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  • The 4400 tells the stories of 4,400 abductees after they are returned to earth, but they ended up being abducted by people from the future to save mankind.

    it was very cool TV shows, one of best TV series I ever seen, at first I didn't think this was a good one, but as I watch the few episodes, it turn out to be very good series, last year it was the mini-series and I thought I could miss this series, but this year I was so happy that they going to make it a TV Series, I like idea about people from past come today, each with powers, each has story, I am looking forward to see it this year, try watch this show.
  • People are abducted by humans from the future and sent back with superhero-esque powers.

    4400 is a cool show that I never miss. I am always wondering what is going to happen trouble with the show is that it feels like they don\'t know what is going to happen next either. Since the begining of Season 2, you can really feel that the paced has slooooooowed down. Sometimes I wonder if they have a clear goal because it seems to wander around in circles. Still, I love the premise....I hope it finds its way again, and gets on track. The last few episodes have really left me asking myself \"what\'s the point of this storyline\". Part of me wonders if this would be better if they weren\'t trying to milk like 10 years out of.
  • It is a great show. It is a combination of Xfiles, Alien Abduction and Xfiles.

    The show is a great addition to Scifi Genre. We need more scifi genre show since TV industry are cancelling them left and right. Star Trek is gone. Xfiles is gone. Stargate sg1 may last 1 more season. Stargate atlantis may not last. Keep faith and keep watching to keep the series going.
  • Over the past who knows how many years 4400 people have been abducted. Now they have been returned and no one knows why.

    This show started out strong and then in my opinion quickly went downhill in my opinion. There is still a chance for this show to come back and I am watching it still in anticipation of this. However if you like to watch shows that make you think and try and get you to figure things out then this might be the show for you. When this show picks back up then I might get a little more into it. As it is i still have my tivo record it and watch it when I get the chance but its not anything I will rush home to watch.
  • One of the best shows out there. Intriguing, inventive, and gripping. This show has all the makings of an excellent series.

    I was skeptical about this series at first. I thought this was going to be another one of those typical X-Files ® meets Mutant-X ® rehashes. Boy was I wrong. And after the extremely short season one, I was severely disappointed, I was wanting more. They gave us more, much more, in season two. They took less of a Sci-Fi route and made it into a compelling drama. About how someone might be affected if this were to happen to them. But not only to them, but to their family and friends as well. Yes there is a seed of sci-fi in the series, however, it kept mostly down to earth. One of the most Excellent series I've seen in a long while.
  • All the old cliches

    I am commenting on the first series. This has all the hallmarks of Taken. Its by the numbers sci-fi. The stories are boring and predictible. Even though this series ends in a cliffhanger I don't think I could sit through any more of the 'when is this going to end' episodes.
  • A mini-series like no other - original, entertaining and a storyline which draws you in. So what happened?

    When the mini-series premired on TV I watched every second of it and couldn't wait for it to be out on DVD.

    When I heard that a series was being made I was wary but wanted to see it anyway.

    I watched the first episode of the new season and I admit I was sorely disappointed. To be honest the episode bored me. But with optimism I tuned in the following week - now I don't even watch it.

    This started off so well, but I feel that it is not the actors or characters that are boring me, although the constant focus involving Jordan is tiring and to be honest it doesn't help to make the show different from the other sci-fic ones.

    The mini-series I totally recommmend - the series? I say stop before you get there. A big disappointment overall.

    I just bought the complete season 1 of 4400, its named the complete season 1 but only has 6 episodes, being from australia the first season just started about a month ago just wondering is there realy only 6 episodes in the first season. That seems like hardly any for a great show 6 episodes in 1 season, i mean come on
  • A intresting concept

    This is a show that is about 4400 people being abducted and then being brought back to earth with special powers. You later learn that the reason they were taken and then brought back is to save humanity in the future and that is the reason they have powers. One of things that I like about how they did it is that they 4400 are not really that appreciated and how people would not except them. Another thing that I find intresting is how the goverment agency that is supposed to moniter them is shown to be hated by a lot of the 4400 which is very realistic. So all in all I would have to say this is a good show.
  • I tried to watch this show but then I really didn't understand it anymore.

