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  • Something attracts me to this show but i don't know what it is...

    I only started watching this show because I saw an advert for it on TV and decided to check it out.

    It was very interesting, the take on UFO's not necessarily being from other 'places' but other 'times' being intriguing, humans harbouring abilities but not being able to activate them without aid.

    The first season was probably the best, a lot of curiosity about what was going to happen next but also a lot of questions answered at the same time.

    The next 2 seasons (season 3 has just finished as I write this) seemed to drag their feet a little, probably because the series was originally only commissioned for 1 season (I read somewhere...) so the writers had to come up with a way to drag the story out.

    The style of the show is kind of x-files like but we have a more scientific explanation of what is going on, although it is not all understood.

    The camera angles and music are also similar to the x-files but do not seem to have the same effect and make the show seem a little corny, maybe because the music is used too much.

    The actors are good when it comes to intensity but I think the characters of Tom and Diana are intense too much of the time. Alana seems quite seductive, and I like Karina Lombard's portrayal of this character; I do have a personal adoration for her accent.

    I would recommend this series to those of you who like sci-fi and sociology as it has pleanty of this. I think it leans a little towards naivety for plotlines, but it has gotten better.

    I think this could be said to be a classic comic-book-fan show, not in a derogatory way, because I might class myself as being comic-book-ish, although I have only read about 5 comics, not comic series, comics.

    This show is definitely worth a look, especially if you're into the idea of government conspiracy, fictional or factual. But if you’re a hard-core X-Files fan, then you might find this a slight rip-off of that, although it doesn't involve extra-terrestrials.

    Give it a try.
  • A great example of a show that expands and gets better every season.

    The 4400 is the kind of show that starts off with a small idea, but it then expands and grows out on its own with some awesome plot lines that essentially let the writers explore whatever the hell they want.

    The idea that 4400 people return from disappearing throughout time was an interesting idea on its own, but rather than just relying on that one gimmick plot device to sell the show series, every season has seen the potential for interesting stories grow and grow.

    Compared to something like Lost which suffers due to a lack of answers and more questions, The 4400 writers have the ability to give and give and give as well as release the answers that we want. Its always something interesting, and something that wants you to come back for more.

    Its definatly an underrated gem, but a series that continually gets better as the series progresses. Roll on Season 4 is all I can say!
  • I love this series and now it's back on our screens (UK) it is a must see show. I miss Kyle and hope he makes an appearance in the series.

    The 4400 seems as vital as ever and it appears a battle is looming between the haves (powers) and have nots. I am hoping the series lives up to its promise and fully explores the evil of Isabelle. Quite chilling, her apparent lack of humanity is nicely offset by the goodness ouzing out of her father's veins. My only gripe with the series is that it occasionally dips into the freak of the week catalogue. NTAC usally two steps behind dealing with the consequences. I also like when the relationships are further explored Diana and Mia's particularly was tested and came up trumps in Gone. Well done writers those two episodes are exactly why I still watch the series.
  • Loved seeing Isabelle looking so weak and powerless....who's with me?

    "The 4400" makes television worth watching. As pathetic as it may sound... I now live for Sunday! The only episode I have missed is the very first one. My request would be to see all seasons as a "back to back" marathon. Writers for this show keep things fresh and new. The ideas are very ingenious. Being an avid watcher of "X Files", "Twilight Zone", "Taken", etc... you have a tendency to look for used ideas which mostly help you know the next move of the writer for the show you're watching. Just keep it up's working. That's a big achievement. Reviewing one particular episode wouldn't be sufficient. This speaks for them all.
  • pretty good

    This show is pretty good. Pretty much a night-time soap.
    Of course, the concept is what makes it different. I'm not gonna explain it, read the show's description for that.

    If you're gonna start watching this sow, start at season 1. So rent it, or buy it if you're rich.
    The character progression and plot twists are great.

