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  • It\'s like a good book you can\'t put down. thought provoking, intense, entertaining. I can\'t wait for the new season.

    I just finished watching all the episodes on DVD since I had trouble catching it at its regular time. I found it difficult to stop after just a couple of episodes before I had to retire for the long sleep required for the next days work. It was compelling. I wanted to know what was going to happen next. Not many shows have this effect on me so when it does happen I have to let everyone know.
    I highly recommend this show to all Sci-Fi fans if you\'re not watching it already and I especially recommend it to those less inclined to watch Sci-Fi Programs, it just might make you rethink you’re opinion of this genre. TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!
  • great and interesting show, who knows what comes next?

    i can't wait for the next season, the story is so captivating and awesome. Why were the 4400 chosen, some die without having even done their duty. So i don't understand why they were chosen only to get killed or turn evil in the process. But there must've been a reason, and maybe in season 3 we're gonan find out..i can't wait for the new season and find out even more powers and more about the back story. And some powers are even dangerous for the person, with shawn, he's getting weaker and weaker with the healing. And isabella is just freaky, i really don't want to know what she's up to. Maybe everything cam to revolve around her. She has a purpose, maybe not a good one?? we'll just have to wait and find out
  • I love this show so much. I loved the X-files when it was one and I think that this tops it. Amazing.

    I love this show so much. I loved the X-files when it was one and I think that this tops it. Amazing. I love this show so much. I loved the X-files when it was one and I think that this tops it. Amazing.I love this show so much. I loved the X-files when it was one and I think that this tops it. Amazing.I love this show so much. I loved the X-files when it was one and I think that this tops it. Amazing.I love this show so much. I loved the X-files when it was one and I think that this tops it. Amazing.
  • Good.

    Well i guess that the 4400 is a good show, although the only thing that got me into watching the series was the mini-series. I like the actual show, but it just seems to have some of the wierdest, and out there plots. And it draws out the plot so it takes ages for anything good to happen. This is because it always shows new returnees, and after a while, it gets pretty boring. They should just stick with the main charaters, such as Lily and her baby. But other than that, the shows pretty good. If you can, please say if you agree or disagree with what i have said. Thanks.
  • "Put Back" is a great show.

    This is an extremely ambitious but well-written and well-acted sci-fi story. The key is that it is not just about weird goings-on but rather, what people might do under weird circumstances. The answers are touching and thought-provoking. There are drawbacks and potential drawbacks. The show is not over yet; we don't know what it will look like when it is over, but so far, very good. I wish they had a larger budget so they did not have to skimp on special effects. But then, like early X-Files episodes--which this most closely resembles, the show relies more on the viewers imagination than on special effects.
  • Not confusing all though some people think they are

    4400 people get obducted at different times and all come back at the same time with powers but havent aged one day.

    Some people say that this program is confusing but to me some who gets confused alot i fond it rather easy to follow.

    This program is amazing and very sci-fi.It has all the good points of sci-fi like things that havent happed yet but may happen in the future. But it alos has the Drama feature witht he story side and it carries on each time.

    If you like sci-fi and drama then i strongly recamend that you watch this program.

  • The 4400 is a science-fiction show. When there comes a ball to the earth 4400 disappeared people are suddenly back. But they are not older then when they disappeared. Some people of the 4400 got special powers. Two NTAC agents have too find out who they a

    Since this year is in The Netherlands the 4400 on TV. Since the first time I saw the show on television I loved it. My favourite genre of TV-series is science-fiction. And this show is a really great one. Last week I saw there comes a third season so i\'m really happy. Because the first season has only 5 episodes and also season 2 has only 12 episodes there is much more to tell in next season. I hope season 3 will have like 21 or 22 episodes just as the most TV-shows I watch!
    The show itself looks great. The special effects they use are great and they don’t use them too much. Also are the powers of each 4400 different. I recommend this show to everybody who likes science-fiction TV-shows!
  • Absoulotly great show

    This is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. The idea itself is just fantastic.
    The basic idea of the show is the lives of 4400 people who where abducted since the 50’s are returned back without aging one day and the best part is that some of them have special powers. The amazing thing is that it wasn’t aliens who abducted these people but people from the future. And all off that was done in order to save the human race from something terrible which we don’t know yet.
    There is a lot of action in this show and I love the way the story progresses. Every episode builds the anticipation for the next episode.
  • Take the X-files, throw in some DS9, a bit of SVU (to taste)...and you're still not getting it. How about a dramatic, entertaining, and truly unique piece of sci-fi?

