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  • one of the most pointless show in the history of tv

    Ok, I sat down and watch this show, and I can't find out how it's so popular. Its the most pointless and retarted show in the history of tv, first of all, the concept of the show is stupid, and the only thing i can say they did right is that now they have every one sucked into the show, they can have an unlimited number of cast so it has a chance to run a while.
  • The first season and begining of the second season were great! However, the way has been lost.

    Season 2 of the 4400 is getting progressively worse. I'm not sure what happened to the writing here, but the latest episode was hard to watch it was so bad.

    In the latest episode, Tom Baldwin and the public at large go bananas over a Rwandan 4400 who facilitated some killings during the Rwandan genocide. This was a fairly weak story line sine no one cared in 1994 made it hard to understand why so many people would freak out over a guy who didn't actually kill anyone.

    But the Tom Baldwin character was particularly unconvincing. In the last episode he gained a wife of 8 years overnight because "he'll need her support" ... then she disapears completely in the subsequent episode. huh? The he freaks out over this Rwandan... but previews of next week's episode show him telling Kyle not to worry about wasting Jordan Collier.

    What's up?? Writers working a a vacuum?!?

    My advice... watch just about anything else and you'll be ahead of the game.
  • A very intensive, involving show.

    This is a show, that if you DON'T want to spend all 60min (or 60min - commercial time, lol) glued to the TV set, don't watch it. This requires an investment of your time, brain, and heart.
    The show is definately character driven, and we get episodes of some of these lost 4400. There is no safety when it comes to each of their stories; some are blatently good, others turn to be....errr....I hate to say 'evil' cause we don't know what the abductors' intentions are. In fact we may soon see one who we think is good, turn evil. Hmmm....
    This is an intelligent, must watch (and pay attention to) show.
  • this is a great show, it reminds me of x-men.. and as i'm a comics fan this is kind a fun.

    on an x-men kind of style,this show managed to get my and most viewers all over the world's atention,the good story line and the many questions we got during reminds me of the x-files since most of the questions remain to be answerd and we still havent seen the aliens, the first season of this show made a great impact ,with a great pilot episode.. lets see if it keeps my expectations and the ones of many viewers.
  • Ok so these people get taken away for a long time, then when they come back there famileys are all growns up and gone or what ever, but the people who get taken stay the same....

    This show is pretty good. I watch it every sunday before the Dead Zone comes on. This show is kinda confussing. You have to watch every second of it in order to understand it. I think its about 4400 people who get abducted and then years later they come back home. And its like theyve only been gone like a week or so. And it shows how they are dealing with life now that they are in a new timezone. Pretty good show. Interesting big time.
  • While I really loved the mini-series aka Season 1, the first few episodes of season 2 were not up to my expectations until I saw episode 5.

    You know when in May the regular season is over and you start dreading the Summer period because you know there is not going to be that much on TV besides reruns ? Well, last year, I was really dreading the 4 months hiatus until the new summer shows started. I was so taken by surprise at the quality of all the new shows that were launched and among them the 4400.

    What can I say ? I loved the first season. Even though one or two episodes were weaker than the rest, the story, the characters, the actors and the way it was filmed all made me like the show. Peter Coyote is by far the character I liked the most in the first season (maybe now that the Inside is over, he'll come back, who knows).

    Now on to the beginning of the second season. Prior to the premiere, articles in newspapers were saying that maybe it wasn't such a good idea for USA to have decided to turn the mini-series into a full blown series. When I first watched the first few episodes of season 2, I started to think that maybe those journalists were right. It was missing something. A Something that was very important.

    I still remember when the character of Peter Coyote played an important role with all the political ramifications etc. Now, with Jordan Collier revealing the reason behind their return, this theme has become somewhat irrelevant.

    However, when I watched season 2 episode 5, the excitement and satisfaction that I had experienced while watching the first season returned. Not only that but from that episode on, you can definitely see that in fact even the first 4 episodes were adding clues to a grander scheme and that finally those episodes were not loners at all, even with the freak of the week scheme.

