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  • If you like sci-fi or the x-files you are guaranteed to enjoy this.

    The 4400 is a pretty decent television show by todays standards. Season one gives us an idea of whats happening or maybe whats in store for future episodes. 4400 people abducted from various years are brought back to present day still at the age of which they were abducted. But they seem to be not their usual selves, they have supernatural powers it would seem.

    I personally liked the X-files and I am certain that if you enjoyed that show, you will with this aswell. Its almost on the same par as the X-files. Personally, I thought that the casting could have been better, perhaps one or two more well-known faces could have made it that more better, but it seems that the cast just now fit the show.

    I have just finished watching season one and can't wait for the rest, deffinetly recommended for sci-fi fans.
  • The 4400 is a mix of psychological drama and science-fiction, and it does a pretty good job.

    I had heard a lot of things about The 4400, so decided to check it out, and I was pleasantly surprised. It's a semi-interesting concept, and it is executed well. It's about 4400 alien abductees who suddenly one day turn up again, all in one place. Some of them have been gone for a hundred years, some just a couple of months, and they have no recollection of where they have been. Some of them have developed some special abilities, and the show is very much based on their struggle of finding themselves again, as well as everyone else's concern of finding out what really happened to them.
  • Should be on more then once a week!

    This is personally one of my favourite shows, very action packed full of drama. the first season was extremely anticipated and was left with a slight cliffhanger at the end of each episode. the storyline is a decent one, although it does tend to take a few pages out of X-files book. The story is full of twists and is very exciting to watch. if you like a good drama with a Sci-Fi twist to it then you will love this show! but like ive already mentioned, being i live in the UK its only on once a week on tusday night which is disappointing, but on a whole, great show.
  • What's up with the lack of episodes.

    This show is an absolute marvel. From start to finish this show continues to suprise me, being a SCFI geek. What I don't like about this series is that it keeps ending so short. I hope that I will get to enjoy an actual full season of the show. Latest news I hear is good since USA is picking this show up for another season, hopfully 20+ episodes (crossing my fingers... all of them!) lol
  • Who wouldn\'t love this show?

    One of my very favorite prime time shows. Only too sad that each season lasts a very short time. Can\'t wait till the next season begins. I wonder what each 4400\'s powers will become. Any ideas? This is a definatly must see show, with all of it\'s plot twist and character interaction.
  • Follow up to Colliers Death

    This TV science fiction series grew on me. I didn’t tune in till the second season. It wasn’t a drama that you could just watch and pick up easily. So, as some of the episodes peaked my interest, I came to to get a summary of the story and also get to know the individual characters. Generally if I have to do that much work to enjoy a drama, I would just flip the channel or hit the power button on my television.

    Suddenly Collier gets murdered and slowly the story unfolds as to who the killer is. Sean is put into command over the 4400. But around this time, it seems that the story line begins to fall apart. What happened to Collier’s body? Did any episode ever follow up with that? As it should be starting a new season, the show isn’t on, or it has been cancelled.

    I started getting into some of the characters and the unique story line. I would like to see The 4400 come back. The plot was somewhat disorganized, but I think it has great potential!
  • X-Files + Taken

    Episodic television starring a scientific female investigator partnered with a man who has a family member personally affected by the supernatural phenom they are investigating. Sound a little like Mulder and Scully?

    It is a little, but in a good way. "The 4400" lifts one of TV's greatest sci-fi partnerships and puts it in Homeland Security, tracking the developments of a group of abductees/returnees known as the 4400. This show is not nearly as dark as the X-Files, or as dull as Taken, but it takes some of what was good from both and spikes it with some great plot twists. Who took they 4400 and why did they return them? Why do only some of them manifest superhuman powers? The answers to these questions are very satisfying and worth watching.

    This show is part of the great new crop of sci-fi being created by people ditched by the death of Star Trek. That was the best thing that ever happened to genre television. Although not as edgy as Battlestar Galactica, it has a (somewhat) original premise and great characters.

