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  • Before 'Heroes' we had 'The 4400' which had a unique take on a show with ordinary people with extraordinary abilities.

    'The 4400' is an interesting series. To me, the writers/producers started out with a direction in mind and halfway through the series, they started going in different directions. While it isn't something completely different, the focus shifts from how the individuals affect the future to the battle between those with Promicin abilities and those without.

    There is some balance between those two aspects and they work well together. The series loses a little once it shifts to battle in the present. Towards the end, it became about doing something seemingly terrible to benefit the future or to help protect the present. 'The 4400' managed to present interesting situations that question the viewers' morals and weren't black/white or right/wrong while being entertaining.

    The ending leaves some questions in the viewers' minds as to how the new developments will be reacted to and some of the motives of some of the characters. This is to be expected from a series that wasn't entirely sure if it was going to be picked up and managed to do a decent job of bringing some sense of closure to its story. Here's hoping that the producers are able to get something like a TV-movie/mini-series to wrap it up a bit more in the near future.
  • Better concepts than average, but never quite held up in the execution.

    Like the movie "Signs," this show could never seem to decide if it wanted to be sci-fi or horror. The initial plot twist was enough to hook the viewer, and some of the follow-ups were good, but then it just got too bogged down to watch. I know we're supposed to suspend our disbelief for these things, but there's only so far you can go before you have to say, "That just wouldn't happen." This show, like so many dramas and movies, imagines both that we are beset by complex and sinister forces... and that these forces are too discombobulated to get anything right. Well, which do you want? This show would make decent viewing a few times, but nothing more than that.
  • Great Show!

    The 4400 is about how starting in 1946, for about 50 years 4,400 went missing. In 2004, they all suddenly appeared in a forest, they haven't aged, and they have special powers. One girl is psychic, another can heal anything instantly. Everyone begins to call them 'The 4400'. Naturally, everyone else is afraid of The 4400, so they put them into quarantine, until a family member or friend can gain custody over one. Soon, after the goverment realizes that many of The 4400 don't have any living relatives or friends, they let the adults go free, but they still want the children to be adopted into a family. Things get hard for The 4400, since most normal people want them gone. This show is great, I highly recommend it.
  • Bring this brilliant show back!

    This was a brilliant show and I was very disappointed to see it go, I really wish they would bring it back.

    I am surprised that it got axed as I thought it was one of the best shows on TV. It had a very original storyline and good actors. I got more and more into it as the show progressed as the storyline was brilliant. Some people thought it got old quickly, but I thought it got better and better. I thought it would have lasted longer than it did.

    It would be great if they could bring it back as many people miss it including me.
  • Bring THE 4400 back!!

    USA Network- Don't lose a good thing. THE 4400 has a large and loyal fan base. I just found out that the show was cancelled. What were you thinking!?!

    If it's too late for 2008, then get it ready for 2009. We won't mind the wait. We will still be here for you. Now, don't give me the "'s me, not you..." line 'cause I won't believe it.

    Don't buy into the fear of rejection. I promise, we will still be here for you. Call production. Get the agents on the phone. Have a press conference. Everything will be fine. Everyone will be happy. And you will see...we will still be here waiting for you.
  • Just like any other underappreciated low rating show, "The 4400" is original, hip and interesting, enough to keep the audience agog in each episode. No wonder it got cancelled.

    As a person adamant in determination to keep sci-fi metarial outside my radius, I can confidently say "The 4400" is more than an unearthly experience, winking at X-Men foundation but stubborn enough to offer more with in-depth character analysis and rock solid performances.