    I watched this show in the first season for the most part I liked it but once it went to the second season I kind of got lost. I know the plot of the show and all but I don't understand all the characters and stuff. There is just too much going on at once for me. There are some cool twists in that show well the episodes that I have seen at least. I will say however that this show is very original because I could have never thought that a show like this could do as well as this show is doing.
  • When season 2 started, I was so hooked, I watched every season 1 episode in a weekend. The writing was smart, original, and really delved into the characters. Sadly, I find that as season 2 continues, it just dosent hold the same \"spark\".

    I really liked the stories with Maia, with Kyle and his situations, and I anticipated the outcomes with baby Isabel. I feel this show went too \"Jordan Collier\" happy, and lost some of the depth with its\' other characters. Why all of a sudden was the shows\' prime focus on the 4400 center? Where did all the adventure go?
  • Last episode prediction.

    I'm going to make a prediction about the last episode of The 4400. Last week the 4400 became sick with a rash and they began to loose their special abilities. So, this week I predict that this mysterious illness will kill out all of the 4400, and the world will be without all of them at the same time. Maybe the objective is that humankind will strive to achieve these abilities on their very own!
  • The 4400 is not only one of the best shows on television at the moment, but it is also one of the most addicting shows. Once you start watching, you will want to see much more!

    The 4400 is, without a shadow of a doubt, my personal favourite show of the summer. The script written is very interesting and will leave you on the edge of your seat when the episode is over. Not only is this show jam packed with action, it is also packed with emotional content (i won't lie, i cried once or twice).

    When i first watched the first episode, i was amazed to see how out of the ordinary this show was and i almost thought they would run out of script after 1 season. But, to my amazement, there were a few unexpected twists that kept us all interested and now the show is one of the top ranked.

    It is hard to describe the feeling that i have, but every week, when Sunday is just around the corner, i just get so excited.

    The 4400 is not only just a good show, it is a role model that all other producers should follow. It is an exceptional show that everyone should watch. The only unfortunate thing that i must convey in this review is that it is not a cable channel, so it can't have as much success as it should! Just imagine, The 4400 on Fox... they would have higher ratings than right now. But, that is not a big problem, USA has a good show and i just hope it stays around for quite some time.
  • The 4400 is one of the most original shows I've seen in a while.

    I have to tip my hat to this one. The 4400 is one of the most original shows I've seen in a while. The characters, the plots, everything is unique. The individual struggles that the characters go through along with the problems of the community as a whole are engaging and dramatic. I hope this show keeps it up.
  • a super great show!

    A great show that is not only sci-fi but a drama too, dealing with good topics. Although 9 out of ten episodes are great, well, a few episodes are kind of boring. This season has been absolutely great. This is a show that should not be missed! It is very interesting!!
  • i think that the 4400 is one the best shows on sky one!

    i think that the 4400 is one great show,about 4400 people that get abducted from different time zones and are brought back in 2004 with powers e.g maia see's in to the future.its kinda spooky.what with people having powers.i really feel sorry for maia because she hasn't got her real parents.
  • I hoped this show would have something to...

    I had really hoped this show - with its interesting premise - would have something to say, share or otherwise solicit.
    Alas, dragging mindless storylines out over weeks on end, or wrapping other short mini-themes up in one night only make the fog from which this useless lot from 'wherever' came from seem thicker than necessary.
  • Twilight Zone

    Even though this is can imagine that anything is possible. Everyone wants to believe that their are terrestials out there with super powers that can help us. Save us from ourselves. This show fills that desire. It keeps you going and wanting more. Can't get enough of this program.
  • 4400 can't get any better than it is now.

    The 4400 is a excellent show with a story line of gold. When it first came out, I did not expect U.S.A to have such a good show. In fact almost didn't watch it now I know I would of regretted it. Any thing could happen when 4400 super powered humans come back from anywhere. There are potentially thousands of episodes in the future just trying to find out every ones powers. The show shows many possibilities for what happens to the missing that are never found. many of the returned believe the came from the future while others don't even care. However, almost all of them believe they were sent back to help others even thought many of them are doing more damage than help.
  • Great fiction show about alien abducties.

