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  • 4400 people are abducted over a period of years, and are all suddenly returned in recent years and none of them have aged a day. They fight with the ongoing critisicm and get through with the care of the people close to them.

    This show is awesome, i started it with my mom, and since the first season was five episodes long, it was finished quickly. I then forgot about the show because of the long jump of season 1 and 2, I finally got to see the premeire of season 2 after a long wait. It was better than I remembered. This show is definnatly underaprreciated, greatly due to it's time day and the network it's on. Don't get me wrong USA have produced great shows, but it would do better on another night. Anyway it's an awesome show and should be watched by more people, please give it a chance.
  • The 4400 is one of the best shows on television today very few shows offer anywhere near this much intensity.

    I missed all of season one and just happened to be changing the channel when previews for season 2 revealed they were running a marathon of season 1 leading up to season 2... Needless to say the channel hasn't changed since and I have even got my fiance stuck on this show as well thank god for tivo I never miss it.
  • 4400 people abducted from different times. All are put back all at once and have changed. They now all have special abilities.

    This has got to be my favorite summer show. I love most super power shows because I'm a huge comic book geek. This show has a great mix of super powered people and drama. The third season seems to be incredible. I'm a little scared for my favorite characters since they seem to be writing off characters left and right. I really hope Isabelle doesn't turn out to be evil because I think she will be a kick butt character. I hope a 4400 has the power to at least weaken her to keep her in check. She seems to have the ability to use a 4400 power against them. Scary...
  • Even *more* teenaged cast members you SHOULD know about by the end of the summer.

    Let's see...If I could put this in four words or! Everyone has their own special powers which makes them a 4400, and I have been intrigued.

    I started watching during the 3rd season (well, my mom introduced me to this when NBC did a recap of what happened during the second season). Still, it's a great show, and you should be able to watch it from the beginning. It's also better if you bring some friends/family members/siblings over to watch this great show on USA.

    Patrick Flueger!!
    Great fun from the start
    Intriguing powers and storylines

    Nothing bad, really. Couldn't find anything wrong.

    Now with that out of the way, this show will have you coming back for more...even if you're a Shawn Farrell fan. :)

    I'm also willing to bet that every young woman (apologize if I'm calling anyone out) who watches this show thinks that one of the 4400s, Shawn Farrell, is hot. Well, I just think he's handsome, that's all.

    MY SCORE: 10 ('Nuff said.)
  • what happend. the show just stop.

    the show had a new \"monster\" every ep.
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  • Good idea, first few episodes were good, Kind of lost interest after a bit. But am back into it now.

    I wil give any new sci-fi series a chance. I just love sci-fi in general. The first few episodes were really good and I liked the idea behind the show. The casting was well-done, no problems there really. But close to the end of the first season we kind of slowly fell out of watching it. What does that say for the show? It just wasn't keeping our attention.

    I noticed new episodes on the space channel recently (ones I haven't seen anyway) so i started watching them again to see how the show was doing, and I find myself looking forward to watching more now. So i will continue to give the show a chance and hope it gets better.
  • Interesting premise...but they kinda ruined it...

    So what would happen if every missing person suddenly returned? And they came back with...powers?

    I think the idea of finding every missing person ever reported is kinda interesing. But i think this show really stretched it. I mean to say that they were all abducted by aliens or w/e and then they were all returned with like superpowers of some kind? Um, yea. Kinda stupid.

    To me, it could've been good. It's just a little the wall. I mean, it's a good idea. But it's just too extreme.

    I saw a few episodes. I was really bored.

    I mean the show would drag on forever. And it was like, it took them an hour what someone else could easily portray or get across in 5 minutes, so it seemed like a waste of my time.

    Anyway, i think if they had gone in a different direction with story, it really would have been a big hit.
  • Wow!!!!!!! What else needs to be said.