    It all starts with 4400 people appearing out of nowhere. And this is among the least appealing reasons to follow the show. In each episode, we get to know one of those 4400 and we observe how they struggle to come to terms with their extraordinary abilities. Some get control over them, some fail to maintain them. All this transition period makes "The 4400" stands ahead in its own genre. You do not have to be a core sci-fi fan to appreciate this show (you do not have to be a sci-fi fan at all) because "The 4400" is more human and touching than any other drama crap around. And it is real in emotions, dialogues and characters.At the end of the abrupt series finale, you can get an idea of why "Heroes" sound less original and you may question why "Heroes" is followed by a larger crowd while "The 4400" gets cancelled. Well, TV is not a fair playground.
  • Why was this show cancealed? it was the best and I give it a ten. I bought all the DVDE's and there was no ending story at all.

    Instead of starting all these new shows, why not continue with this hit show. You all could get 5 more years of stories out of this seried, not counting all the DVD's you would sell. Bring it back!!! This show had me hooked the first time it aired, along withmy family as we watched it all together. It's like Monk and Survivor, I make sure I am home everytime it is on. The story line was excellent, the characters were perfect and the abilities were very interesting, to the point that I wouldn't miss one. Why was it taken off anyway???
  • Another one bites the dust!!

    Why can't the writers get there sh!t together and wrap up a series. And why leave so many loose ends when they don't know if they are going to get a renewal!!
    I can't count the number of great shows this has happened too.

    John Doe......
    The Pretender (they did a little movie though)
    DayBreak (in Canada you had to download the remaining shows!!)
    ...they were available online to American viewers.
    and the list goes on and on.....

    It would be nice if they wrap it up with a movie, or mini series.

    I have nothing more to write but I do need to get one hundred words on here so .....
  • One of the best shows of the last few years, and it's unbelievable that it got canceled.

    What started from a miniseries grew into one of the better shows I've watched in some time. The story was interesting and the idea of humans vs. super-humans was quite intriguing. I really wish that this show would come back, if only to show us what happens in the future, and to see if everything the future people did had any effect. I would love to find out if the promicin positives ended up controlling the world, or if it all failed despite their best attempts. One thing I really liked about this show was the new abilities people gained. They were different from the normal abilities that are always showcased such as flying, super strength, healing, etc. They had some cool ones such as the ability to make people worship you. Albeit not all that useful, but still an interesting idea never before used in a show such as this. It was a real shame that this show got cut off before it could end. The cliffhanger at the end of season 4 almost killed me. I'm just dying to see what ability Tom got, and I hope one day I'll get the chance to find out.
  • It was EXTREMELY disappointing to hear that the USA canceled this fine show well before its "use-by" date. This show is truly a masterpiece! All efforts must be employed to SAVE THIS SHOW! Find out how YOU can help!

    It was EXTREMELY disappointing to hear that the USA canceled this fine show well before its "use-by" date. This show is truly a masterpiece! All efforts must be employed to SAVE THIS SHOW! How can you help? You can join our efforts to let the network know that we really want this show back! Please visit the official 4400 forums at to find out the many ways you too can help out the effort. If you've heard anything about "the sunflower seed campaign" this is where that effort (and many others) are being coordinated from. Only by unifying our efforts and bringing the loyal 4400 fans of the world together under one banner can we show the network execs that we mean business, and hopefully we can get our show back. (It worked for Jericho)

    "The World (and the USA Network) will have to deal with us!" - Jordan Collier
  • An amazing show that gets better every season.

    A pretty cool show from start to the end.
    Season finale of the 4400 was awesome.There are still many questions need to be answered.Characters were full of surprises and as time passed,a new way was found in the show,not only those kidnapped had a gift but also ordinary people were capable of having interesting abilities,i must say that this was an original idea as we see Baldwin in a dilemma whether to take the injection. I would want to see what would be his ability because he had a really important place in the fate of humanity. If there was a fifth season,we could see a lot of different events.but the 4400 will be in my mind cancelled or not cancelled.It was a show full of originality,creativity...
  • better ending than many people say... at first I also thought ending with a clifhanger "this sucks" but after watching the last episode again I realise good will win over evil (read in my review why) if you haven't seen

