The 4400

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Jul 31, 2005 on USA



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      * Edwin Mayuya, disappeared on 24 February 1996. He has the ability to repair damaged chromosomes of babies while they are in the mother's wombs (in utero).

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    • Tom: These mutations you can induce...
      Edwin: I believe they are not mutations, sir. I believe they are repairs.

    • Edwin: It would seem my abductors have quite a perverse sense of humour. I will of course, continue to heal for as long as my body allows. At least then, my death will have a purpose other than vengeance.

    • Lee: (to Richard) Oh! You want vengeance! Well, sorry to disappoint you. That's not gonna work out either. Time has kicked my ass worse than you ever could.

    • Maia: I don't understand. Why do you have to go? Can't you just say you're sorry?
      April: It doesn't always work that way with grown ups. Sometimes things get so messed up that sorry doesn't cut it. It happens a lot when I'm involved, actually.
      Maia: But if you only just leave, nothing gets better.

    • Matthew: Edwin Mayuya. He was born in Rwanda.
      Shawn: This guy is some kind of healer.
      Matthew: According to the internet. Don't worry. You're still the alpha dog.
      Shawn: Oh, it's not like I mind. It's great if he is, of course. We should invite him to the Center.
      Matthew: At the very least, I think Mr. Mayuya merits a sit-down.
      Shawn: All right. Set it up. I'll be there.
      Matthew: Why don't you let me handle the meet and greet. I'll figure out if there's anything to these stories. In the meantime, there's a move I'd like you to consider making. Call it the next phase in your development as a leader.
      Shawn: Matthew, I told you I will read The Art Of War, okay?
      Matthew: I want you to call your mom. I know Jordan counselled you to distance yourself from your family.
      Shawn: Before Jordan was telling me anything, my family had already distanced themselves from me.
      Matthew: Family dynamics are complex.
      Shawn: I don't think that a phone call is gonna lead straight into some kind of group hug.
      Matthew: Even if it leads to just dinner, you're heading in the right direction.

    • Tom: Kyle! Kyle!
      Kyle: Yeah, I'm in here. Hold on a sec.
      Tom: It's ten after eight. You taking the day off?
      Kyle: Guess my alarm didn't go off.

    • Diana: So are you satisfied now that some babies will be saved and you got your pound of flesh?
      Tom: It looks like justice to me.

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