    First of all I want to say sorry if the spelling is messed up, Always had a problen with it since i started school in 1979. I have just had the pleasure of starting to watch the 4400. i have alyays insisted on watching episodes in order. and have refuded to watch them on tv untill i get up to dateHopefully in a few days i will be caught up and be able to see the new episode as ti airs on television. I've mannaged to have all the episodes untill gone Pt 2. and with any luck it will be back on next season.
  • Awsome Show

    My Best tv series Show, IT Rocks.. You\'ll love it.
    I never thought I\'d Like it When I First heard About it, after I saw the first episode I was empressed. & everytime I see one, it makes me wanna see the next, this show is amazing... although the sad part is that the 1st season has only 5 episodes? thank god it didnt get cancelled.. plus the second season has only 12 episodes if I\'m not mistaken.. lets hope the 3rd season will be long as in 22 episodes or more. this show is amazing, I reacomand atleast watch the first episode, you\'ll love it :) thank you
  • Something good during the Summer months.

    The 4400 is about a group of people that have gone missing over the space of 60 years all suddenly appearing in a flash of light, no older than they were when they first dissapeared. However some of the returnies start showing signs of special abilities such as healing and telekenisis.
    It is believed that these abilities were given to the 4400 so that they could influence the course of time and change the future. But there are conflicts within the 4400 as to how they are supposed to influence the future. Some believe they are there to make the world a beter place for every one, others think they are there to make life beter for jsut the 4400 and become dominant over non 4400's.
    An original Sci-Fi show that keeps me entertained summer.
  • It's like X-men, but more realistic. My new favorite show on television, it's great.

    Now here is a show that could go for seasons. There are so many possibilities. Though I have to say that it is a risky story to portray. So I have to hand it the writers and the director because it is very good. It has a little bit for everyone. Ok, maybe not the kids, but for everyone in high school and up. The 4400 is a great show that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats with its great plot twists and character development. It is an escape to a comic book style fantasy but still keeps it real. Truly something that everyone should try at least once. I practically guarantee it. Truly a wonderful show.
  • If you are not watching this, you are missing the best in T.V. today!

    This is the best show on television! I think the Broadcast Networks should take note of what makes good television! Why wasn\'t this show picked up by any of them!? KUDOS to USA for bringing us quality television. Not only is it well acted, it is well written and well produced, something you don\'t see often from a cable show. There aren\'t really any shows on Broadcast television that come close to the pure genius of this show. Every episode leaves you hungry for more. They reveal just enough secrets to satisfy your craving while at the same time they leave just enough shrouded in mystery that you just can\'t wait for the next episode. I HIGHLY recommend this show!
  • I LOVE this show!

    This is definately one of my favorite shows EVER! Every single episode leaves you hanging! I watch it every week and love it even more each time I watch it! I did buy the Season 1 DVD to understand it better because I started in the middle of the series! I will watch this show until the very end because it is so wonderful! There are parts that I don't like but they always end up being very important! I can't wait to watch the next episode tomorrow night! But I know it will be as amazing as it always is!
  • wow hold on to your hats people

    god i have just heard that not channels in new zealand are going ot pick up season 3 of the 440 which sucks big time.

    i love this programe and think theres a few twist and turn on there way this season. Writiers have done a great job and left me sitting on the edge of my seat. and wow that kiss was Hot HOt HOT i tell you.

    Look forward to the rest of the season a smash hit there guys i think

    hope theres heap of awards heading you way.

    ps do you think they get taken away again one can only ask themselves
  • I've watched this show from season 1, and it gets better every summer. I am sooo hooked that I cannot wait until Sunday rolls around.

    This show has brillant writers with ingenious actors. The plot thickens, twists, and pulls the viewers in on every episode. Just when we think we know what will happen next, another surprise is unveiled. Shawn (Patrick Flueger) is a very good looking young actor playing a heart throb of a character. I actually look forward to seeing what Shawn will do with Isabelle (Megalyn Echikunwoke). I cannot keep my eyes off of them because they are a stunning duo to watch. The forbidden passion and love between the two will make for some interesting episodes in the future. My heart also melts everytime I see Maia (Conchita Campbell). She is a brilliant child actress who I believe makes this show worth watching as well. Call me biased, but those 3 are my favorites.
  • One of the best show ever!!!