    One of the best sci-fi shows I have ever seen, from season 1 till season 4. Great story, great actors, great filming, lots of fantasy,...
    At first I was a little disappointed by the ending but as I said in my summary while watching 'The 4400' again, defenitly the last episode I realisede I was wrong. It's a great ending. For those who think otherwise, listn to my explanation. (for the people who haven't seen it please stop reading here and watch it yourself, you won't be disappointed)
    a great leap forward is a great ending, watch it again and take notice of the following things that indicate why it had to stop with this episode (indeed pitty it's the last one but everything has an end, right...)
    The reasons evil doesn't stand a chance against the change about to happen...
    1) whole seattle (and maybe further away, they don't say) gets infected with promison
    2) kollier/the movement lives on
    3) they know a way of stopping/curing/healing the other 'marked'
    4) Isabelle was the last hope of the marked and she dies
    5) The whole wide world gets kollier's last message and can't get over the fact that they aren't special anymore (not promison-special anyhow)
    6) without Isabelle and the marked no real resistance
    7) they give you the chance to let your imagination flow, come up with your own possible abilities (better than milking the show to the last drop I think) 8) And than the last en maybe best reason: wouldn't you take the shot after you know what can happen? ;-D
    (sorry for the language errors)
  • The show were really good, but at the 4th season I did just spoil, terrible ending.

    I really did like the first season of The 4400 , was quite nice, all the misterys , so many questions .
    I really like the character Maya , she really intrigues me .
    At the beginning the show did look something like a mix of Lox and the X Files , but at the end it did turn to some weird cult , I really did not got it , it look that they run out of ideas .
    THE PROPHECY ? You got to be kidding me , sundley we go from sci-fi to some lame second class horror/action show ?
    If the evil guys are from future, the would know what would happen, why they just didn't kill the 4400 when they arrived ?
    And the part of god on earth ? Really doesn't feet on the show, just look more a anime alike.
    I did like the show but the end was really truly disappointing .
  • I loved this show!

    This show was more about deeper inner feelings of people that feel like everything has trapped you down. It was about evening out the odds of an unjust society and having finally something to back it up with and bring about a new beginning. I think that theme became more up front as the seasons progressed. It was cutting edge and very dramatic. The storylines were shining and made one feel part of it, especially if you are in that group that wants change but feels powerless to help. There is a little 4400 in each and every person. It is too bad that USA chose to air repeats at the early morning hours as to miss out on repeat viewers which caused lower ratings than this excellent show should have gotten. Cheers 4400 maybe USA will get wise and air a movie or something to complete out the series.
  • Wow this show was before Heroes... and then Heroes steals its content and stays on the air... WOW

    Ok. I started watching this show with my mom the day it came out, and was instantly hooked, I have all the season so far that have come out on DVD but now it feels kinda useless. I hate the fact that Heroes steals the concept of this show and gets to stay on the air, while this gets cancelled because the network it aired on. I cant stand this its just not fair. This had it all, comedy, action, drama, suspense, it was like a modern day X-Files. IF you watch this show Im sure you wont regret it.
  • no single word T_T T_T T_T

    i hope i will see it completed someday
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    i hope i will see it completed someday
  • "The 4400" is an exceptional show, and I'm looking forward to a continuation of it!

    Trend-setter, under-appreciated, cutting edge and "before its time"...these are all words I would use to describe "The 4400". If only, if only, if only there were more of this show, I think many more people would see it and feel the way I do about it. "The 4400" has a huge fan following. The characterization is top-notch, and it tells an intriguing story of 4400 people who were taken into the future, given special ablities, then brought back to the present of 2004 to make the world a better place. From the idea of "The Marked" to the saga of the "promicin positives", this is one story that IMO will never be forgotten. "The 4400" is one of the most clever TV shows to have aired on television.

