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  • I thought it was finished...over...completed. A season 3 ending like that - what more could there be? How wrong was I!

    When seasson 3 ended I seriously thought that it was over. There is always more story to tell but with no cliffhanger or anything like that and an actually wrapping up of the storyline I though that that was it.

    I'm glad it's back though. To bad being in the UK means I'll have to wait until later this year but stumbling upon a link on the homepage to these new episodes was a very happy accident.

    The 4400 has been one of my favorite SF shows for a while, even though people said that the second season couldn't do anything like the first since the revelations at the end of season one - they where wrong.

    The 4400 continues to throw new and exciting plotlines our way and is a fantastac piece of drama that - when I have the money - will be joining my DVD collection.

    I look forward to season I can't wait!
  • Not as exciting/suspenseful as I thought it to be.. :D

    My uncle was the one who recommended this to me, and after watching the first few episodes, I guessed he could have been right. My sister and I couldn't stop watching it until episode 3 or 4 I think.

    But that was where it started going downhill for me. The episodes showed less exciting parts regarding the mystery of the 4400 and it was slowly becoming a heavy drama. There are a few noteworthy exceptions, but up until I reached early season 2 (which was where I stopped watching), it was more of drama than suspense (which I expected).

    The show would still appeal though to those who love sci-fi mixed with a bit of drama. But for those looking for real action/suspense/thriller, this might not be the show for you. :D
  • A really nice show

    4400 people gone missing from different places and periods of time only to return at the same time and at the same place all together without having aged a bit but with a small difference concerning their potential: They all have superpowers. Due to the great mystery surrounding the synchronized return of all these people the u s government dispatches a groop of people trying to solve this mystery and control the returnees. What makes 4400 a really special series is not only the fact that the idea is unique but also the fact that we don't get to see the all time classic "good beats the crap out of evil" since no one can really define good from evil in this case.It's great suspence and plot are going to captivate you for sure.
  • This show has a lot of potential story lines and charactors.

    This show tells the story of 4400 people being returned back to earth after being taken by the future to stop the same thing happening to us. All of the 4400 come back with abilities like reading minds or seeing the future. This show has done well so far. The writing and the show its self have been overall very good. Considering the fact that the writers wanted this to be just a mini series i think they have done well to come up with great stories. I believe that this show is alomsot like X Files for a new genration. I know that i'm interested in the next season. I hope the show gets better and more exciting each season.
  • It's about Aliens and the government!

    This made me sit up and watch it because of 2 people, Karina Lombard and Billy Campbell.
    But after I got over that (it took a while), the show slowly creeped into my tv schedule and have not looked back since.
    It's a very well written show that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
    I like how the villains are groomed and not just shoved into being bad, just to be bad. There is a reason for their madness.
    And who else will want to know more about the 4400, than the government, good addition there.
    I love the cast.
    They have new and old faces.
    I've then read more up on it and intend on purchasing the seasons.
  • Alien adbuctions meets mutant X

    Ok.. I'm a late fan of the show.. Just started watching it a few days ago. Already at season 2..

    And.. the pilot certainly had a few holes.. but overall, the characters are interesting, the plot reveals itself more and more.. It's predictable in certain ways.. Especially, if you've been a comic book reader and/or a fan of sci-fi/super powered type stories.

    But nevertheless, it's still entertaining and it's going to be fun to see where the show leads too..

    It's all about ripple effects.. I think that in a way, season 1 revealed too much about that.. I think it should have been harder to figure out...

    Future humans who adducted humans from the past, seed them back to a specific location/point in time, so that they could create a ripple effect, altering the future, for the benefit of mankind.

    Now.. if that's truly the agenda, then it shouldn't have been so easily figured out....

    And.. also. in a way, the future should already be altered. the moment the 4400 were seeded.. so.. whoever is controlling the agenda, in the future, should already be reaping the rewards.. unless something went awry...

    Now.. are the writers of the show considering that.. You know.. time travel is always a tricky thing.. story wise to deal with.. I'm on catch up right now.. I know season 4 will be starting June 2007 and I'll catch up and add to this review as soon as I'm up there :)
  • After two season I`m being a 4400 fan!

    At the beginning I thought: Nice, but they can make more of it! Only 5 episodes was a short start. But now I`m in season 3 and love the show.

    I love most characters, the good and the bad one and I guess there are many chances for really good stories.

    I hope the writers will do some more action stories, because I like that. I love all that mystery stuff too and I hope they will make some more of that stories too.

    Hey and what about another really good lovestory??