    The main story line is what follows in each episode, but in each specific episode, either a new 4400 ability is discovered, or someone else is doing something bad.

    This is a great show to watch if you like to tune in each week to see a continuing storyline (as opposed to shows like Sliders and Quantum Leap where you can watch any random episode and know what's going on).
  • A prime example of what SciFi should be.

    The notion of sending back those from the future to help the present is very interesting, and the basis of this show. You can try to debate time-travel and action-reaction principles if you like, but this "science" is not what drives this shows.

    It's the characters.

    Like all good shows, it's should be the personality and drama of the characters that make the show what it is. The Science Fictional setting should be just that.. the setting. Exciting things are happening in the world of this series, and the viewers get to watch real people react.

    And I'm not talking react like it's a shoot-em-up movie, but actualy go through personal choices. What if you where married to a 4400? If you son was taken? What you adopt a 4400 child? And what happenes to you because of these choices.

    The show is so wide open that just about any issue can be addressed, from racial-profiling, big government and to personal revolts and relationships.

    The viewers turn in each week to see what's happening with the characters like they know them... and not just to see some special effects or understand the plot. That's what TV is supposed to do.
  • Superpowers are the new deserted island!

    Superpowers are in right now...Just look at the success of the numerous superhero movies and the new shows that showcase people with amazing abilities. The 4400 finds a new and interesting way of allowing it's characters to gain these abilities. Since this show is comic book themed and doesn't showcase actual superheroes, it allows more interesting abilities(such as healing the DNA of unborn children), that really wouldn't have too much place on a superhero affiliated show. With mystery surrounding the intentions of the "futurites" and the type and scope of the catastrophe, the show leaves you wanting more as everything unravels around NTAC agents Tom and Diana. It's a great mix of science, fantasy, and fiction wrapped up into an engaging, very entertaining show. It's a big plus that it comes on in the summer when there isn't much else to watch, although The 4400 ranks as one my favorite shows of all time. My only complaint is that there is only 13 episodes every season, half a normal season for most shows. But that just shows I can't get enough of it!
  • Favorite show on TV.

    The 4400 is my favorite show on TV, nothing else gets me so excited to watch every week. One of the things I love about it is that it always keeps you guessing, but it's not annoying some shows out there today. It reveals he plot to you little bits at a time, so that you know and understand what's going on, but you still wonder. The cliffhangers on this shows are my favorite, I love how they end every episode with that "smash to black" (as they call it) part. Though nothing would be nearly as good if it wasn't for the music. Music makes everything, the feeling, the scene, everything you need to fully love the episode you just watched.

    The 4400 just ended it's third season last night, a huge achievement to the whole cast and crew. But it's not over yet, on to season four!
  • The best show ever

    This show is so exciting its cool how people from the future took thoses people. It is definatly one of the best shows on channel 35. Other then Monk this is my favorite show on this channel so its so realistic its scary well I think its realistic because I like to believe in stuff like that my favorite character is the little girl who can see the future. My second favorite chracter is the man who can cure people when they are sick. This show is so totaly awsome because of the special effects. I just whatched this show last night.
  • This show started out great! Now well in season three it starts to get a bit disappointing. It seems that the writers are out of ideas and can't keep people like me interested and hold my attention. I hope the writers will get a new vibe.

    As in my summary, the show started great. Also because the idea is new and anybody who likes sci fi series would like to get some ability like healing people etc. The first season is great, getting to know the characters, the mystery and such. Second season explaining the bigger picture about the future and wanting to correct the past. The third season didn't succesfully continue the story line. It's a bit of a mess, it couldn't keep my attention and I didn't want to watch the next episode. I even stopped looking at it for a while to get interested in it again. Now I'm watching another episode and after ten minutes it inspired me to write this review. As you can understand, I'm disappointed again. I hope the writers will get new ideas for the storyline and good new episodes, or else I'll see this show disappear after the fourth season. A critical note: Elizabeth shouldn't be that powerfull, that can disrupt the whole story. If she wants she can do anything, I wonder how the writers are getting out of that one, unless they want the world to go bad.
  • Great show...but I think it could be better.