    I say somewhat, because it is a lot like Straczynski's "Rising Stars" comic book. Funny that Ira Steven Behr, showrunner of a series where the premise was ripped off of "Babylon 5", would steal from JMS yet again, but this show treads on a lot of new material and could not be called a rip-off in any way.
  • Whooa we missed the boat !

    This series had some great potential, and an original view point on abduction ... raised some good questions, and I was all set to like it, alot.
    That was before it took a hidious turn for the worse. I think the pinnacle point was when a grown man ( Ex military I might add ) takes off running with his wife and 'gifted'baby in the woods to avoid trouble. PA-leeeeeeese.
    That was more idiocy than I could take, and I did try to stick it out. Nope, turned it off, and haven't been back.
  • The pace and the "soap opera style" acting seriously destroy a great concept.

    I saw such positive feedback on this show so I thought I would TiVo a few episodes and see if I could get into it.

    To say I was disappointed is an understatement. The show was so slow that I nearly caught myself stopping it in the middle. But I wanted to see if it would pick up so I continued to sit and watch. I stayed until the end and still didn't understand why this is considered a "good" show.

    The acting and the way scenes were set up was as cheesy as daytime TV. I found myself rolling my eyes with the amount of over-acting and poor dialoge.

    I put this in the catagory of original idea ruined by poor writing. The actors/actress's are only following the direction of the writers.
  • New season has got off to a cracking start (just started to air in the UK).

    The first season was a tantalising opener to what is now in it's second season) become a very firm favourite of mine.

    I love the way they have interwoven the long term characters in with new ones each week (something American series do much better than UK TV shows in general).
  • 44hundred people have been abducted then they arrive back on earth.they are know trying to pick up there life where they left but finding it hard.since some were born over 60 years ago they don't know the laws of the current time and loads have

    this is one of the best shows ever,i have been waiting for the new season and it is finally coming.those who like sci-fi films / programmes will like this.since there are constant dilemmas from the 44 hundred you will be amused by the storyline.having there own special powers they are trying to cope with it. the storyline with lilly and her grandma's boyfriend is good . maia is frightening but sweet because she doesn't mean to cause problems. having there special powers must be very hard to deal with , aswell as not letting it out that they one of the 44 hundred . i don't think i could ever survive being one of them.
  • The 4400 is a show with a great story, great characters, and great cliffhangers. A must see!

    I'm not that big a fan of Science Fiction shows. Sure, Star Wars is mildly entertaining and I do think it's funny when you see these creatures on shows that are supposed to be scary but aren't, but that's not the point. The point is that the 4400 is one of the best shows out there.

    When I first saw a commercial for it, I though it looked interesting and that I should check it out. I was surprised to find an extremely interesting show with an amazing idea. Who thinks of the idea of a ball of light from the future dispensing 4400 missing people onto the ground in front of reporters? A story can't get more interesting than that!

    I loved watching the characters as they struggled with a "life interrupted" and I couldn't help feel sorry for them. Wouldn't it be scary to be walking down the street at one moment, and then standing next to a lake with 3,999 people standing around you? Some people’s whole families are dead, while others have remarried.

    I was little upset when I found the first season had only five episodes, but couldn't helped to be amazed when you found out why the 4400 were sent back. After this, I forgot about the show, but then remembered it when I saw a commercial for it while watching Monk one day. I reimbursed myself back into the story, and found that the second season was much longer, and much better, than the first.

    You discovered more 4400, watched as they struggled with their abilities, saw as more characters were introduced and Collier get murdered. I soon had picked my favorite characters: Maia, Richard, and Isabelle. As the season progressed, I enjoyed seeing them struggle with their lives and with the people around them.