    As a matter of fact The 4400 is a really entertaining show and I'm sad that in Germany it isn't really getting popular. I will make people look that great show!
  • In 2004, 4400 people who were thought to just be missing are suddenly returned in one place with some new and interesting abilities.

    This is one of my favorite shows ever. It's started to lag a bit in the 3rd season but I still love it. The whole premise really excites me and I can't wait til season 4. This is one of the few shows I make sure to go out of my way and buy on DVD. If you like Heroes, you might like this show. It's not as fantastic as Heroes but it's definitely worth watching if you like that kind of thing. It's just one of many great original shows on the USA network. I'd say The 4400 is in my top ten all-time favorite shows.
  • Nice!

    I had never seen this show before until now and i think its absoultly phenomalinal and i would like to tell anyone who hasnt seen it yet you have no idea what you are missing out on cause this is one of the better sci fi i have ever seen and when its on USA i think thats a first cause they usually dont have great shows like this and if they do there few and far between!! Hopefully they come back for a 4 5 and 6th seasons so we can get more more more more more and more!!
  • very cool

    I Love the 4400! An another awesome show shot in Vancouver! The cast are great - good acting and good looks - the perfect combo. It defintly is worth turning on as you probably wont be able to turn it back off - especially once you see one of it's hunky leads Patrick F. I have had the pleasure of making his acquaintance and his carisma and charm are unmatched. This quality (although not nearly as large as in realife) comes through in his character. It is a great show with a great cast shot in a great city. watch it!
  • i really liked it the first time but then..

    when it first came out i thought it was really good and i would stay up lator than i was supposed to, even tho i was extremly tired in the morning, i did it just so i could wathc it. But then when it finished i kinda gave up on it and thought it wouldn't come back. I saw a couple of episodes of the new series and thuoght it was no where near as good as the first. It just wasn't worth watching anymore. I thought it was kinda silly and un believable.. but i really enjoyed the first series, pity the second wasnt as good.
  • good show

    The 4400 is my favorite show on TV, nothing else gets me so excited to watch every week. One of the things I love about it is that it always keeps you guessing, but it's not annoying some shows out there today. It reveals he plot to you little bits at a time, so that you know and understand what's going on, but you still wonder. The cliffhangers on this shows are my favorite, I love how they end every episode with that "smash to black" (as they call it) part. Though nothing would be nearly as good if it wasn't for the music. Music makes everything, the feeling, the scene, everything you need to fully love the episode you just watched.

    The 4400 just ended it's third season last night, a huge achievement to the whole cast and crew. But it's not over yet, on to season four!
  • great

    Early in the show, the masterminds at NTAC suspected that the 4400s were placed in the timeline with their enhanced abilities for some purpose, to effect some change that could propagate and change the course of history.

    An example of this effect at work came during the third season episode "Gone, Part II" in which five 4400 children were once again abducted by the future and "seeded" back into history at different time periods. Some of the "advances" accomplished by this feat included the development of artificial petroleum and composite materials used in the first lunar colonies, according to background conversations "overheard" at NTAC. These advances were negated (restoring the original timeline) in exchange for Tom Baldwin agreeing to do whatever the future asked him to do to help prevent the "disaster" to come — which he learned was an order to kill Isabelle.
  • Speculative, Interesting, Intense

    I was so excited when I first started seeing the advertisements for this show. It was an intriguing premise. When it finally aired, I was not disappointed. I absolutely love the characters. I love the abilities that are coming to light. The show is speculative on what might have happened if people were given special abilities by aliens. That in itself poses many interesting possibilites. The intensity of this show has currently delved into the knowledge of a 'future' timeline. It's so interesting the way the writers have interwoven plots and characters. I look forward to this show enduring for a long while!!! HURRAH!!
  • I just start to watch this tv show and it's great. I already saw the first two seasons and now i'm watchin' on the third season and it's really cool. After i finish the third season I hope they will continue the show. It's a must!!!

    I just start to watch this tv show and it's great. I already saw the first two seasons and now i'm watchin' on the third season and it's really cool. After i finish the third season I hope they we'll continue the show. It's a must!!! It's too good to not be continued. So briliant! The idea, the subject of the tv show "THE 4400" it's very constructive and every new episode bring something new and exciting in it. Every character it's builted so well and all the actors are really good. I like a lot all the actors from Conchita Campbell (Maia Rutledge), Jacqueline McKenzie(Diana Skouris), Patrick Flueger(Shawn Farrell) ,Bill Campbell (Jordan Collier), Joel Gretsch (Tom Baldwin), Karina Lombard (Alana Mareva), Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (Richard Tyler), Chad Faust (Kyle Baldwin), Richard Kahan (Marco Pacella), Laura Allen (Lily Moore Tyler) until Peter Coyote (Dennis Ryland) and Megalyn Echikunwoke (Isabelle Tyler) adn Kaj-Erik Eriksen (Danny Farrell).
    So, in the end of this review all i want to say it's:
  • A unique premise of a character drama with a sci fi twist...

