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  • Hard to finish watching it

    I started watching the show far too late... Too many unanswered questions are left behind. Still, it's worth watching. It really sticks in your head, bugging you.

    The series did surprised me many times and it will surely do the same to you and it might even piss you off, but you have to give time to it.

    However i do have a warning: it's been canceled (I know you know that). Watching the season 4 ending is really cruel.. not only because you know it's a dead end, but also because it is quite a mess

    at least it was for me.

    I do recomend it

    and sorry for any mistakes

    I don't speak english as well as i would want to do so
  • No. Words.

    Firstly, I apologize for the length of this review written from a textbox that doesn't understand what and 'Enter' bar does, please continue. I've just watched The 4400 all in 2 weeks. Seasons 1 - 4. And let me tell you - I logged in to this site to leave a review. That should tell you something.

    First, if you are thinking about watching this show I AM SO JEALOUS THAT YOU GET TO WATCH IT FOR THE FIRST TIME.

    Second, The 4400 is so infuriatingly frustrating at times in the best ways imaginable.

    Its characters are so incredibly flawed that we can (at times) forget that some of them are superhuman. Very meta. This vulnerability and depth allows for very three-dimensional characters. We feel sympathy for villains and hatred for heroes. This is necessary but oh so painful.

    There are minor loose ends all over the place and the plot-lines are so tantalizing you'll believe that they've found a way to send crack through your DVR. I don't know if J.J. Abrams was busy but why was he not all up on this bitch?! They could have done a bit more with the 'wholeness' of the show had the writers been given a definite chunk of time by the networks instead of being strung along for years.

    The series finale left my jaw open and my heart raw. I felt that it ended too quickly; that the writers were trying to wrap things up too quickly; that the characters were moving on too quickly. Thus is the way of the money machine that is the network.

    That said, for a series which is mostly about trying to figure out the unknown, causing (and reacting to) fallout and living with your decisions...this is a sci-fi show about aliens and superpowers and good and evil and morality and reality and war and the future and hope...The ending was perfect.

    All of these 'frustrators' are so perfect for the content and your enjoyment of the series.

    I will be recommending this to all of my friends. I loved it. For me, the 'worst' parts of the show; what others may complain about, were my favourites. I had no idea that it existed when it was on-air. And that is a damn shame.

    twitter: @ensign_poo

  • Had Potential

    I caught this show late, unfortunately its been canceled. But this show really intrigue me so I watched the first episode and I just had to find out what happens next. The characters on this show were very well developed, great actors. It's very shocking why this show got canned, it was over too soon at least it could've went on for another 2-3 seasons they had that much material left. But good show to watch.
  • a Summer wonder


    The 4400 was great and captivating sci-fi drama that I whatched every week.
    4400 people from the past 40 years all over the world dissaper and re-appear in the year 2004 inwhat was belived to be a comet. they have'nt aged a dayand they have powers or abilites as their known in this show. it is revealed thatit wasn't aliens that took them (which was everyones top guess) but in fact humans from the future who tamper with the past to save the planet.

    The plot is intriging, the charecters are perfect and the powers are unique, differnt but still useful withoutturning the show into a comic book.
    A show that will always stand out against the many others (Or at least it will to me, forever).

    But i do have my complaints.
    First they killed off too many 4400 charecters without revealing theirpower, or with out giving them a back story, or with out giving their power or charecter any depth or charecteristics that set them apart.
    Second it was a summer show so it was on only during the summer (i know thats kind of obivius) so I would so times forget key parts of the last season after nine mouths of no re-runs
    Third thelast season was, in my opion a complete mess.

    But I'm not letting that get in the way of a show that means alot to me.

  • This show is a great sci fi show sorta goes with the x files in some ways some not but this is 1 awsome show

    This show has great story lines and great actors any sci fi fan if u absolutly dont love this show then well no refund but everybody i no well people i told about the show they love it so if ur not into sci fi u can stil give this show a try but beware ull never quit watching
  • The 4400 is an amazing show with a unique story and defining characters. Well written episodes, great acting, and the believability of the stories made this a fun and entertaining show to watch.