    The season finale was a real kicker. Who would expect for a cliff hanger like that? Kyle turning himself in for Collier's murder, and then Collier returning to life at the place where he was abducted! Diana kissing that nerd from NTAC, and then Maia predicting a war that was about to start! Richard discovering he has telekinesis, Lily finding Isabelle missing, and then Shawn finding a naked (and grown up) Isabelle standing in front of him! It was an amazing episode, which had me wishing for more. I highly suggest people watch this show (you can buy the first season really cheap), by any means. It's one show that you don't want to miss.
  • Amazing show, not much wrong at all.

    The 4400 is one of those shows you either love or hate. The sci-fi element is of course the determining factor here - 4400 people sent back from the future for what? This would turn some people off straight away.

    Not me, I find it one of the most intriguing shows I\'ve ever seen, keeping you hooked from episode to episode. It will be interesting to see what season 3 brings.

    I\'m just annoyed so many 4400\'s keep dieing. They are meant to be implementing change, but how much change can dead people do? I guess time will tell with this series.
  • I assumed the 4400 was a B-Rated TV show, Im glad I gave it a chance. If you are a fan of network shows like Prison Break, 24, or Smallville, this show is for you.

    The only difference between this show and Network blockbusters such as 24, smallville, Lost, Prison Break is that the actors look like normal people, which is a breath of fresh air from most network blockbuster shows.

    As far fetched as the concept may be, it works in a way that is believable and works for me. One of the reasons it works so well, is that there is a ton of multi-threaded plotlines developing and resolving all at the same time but also allows somone to watch a single episode and enjoy it. And if you're one of the people who watches a single episode, It will draw you into the mythology and make you come back for more.

    There is no doubt that if this show was on a major network and not USA, it would probably grab close to the ratings lost gets. The only place it may fall short for a network show is that not all of the stars look like models as whats expected of TV stars in todays network tv.

    Big cast, great actors, great stories, It hasnt let me down yet.
  • Its about 4400 people taken than brought back

    this is one of usa best shows rights next to the dead zone and monk this show should be on network telivision instead cable it probally be a great hit 13 episode is not enough i want too see more episode and waiting a yaer for season 3 really suks thats some of the downfall of cable
  • Who needs Aliens?

    Who needs Aliens when we have ourselves? I was addicted from episode 1 until the awesome finale of season 2. I think I love this show because incorporates so many great idea's from many shows over the years, a little bit of x-files, a little bit of taken, little bit of all investigation shows and it brings all these concepts in to one great TV show.

    I really love the characters and I just know that the show is just going to get better and better :)

    It also has an Aussie actress, we love our own :)
  • These are the stories of 4400 abductees after they are returned to Earth. Some of them have been affected in mysterious ways, and some will have certain abilities, both good and bad. Each has been gone anywhere from a few months to several decades but ha

    The 4400 is a very interesting story that I have not seen before. The premise is fascinating. How would the world react? What happens after a person has been abducted and returns a number of years later. They find their loved ones dead. The neighborhoods they knew are gone. Their family had assumed they're dead and moved on. What would the readjustment be like? This show is just one of a kind.
  • Can't wait for Season 3

    When I first started watching this I was glued to my seat and every episode since the first I have been glued to it........
    There is somthing new in it everytime I watch it....
    And given the fact that they have 4400 people with different powers can lead to some more interesting stories.
    I really Can't wait as in the last one I saw "Mommy's Boss" it showed you a few of the things that are going to come.... like - Richard Tyler: looks like he has the power to move certain objects. ....
    SO much action and great story lines.

    We Want More!!
  • A new twist on the alien abduction theme, this sci-fi drama works well with a great cast, interesting characters, a unique storyline, and a weekly formula that should keep it engaging and entertaining for some time to come.

    A new twist on the alien abduction theme, this sci-fi drama works well with a great cast, interesting characters, a unique storyline, and a weekly formula that should keep it engaging and entertaining for some time to come.

    Starting off with a half-length first season, the show set up an intriguing scenario of 4400 people from around the world who had been abducted throughout the 20th century and were all returned at once -- without aging and with no memory of their abduction or the time lost. The first season kept itself suspenseful until revealing at its conclusion the mysterious circumstances behind their abductions and their sudden, unexpected return.