    How do you do a character piece within the science fiction genre but not overtly make it look like \"sci fi\" or have it be a space opera? You do something like \"The 4400\"!

    Here, former Star Trek producers and writers take pen to paper (or nowadays - keyboard to screen) to fashion a myriad of characters - from different eras, of different ages, sexes, races, creeds, and colors, and link them together in one way - by having them previously \"abducted\" by humans of the future and then mysteriously returned all at the same time, but now in possession of unique abilities. And these 4400 people are expected to save the world. But not all of them will survive to do so.

    And there\'s a catch. In an effort to ground the show in \"reality\", the confusion and burdens of possessing these abilities is sharply underscored. And as these unique people are hunted down or studied or discriminated against or gawked at, a \"savior\" of sorts, has attempted to gather them together and lead them - whether they choose to be lead or not - as they ultimately have a role to fulfill that is crucial for the future.

    And so the saga goes, albeit in a somewhat tedious fashion, but with an interesting and unusual premise somewhat reflective of the popular religiously-based \"Left Behind\" novel series that has gripped the world of late.
  • Declining in quality way too quickly

    Season One of The 4400 is an exciting, involving emotional rollercoaster mixed with the right amount of sci-fi, mytery and crime-solving. Every episode is good, the cast are great, and the steady unravelling of mystery is good. Every episode you see a bit more into people's lives, and every episode Conchita Campbell says something mysterious. Season Two is a longer, more plot-driven series, with more action, and most of the episodes dedicated to 4400 power of the week - which is fine. The conclusion of the season is very good too, with the brilliant Mommy's Bosses doing its job as a finale and as a teaser to the third run
    Season Three begins vry well, with the emotional and revealing The New World. However, the third season soon descends into silly storylines, dull character scenes and predictability in spades, with no mysterious Maia scenes in sight! Let's just hope the Fourth Seaspn picks up the pace, and returns to the good ol' days of mystery and drama.
  • The 4400,a sci-fiction series, tells the lives of 4400 people who have mysterious been kidnapped over 60 yrs. and reappear at once in Washington State. They have no memory what happened or where they've been. Some have returned with human powers.

    Agent Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris, two Homeland Security agents, are appointed to find out what happened to the 4400. One of the returnees is Shawn Farrell, Tom’s nephew, returns with the ability to heal others and him at the same time he can take the life force of another human being. He learns this gift as Season 1 progresses. His uncle asks Shawn what happened the day he was abducted since Kyle is a coma due to an incident. Shawn heals Kyle but not fully. Kyle –a future version of Kyle- tells his father, Tom Baldwin, that the 4400 are brought to this period to save the future. Another return is Lily Moore who goes home only to find out her husband married someone else and cannot contact her daughter, Heidi. She eventually falls in love with Richard. Lily then realizes that she is pregnant and the father is Richard. However, both of them do not remember having a child. They have a child, Isabella, who is supposed to a guardian of the 4400. In Season 2 – more 4400’s are learned about and show new powers. Jordan Collier – another 4400- organizes a center for the 4400. He eventually dies and Isabella grows rapidly into a teenager. Because of Isabella’s rapid age growth, Lily is rapidly aging. Lily dies. The rest is up to you to get the DVD of 4400. : P Overall this show is great. I also love Heroes –another show with a similar theme. Show – 100 out of 10 as 10 being the greatest show on Earth.
  • Interesting Season 1. i was soo dying to know what happened?

    but after i have completed season 1 and somehow found out most of the answers, i just lost interest, i dont care what would happen to the little girl who can predict the future,
    or who is in love with who or why was his son taken and returned, blah blah... i just dont have the interest to watch it ..

    sorry 4400 fans, i just dont get it!
  • over 100 years 4400 people vanished with out a trace then they all reapered in washington. a speshal agency has been formed to investigate, the 4400 are taking sides as compnies try to kill them it gomes down to life or death

    over 100 years 4400 people vanished with out a trace then they all reapered in washington. a speshal agency has been formed to investigate, the 4400 are taking sides as compnies try to kill them it gomes down to life or death this program is for the mistery scinece fiction lovers who like tv it contains all of the bascis and for some one like me who doesnt like scinence fiction this is a grate show it has all the requierments for a prgram and even more i think this is one of the best showes on now so watch it
  • sci-fi and awesome drama

    i was not really convinced about this show at its beginning..i didn't know the actors and the plot was too weird..but now..ohohohh everything changed completely..i loved this show after have seen the first episodes..and now i'm addicted to it..i love the actors and the plot is magnificent. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  • i dont get it