    Ira Steven Behr, Amy Berg, Craig Sweeney, Scott Peters, "Hats Off" to you for creating such an amazing impact on us with this amazing show.
  • At one point during the 1st and part of the 2nd season, this show deserved a perfect score.....(Beware of Spoilers)

    What is wrong with the 4400? In essence, it betrayed itself. The drama was not about people with abilities, but it was about the essence of human interaction. Somehow, the producers forgot the people in the stories and at times forgot the stories in the people. Richard and Lily were the best examples of the idea of interaction, but Lily's death and the character alteration to Richard ended any meaningful development. The show could have gone in many directions from the outset, why not explore the idea of the 4400 as people with rights? Why not pursue the mystery longer and actually introduce different sides to the future earlier? You could have turned this show into a mythic journey of human discovery, but it destroyed itself with soap opera like relationships.

    The 1st season reporter and government counter response could have been a sign of things to come. The story went beyond the heads of the writers and I think Ira Behr and his star trek cohort know how to write? What they forgot was why they failed during the run of Star Trek; they did not work on enterprise, but they contributed towards star trek's end. The 4400 storyline was convoluted towards no end with too much character back story. Dennis Ryland was a like-able character during the 1st season. Then, he turned into a horrible monster, who could commit genocide. In the 1st season, he would use his clout to protect the 4400 and it seems to be wrong character. Then, you develop the other side, the marked; if you wanted a counter movement toward the 4400, they should have appeared earlier. They should be shown as some shadowy figures manipulating the powers in play. Take a note from Chris Carter's school of producing, keep the silent cigarette smoking man hidden. Subtlety was missing after the 2nd season and that was something else wrong with the direction.

    Subtlety problems may be contributed towards Robert Hewitt Wolfe of Andromeda, a good conceptual man who could have gone in many directions, but he forgot why his other show failed, too direct. People like mystery and suspense, but writers today seem to think people want instant gratification. Whoever your marketing department is, they should be fired. Sci-Fi audiences enjoy the ride of the journey, look at shows like lost, it last so long cause the mystery builds on itself with a large core audience. Neither writers led to the decline in show quality directly, but they are indirectly related. They forget why their older shows failed on the same note and it keeps repeating. I enjoy their stories, but next time, you must take yourself out of the writing process and look at what you have done and why?

    Sorry for the rant, I hope you enjoyed at least part of this.
  • The 4400 is a great series… the idea of 4400 people that were disapperaing (abduction-like) and were returned in one moment… and that they were the key to possibly save the human race in the future… is a great idea…

    A Great Series… that's all one can say… sometimes it even exceeds heroes… not that its the best series ever… it has some holes but if one takes a look at the characters… and at the twists in the plot… there quite a share.

    On my part… my favorite character is Jordan… he's the visionary… a sort of anti-villain that at then end of the day has to be the hero. I have seen only till season 3 and I am totally into this series… I am quite disappointed that it seems to be cancelled… i surely would like some more endevours by the 4400.

    Finally, a great series is made by the actors… and this has handfull of them… I have almost all of my favs in this series… like Summer Glau and Tom McBeath.

    Last Words… bring it back!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!
  • It's about 4400 people who disapear in a flash in 1946.

    Why is it cancelled I didn't start watching this show until this year and I loved it I am so sad it is gone this show is what inspired Heroes as did The X-Men but I like Heroes better. I wish I could have seen it in 2004 then I could have understanded it more but now it is cancelled which makes me sad cause it was a great show unless we can bring this show back by force even if it means war I would give this a 8 or 9 but since I only saw the last season I give it a 8.8.
  • A comet comes by, stops and sort of vomits out the 4400

    The 4400 look the same as the day they disappeared. Some have special powers and some are plain stupid which causes one to commit a murder that alerts Homeland Security to keep an eye on these strange people. The 4400 was originally set up as a mini series but the wonderful fans of the show demanded another season. So 13 more episodes were ordered and the mini series was thrown out the window to the delight of the thousands and thousands of fans.
    4400 was the highest rated USA program for 2004 and the wonderful trip for us fans began. Today I was sadden to hear that the show had been cancelled. What are my sister and I going to have to talk about now?
  • I was very impressed with last seasons 4400. The characters weren't afraid to use their powers when needed, and it was such a dark ending, I loved it!