    The first season would have been a satisfying mini-series in itself, but the creators were able to develop a successful formula for carrying on the story as a weekly series. Each week gives focus to the story of a previously un-portrayed one of the 4400, and resolves their immediate conflict by episode's end. Simultaneously, the larger arc of the series is explored as new events unfold and new secrets are revealed about the 4400's abductors' purpose and the ways those they returned will influence the development of human history.

    The writing is very clean, with a great balance of character and story. The cast showcases some terrific talent, including Joel Gretsch (who already established his sci-fi abilities in the Spielberg mini-series "Taken"), Jacqueline McKenzie, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, and Laura Allen -- all of whom could launch bigger careers from their work here. While veteran Peter Coyote's role went from regular in the first season to guest in the second, his wonderful acting is always welcome.

    If there is anything that might be interesting to explore more, the 4400's struggles to adjust to being thrown years ahead of their own time might be a worthwhile one. The majority of those portrayed seem to have been abducted in recent years or recent decades. It might be nice to see more people from the earlier part of the 20th century trying to adjust to changes in the world since the era of their abduction.

    "The 4400" is definitely story-driven enough that it carries a stronger appeal for sci-fi fans than for others, but any way you look at it, this is good dramatic television.
  • as far as sci fi goes this is a pretty good show i have been a fan since the beginning and am looking forward to next season, cant wait to see what new twists they have in store for the 4400.the stars in this are really doing a good job.

    glad to see a new twist on sci-fi.i have been looking for something like this for awhile.waitting to see how things progress in the lives of the 4400 is enjoyable as well as intertaining.this is one of the best cable has,I really like most of what the USA channel airs.
  • It is my all time favorite thing to watch. I can't stand to miss a show.

    There should be more shows like this one. It makes you think " what really happens to everyone that is taken". I hope to see more of the same thing in the future. I am always wondering who will be next with what kind of power. I try to catch every show at least once.
  • Finally something original!

    Amongst the many copycat reality, hospital, and police drama's comes a breathe of fresh air, finally an original! The 4400 starts off very interesting, and finishes off with an amazing second season finale leaving you salivating for Season 3!!!! Don't miss this show! It will leave you wanting more.
  • The 4400 is a great show. What makes it different from the other shows is that the characters are great to watch.

    I really enjoy watching the show! There is something about it that makes you want to tune in. I also enjoy the characters because they are different in their own way. I know it will be months until the new season, but I can wait. I really love the show.
  • Surpasses Scifi Channel

    I used to look at scifi before but now the quality of scifi isn't what it was. The 4400 is well written and it surpasses anything I have seen before with the exception of TAKEN. Do I have to wait till next year for another episode? I don't want to wait
  • Omg.. whaa? huuh? Is this show for real? *drool* Never, NEVER has a show captured my attention like this... Its safe to say im addicted

    I remember seeing the first episode and thinking, well this is a ok show.. then i had to see the next and the next, then BOM! addicted...
    This show has alot to offer, be it either action, mystery, drama and a little bit of romance too :D
    The actors really play the roles very good, but i still have some cast members i cant get used too, like Lilly (ofcourse, she is a very cute girl), but her acting is a little off...
    Favorite actor has to be Chad Faust, i cant put my finger on it, but its something about him that makes him more "real" than the others.
    The story is just BRILLIANT, i just want to hug the persons who wrote it and thank them for the best time ive had infront of a TV in years.
    Ive bought the first season on DvD and probably watched it 5 to 10 times :D
    A must see for everyone, and i mean EVERYONE!
  • Music is great on some of the episodes! OK on others

    This is my new SCI FI fave. I wish it played more often as I would love to re watch my favorite episodes I may just have to buy TIVO!
    Love the music but the last episode let me down it was weak unlike LIFE INTERRUPTED which had a great underscore moving you along with the story. All the songs are good. I would like a updated show on all the revealed gifts and a soundtrack record and a theme Park Ride and some 4400 logo wear and........
  • This show caught my attention from episode 1. Just by watching the previews of the first season, which was considered a mini-series, I couldn't get enough. Every episode kept me guessing. The characters were made to be very interesting and well thought ou