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  • A good show...

    i have only seen the second season of the 4400, and i liked it. but it comes on monday nights at 11:00 here in Canada so i can't watch it any more. i think the idea of 4,400 people being abducted at different times and then being returned all at the same time with special pwers is a very original idea and on that note i like this series. i found a few episode were 'weird' but i still enjoy favourite epiosde would have to be the season finale of season two.i hope that the keep this show around for a while so i'll be able to watch some more of it.later.
  • Looking forward to next season.

    Definitely one of the more interesting series in the last few years. The characters are distinct and interesting and the plot involving whats going on in the future is just beginning to be addressed. 4400 has mysteries to be solved since it is unknown what the motives of the various factions of the people from the future. Are those who sent the 4400 really the good guys? Or are the good ones the people who are trying to derail the 4400 Project? Then there are the battles in the present between those who see the 4400 as a threat and those who see them as mankinds salvation.

    The fact it has been imitated by HEROES is sort of annoying considering so many people act like HEROES is something new.
  • I enjoying watch this show since it's first aired on tv few years ago.

    Now, I truly enjoyed watching this show for few years now and I understood the storylines very well and it has make me want to sit down and watch what will happened next!

    I can't wait to see what is going happening next for next season in the summer of 2007, althought, I missed season finale of this previous season.

    I'm sure that I will make it up and watch what is happening with this last episode of this previous season and I'm so dying to know what is going on!

    I give this show a truly gulity pleasure! 8.6! That is all for today.
  • A show that has been declining in umph since the second season- It needs some "fine tuning" to spice it up a bit. I feel like the main issue is not bieng addressed- You know, WHERE THEY CAME FROM AND WHY THEY WERE SENT BACK!

    What appears to be a comet slows, hovers and stops, then bursts forth to reveal 4,400 people who were presumed dead or missing over the past 50 years. They look exactly the same as the moment they disappeared, but some of the returnees now have special powers. After one of the 4,400 commits a murder a special division of the Homeland Security Department is formed to monitor them.

    BRIEF HISTORY:"The 4400" was 2004's highest-rated basic cable series. USA originally intended it as a miniseries, but the strong response led the network to order a second season, consisting of 13 episodes.
    STARS: * Joel Gretsch as Tom Baldwin * Jacqueline McKenzie as Diana Skouris * Mahershalalhashb Ali as Richard Tyler * Laura Allen as Lily Moore * Billy Campbell as Jordan Collier * Conchita Campbell as Maia * Chad Faust as Kyle * Patrick Flueger as Shawn Farrell * Michael Moriarty as Orson Bailey
  • BEST SHOW EVER!!! ...kinda :P

    This show is almost the Best show ever thought of! According to my rating, there must be something else thats even better, but technically this Show shares 1:st Place with Futurama, with futurama on top :P I love the story, I think it\\\'s brilliant, and I can\\\'t wait to see the fourth season! This really does it for me! Watch the Show I Tell Ya!
  • Good one.

    The 4400 is a good show, I will not say that it is the best show ever because I'd be lying but it sure is a good show. Once again a member of the Coppola family hits and strikes.The storyline is really good all the humans of the futur thing is really well thought.Season three is a little disappointing but still good( really loved the first episode with Alana and the imaginary world witout 4400 it really was great).To finish I'll say that the 4400 is a good show, that I recommend you, except if you've got Nip/Tuck or Prison Break on another channel ^_^.

    I really enjoy this TV show I find it to be a great show that develops perfectly. For summer this show is #1 and I can\'t wait to see the next season. All the questions will be answered and we will see who is good and who is bad, and what happened to alana? Will Isabelle\'s powers be gone forever or will she get them back? I just can\'t wait to find out what happens to everyone on the 4400. It sucks having to wait about a year to see the season primere. I\'m glad it was picked up for a forth season.
  • I must say this last season had me saying what happened?

    Though it has still retained all it's greatness this seasons stories seemed on a lower par then previous season. The last few episodes really redeemed the season and gives me hope for the next. But I must say I was very surprised that it went down the roads that it. It almost seemed to give into some television/sci-fi cliches and delved to far into the soap opera aspects of television. The fact that sci-fi shows balance the sci-fi with the soap opera stories is what sets them apart from most other kinds of shows. I really hope that the show finds it's footing again.
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