    I watch this show every week and I really do enjoy it, but I think it could be better.
    I like that I can see different 4400s every week and the plot can be pretty interesting.
    The downside is that lately all they've been talking about has been the war between good and evil. To tell you the truth I'm getting a little tired of hearing about it and I would like the writers to put in a few shows that doesn't mention the war.
    I don't know how this show can keep going after they have their final showdown. I mean, once the war has ended than isn't that the end of the show as well.
    I don't want people to get the wrong idea about my feelings for the show, because I watch it every week and I enjoy the episodes, but overall, I think it could be better.
  • All around love this show from the start.

    The secind I saw the first preview of the 4400 I was all set for checking it out. It didn't dissapoint. I havent missed a season yet and even got the DVD's. I can't wait to see what abilities continue to show up and how current abilities continue to be assets or liabilities. This show is attention getting and interest holding. The complete package of a little action and a lot of human relationships. Every step of the way people are connecting and tackeling issues of prejudice and controvercy. The concept is fun and the dram is on going. An all around great show.
  • 4400 people taken from different timelines and returned to present day with the destiny of the future in their hands - and they don't know it. Collier coming back will certainly light it up though.

    I reqlly enjoy this show, like most shows there's the odd flaw but nothing that takes away from my enjoyment of the series. Collier coming back has certainly put Isabella in her place as her presence put the balance of power squarely in her hands and it's certainly intriguing considering that Collier knows all about her but just banishes her to her natural habitat - the enemy camp. Really looking forward to further revelations and the fact that the 4400 (or what's left of them 'cause quite a few have died/been killed) will probably be pitted against the Super/Metahumans. Once again great show
  • Just... Wow.

    This show is just amazing. The acting is incredible (props to Mackenzie, Gretsch, and Ali), the plot is more jam-packed than Lost (maybe), and best of all the show pulls off a feeling of being more about the people.

    With a show so buried in finding out things, it\\\'s fantastic that the characters hold our attention more than the People From the Future. Plus, the show doesn\\\'t even feel like a trademark sci-fi. This show is a blend of many things, turning into something new that is a force to be reckoned with. Let\\\'s hope it becomes a real show with more episodes... And another season. I can\'t wait a year!
  • What can I say...?

    I am new to watching The 4400 but the more I watch it the more I like it and am drawn into the plot. My only hope, and its really small, is they don't pull a reset button and this never happened. BUT, I don't think they will.

    Anyhoo, I love the ideas and the characters. I like the stories and how they don't waste time will mindless filler episodes. If only other shows were like this one. But, of course, this is the quality TV you get from people who once did DS9! Keep going, I'm hooked! Love it!
  • The more I watched,the more excitement I have for this show.

    Sometimes I thought that, why the talent of The 4400 wasn't real in this world. Some people was brought back and have a gift which make them different from others. If it was real in our real life it would be great but if someone use it in the wrong way, it could make us go to hell... I think in the beginning of the show, season 1, it's not like.. very much entertaining but I still watch because it left me with something to find out. In Season 3, I like the whole season because it was very fun and excitement. I enjoy the show a lot...
  • This is a great show. Although it has some slow parts to it, if you just bear with it it gets good. It has a good build up of stories and characters. I enjoy it every week.

    I love the line it follows. The beginning of each episode gets off to a slow start, but they usually end it with a bang. I like to be in suspense, and this show does it. Keeps me waiting every week. I always want to know what comes next. I also think they did a great job on the website. It is really interactive and informative. It helps you get a background on the characters. I like the way the plot it brought together and how they show a great deal of emotion between all the actors. It makes for a great time on sunday nights.
  • 4400 people were abducted at all diff times, but brought back all at once. they now have powers witch some use for good and some, not so good! why were they brough back? whay do they each have unusual powers? what are their purpose?

