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  • The 4400

    Well spent time. Exciting and i realy like this kind of tvshows. Cant wait for the next episode to be broadcast. My favourite is most definitley Maia. She is so cool. She seems to have a problem with keeping her mouth shut and as a cause of that gets in trouble.
  • 4400 abducted over time and returned Why? Who Abducted them? Stay tuned

    I love it, only problem is the season is too short.
    Waiting for season 2 DVD !
    Several Very HOT guys, great story line and the actors, while not the "Big names" are great.
    Love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it ! Did I mention that I love it !
  • Someone else classified this as a" WAKE UP CALL" I would really like to agree with this classification. This is very original and is too well written not to be from known knowlegde ,that we are not aware of yet.

    The 4400 starts with a mystery, Were did these people come from? How did they get heer? Why are they not aged? and so on. As the series continues you learn some of the answers but not all. At the end of the first season you think you might have an idea of what is going on then; smack, something else presents itself and your back in the gray with some idea but not sure.
    I think this is very well written and very interesting. It kept my interest all winter and I was overly thrilled when I heard the date of the 1st show of the second season.
    Keep us interested this is great!!!!!!
    (Hope I spelled everthing right and used proper grammer)
  • The 4400 is one of the Best shows In the Past decade.The Cast and Crew Spend a Lot of time and Effort to make this Show Unbelivably GREAT!!!!

    I Love this show more than any other show on TV.The Writters put alot of effort in Preparing the best story possible and The Cast make it happen in this great new drama from USA Network!! It is defintly Bound For Glory in the next upcoming Months and I cant wait till The Next episode!!
  • Takes its cue from normal alien abductee shows and movies and proceeds to provide it's own personal twist to keep you wondering what's coming next.

    The great thing about this show is that every new show introduces a new idea, theory, or ability of the 4400.

    Each new character brings a certain element to the show, whether is be a new revelation of the 4400's destiny, humanities destiny, or just a new ability that demonstrates what the returnees are capable of.

    For a cast containing a bunch of previously unknown actors, they're already proving themselves to be valuable to the show.

    Take note of each character connects to the other and keeps the plot rolling from episode to episode. That's the style you'll come to love about the show and continue to crave each new episode.
  • A great show in the first season.

    A great show in the first season.

    The first season was one of the best I’ve ever seen on TV. The characters were interesting, and the storyline was well-written. The main focus was clearly on the main characters, and the guest stars weren’t too much in the spot light. There were lots of sub-plots involving the main characters—I especially liked how the relationships between Shawn, Danny and Nikki developed.

    When the second season began, I was shocked to learn that they had got rid of Nikki and Danny—the characters that added a great deal of depth to the story. I think they should’ve got rid of Jordan Collier instead. The current storyline is way too much Collier oriented, and there’s nothing to add to his character anymore.

    There has been some good development in the second season too. The guest characters get more attention now, and there have been great guest stars such as Robert Picardo, Summer Glau, Natasha Gregson Wagner and Lexa Doig.
  • The New X-Files

    Watching this show, I couldn't help but be reminded of The X-Files, back when it was good anyway. Though still in its infancy, The 4400 seems to have that great balance of running mythology & weekly stories largely independent of each other. Guest casting has tapped into some great talent. I'm already fascinated by the mystery this show presents: What is the mission for the 4400? Were they really taken to the future? Why were they given their special abilities? What implications are attached to this 'ripple effect' the things they do creates? Personally, I can't wait to learn the answers to all these questions. I only hope they learn from The X-Files's failings (creating a mystery & not solving it) & know where they're going with all this!
  • Better than ever

    I'm from the uk so i've not watched season 2 yet, season1 was awsom. I always expect a watchable program at best as i have been diapointed so many times by other shows. This one was such a nice surprise a show thats sci-fi and awsom. It left me hanging on the edge of my seat (i'm still on the edge). Do we see what the aliens look like ?. Whats there plan ?. Why those people and not others ?. These are all questions i hope will be answered in time. Reading some of your reviews i feel i want be left wanting for the new season.
  • I'm definitely hooked on this one!

    When this show ended the first time, I was devastated, so I was thrilled when it returned better than ever! I wish it was longer than one hour, the time just flies by. Billy Campbell, who usually plays a nice guy is so mysterious in this role. And I never know what to expect next. I love a show that keeps me guessing!
  • The 4400 is completely original and worth watching.

