. You taking the day off?
      Kyle: Guess my alarm didn't go off.

    • Diana: So are you satisfied now that some babies will be saved and you got your pound of flesh?
      Tom: It looks like justice to me.

  • NOTES (1)