    I love this show! Try to watch every episode I can. It's great, orginal, and exciting! Just wish they would bring back some of the main characters, they took off. I really wana know why everyone was sent back and what their purpose in on earth is. If you haven't seen the show, now is the time to catch up!
  • 4400 people are taken by people from the future, then returned to Seattle, Washington enmass. This show starts with chronicling their reintroduction into society and how it affects them, government conspiracy to control them, and so much more!

    Season 1 starts out by looking at different 4400's abilities, and how it affects other non-4400 people around them. Each episode eventually explains how this ability or trait they have recieved from people in the future(their abductors) will benefit mankind in the long run. In subsequent seasons there has been added government conspiracy exposed, including some 4400s turning on the government, law enforcement, and at times each other. Currently each episode is not so 'self-contained' with easy answers. In contrast, it has you asking more and more questions and keeps you guessing. I highly recommend this show, even if sci-fi is not one of your favorite genres.
  • A cheesie attempt at the new genre of super narrative, many twist, supernatural drama in which 4400 mostly white americans are taken from the second half ot the twentieth century and brought to the present in order to stop some sort of catastrphe. Oh my!

    The writers seem to have no idea where they are going and too many returnees are getting way too powerful. The writers seem to have no real sense of how temporal mechanics actually work. They have set up an alien humanity that can alter the past, but aparently be immune from the effects of changed timeline in order to evaluate the changes they have made. Otherwise they would not be able to tell if what they did made any difference. The writting is very poor as is the acting. The NTAC characters always seem to come to the right conlusion really fast, even if none of the information they have should lead them. The Elizabeth characer, while a beautiful actress, just reads her lines, there is very little range there. There is nothing truely clever in the story and so far the only good twist has been that it was future man who took them, and not aliens as was popular belief at the time. I keep watching just to see it through to the end, though I have a feeling that this show is going to be continuing for a great while... unfortunately. This series wants to be a LOST or a Prison Break so badly, but is just third rate.
  • 4400 returned with power beyond our imagination. That all I got to say.

    the trailer first caught my attention and surprisingly it lived up to the hype. every episode keeps you anticipating the next. it just gets better every season. i hope there's many more seasons to come. this is the only show that enables me to enjoy my sunday night. I wish this show is a depiction of ife in the future. Life would be so exciting. Usa Networks knows how to make a viewer happy. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I think this is one of the great shows on TV today and a lot of people are missing it because of the bad promotion and bad time slot.

    this will get you hooked! the story is so great... sort of xmen with a twist! well, it has even better story than xmen the movie. the pace of the story is so well graphed, it gets better and better each episode.

    although i do wish they have casted better and more popular actors. given better choice of cast, this could have made tv history.

    but i still recommend you watch it. I'm looking forward to watching season 2!
  • It's like X-Men on prime time just without the entertaining fights.

    The 4400, get me hooked and then let me down. I thought the show was mildly interesting for a while and then it took a turn to Boring town. The past few episodes have really let me down, nothing huge has happened it's just enough to skate by. However, as a whole I think show has a lot of potential, that same dynamic that caught my attention can be found again if the writers would find some more entertaining storylines. I don't want to get caught up in another "Lost" type show with more mysteries and questions than answers and that's where the 4400 is headed. I hope they get back on track because this could be an awesome show, but until then it's just average.
  • It had potential to be the next 'X-Files', and the premise presented itself well. However the show emphasized itself too much on drama. Every presenting episode produces a letdown of the what could have been.

    The idea that 4400 people could have returned from the future for a 'greater purpose' is perhaps one of the best storylines on television. To crowd the show with too much unneeded drama and center around a group of individuals was this shows greatest mistake, and it will inevitably lead to its downfall.
  • Since 1946 people from around the world have gone missing but when they all mysteriously reappear in 2004, agents Tom Baldwin & Diana Skouris must figure out WHERE they've been, WHY they were taken, sent back & WHO took them!!