    This show is an amazing thing, its about 4400 people who are returned to earth many years after they have been reported missing by a glowing sphere which can only be explained as aliens.
    The people are dubbed 'The 4400' the people are welcomed back with fear and suspision, although all of them seem different than how people remember them and how they act.
    Soon 'the 4400' start to show amazing powers givin to them by thier abducties one of them, a girl called maia, has powers to see into the future, a murderer called knox can convince people they are him so they will kill young women and another can cause tremors and kill people with the power of his mind.
    These are just some of the strange things that the goverment has to try and deal with in 'the 4400'
  • girl started killing people. that was a great episod expect when she was killed at the end she thought she was the one they wanted to kill ppl and to put people outta bad & good things. so she was about to kill more ppl, they shot her.

    The 4400 is a wonderful show. It keeps me waitin more. I love the 4400 and watch it every time its on. i cant it enough of it i give it lol 5 stars lol The 4400 hun gets my heart racing that i get mad when it goes to breaks.
  • one of the most pointless show in the history of tv

    Ok, I sat down and watch this show, and I can't find out how it's so popular. Its the most pointless and retarted show in the history of tv, first of all, the concept of the show is stupid, and the only thing i can say they did right is that now they have every one sucked into the show, they can have an unlimited number of cast so it has a chance to run a while.
  • The first season and begining of the second season were great! However, the way has been lost.

    Season 2 of the 4400 is getting progressively worse. I'm not sure what happened to the writing here, but the latest episode was hard to watch it was so bad.

    In the latest episode, Tom Baldwin and the public at large go bananas over a Rwandan 4400 who facilitated some killings during the Rwandan genocide. This was a fairly weak story line sine no one cared in 1994 made it hard to understand why so many people would freak out over a guy who didn't actually kill anyone.

    But the Tom Baldwin character was particularly unconvincing. In the last episode he gained a wife of 8 years overnight because "he'll need her support" ... then she disapears completely in the subsequent episode. huh? The he freaks out over this Rwandan... but previews of next week's episode show him telling Kyle not to worry about wasting Jordan Collier.

    What's up?? Writers working a a vacuum?!?

    My advice... watch just about anything else and you'll be ahead of the game.
  • A very intensive, involving show.

    This is a show, that if you DON'T want to spend all 60min (or 60min - commercial time, lol) glued to the TV set, don't watch it. This requires an investment of your time, brain, and heart.
    The show is definately character driven, and we get episodes of some of these lost 4400. There is no safety when it comes to each of their stories; some are blatently good, others turn to be....errr....I hate to say 'evil' cause we don't know what the abductors' intentions are. In fact we may soon see one who we think is good, turn evil. Hmmm....
    This is an intelligent, must watch (and pay attention to) show.
  • this is a great show, it reminds me of x-men.. and as i'm a comics fan this is kind a fun.

    on an x-men kind of style,this show managed to get my and most viewers all over the world's atention,the good story line and the many questions we got during reminds me of the x-files since most of the questions remain to be answerd and we still havent seen the aliens, the first season of this show made a great impact ,with a great pilot episode.. lets see if it keeps my expectations and the ones of many viewers.
  • Ok so these people get taken away for a long time, then when they come back there famileys are all growns up and gone or what ever, but the people who get taken stay the same....

    This show is pretty good. I watch it every sunday before the Dead Zone comes on. This show is kinda confussing. You have to watch every second of it in order to understand it. I think its about 4400 people who get abducted and then years later they come back home. And its like theyve only been gone like a week or so. And it shows how they are dealing with life now that they are in a new timezone. Pretty good show. Interesting big time.
  • While I really loved the mini-series aka Season 1, the first few episodes of season 2 were not up to my expectations until I saw episode 5.