    The 4400 had a great mix of complex story lines through out the four seasons of its run. The mythological story had certain and recognizable religious tones which may have made the show controversial to some viewers. I really enjoyed the production quality of this show and all the small touches. I was satisfied with how the show ended but believe it had a lot of unfulfilled potential. There were some aspects of the stories I would have liked to seen more of or learned more about, especially Isabelle and her powers. When Richard and Lily were on the run and the tree's were bowing to Isabelle, that was a cool yet unexplained phenomenon I would have liked to know more about. This series is very original and could be considered the original Heroes as that show is very similar to this. The characters really made this show what it became as the actors all fit and played their parts perfectly. This is one of my favorite shows and I enjoy watching it from start to finish at least once each year. I only wish there were more seasons!!!!!!!
  • The characters make this show

    I don't know how this show did it but each character was complex and well developed and the actors were outstanding. In particular, Joel Gretsch, who played Tom Baldwin was magnificent on this show. The characters were easy to like and very diverse so that everyone had a favorite. The concept of the show is truly brilliant and allowed for a never-ending well of story-lines. The brilliance of the show and likability of the characters allowed the show to survive its more ridiculous story-lines, such as the utterly unexplained disappearance of Alana Mareava, the resurrection of Jordan Collier and the rather perverse death of Isabelle's mother, Lily.

    Highlights of the show included any story-line relating to Maia and the aftermath of Jordan Collier's assassination, which continued to affect characters such as Kyle throughout the series. I was so glad they killed Jordan Collier. I hated him in season 1.

    I give this show 9/10. I deduct 1/2 point for the bad story-lines mentioned above and another 1/2 point for the huge cliffhanger that ended the series that pissed me off so much. Why couldn't they have made 1 more season and bring the show to rest? They had the plot material to last another 2 seasons at least.

    Overall a brilliant series. We love you 4400. RIP
  • Another investment lost...

    I found the 4400 late. I ended up buying the first two seasons on dvd and watching episodes back to back which is how i watch alot of my tv. Anyway i really got into it and for the next two years carried on buying seasons 3 and 4...Then the bombshell. The show is cancelled and my investment is blown. Why? Well because the studio decided that it did not want to carry on so it cut the show. At this point the story was not concluded and we got left in limbo. I am sick of spending good money on these shows - investing my money and time only to be let down by the studios. All the fans of this show and many others ask for is that if a show has run for a couple of seasons or more at least provide the fans with a special episode to tie up the loose ends and provide an ending. I am sure most show runners would like this as well? Is it any wonder people are turning to torrents and downloading everything for free - i can understand it - why invest your money buying box sets when you never know if a show will get the ending it deserves. Anyway - THAT SAID,this is a superior sci fi show and one that is worth watching - just know going in it will not be resolved!
  • i still think this show was great. it had all the rigtht stuff in it, the aliens the action and the suspense. i will never forget the last episode of season one, where they are driving past trees and the trees lean after them, cool.

    watching the first episode you might think it is just another dumb show but if you keep watching you willnotice that it has more to offer especially when the final pieces come toghther for the finale. the secound season definately had me glued to the screen, they knew how to end a season. the bad thing of 4400 is that guy who kept dying and coming back, one minute he is good then he is bed then good again, it got confusing but what i loved about 4400 was the way they told the stories of the missing felows how they added new characters or taking off others and keep the story going at the same time without getting off track with the main points.i will definately be getting the whole thing on dvd so i can watch the whole thing over and over again, when i am not watching lost of course.
  • To sum it up a VERY decent show, not just a decent show a VERY decent show, not the best yet not the worst a good Tv show to sit down and watch when you need to be entertained

    The 4400 is one of those shows thats draws you in straight away, its not the best show on TV to date but it still is a VERY good show, has twists, turns, ups and downs. I have to say what puts it down is the acting, for some reason I get a felling this is a early 90's TV show I can't quiet place my fingure on it but it just seems old school. But overall a good entertaining show which for some reason has a sorta factually side to it. Will this happen 100yrs down the track?
  • Underrated.

    This was a show which paved way for the likes of Heroes, only - as some have said previously - more original and with better actors (generally speaking, not all of them obviously).

    I also have agree with what a reviewer previously said about characters like Tom Baldwin - who was a nancy-pansy most of the time instead of someone with enough of a badass side IMO -, the show's moral compass which was a bit too girly at times and the under usage of the 4400's powers vs. just a slight bit too much talking.

    A possible explanation is that it's not like they had a huge budget and were a major top 5 show. They weren't and they had limits.