    The thing about this show is that every single episode ending leaves the story-line open for so many options. You can sit there after each episode and come up with about five different outcomes of what is going to happen or could happen next. You are always left guessing, and wanting more. Unfortunately, a lot of people still don't know about the show, unless you tell them by word of mouth. I believe this is because it is on a basic cable channel.
    The first season, the characters were introduced and their stories, one by one were told. They explained the fact that these people went missing at different points in time, all over the U.S. and in other words left no trace, or rather vanished. Then, out of nowhere, a huge ball of light appears in the night sky, and *POOF*, thousands of people appear on the shore of this lake. They were the 4,400 people that had vanished over time with no record of their whereabouts. The other very strange thing, is that these people hadn't aged a day since the time they had gone missing. They also had no recollection of what had happened to them.
    So now, the goverment is involved, and the media, trying to figure this situation out. The situation is unexplainable by science as far as the other characters are concerned.
    So, you have your base line and your story plot, and so on from there it goes on. Each episode seemed to introduce another character and life. It kept me wanting to know more about each one that they introduced. It hasn't ever become boring to me. I have watched from episode 1 on, and haven't missed a beat. After the supposed "mini-series" ended, they left you no idea if there would be another part or "season" to this show. This made it even more iresistable to me. When I found out there would be a second season, I was completely excited.
    I have to say that the second season was just as amazing as the first, getting better with every episode. I can't hardly wait for the third season to make it's way onto our T.V.'s!! I definitely recommend this show to all of my family and friends, even acquaintances. By the way, the second season finale was amazing!! This show and it's cast should definitely win some awards this coming year, they all deserve it in my opinion. I hope you all get a chance to check both season 1 and season 2 out :). Take care all.
  • Diana and Tom????

    I totaly think that Diana and Tom should get together!!!! They looks soo cute and also i hate seeing Tom with that other girl (4400). I mean Diana and Tom have known each other for awhile and have been there for each other. It annoys me to death that they won't put them together. Does anybody else agree with me?? Over all i think that it's an awsome show!!! (But they should still put them together)
  • If you like excitement... WATCH IT!

    The 4400 belongs in my top 5 of my list of tv shows!! It has drama, dilemma and, what i like the most, it's un- realistic!! Although you can never know what can happen!! I love the abilities the returnees came back with! And OH MY GOD, Karina Lombard is in it!! She is HOTT!!! I don't like the fact that the first season had only 6 episodes though! But all in all it is one great show!! It's good enough to have me at home every sunday night at 9!! It takes a lot for a show to have me sealed to my couch at a certain time! And The 4400 did just that!! A show that has it all!!
  • Answering old questions while creating new ones... brilliant way to keep interest in an increasingly great television series!

    With the last three episodes of The 4400 (Lockdown, The Fifth Page, Mommy's Bosses), the show has gone from "A good show" to "must see." I think it's the threat of not coming back for another season. They don't have the luxury of saying "We may finish this thread up next year, or maybe not" like the Dead Zone seems to be doing.

    With the miniseries, they had to wrap it up somehow or risk having no ending at all. So they did it with Tom and Kyle on Highland Beach. This season, same thing... they gave us so many answers and yet I'm still kicking the cable box saying "Give me season three!! I have to know what happens next!"

    And don't get me started on Diana's final scene of the season. Because *YUM*.

    It's the same thing that happened with SG-1. They never knew if they were coming back, so they wrapped up threads in a timely manner. Shaara, Sha're, Apophis, etc.

    All in all, this season has propelled The 4400 into mammoth proportions. I think that if Fox had picked this show up, they would have the next X-Files they've been looking so desperately for. As it is, USA beat them to the punch. I, for one, can't wait to see what happens next!
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