    ____ _ _ ____ 44 44 00 00
    (_ _)( )_( )( ___) 4 4 4 4 0 0 0 0
    )( )(_)( )__) 4444 4444 0 0 0 0
    (__) (_) (_)(____) 4 4 00 00

    This is one of the best shows ever. i love it each season is getting better. it shocks me what happened to isabel. i wish i could grow up that fast. i give this show 2 thumbs way way up. i wish new seasons were in winter and summer instead of only summer. i cant wait to see what else happens.i have got my mom hooked on this show. i think this is one of the best science fiction show ever. best show ever!!!
  • always keeps me guessing

    this is another great show on usa. along with the dead zone it is among the best of it\'s genre. i did not start watching it until season two, but found myself hooked after the first few episodes. i think the current season is off to a great start and cannot wait until next sunday night.
  • this is a very diverse show

    this show has a lot of story-line it it. i got board at some points bt i think its brilliant. the episodes and characters are great but can drag along witht he story-line. somtimes it can be very exciting and some it cant and even somtimes it seems a little bit un-realoistic but it is very mysterious of where those 4400 people just appeared from. your wondering if its aliens or what. The 4400 isn't a slam-bang, at least in this two-hour premiere episode. Still, it's fine sci-fi drama that's worthy of a look. It's nice to have another series to add to the list of original fare available this summer, along with Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Monk, Missing and Dead Like Me. Come fall, television won't be nearly so interesting.
  • I can't get involved. It just feels so easy.

    I just don't get what people like about this show.
    It's so simple.
    Just get a bunch of superheroes and make them human.
    It must be realy easy to be a writer on this show.
    I enjoy sci-fi, but this is just so unrealistic.
    I have nothing againt the story, or the idea being unrealistic,
    a bunch of good shows has unrealistic stories.
    But the people, not only the ones thats part of "the 4400" but the agents and so forth.
    Are just so unrealistic, in the way they think, react and ineract.
    It just feels so, unfinnished, hasty ans easy.
    I don't buy it. Just not an interresting show.
  • The old made new again

    The 4400's essential plot elements - time travel, being 'more than human', mod mentality, fear and sometimes unscrupulous government agencies - are nothing new, but the blending of these classic ideas creates something highly enjoyable.

    The unrelenting pace of the program's plot (even missing one can leave you bewilded) and the idea of being able to introduce new interesting characters more or less at will, in conjunction with a continuation of previous threads, makes the program as lively as it is insightful.

    An acheivement of genuine note is the combination of hope and excitement, in the form of humanity becoming more than it is, and its tempering against more base emotions and reactions like mob mentality and the apparently inevitable descent into conflict.

    Indeed, the 4400 is simutanously terrifying and brilliant, and deserves all the praise it is given.
  • this was really good season starter sean looks finer than ever and rest in peace lily :( and welcome isablle you have cery nice cloths for someone who likes to walk around naked! read on for *spoilers*

    isablle jumped off the 4400 building and got up like nothing happened!! that was sad and lily died!!! how fast they grow. and that boyish asian girl got shot and the black guy read everyones minds it was crazy and mia was depressed cause she can't controll her powers and now goes to the 4400 school wit kids like her!! and that crazy doctor is testing on himself its crazy!!!!

    ps it was pretty good (ok)
  • 6.3
    was just channel surfing and this show caught my eye.being a lost fan im used to not knowing whats going on.i found it to be captivating in its own the song at the end of the episode was truely beautiful!!!does anyone know who sings it cause i cant find it anywhere???????
  • One day my dad turns on the TV. The 4400 is playing. I get hooked.

    I haven't seen all the episodes yet, but I must say that I am in love with this show. Ever since that marathon, I've been wanting to watch more and more. I love these kinds of series - paranomal horror, action and adventure...

    My favorite character? Maia. I would die for a power like her's. ...Well, despite the fact that her gift only brings her pain. Sheesh, she's just a kid! And everyone gets all freaked at her because she can see the future.