    I also particularly liked episode 6 introducing Alana; the way it was done was very smart and this even though the alternate reality storyline is one that has become somewhat an easy path for a lot of story writers. However, this time it is done in such a way, you don't feel like the writers took the easy path. Using that trick did two things : introducing a character that is very interesting and also question the real intentions of the abducters.

    Overall, I am vey happy with the show now that it is clear that the show isn't only made of freak of the week loners and that they have thought it through in writing the subsequent episodes. Hopefully, my hope due to the excellent writing of episode 5 onword won't be crushed later on.
  • Sci-Fi at it's Best!

    What can I say about this show. I watched last year when there were only a few episodes made and new this show was going places. What a pleasant surprise that they kept it going on that path. I didn't know how I felt about the abductors ending up being from the future but they are definitely making that plot work. It makes you wonder if these people really have good intentions...or for that matter what their intentions are in the first place. Sure they say they did it to save the future but some of the things that have happened make you wonder. This show has you wondering and anticipating every episode. What a refreshing change from the ordinary. Definitely recommended.
  • 'The 4400' is getting better and better

    Quite an amazing show. 'The 4400' certainly deserves it's Emmy nomination (and lets hope it wins it too!). The show that started as a mini-series is picking up pace as it enters it's 2nd season.

    I think 'The 4400' has 2 major 'secrets':

    1. Original story line, which improves with every
    episode and have yet a lot of room for future developments in the confines of a serialised weekly drama;

    2. One of the best cast on any show on US TV at the moment. The characters are believable,
    credible and perfectly acted out; Full marks to the casting agency as well as the excellent
    actors on this show. I care about the people on this show,
    which is something fundamental to the success on any TV show.

    Again like I said on other shows ('The Dead Zone', 'Entourage') I fail to understand why season 2 is not a full season (22-episodes) but only 12 episodes. It seems that US networks are slowly but surely taking a page from the old British TV book: a 'season' here in the UK is no more then 6 to 13 episodes. Mostly 6, I have to say. Honestly, what a joke!

    Wonderful show, with great potential to stay on air for many seasons to come! (we hope!!).
  • A great show !!! (possible spoilers?)

    When I first started watching the first season of this show, I have to be honest I was not expecting much. After watching the first episode I was hooked. It is a very interesting show, with it's fair share of surprises and twists in store -- even within the first season alone.

    In the first episode and subsequent episodes after that it is interesting to see the attitude of people to the returnees, even the families of the returnees to their loved ones who have returned (or the 4400 as they are called).

    After watching the first season of the show, I think it has good potential and the ending of the last episode of the first season, left me feeling that it was not the end but just the beginning (I will not spoil it for those who have not seen the last episode).

    One of the more interesting of the 'returnees' is Maia (the little girl) as she can be sweet and also slightly creepy (you will see what I mean).

    This show is one of my favourites and I can't wait to see what directions season 2 takes.

  • I'm not any kind of writer.If the truth be known, this is my first time doing something like this. But I had to try, because this is absolutely fabulous,cutting edge. So many directions The 4400 can take, it's endless.

    I'm not any kind of writer. If the truth be known, this is my first time doing something like this. But I had to try, because this is absolutely fabulous, real cutting edge television. I have never seen such great caricature development before. It gets better every episode! I would not miss one episode for the world. On Sunday nights everything goes on the back burner for the 4400. I think the cast is great and the writing is superb. I just wish my wife would watch this with me. I can't understand why she does not, cause every time I watch an episode of the 4400 it draws me. I get swept away and time just flys by. Can't hardly wait for Sunday nights and a new episode.
  • A story on how humankind has to rely on 4400 people to save the planet

    This show is very intresting and really does a good job on the acting. THe show lies on it's acting to keep ratings up as it doesn't seem very believable of what is happening but it could. I really do enjoy the drama of the show and how it's delivered to the audience.
  • An amazing science fiction show that breeds a breathe of fresh air into the genre of mutations and special powers. From the 30's to current day 4400 humans were taken in a flash of light, now returned and unaged their stories of what happened to them are

    The 4400 is not only a personal favorite of mine but it should be a favorite of everyone who is a fan of any type of science fiction movies or television shows. Taking a little bit of Mutant X and X-Men the 4400 have been given a gift from those who took them. Government agents Tom and Diana are put on the job to investigate what is happeneing to these people. The show features a handful of main 4400 characters that seem to be featured in almost every single episode and then use the rest of the taken for individual show plotlines. It is an awesome show to watch, and has high quality productions. I give it a 10 out of 10.
  • Interesting mix of genres, fun, entertaining, and suspensefull at times!