    All in all, they still did a much better show than Heroes with much less dough. It's all about the story and these guys had it.
  • I still miss it! an amazing show

    Sigh the 4400 was a great show. I miss it. Especially now it is summer again. I wish they'd do a mini series and wrap up the dangling threads that were left when the shut it down before its time. The show was stylish, well acted, and well filmed. It had an interesting premise with all these people arriving inexplicably back to the present, having disappeared at various points through history. One of my favourite characters was Maia who disappeared in 1946. When she reappeared in the present with the other 4400, she like all of them had a special talent and hers was the ability to see into the future. Tom Baldwin, the lead was a great character too. I still don't understand why they canceled it. :-(
  • A place in time

    These 4400 men, women, and children, who have disappeared from all different times - ranging from the 1930s until recently - are all returned at once. But to make it even more interesting, they are returned with different powers bestowed upon them. Some characters are good, and do good things with their power, some are evil. The show is brilliant, complete and amazingly written, with suspense and fast pacing, and everything so well thought-out it's pleasure to watch. The writers of "The 4400" handle the show's arcs well. Through the mythos they've created and continue to extend each week, they treat their viewers with a respect that most of us aren't used to seeing.
  • 4400 missing people reappear when a comet hits earth and that is where it all kicks off.

    Why oh why did they cancel ANOTHER brilliant show? The 4400 was really good, it told the tale of 4400 people who gained strange powers when they were 'kidnapped' and none of them have aged even though some were taken decades gone by. Long story short it turns out these 'kidnappers' are people from our own future but I won't go too far into it. This show was doing well with fans and then they had to go and dump it down the toilet like all the other awesome shows out there! It was really sci-fi which I love and had a fair bit of action mixed in which I have to say topped it right off to make it awesome. Everyone should watch if they want a good show thats worth their while.
  • Cancelled before its time; this show had quality and depth. It was probably one of the best shows of 2004 until it was unnecessarily cancelled 4 seasons later.

    The show follows the journey of 4400 people, who mysteriously vanished from different points in time, and reappeared in a ball of light over Highland Beach. Ripped from their time and home, these people at first glimpse looked normal. However, soon the government discovered they had special gifts.
    Joel Gretsch [who plays Agent Tom Baldwin] and Jacqueline McKenzie [Agent Diana Skouris] have their lives twisted by the sudden reappearance of these 4400 people and are thrown in the middle, as Homeland Security assigns them to investigate.
    René Echevarria, who is known for his writing in Medium, Star Trek Deep Space 9 [Covenant] and The Next Generation [I, Borg], created the show. Even though he only wrote the pilot, his influence is seen throughout the show, as he was also one of the producers responsible for the show.
    The writing of the show is excellent and the actors do a wonderful job, even the younger ones. Some of the director's choices in some episodes may seem poor, but the show more than makes up with the excellent portrayal of characters and the strong cliffhangers gave the show its edge.
    I was upset the show was cancelled prematurely when other less than worthy shows are still on the air. However, the final episode was so powerful, you would want to watch the series over and over again
  • Much Like Heroes But Better Actors!

    This show is great on so many levels, but its flaws are obvious. Its easy to see why this great show went down. The 4400 has a very dynamic appeal to it. The power use/special effects are excellent. The characters feel very real and the acting is believable. Plot twists were great and the realistic turn of events was even better. The show gives you a good sense of the desperation and urgency the 4400 experience. The villains are menacing, illusive, manipulative, and secretive making them another great piece to this show that are so lacking in many others. The 4400's abilities fit well with their psyches nicely adding another nice touch to show. Some of the things that really killed this show were Tom Baldwin, one of the most annoying and mentally challenged characters I've seen. Having an arrogant, annoying, and clueless federal agent is bad enough, but to make him one of the main good guys that the story revolves and the shows resident moral compass was unbearable. There was way too much dialog and character thought and not enough awesome usage of their powers. Another really bad point was that all the really powerful characters have mental powers that aren't much to look at and usually don't use their powers much. For a bunch of people enhanced from the future to change events in the somewhat recent past the 4400 aren't very active. Most of the 4400 just go and resume what they did before they were taken and use their abilities sparingly and in many ways that just don't really seem important. All in all a great show that got stuck in first gear and never adapted to be something more.
  • Fresh and new, something I hadn't seen rolled out time and time again.

    The 4400 had an original concept and wasn't your average cop/hospital/detective type of show that gets rolled out season after season with a new cast. This show delved into the ideas and fantasies we all have about becoming more than what we are. Having special abilities and powers is alluring and living vicariously through the 4400 and those who took promicin shots was pure fun. You could see the good, the bad and the ugly. Not every ability was a good one, some were disastrous. The shot had a 50% chance of killing you if you took it. And then there were the original 4400 and what they were trying to do, build, preserve and fight.