    The 4400 is a show about change. About the future. The present. The past. It's about our humanity, in all it's good and bad.

    Kidnapped from throughout time and dumped into the present, 4400 individuals suddenly appear in a lakebed in Washington. A massive spectacle ensues. The world knows. The US government must deal with the fear, panic, and risk posed by the 4400.

    With a human and diverse cast, the 4400 speaks to responsibility - to one's family, one's group, one's work, one's country.

    Characters regularly must struggle with the most alien of circumstances - which end up revealing the simplest of truths. Maybe that's the truest strength of sci-fi. To realize that the most alien is the most human - and vice versa.

    I highly reccomend this for anyone, including non-scifi buffs. This is not star trek or the x-files!

    If you enjoy drama, some action, and truly complex and driving plots - you've come to the right place.
  • Good show with tons of action.

    The first season itself provide good enough entertainment even ot is knid of short. The producer should make every character history. I as a science person, I do understand why a person will be pick, mostly because of what your knowledge or you had a different history on your own. The 4400 is pick-up too random if the show producer do not show us each and everyone history. I knew some will think is too boring to dig every character or it sound like other show like Lost, but I have a good feeling if the producer make that, it will be astonishing and totally different from other show. Lastly the series on air in my place with a big gap, the first season just finish recently but I had finish them long ago.
  • I read that they are going to cancel this show? Is this true?

    The show is ok but it needs some tunning up to do. I think the writers of the show needs to start brain storming a little harder. If anyone didn't notice it's kind of like the X-Files all over again. Scully and Molder!! But i'm going to give it a try and hopefully it wont keep you in the dark like the X-files did. talk about chris carter didnt' know where to take the show in the last couple or so season. He should of ended it sooner.
  • Great Show..Am Hanging Till it comes Back..Wont be long now

    The story line of 4400 intrigued me.. 4400 people has disappeared the last 50+ years... Suddenly they reappear on earth, not aged one day, and not remembering anything.. But something has changed with these people. Something is different...

    Suddenly, these 4400 men, women, and children, who have disappeared ranging from about 1930s until recently - are all returned at once...

    But to make it even more interesting, they are returned with different powers bestowed upon them. Some are good, and do good things with their power, some are bad. But some of them you just don't know if they're good or bad.

    The negative is that you become addictive to the series and have to watch each episode

    Looking forward to the Return ....
  • ReaLLY Great.

    The thing that would make this show a 10 is their needs to be more eps. and the seasons shouldn't be so far apart from each other. Besides that it has the most amazing storyline and its so kool to see all the different powers that each people have and the different times that they come from.
  • Where is season 3!!!

    I want to see more of this show and more of the powers and where they really were abducted to. Really hope they bring the show back and soon liken this year. It ended with a 4400 (i have forgoten his name) came back to life after he was shot and how did that happen?? // Beddz
  • This show rates just behind the new Galactica series. Acting and the story line are great. I you loved "Taken" you will certainly enjoy most episodes of the 4400.

    Dropping this show is such a shame.

    There were a couple of episodes that would have been better if the themes were better thought thru.

    Drop off the few shows with a low rating, add a new writer or two with some real imagination, use the original cast and you will have a winner here. Get this show back on the set.
  • i loved the first season but the second season was FABULOUS loved it cant wait for the 3rd season to start just wish i knew when it was :)

    Love this show really loved it, the second season finale OH WOW i cant wait to find out what happens next. Oh i cant wait to see what new abilities everyone gets the good or the bad lol its awesome. Does anyone know when the third season starts if you know please msg me thanks
  • this is a good show

    i cant wait fore the third season ther wher so good cliffhangers is the last seasons episode this is really a good show. se it!!! its some meny things that is good about it i cant think of eny more now ther rest is in fill (fill in) (fill in) (fill in)
  • A new and boring version of the X-Files

    First off, I only watched the first season. The pilot was brilliant really interesting.

    Not much was explained. Everything was a mystery.

    But after the pilot the main-character turned into a Fox Mulder-clone. A FBI special agent desperatly looking for his nephew (rather than his sister).

    His partner, or Scully2, was just not interesting enough as a character.

    Why should I care about these characters?...