    I was very impressed with last seasons 4400. The characters weren't afraid to use their powers when needed, and it was such a dark ending, I loved it! I had the feeling that it was going to be continuing on with a fifth season, but I'm not too sure its going to play out, with the ending not ending in any kind of cliff-hanger. I think that they should have made some kind of twist toward the end, just to keep viewers intent on another great season. I really hope they comeback next summer, or I'll be watching Kyle XY! Oh please come back!
  • Definitelly one of the best i have seen; waiting for a 5th season!

    one of the best sci fi drama shows ever, intriguing , great plots, great performance of characters and always more and more new things with the p-positive and the new thousands of positives that will appear now, more good and more bad people to to see in scene, nore stories to cut off and the last one that we are waiting to see with abilities: Tom Baldwin.

    Let's see if he get tempted by the offer and join the new group that will change the world of our tv.

    Im looking forward for a 5th season **** and enjoy every week. definitely one of my best!!!
  • The 4400 tells the stories of 4,400 people who disappeared over a period of fifty years and they all reappear at the exact same time without any memory of where they've been and what happened to them. Some of them have abilities, both good and bad.

    I love this show. When it first came on I thought it would be kind of boring, but as the episodes continue to come on it turn out that the show was very interest and fun to watch the series. Also, I love how the story lines goes. It not just about just five or six people, it about at least ten main characters that have different powers and problems. Anyway, I think people who like or love science-fiction shows and books should watch this series because it is the kind of science-fiction show that keep you on your toes.
  • On of the little things this show has is its own pace and atmosphere. But thats not enough. Just because other shows are bad and this is better doesnt make it quite good. Its just another show under the sun nothing special, it just follows the trend...

    The whole ordinary people extraordinary stuff is getting too old too fast besides the talk of influencing the social system and the tricks that every comic lover wants to develop. Good thing they dont call them powers, that would have been the king of corn. It was fine to begin with. But now at Season 3 the transformation began - the show takes the route to becoming a drama with sci-fi elemets than the other way around. Looking like some soapy show with thousands of episodes where 1 episode containts 10 minuts of real time and focuses all on worn out dramatical twists and turns.
    And promicin ? Aint that a flaw. If you brain starts using any part of self that gives any of these abilities then it means its evolving and if its evolving it will keep evolving, meaning you dont just get a random ability out of the box, you get to use a part of your brain that controls whatever and sooner or later you will endup having more abilities than you know how to use, and then there is the training, like the telekinesis part, you need to train to be able to effect someting even the slightest. The show isnt realy a great work of film making. True that it has its own plot and not some thing done a thousand times before but still cheap drama has been done countless times and it might spice up ratings for a bit, but in the end it will bury the show. There are critical logic flaws in the script from time to time. You cant realy say the acting is on a level that is enough of a pleasure not to care much about what story they throw at you. And besides. I'm pretty sure it will have a happy personal and social ending, and some one good guy or a grop will crush all the bad guys with no support from the general population.That is specificly targeted at people's concern about the development of the real world and especialy anomalies and problems we will facing and will get worse. Its sorta saying out loud "You are an average person? -Scram, go hide in the closet. only special people with powers can change the world we live in" Just because its more profitable for some people for the rest to sit and watch ordinary people with extraordinary abilities barely scratch the surfuce in order to change the world, instead of these people act on their very ordinary world with its very ordinary problems and ordinary people wathing extraordinary tv instead of acting on it. And the usual hollywood plot where the nasty corrupted goverment will be taken down by some courage in a few good guys ending up all good and jolly world. Just because real bad deals are taken care of by a few individuals in movie world doesnt mean the same happens for real. Some may speculate that i say that because i dont see my favorite faces or styles and stories in here. But hey, if you ever seen a great part of film making you would know its not just faces, neither some super evolved plot. There are many great films that dont have an academy award and certanly Al Pacino, Anjelina J, Bruice W and Samuel J arent in them neither is Marlon Brando. The read deal work of art is turning a simple ordinary story in to a movie masterpiece, no need for a super fancy story with no special story telling ability, and if you know cinema you know that there are these masterpices out there, and it doesnt need billions for fancy projects and great FX to make a movie worth remembering a life time. So the conclusion is;