    So, yes, a personal favorite. I can't wait for more.
  • This show rocks!

    I think this show is great! It is put together very nicely and everything seems to tie together. I am a longtime fan of sci-fi and this is a credit to the genre. The only thing I would change is to have each season be slightly longer than just a dozen or so shows. The acting in the show is great. It has a good balance of being kind of creepy to just really neat. The ideas in the show are awesome! The 4400 has a great deal of potential and I hope that it continues for many seasons to come.
  • Season One started off strong, but went downhill. It\'ll be a favorite to some, but not good enough to draw in new viewers or keep me watching.

    The 4400 started off really strong. The Mini-Series (pilot) is worth watching even if you have no intention of following the show. I watched all of Season One, but lost interest as it went along.

    The plot sort of fell apart, the abilities the characters were given made the show seem like a Role Playing game or Comic Book, rather than a Sci-Fi story. Add to that the obviously political slant The 4400 takes and the show seems like it has an agenda, which left a bad taste in my mouth.

    None of the actors nor characters are that strong, so it would make sense to develop them. However, the show started to become rather episodic (much like a comic book) and too little time was left to strengthen the main characters. They seem to be in limbo. Are they teen soap characters (The OC, One Tree Hill, Everwood) or are they in a Sci-Fi story (X-Files)?

    I\'m sure the show is a lot of fun for the serious fans, but I started to lose interest toward the end of Season One. By the time Season Two came around, I quit after one episode. For me, there are better Sci-Fi and Comic Book shows out there (Battlestar Galactica, Dead Zone, and Smallville) and The 4400 just can\'t compete. It\'s not a strong show and lacks the charm of a mid-level show. It\'s not bad. Unfortunately, it\'s worse off than that, it\'s just kinda there.
  • I totally love this show! It's so intersesting. Their powers are cool too. I think the whole story line makes the show so great and every epidsode is better than the last.

    When I first saw the commercial I just thought it was a bit scary but after awhile of watching the first season I loved the show. The characters and their hot powers just make it so much better. I can't wait for the 3rd season coming up. I love the whole story line and how the 4400 makes such a big deal to us. If this actually happened I think people wouldn't be any different. This show is awesome. I wished I had these powers. Hehe. Every season it just becomes so much better. I think everyone should watch this. The 4400 rocks!
  • Excellent show!!

    I've really enjoyed 4400 ever since it started. The plot is excellent and hard (sometimes) to predict the outcome of, leaving me in suspence for the next episode. I love the way each character's personality grows gradually throughout the series giving me time to get to know them. Can't wait until the next series is aired here in UK :D
  • I love this show!

    I love this show. It is my favorite show! I can believe that they take such long breaks. I can't wait till season 3 starts. This so is so interesting. I just can't wait! The 4400 is so unique to and is so unlike anyother show on tv that's why it's my favorite show!
  • Great show with writing and cast!

    This is a great show and what I love about it is that it has no major stars just let us really focus on the characters and not the major names in the show
    Very good writing and acting in an ensamble cast makes the show really stand out and it is ahead of its time IMO!
  • The 4400 is a sci-fi drama with a spectacular cast and some of the best and most creative writing on television today.

    I'll admit it...I'm a bigger reader than I am a TV watcher. Therefore, it's rare that I find a television series that draws me in as much as a good book. However, The 4400 is one of those series. The premise of the show is quite creative: 4,400 people dissapear from all over the world over several decades. Suddenly, they all return to one location in rural Washington state with no memory of the time they've been gone...and some of them have superhuman abilites. So many questions arise and for two seasons now, the writers of The 4400 have been answering them, mostly with answers that draw more questions. With smart and engaging writing and a superb cast of TV veterans and newcomers (10 year old Conchita Campbell is amazing as clairvoyant Maia Skouris), The 4400 makes for some of the best drama on television today. From the beginning the show has been on shaky ground, but an upcoming third season (beginning June 11, 2006) on the USA network seems to indicate that the show "has legs."
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