    In my personal opinion this show seemed to flounder after the first episode...seemed like it knew where it wanted to go, but wasn't sure how to get did, however pick up again after the third episode (was that the one when the guy's son woke up from the coma?) and then things got quite interesting. The twist at the end of the first season was totally unexpected and I can't wait for the next season!
  • The 4400 are returnees, abducted over a span of several decades. Returning at once in a big ball of light, having no memory of it. To them, they had only been gone a moment. As time passes, we discovered many have been changed, possessing abilities they d

    The 4400 keeps me coming back for more with it's interesting and intriguing storylines. I find myself watching the clock each Sunday night, waiting to tune in to see what character they will introduce next! So far, i\'ve been impressed by the many new "abilities" they've come up with for each new returnee they introduce. It fascinates me how they can come up with something new and different for each character. Each one more interesting than the one before. Definately worth watching if you haven't already done so! I've never been a big sci-fi fan, but this show is definately changing my mind and turning me on to the sci-fi world.
  • keeping me on the edge of my seat!

    A break out hit last year! The 4400 captured my attention within the first few minutes of the pilot. What started out as a mini series turned into a must see. So popular they decided to bring it back as a returning series. I stay on the edge of my seat waiting for the next turn in the writing. The characters leave more questions then they answer, one episode and you are hooked. This show mixes the questions of the unknown with the answers. I think the writing and acting are great and I will continue to be a devoted fan.
  • I just don't get it.

    I've tried watching it and it's mediocre at best. I'm not into the whole alien thing and I'm sick and tired of these kind of shows. I saw all of the adds when they were pushing it and replayed all of the episodes on USA recently, I thought it looked very interesting, so I decided to give it a shot even though it was not my usual type of show. I quickly remembered why this isn't my type of show, it didn't hold my attentiong at all. It seems to be popular for with a lot of people, just not right for me.
  • Nice show. Always find something surprise myself from each episod.

    I bought the Season 1 DVD, and watch all five episods through. I was really getting into the show. In season 2, it does a really nice job in relating the story with a kind different style. I have no idea how this show is gonna end, I think it will be a long way to the end and the end must be very suprise. I'm waiting!
  • 4,400 people from various eras are abducted and returned to present time.

    Its ok... the mini series was much better. I was looking forward to the series but don't have the time since its on Sundays. This will probably be the next show to have a crappy funimation (some funimation stuff is good) animation show on cartoon network (some cartoon network stuff is good) but until then good luck on following this if you haven't seen the mini series.
  • One of the most inventive ideas to come to tv in long time.

    This show has not disappointed me yet even though I had reservations of it coming back for a second season. The premise of this movie is just so unique you would never have expected it. This is one of the few shows I can wait until the next new episode comes out each week.
  • The 4400 is in a word - amazing!

    The acting is excellent and I'm glad it's an ensemble piece. The vulnerability of Shawn as he struggles with his abilities & social life is well captured by Patrick Flueger. Maia (Conchita Campbell) is innocently cryptic. The romance between Richard & Lily is sweet and deals sensitively with racial issues. Tom & Diana learn to care about the returnees as people, not subjects, and certainly prove themselves in the fantastic finale. The remainder of the cast including Kyle (Chad Faust) in a mysterious coma and Jordan (Bill Campbell) as the sinister, self appointed leader of the 4400 are also well cast. The storyline kept me gripped throughout. The music was well chosen, especially "Bye Bye, Baby" in the pilot. I love the title sequence too. The effects are superb. I will definitely be back for the next series. 10/10
  • Leaves you wanting more...