    Even though this last season of the 4400 has caused some viewers to turn off their televison sets, I think it is wonderful the direction they are going in. I like how lately they are going through some of the 4400 each episode whil continuing with the story wil Collier, and Isabelle, and Shawn, and Maya.
  • Amazing.

    I didn't start watching this show until very late into season 1, but I haven't stopped since! I was able to watch the episodes I missed and the new ones coming out as well and I am glad I got that chance. Great cast, great storylines, great show in general.
  • As the country (note: not world) reals from the sudden reappearance of exactly 4400 people, special powers unique to each are discovered. Episodeic nature of the show allows for a continuing story line with the added potential of the revelation of exactl

    Though not a new, or even particularly inspiring, plot device, special powers nevertheless often capture the imagination and induce an audience in the otherwise uninterested. Additionally, in an age of misbegotten science fiction, The 4400 retains enough mystique and mystery to be compelling. While not the best of writing, nor the most attractive of plotlines, nor even the most compelling of characterization, The 4400 manages to be both interesting and compelling. The characters, though not necessarily fascinating, nevertheless are well enough written and acted as to be convincing, which is no small feat given extraordinary powers. The show tends to focus on interpersonal relationships, understandably, which is both aggravating and necessary. Purely science fictional shows (read Firefly) often cater to a small enough minority that they are quickly canceled; thus the effort at strong character evelopment. The development, however, is often slow, tortured, and angst-driven, suggesting the need for more than summer-lull writers. Overall, however, the show is interesting enough to keep watching, albeit not a must-see. Given the proper nuturing and development, I believe The 4400 could grow into a strong drama, though possibly at the expense of the science fiction aspects.
  • This is a great show. The entire concept along with the writing and story lines are great. A must watch show. The characters along with the actors are great and it really is worth watching.

    This is a great show. The entire concept along with the writing and story lines are great. A must watch show. The characters along with the actors are great and it really is worth watching.

    It really makes you want to keep on watching, one of the most exciting shows on television.
  • Moving forward almost too slowly. However, gains ground on other aspects. Good show, worth watching!

    First a warning: This review may contain spoilers for those who haven't seen season 1!

    When I saw TV-trailers for this show I was simply psyched! Since I am a huge fan of science fiction-genre I simply couldn't wait until the show started running on TV...

    Looking forward to this as much as I did probably ruined the show for me since I was expecting much more. Of all five episodes it felt like many of the scenes were simply fillers or more correctly: moving forward too slow.

    However, what I never realized was that this show was going to come back for another season. So although I was bummed about not getting a definitive answer in "White Light" (s1ep5) I now realize that the authors of this show probably had some background-thoughts about building up the show so slowly over five episodes. It simply laid the ground for season two.

    Although there was no definitive answer I nevertheless think that the season-finale was very good. The plot-twist where we found out that there are no aliens involved was very welcome.

    Altogheter It's definitely not the best science-fiction show ever, but it's definitely worth watching. Just make sure you ain't watching it late at night unless you are fully concious about the fact that the slowly developing plot is to be seen as groundwork for season 2.

  • So the second season of the 4400 has just started. And the second season looks even better than the first one. Lily and Richard are being searched for their powerful baby. And Maia write on her Diary "Mommy's bosses will betray us" lets see how thats one

    The 4400 is by far one of the biggest tv shows I've seen this year. Imgaine being taken from Earth and being returned a few years later. Being returned, with an ability of, for an example seeing the future, or manipulation. Wow, wouldn't that be something. Watching the 4400 makes me curious and makes me want to be taken and returned with an ability. A good one though!!
  • The 4400 is a fantastic sci-fi show what has could go on forever, or near it. With 4400 people and 4400 stories it would take a long time to run out. The stories are captivating and it is very mysterious. What more can you ask for in a sci-fi show?

    This is my current favorite show. It has infinite possibilities--4400 people, 4400 possible stories. It is awesome! It is in the same genre as Lost, which is also another favorite of mine. I would not miss it for anything. All of my friends like it too. Long live The 4400!
  • Whoever thought of this show was brilliant.

    The 4400 is a brilliant piece of work because it is able to mix the right amount of Science Fiction, mystery and drama. It has just enough science fiction for those of us Sci-Fi geeks, just enougth mystery for the mystery lovers, and plenty of drama for everyone in between.

    Whats so beautiful about this show is that every episode flows with the next. We know somewhere in the future of this TV show there is going to be a finite conclusion. It may be 5, 10, or even 20 seasons from know, because this show can go on forever. It isn't the kind of show that is focused on one person or two people. There are many main characters in this show. Everyone of the 4400 is a potential main character with their own potential plot. Its like one worldwide soap opera, it can traverse generations.
  • Compelling human stories with a sci-fi twist give further proof that some of the best drama today is on basic cable.