    This was such a fun show and it got better every season. The fourth season brought things together and I could see it only improving and getting more deliciously complex. Too bad it was cancelled. That's the hallmark of a great show these days, though. Most people just want their House or ER or NYPD Blue/CSI's. The 4400 is remembered as truly enjoyable with bits of mystery, action, suspense, sci-fi and adventure all in one show.
  • Used to be one of my favorite ones.

    This show just starts in a big way and the as the story gets more complex, we begin to realize the 'real deal' behind they're kidnapings. What i found interesting was how the characters had to cope with after they got back, especially those who've been away for a long time. Alliances are made due to the people's discomfort with having to live next door to the returnees who have a supernatural ability. The thing that brought back the flare o the show, was revealing the real reason behind the kidnapings of the 4400. I think that it has more to offer if it keep airing, so just to say:"the best of luck"!
  • Interesting show - should be continue...

    I don't know why some shows have to finish when there are so many fans that like it. 4400 could be a film on cinema and I'm sure it will be a success.
    The show is about 4400 people that disappear in different parts of the world and in different time. In fact they are abducted and one day they returned together in a big light. They came back with the same age when they disappear but with special abilities. They don't remember what happened in this time they were out and in some cases they returned so many years after, that they didn't have a friend or relative alive anymore.
    That abduction was explained that people from future (it can be people from another planet?) came back to abduct some people and prepare them to make the world a better place to live.
  • This is an amazing show. Never done before. I absolutely adore heroes but even so the idea behind is partially following the 4400 concept. Return the 4400 to the world, again.

    I always wanted to leave a message of some kind after this amazing show was cut off but never came to terms with it. I think the 4400 story isn't finished.. Doh! we fans all know that. Why? getting too real, is it? giving new age ideas to the general public is pretty hard though each time more people are getting aquainted and open their hearts and imagination to a world yet to be seen, yet to be felt. We have such "advanced" means for communication, it seems certain people don't want the word to get out. The world is changing now and tremendous exciting new things will we have to face. Shows like this give us a glimpse of "what if" with future events? It's about time to produce something like 2 movies made for TV to finalize this show. Fans from all places, let's get together one last time - who keeps shows alive? we collectively do. The lips of wisdom are sealed except for the ears of understanding.
  • Series began with a bang, wore out its welcome, and left the airwaves without tidying things up.

    The 4400 started as a mini-series with more inherent promise than any show I've seen on TV. After the quick and revealing 6-episode story arch of the first season, the show began to settle into the longer season format with mixed results. Although, there were some great ideas and outstanding individual episodes, the series took endless detours in an apparent attempt to stretch out series mysteries. The show lasted as long as it needed to but was canceled before any lingering questions were answered. Were the writers too ambitious? Did the story warrant its length? Could the show have finished with a bang with one more season, or better yet, a concluding 6-episode mini-series? It will be interesting to see how the show is remembered or if it is remembered at all.
  • Awesome gutted it was cancelled

    4400 people are abducted over a number of years and then one day all returned together at the same location , the returnees all then develop certain abilities and the main reason for this is to make the world a better place but not everyone believes this and the returnees are in danger from those who would like to see this not succeed , one of the returnees uncles is a government agent placed to work with and investigate the 4400 , with each passing season the show grows darker and darker but this is a good thing , the show is awesome and only critisim i would have is due to the show being cancelled there was never really a proper ending so with the way other shows are going could a TV movie be a possibility to provide full closure on this fantastic story or will whats been given have to suffice. Worry not this show is amazing and anyone who watches this will not be disappointed.

    Ps - Given the timing of this show the creators of Heroes may have tried to change their storyline a bit people who gain special abilities and the main aim is to save the world rip-off of the 4400 or what!!
  • no way should this have been cancelled

    i like to think of this show as the x-files meets heroes. the stories and characters are like a mix of the two when you look at tom and diane (mulder and scully) investigating 4400 people who have been abducted from various times through out history and then returned all at once - not aging a day. and some come back with powers and are like super heroes, or the freaks from smallville affected by kryptonite. then there is the added bonus of the ripple effect to keep fans hooked. i cant believe this show got cancelled and it should be given a movie- or tv movie- or anpther season on a different network.
  • How a great show like this is canceled while some really awful shows are still on the loose, i will never understand.