    You know when in May the regular season is over and you start dreading the Summer period because you know there is not going to be that much on TV besides reruns ? Well, last year, I was really dreading the 4 months hiatus until the new summer shows started. I was so taken by surprise at the quality of all the new shows that were launched and among them the 4400.

    What can I say ? I loved the first season. Even though one or two episodes were weaker than the rest, the story, the characters, the actors and the way it was filmed all made me like the show. Peter Coyote is by far the character I liked the most in the first season (maybe now that the Inside is over, he'll come back, who knows).

    Now on to the beginning of the second season. Prior to the premiere, articles in newspapers were saying that maybe it wasn't such a good idea for USA to have decided to turn the mini-series into a full blown series. When I first watched the first few episodes of season 2, I started to think that maybe those journalists were right. It was missing something. A Something that was very important.

    I still remember when the character of Peter Coyote played an important role with all the political ramifications etc. Now, with Jordan Collier revealing the reason behind their return, this theme has become somewhat irrelevant.

    However, when I watched season 2 episode 5, the excitement and satisfaction that I had experienced while watching the first season returned. Not only that but from that episode on, you can definitely see that in fact even the first 4 episodes were adding clues to a grander scheme and that finally those episodes were not loners at all, even with the freak of the week scheme.

    I also particularly liked episode 6 introducing Alana; the way it was done was very smart and this even though the alternate reality storyline is one that has become somewhat an easy path for a lot of story writers. However, this time it is done in such a way, you don't feel like the writers took the easy path. Using that trick did two things : introducing a character that is very interesting and also question the real intentions of the abducters.

    Overall, I am vey happy with the show now that it is clear that the show isn't only made of freak of the week loners and that they have thought it through in writing the subsequent episodes. Hopefully, my hope due to the excellent writing of episode 5 onword won't be crushed later on.
  • Sci-Fi at it's Best!

    What can I say about this show. I watched last year when there were only a few episodes made and new this show was going places. What a pleasant surprise that they kept it going on that path. I didn't know how I felt about the abductors ending up being from the future but they are definitely making that plot work. It makes you wonder if these people really have good intentions...or for that matter what their intentions are in the first place. Sure they say they did it to save the future but some of the things that have happened make you wonder. This show has you wondering and anticipating every episode. What a refreshing change from the ordinary. Definitely recommended.
  • 'The 4400' is getting better and better

    Quite an amazing show. 'The 4400' certainly deserves it's Emmy nomination (and lets hope it wins it too!). The show that started as a mini-series is picking up pace as it enters it's 2nd season.

    I think 'The 4400' has 2 major 'secrets':

    1. Original story line, which improves with every
    episode and have yet a lot of room for future developments in the confines of a serialised weekly drama;

    2. One of the best cast on any show on US TV at the moment. The characters are believable,
    credible and perfectly acted out; Full marks to the casting agency as well as the excellent
    actors on this show. I care about the people on this show,
    which is something fundamental to the success on any TV show.

    Again like I said on other shows ('The Dead Zone', 'Entourage') I fail to understand why season 2 is not a full season (22-episodes) but only 12 episodes. It seems that US networks are slowly but surely taking a page from the old British TV book: a 'season' here in the UK is no more then 6 to 13 episodes. Mostly 6, I have to say. Honestly, what a joke!

    Wonderful show, with great potential to stay on air for many seasons to come! (we hope!!).
  • A great show !!! (possible spoilers?)

    When I first started watching the first season of this show, I have to be honest I was not expecting much. After watching the first episode I was hooked. It is a very interesting show, with it's fair share of surprises and twists in store -- even within the first season alone.

    In the first episode and subsequent episodes after that it is interesting to see the attitude of people to the returnees, even the families of the returnees to their loved ones who have returned (or the 4400 as they are called).

    After watching the first season of the show, I think it has good potential and the ending of the last episode of the first season, left me feeling that it was not the end but just the beginning (I will not spoil it for those who have not seen the last episode).

    One of the more interesting of the 'returnees' is Maia (the little girl) as she can be sweet and also slightly creepy (you will see what I mean).

    This show is one of my favourites and I can't wait to see what directions season 2 takes.

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