    There hasn't been a lot of good science fiction on TV in recent years. Actually there hasn't been a lot of any kind of sci-fi on TV in recent years. Even the Sci-Fi Channel has backed off of from hard-core science fiction. That's probably because there just isn't a huge audience seeking out the genre. And moreover there aren't a lot of non sci-fi fans that will tune into a hard-core science fiction series.

    Given that, it might be odd to hear that USA Networks is rolling out a show about 4400 "returnees". The people who have been missing from 2 to 50 years suddenly re-appear after a "comet" lands (not crashes) on Earth. Members of the group have no recollection of where they've been and they haven't aged a day. The spouses, parents and siblings they've left behind have of course aged normally. Some are dead or dying. Others have moved on with their lives.

    That's where The 4400 expands beyond its sci-fi premise to be a show that should appeal to people who aren't fans of the genre. The stories of how these returnees deal with their loved ones having gone on with their lives are classic stories of human drama. Many find themselves without any place to belong or any place to call home. No job, no house, spouses remarried, neighborhoods changed. Those that have only been gone a short time and can return to family still have to deal with being ostracized and different.

    As you can imagine the government is interested in determining exactly what happened to these people and if they present a threat now. Leading the investigation are Homeland Security agent Tom Baldwin (whose nephew Shawn was one of the returnees and whose son has been in a coma since Shawn went missing) and CDC investigator Diana Skouris. These two are wisely kept in the background of the story and hopefully they'll continue to be used to connect the various stories of the returnees who should continue to be the focus.

    Overall the pilot proves to be very entertaining. The plot moves along well and the story is developed in such a way that even non sci-fi fans will be able to follow along. The biggest thing you come away with is a feeling that there are thousands of interesting stories that can come out of this group. Beyond the problems the returnees have in re-integrating into society there are the questions of what happened to them in the first place and how and why were they returned. Add to that the fact that at least some of the group have special abilities and we're left with a show that has nearly endless possibilities for interesting and entertaining stories. Assuming the writers can keep up the quality seen in the pilot USA Network may have a show that appeals to both sci-fi fans and anyone who's ever watched the X-Files or enjoyed the X-Men movies. Cable networks continue to prove that they can produce quality first run drama.

    The 4400 premiers on USA Network Sunday, July 11th at 9pm.
  • Truely a good thinking Sci-Fi series. It reminds me a lot like The X-Files(Which I liked that show). Makes me want to see more of what is happening or what will happen.

    This series is pretty well thought out. The characters are interesting of how they react to situations of what is happening. The story gets more and more interesting to watch. It would have beeb nice with more better special Effects, but the the deep story makes it up so much.
  • The 4400 is a nice little gem I first heard about on a radio commercial. I've watched the first season now, and I'm glad I didn't see it before, or I'd have been so upset that there was only 5 episodes!

    The 4400 is a nice little gem I first heard about on a radio commercial. I've watched the first season now, and I'm glad I didn't see it before, or I'd have been so upset that there was only 5 episodes!

    The 4400 is a low budget show that excels in acting and storyline. The cliffhanger at the end of the first season is great: the people who took the 4400 are humans from the future, trying to stop a catastrophe that's ending human life in the future.

    The best part of the show is how all the things that the 4400 do have a divergent effect on seemingly unrelated events, showing the future humans' cunning.
  • 4400 people abducted from throughout history re-appear all at once not remembering where they were, why they were taken, or what comes next.

    In a mixture of the x-files and nypd, an odd grouping but I feel it's appropriate. We are introduce to a new 4400 every week while keeping tabs on a select few. We don't always know the whole picture but when all is revealed I'm hoping for a brighter tomorrow.
  • Awsome show very good cast hope to see more. Awsome show very good cast hope to see more. Awsome show very good cast hope to see more. Awsome show very good cast hope to see more. Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.

  • I just adore this show! Overall, I think it is one of USA's golden children. I think the way Season 1 unfolded with the writers alluding to alien abduction and then crushing that with the idea that the 4400 were from the future, was absolutely brilliant.

    I just adore this show! Overall, I think it is one of USA's golden children. I think the way Season 1 unfolded with the writers alluding to alien abduction and then crushing that with the idea that the 4400 were from the future, was absolutely brilliant.