    I never really got to watch the whole four seasons. Actually I only watched the first season. However, that season made me addicted to that freakishly awesome show. What i admired most was the directing truthfully. There were sometimes where I would get lost in the scenery, lights, backgrounds,.. etc, and forget what the actors were doing. "What is stopping me from watching the rest of the seasons if i liked it that much?" one might ask. Don't judge me ... I'm having trouble downloading it. So if anyone knows where i could download the whole 4 seasons please contact me. Sorry this is not much a review as it's a plea. Thank you
  • This is a show about individuals who were abducted over a period of 50 years. Upon their return (the 4400) began to exhibit supernatural powers. Some used them for good some for evil. As these secret were revealed the publics reception was mixed at best.

    This was an awesome show. A show like this should have been allowed to run its course and find a suitable ending point. The excuse of ending "due to low numbers" does not hold water. I believe the should bring the 4400 back. This show was riveting! The plot got better and better as time went on. I am disappointed in the network for canceling it I know this has nothing to do with the show but I must say, for doing that they went down in my book in cool points. The show should be brought back to television I think any network would benefit by having this show.
  • It was a good concept, and should have been given a longer run.

    The idea behind the 4400, abductees returning with special powers, was a really good one. Often the episodes veered off into pure soap opera dialog that really bogged the show down. Some of the best episodes were one-off, stand alone stories about individual returnees and how they were trying to fit in and how they dealt with their new found powers.

    I'd like to see one of the networks take another shot at this program. Even if there is a few years gap, they could just skip ahead in the story. Any actors that they can't get to come back they can claim the character is dead or re-abducted or something. Unfortunately this will go down on the long list of unfinished Sci-Fi series, of which we have too may already.
  • Great show for a traditionally non-scifi guy. This show has avoided cliches and managed to be a great addition to the tv landscape. The premise ,not aliens, after I heard that I knew something special was in the works. Great

    Great show for a traditionally non-scifi guy. This show has avoided cliches and managed to be a great addition to the tv landscape. The premise ,not aliens, after I heard that I knew something special was in the works. Great characters engaging stories I couldn\'t ask for more. This show managed to keep an over-arching story spanning four seasons but not get stale. Each season brought us more surprise and wonder of where the story would go next. I don't know why the show was canceled it was still very popular and had a large fan base. As a summer show it was a ratings power-house for the still small USA network but for reasons unknown the show is now gone but I urge anyone to get the dvd's and relive this wonderful series.
  • This show is one of the best shows ever but I dont know why it was cancled!!! It should be aired again...

    great show,have a great story,have a scence of the future,and I find it very intresting to watch.
    I dont know why some of the people whom had watched it say its bad!!!
    first it started slowly but on the 2nd season and the third one it became very intresting,the whole catastrophy thing is cool and look at all those heroes and all those great powers.
    it really should be back but I find that so far to be reall...
    the thing that makes me injoy the show is those powers and its future thing.
    most of the peoples whom say its bad they say that because they didnt really understand it...
  • Before there were heroes, there was the 4400.

    It sucks that this show got canceled, it seems that any good sci-fi show never seems to last. However, moving on, this show is the predecessor to Heroes, and while it is written and displayed in a different manner than heroes, it is a great show. the 4400 is about 4400 people who get abducted from different parts of history, and are all returned to present day Seattle with no memories, and new extraordinary powers. There are a lot of political themes as well and while the story is not as faced paced as heroes, it develops the characters and plot very well. The 4400 is great and I recommend it to those rabid Heroes fans.
  • This really was the best show on television and the network that cancelled it deserves to be put to death...

    The 4400 was, is, always will be the best show in the Drama/Sci-Fi Genre. Heck, forget its genre, it was the Best show ever.

    The show begins with a comet of sorts crashing into the Earth. The viewer is then introduced to NTAC. The govermental branch in charge of dealing with any and all threats against the United States. Soon after the "collision" we learn that it was no comet that hit Earth, rather is was exactly 4400 people. People who up until this time had thought to have gone missing, killed, or dissapeared. As the show transpires through the seasons we learn that each 4400 has been blessed with special abilities. The main plot follows the epic and marvelous tale as the 440 come to discover who they are, realize who they were and understand what they must be.

    Each episode was heart pounding, jaw dropping spectacular eye candy with amazing acting, directing, and writing. The show deserves the utmost respect and above all else this show deserves a second-chance at life as can be see by the thousands of fans and cult following it has recieved.
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