    Wow, so long have i been waiting for a show this good. A mixture of qaulity shows such as Lost, Roswell and Smallville ( in my oppinion of course ). Each season prmiere will leave you kicking youre coffee table and each season finale leaves you wondering where your finger nails have gone! Top show, not something you'd expect for a somewhat unwatched network but either way USA's got the ball rolling with 'The 4400'. Season3 is bound to leave me floored, and i already can't wait for season4 i love it so much !! i hope i don't jinx it
  • This show has a great plot and some awesome characters.

    This is a great show. I absolutely love the fact that some are stupendously dangerous, while others are like gentle rabbits. It gives it a sense of balance that most shows don't have. The plot is great to. I mean, 4400 people disappear over the past 60 years? That's great! Haven't aged a day? Amazing. It's great to see that all the abductees weren't all adults that some where children and those children all came back with some awesome abilities, not the annoying silly childish ones. I like the choice actors as well. Even though I never heard of any of them, the actors play their parts perfectly, and i couldn't see anyone else playing their parts.
  • Don’t get me wrong or anything, I really like The 4400, passed and present but I just feel as though it is going a bit down hill at the mo. Its nothing personal or anything, I just don’t go much on the third season, but I still watch it.

    I really liked The 4400 for the first two series, but now I feel as though it is going down hill rapidly. I could understand the whole, they were taken to protect mankind and all but now that they got it wrong and the plan needs to be changed so Tom has to kill Isabelle. The story line is just getting out of hand in my opinion. Ok so some of you would be wondering how was the story line in hand before, but come on it’s a TV series so anything could happen, so why not have a whole load of abducted people return all in one go and all in the same place, claming to be sent back from the future to save humanity. So it would be logically to assume that they would have changed and now they all have different abilities. Any who, it’s just getting crazy how Isabelle has developed like every power one would hope for, and she is immortal. But then again we don’t know if that syringe filled with the milky liquid that Tom has would work or not.
    Why can’t there be some more plots with 4400 developing powers and we see what it is that they do and the ripple effect it causes like we did for the first two series. I don’t think that they have used it too much so that the fans wouldn’t buy it any more and think that they are just regurgitating old plots and adapting them to new situations.
    There is also that thing with Dennis Ryland (the guy that used to be in charge of Homeland Security for the area), he just seams to be out to get revenge on any 4400 after he tried to kill them and then they tried to kill him. Its just getting annoying having him on the side line and not really doing anything apart from coming in and taking control and then screwing it up.
  • Gets better all the time.

    So is it just me, or is this show just not as popular as it should be? In my opinion this is one of the only shows on T.V. that is really worth watching, there is just never a dull moment. Every Sunday I just can't peel my eyes away from the screen and I can't believe everything that happens, this show is full of twists and turns that no one would ever suspect and i can't believe more people don't watch it. The 4400 is brilliant and definetly deserves a better rep in the T.V. world. I can never wait for a new episode and I just can't believe how good it always gets.
  • Awsome show, awsome idea, and awsome characters!

    Ok, this show is really good. I sarted watching in the second season, and I had to see every episode. I love how every episode seems to keep you on the edge of your seat and excited for the next one. It has a great idea and is really being written well. I like how we get to see things from so many points of few, instead of only one or two. It really lets get to know all of the characters. It sometimes gets confusing, but that is one of the good things about it, because it makes you think a bit. I think this show will continue to be great.
  • Great, yet sometimes confusing show.

    When the 4400 first appeared a few years back, you could see it was bound to be a great show. From the first episode on, they would leave you on the edge of your seat with anticipation for what was coming next week. Even in its next season, they continue to do that, making you stay tuned each week thinking maybe, just maybe, the whole truth would be revealed. The first season was great, but the second season has you, at some points, confused and/or bored. But, with that aside The 4400 is a pretty good show that I think everyone should give at least one chance.
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