    I was very shocked to find this show continue in a Season 2, but very happy as well. It has become one of my favorite shows, and I find the actors and actresses to be top notch. As long as they keep this up, this could definitely become a cult classic like X-Files.

    Simply amazing, and I recommend this to all who are looking for a science fiction fix, while waiting for Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, and Battlestar Gallactica to start up again :-D
  • One of the best current sci-fi shows on television!

    "The 4400" is a sci-fi mystery series that currently airs on usa Network. It's first season was only six episodes, because usa intended it to be a mini-series, but said right off it would be possible that there would be a second season if ratings were good enough.

    And boy, were they good. "The 4400" mananged to be the top cable series in it's first season run, ensuring a second season of 13 episodes. The second season premiered very recently, and it was still the top cable series. And it's still every bit as good as it was when it first premiered.

    The story tells of 4,400 people who have been abducted ever since the 40s. One day they are returned, appearing in a ball of light on a Seattle beach. Homeland Security detains these people for several weeks, trying to find out what happened to these people. After a while the abductees are released. For many people, life is now a nightmare. Their lives have fallen apart and they can't seem to pick it up. And then they begin to manifest strange abilities.

    The 4400 are investigated by partners Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris. Tom's interest is that his nephew, Shawn Farrel, is one of The 4400, and when he vanished, Shawn's cousin and Tom's son, Kyle Baldwin, was left in a coma. Kyle is eventually awakened by Shawn, who has the ability to effect someone's life force, and can either replenish it or take it away. In the first season finale, we discover through Kyle, who is a conduit, that the 4400 were not abducted by aliens, but by humans from the future. They were taken, altered, and placed back in the timeline to prevent a terrible catastrophe that causes humanity to begin to die out. The person speaking through Kyle tells Tom that it is his job to help the returnees in their work, but is shot by an N.T.A.C. agent before he can finish explaining.

    The second season picks up six months later, and the plots are still riveting.

    If you haven't been watching, please pick up season one on DVD at Wal-Mart for $20, and start watching season two. It's well worth it.
  • I have waited for this show to return for A WHOLE YEAR!

    And it was worth it. The 4400 is even better this year than it was last year! It has more questions, more suspense, and more interesting ideas than last year, and more than most other shows on tv. I just don't know how a show like this could end... it's got something like a 1000 year story! Where and how do they decide it ends?
  • The 4400 is one of the most unique and well acted shows on television today. Unfortunately, it doesnt reach everyone because its on a cable network.

    The whole concept of the 4400 is unique. To create such an environment of mystery and strangeness (in the first season, when we didnt know the true abductors and when we first discovered the 4400's powers), is remarkable. Now, in the second season, the writers and producers are expanding their creativity. They are following the daily lives of the 4400 and investigating new cases dealing with the 4400, as these cases are brought up. Unbelievabley, unique.
  • Excellent show

    I never even heard of this show until I watched it on the Sci-fi channel earlier this year. I loved the writing, the characters, the wittiness, and the well-thought out plots. I appreciate it when things are thought out, and it had a very interesting concept. I think one of the reasons I watched was because of Brooke Nevin... hehe

    And then I find out that a second season is coming? I was hyped! I was hoping that it would live up to the first season and so far it's been pretty decent. As far as science-fiction-type shows go, this is up in my top two. I'd say check it out!
  • This show always leaves me wanting more.

    Each new episode seems to bring about more questions and so far not many answers. That's fine with me. My hope is that like some shows The 4400 won't try to rush some answers just to keep the fans happy. As long as the questions are intriguing we'll keep coming back till they are answered.
    So if you like Sci-Fi and Mystery this is a great show for both.
  • A great show that I never miss as it has a permanent spot on my DVR. Great writing, and interesting, varied characters.

    This show is GREAT! Enjoyable characters of all types, so there's sure to be someone you can relate too. And who hasn't at some time in their life felt like an alien or outsider? That's what all these people feel like, and the show examines how different people deal with that feeling. Some lash out, and others hide.

    But the draw is the mystery -- Why were all these people given these specific gifts? For themselves, for others, or for some other grand purpose?

    If the writing can stay fresh, and the characters continue developing, this show could have a good, long run.
  • Awesome show. Wouldnt miss it for the world. Great Cast, great writing.

    Awesome show. Wouldnt miss it for the world. Great Cast, great writing. Ejoy the storyline thorougly. Who would of thought they are from the future. Love the mix of different pasts balled up into one from throughtout the 20th Century. Top notch. Only wish more people would take the time to watch it.
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