    Will you be watching 4400 or any other popular show it realy depends on your favorite topics - the show has none above the average quality to offer, Neither story, story telling ability, acting or filming... Basicly most of the shows today turn into lethal in-dept character drama, wich in my opinion is quite lame. Who cares if on screen you see tech talk on repairing a star cruiser's hyperspace engine or a gay named Joe debates fixing the kitchen sink with his wife - The manner is the same who cares what the topic is. People looking for sci-fi to watch need to explore imagination, new ideas, concepts and all that not watch some petty drama. Besides whatever happened to moral integrity, this shows says out loud "The ends justify the means even if its at someone else's expense. -All we have to do is flag you as a leader and you are excused of any humane behavior"
  • The 4400 is...

    Awesome !!!

    The 4400 is possibly the best show ever! When I first saw Season 1, I was awwed, but i never thought that Season 2 would be even BETTER! After Season 2 ended, I waited anxiously for Season 3. When Season 3 arrived, I loved it more than any other season so far! When Season 4 finally came, I LOVED it! I think that this show will probably have a fifth season! Well, if they do, I think that Season 5 will be the best! Score from 1-10

    Season 1 : 9.99
    Season 2 : 10.00
    Season 3 : 10.01
    Season 4 : 10.02
  • The 4400 is a show that I think a lot of people are missing out on.

    A great show that more people should watch. I'm sure some people might not like the Sci-Fi genre but even so the characters and storylines are great, and the season is really short. So even if you have a short attention span you would be able to follow the show and get into it because you will not get bored between the beginning of the season and the end of the season. I hope this show goes on to bring us at least 5 seasons. I like watching it on USA but it would work as a network show as well.
  • One of the Best show on TV today!!

    This show is incredible! The guys are so hot, and none of the actors are especially famous, but they should be by now. I can't imagine not having the show airing anymore. Best plotlines, best acting, most amazing cliffengers. I love this show! The 4400 rules!!
    The crazy thing is: what are they going to come up with next season now after such an amazing season final! I can't wait an entire year to find out. I think there should be more buzz about the show after 4 very successful seasons and it is just getting better and better with time...
  • Great Sci-Fi Series.

    The 4400 is a great Sci-fi series with great character development. I hate shows that will introduce characters and then never show them again, but this one introduces tons of new characters and consistently catches up with them at some point or another even if they end up dead. As far as science fiction goes the characters haven't become too far fetched like many series are prone to doing once they run out of ideas. The show is all very good at tying up loose ends, at the end of the season there is curiosity about what will happen next but never leave you dwelling upon it so bad you get anxious.
  • Season 1 of this show got my attention - having powers, being able to change the world - it was a stunning hidden message! With season 4 I am convinced that this is the best show ever produced for TV.

    Season 1 of this show got my attention - having powers, being able to change the world - it was a stunning hidden message!

    Unfortunately season 2 didn't do much to bring the story anywhere. Season 3 though started to pick up the pace and now in season 4 I am convinced that this is the best show ever produced for TV.

    The way the series shows us that humans have inner demons and that we all have to make tough choices, it's brilliant. The show's focus is still on the future of this world. Where we are now, and how everything we do now will ultimately lead to one future or another.

    Can we do enough to make the future a good one?
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