    I thought Law and Order was an addiction...well here goes the new addition. This show is very enlightning if you allow it to be. Not only does it satisfy the science fiction aspect of also indirectly identifies all things in life that we need to improve. It shouldn't have to get to the point that we need to send people from the future to step in and intervene with our lives. It makes you realize there are things that can be done now to prevent total obliviation. Makes you think, huh.
  • Its about 4400 people who in the 1900's had been abducted by people from the future and given powers to save the world right now.The same main characters are in every episode and adds one more person for the episod that happens to be one of the fourty fou

    I love this show! It\'s so interesting. I watched it last summer and again this summer. It rocks! I personaly like the character Mia! She is so cool how she can see the future. To me this show will bee on for seasons and seasons because people just love it.
  • One of the best new shows that I have seen in a while.

    The previews for this show looked horrible, but as soon as I watched the first one, I became seriously addicted to this show. It is really good. I like to have my sci-fi fix with some intelligent and mysterious ideas. Fits in the vein of X-Files, Buffy, Angel (Not as good though).
  • Starships? No. Aliens? No.Time Travel? Yes. Once forward and back again. Mutant powers? Yes. This is Science Fiction without all the spacesuits. Future people borrowed 4400 unknowing souls, endowed them with certain alienable abilities, and sent them back

    At the end of the first season, we find out the future is bleak. (Big shock, huh?) Future earthers pluck people from the past, give them abilities, and return them. The plan is to have these newly endowed 4400 save the world. However, there are many unanswered questions. Why were all of these people pulled out at different times and places in the past, but returned at the same time and the same place in the present? If the people in the future are so technologically advanced, then why didn't they send a full explanation of what they needed the 4400 to do? If you can swallow the future people as near perfect in some ways and rolling the dice and hoping for the best in other ways, then this series is for you. These questions notwithstanding, I find it entertaining. I just remind myself that this is science fiction and not to take it too seriously. Actually, it owes more to Mulder and Scully than to Star Trek. Having said that, how long is it going to be until the vulcans finally land on earth and invite us to hyperjump the shark nebula? Until then, I am hooked, tractor beamed, and dvr'd.
  • One of my favorite shows of today!!!

    I normally don't watch Sci-Fi shows but this one is sooo awesome! I find it so intriguing and different from a lot of the shows I watch! I make sure to catch every episode without fail. I didn't know it was returning when it ended last season so I was so excited when I heard about season two!
  • Very cool.

    This is a great show. It is about... we you already know. I have enjoyed this show for it's entire running (except when i missed the last episode of the first season and i still havent seen it!) It is very cool but dont miss an episode or come in late in the season because it is very hard to keep up with!
  • All of the stories are complex and exciting. The acting from every actor is spectacular and wonderful too.

    All of the stories are complex and exciting. The acting from every actor is spectacular and wonderful too. It continually surprises me time and again. I certainly hope they will keep this up for a very long time. The acting is remarkable which is really not surprising when you look at the list of actors. The script is amazing; I could not believe some of the things that happened on the show.Expesially the acting from the little girl with the vistions. Lastly, what is up with that baby! I can not wait to see what is going to happen next.
  • A group of 4,400 people from all periods of time are abducted by strangers from the future and put back on Earth now, with special abilities designed to keep the human race from extinguishing.

    The 4400 is a great show with great acting, the plot is original, and much of the cast being, for the most part, unheard of, helps viewers believe what is happening. It's exciting, and I can never wait each week to see what the next 4400 member's special ability will be.
  • Too bad it went away

    This series has an interessant theory within. At first I thought it would get incoherent very fast, but at last, it seems they got the story going pretty well. It's just too bad that the series stopped before it could show us how complex it could get. It could have been very interesting.
  • 4400 alien abductees from different times are returned to Earth, in Seattle, Washington in the year 2004. These "4400" were returned from the future with special abilities to help prevent the human race to become extinct in the future. Two NTAC agents, To

    All in one short sentence: "Great Science- Fiction series!" I'm an airhead when it comes to shows about people with powers :D Honeslty, this is one cool show I really enjoy watching. I started watching it since the very first day it began, and I loved it. A+ for writers.
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