    But I thought, that the series would get around the problems but they blew it. The season 1-cliffhanger was such a big let-down.
  • 4400 people, abducted from their time and sent to the future, the present. Given all kinds of abbilities, like healing powers, visions of the future. Two agents, try assigned to the strange case, try to find out what the hell is going on. More deve

    It\'s quite a different kind of tv show than most are familliar with, when thinking of sci-fi tv.
    It\'s a combination of the X-Files meets Earth: Final Conflict. Quite the combo I\'d say. The actors are quite good, the writers could do better though.
    It\'s an ongoing story, and you get to know more about what has happened and what \"the plan\" is for the 4400. It\'s a show you need to follow every episode or you\'ll get lost. It\'s worth it anyway!
  • Great show with an interesting plot though at times I am not exactly sure where it was going. All ends get tied up eventually so it's alright. Introduces new ideas and gives a new spin to the whole future infuencing past scenario.

    Wasn't really impressed by the show when it first got out but recently I ended up watching the whole 2 seasons and I can't wait for the 3rd. The show has a life and while some of the characters are very much standard sci-fi tv characters there are plenty with their own personality. A lot of interesting ideas get introduced and the episodes are very catchy so far. The ever 4400 gets a unique ability theme that was introduced at the end of Season 2 has a lot of potential. Judging by what has been done with the plot in the past, Season 3 would be awsome. Never though I was gonna say this but USA has a better sci-fi show then pretty much everything on Sci-Fi at the moment. Way to go!
  • Something new each week with added characters.

    I like the way they follow a bunch of different story lines that is easy to follow. I also like the way the story lines kind of intertwine and creat something surprising as a result. Then there is always the added new stories that come along almost every week with someone who has a new capability. The show always makes you wonder whats coming next.
  • A good Show

    This is a good show, not a great one a stoking filler if you will. Let me explain, if this show was around when all other shows like Gilmore Girls, Smallville etc it would be cancelled by now. But I do like where its going and I cannot wait to see what happens next.
  • I love this show and the characters

    I love this show and hate that it takes so long to be put back on the air. I want to find out what is going to happen next. Especially with Isabelle! This is a terrific show. I have not seen this type of story line before of all my years watching television. I like all the back-stories and seeing how they are now and trying to fit in after their abduction. I really like Maia, because she was the youngest abducted and the first, I believe. It is one of my all time favorite TV shows that has been on television. I just can't wait until the summer to see it! It is a long wait for me.
  • A scifi classic with a new twist.

    Cant wait for the next series of this wonderfully gripping series. One not to miss. From the very beginning I was hooked. 4400 people returned at the same time and some of them have interestingly wierd abilities. Sort of a cross between superman with a paranormal twist. Highly recommended television.
  • A great TV show, full of mistery.

    The 4400 is a great show, I love all the mistery and strange things that happen in it. Imagine if it was true... the world would go crazy! I'd just hope there wasn't any war of normal people against abducted people. The performances are great, the special effects are very good too and the plot is absolutely worth it.
  • People taken over time returning to the present time with no memory of where they were. They must now fit in to society.

    This is the best! I really enjoy the different abilities of one of the 4400 each week. Tom and Diana face challenges. Kyle killed the head of the 4400 foundation. Lets see where this will lead. This is one of the first series incorporating such a theme. This is orginal and fresh. When will it return?
  • I can't wait until it's back!

    I love this show, it is so great! I wish they didn't make us wait until Summer. I can't wait until it's back. They are really going to have a problem with Maya aging though, I don't think they can pull a "One Year Later" again. So unless they pull an Isabelle with Maya too they need to figure somthing out, preferably longer seasons. I can't wait to see how everything works out, it was a big clifhanger last year. I wonder what powers everyone will have and if they are planing to use the new powers thing to add more main characters. I can't wiat to find out!
  • can't wait

    i really love this show and am on pins an needles till the next season./. good story telling, good actors.. how can you go wrong.. it hooked me from day one.. I love the concept.. wish I did not have to wait so long till new eppies but thats trhe way it is
  • Recommended show

    Even though this perticular show takes time to understand and comprehend, it stil has elements of excitment if you are the kind of person who is into fantasies like people haveing "special powers". In my own honest opinion i would say that the pilot is not a very gripping episode, but given some time you can grow to like the series.
  • [recensione in italiano]

    The 4400 è prima di tutto originale, ottimamaente realizzato, con effetti speciali di ottima fattura e non troppo invadenti. I personaggi sono caratterizzati molto bene, da notare soprattutto l'inquietante bambina che vede nel futuro e il leader dei 4400. La trama segue un percorso articolato con una giusta dose di suspence, colpi di scena, azione e c'è perfino un po' di romanticismo. Potenzialmente anche le prossime serie, se verranno realizzate, potranno dare grosse soddisfazioni ai suoi fans. Certo "the 4400" non è immune da contaminazioni e riferimenti a serie più classiche come x-files, ma riesce ad essere originale. Consigliato a tutti
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