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  • A Sci-Fi that involves time travel, aliens, superpowers, etc. Quite unique and entertaining at times with a complex storyline. But the show is ultimatley average as the characters lack depth and are at times cardboard which detracts from the thrills of th

    A Sci-Fi that involves time travel, aliens, superpowers, etc. Quite unique and entertaining at times with a complex storyline. But the show is ultimatley average as the characters lack depth and are at times cardboard which detracts from the thrills of the revelations about the '4400'.

    watch the show, consider my opinion and decide for yourselves what you think of it.

    thats all i have to say.
  • "The 4400" struck the first blow at reality-tv.

    What's to be said. There's been a lot of talk about groundbreaking and reality-tv killing tendencies being picked up by perhaps most notably the likes of lost.
    Wtf - wasn't this on before lost?
    Absolutely love this show though, but what makes it so good, one'd wonder. Well, without thinking about it too much, I'd refer to it's de-mystifying of the ufo-mythology as breath of fresh air in a line of thought that's got absolutely no influence over a world of observers with no incentives or ambitions to find out the actual truth of things. The fundamentalist conservatives are gloabalized - where's the oppostition? 'nuf said.
    Is it action and suspense peeps want after a hard days work in the clutches of normalcy, well look no further, there's definetly something for everyone actually watching in this series.
    Baldwin might be a little sterile and brute, but let's not go into characters here, although one does have to appreciate Joel Gretsch's recent track-record with Taken, Minority report etc.
    I'd like to stress the undertones and thought-provoking tendencies of the show. I mean, for me it's not a question of aliens versus time travel, but more the eloquence of the suggestion that there's a smorgosbord of troubles on the horizon, and that we should be getting organized - and I'm not talking about a membership-card and monthly payments, nor fascistic centralisation - instead of bickering over who's got the biggest cigarr.

    Yey, for the old saying goeth: "check yourselves before you wreck yourselves."
  • This is truely a break-through series. It takes an original approach to all those 'alien abduction' stories and puts an amazing twist on the whole thing.

    This is truely a break-through series. It takes an original approach to all those 'alien abduction' stories and puts an amazing twist on the whole thing. This show is one of my all time favorites. It gives you sci-fi, action and drama all wrapped up in one package.

    The plot of the show is continuous and engaging. It never gets stale or boring and there are always going to be little twists and turns that you were not expecting. As a viewer, you constantly feel the need to tune in and find out what is going to happen next.

    The characters are amazing as well. They are all unique and different from one another, and yet they remain realistic and approachable. You feel as though they could be your family, friends or someone you met on the street. The relationships between the characters are incredibly realistic as well, and are constantly developing.

    I could go on and on about how great this show is, but don't take my word for it. Go watch it for yourself.
  • do you kow guys when this show goes on???

    This is a great show very influenciated from frank herbert's Dune saga, that is why the story is so good but its not alone inn greatness the storyboard, direccion and producccion are brilliant too. The golden path, the salvation of humankind forever, that is not a simple quest dont tou think¿ its better than world domination or a blonde love. hopè to see this show goin on.. Bye!!!
  • Simply brilliant. Better than expected and one of the best things to ever come on television.

    At first, I only viewed this show out of curiousity after watching \'Taken\' and now I can claim it to be one of the best shows i\'ve ever seen, it may have gotten a bit monotonous in the middle episodes of Season 2 but wrapped itself up brilliantly. Season 1 was excellent throughout too and now i\'m desperately awaiting summer 06 for the third season of this excellent series with a stunning cast and brilliant writing.
  • 4400 people abducted, returned, and changed...

    This show is instantly gripping, an edge of the seat watch that should last far longer than just one hour. The premise seems like that of so many others, but the way the returnees are reintegrated back into society is one of the best aspects to the story. Some of the characters have very prominent powers, some seems to have no powers at all, and then there are the ones that have very subtle abilities that they might not even be aware of themselves. The overall storytelling is still fresh and ingaging, and will hopefully continue to improve with each new episode, and it can be very hard to improve upon greatness.
  • The 4400 has proved to be one of the best new shows around.

    I briefly watched the mini series, The 4400, when it first began, and I didn't think that much of it to be honest. But when I heard the show was returning for a second season, I started watching, and I realised how much I was enjoyed it. The cast and the great story lines all contribute to the shows success. I hope when the show returns for its third season, that it is just as good, if not better.
  • The characters light up the whole show!

    I have only seen the first season... But I'ts definately getting much and much better every time I've seen an episode..! The characters are so connected to real life.. It just gives you the feeling, as If you we're there! There's enough mystery to keep you alert and interested about the twists of the programme!
  • Great "new" series

    This is the best show that I have seen come to TV in a LONG time. I didn't see the first season when it aired but saw it on DVD. I would watch one episode and was ready for the next. It was a long weekend watching them all. It is a great series and recommend it to everyone.
  • decent start of the sseries, but since then it's feelt a bit draged out.

    decent start of the sseries, but since then it's feelt a bit draged out.
    And of course like anything from america these days they just %#$*&$%*# couldent help but to add terrorits to the plot.
    A 4400 terrorist.....please god spare me, and strike down the scriptwrighter with a ball of lightning!!!!

  • Interesting - sometime - Not.

    The first few was interesting (1-5), the next not something you just want to see everytime (6-8), and now dont see it. The serie was high rated by others - I think they just have seen the first few. There it lot of series out that better, more intessesting than this one.
  • A good show but not the best

    The 4400 is interesting enough for me to have it series-linked on Sky+, but I find that they build up and build up because every time I sit down to watch something I put all the other shows on the hard drive first - it is the least important show that I watch. The reason for this is simple, its a bit slow and drawn out, its actually a bit of an arse to watch some times cos after work I just feel like relaxing and watching something tediously simple (like Dream Team) or fast paced (like Stargate SG-1) - The 4400 is neither, and the story arc hardly goes anywhere each week. I am only half way through season 2, I have the rest sat on the hard drive, from what I have read the season ends well so Im going to watch the rest and I might amend this review.
  • The first show I began to follow.

    Yes. This was the first show I followed at all. Therefor, of course, It's one of my favorite series ever. Nowadays I follow around 10-12 series. But this one, what can one say? Great acting, great story, very exciting, you feel with the people in the show. I can relate to them as well. There were talk about cancelling this show, that would be a BIG misstake. This show is the best ever, I love it, And I would like to see this survive the future. Wonderful series.
  • Very nice show.

    This show got very much of everything. It's very well done with action, all from exiting moments to super powers. The actors are great and the story is well done too. These two factors are the basics for a good show. The actors in The 4400 is one of a kind. The story, even if I dislike sci-fi, this show never stopped to surprice me. This is a must see show. Even though you're not a sci-fi geek, this show is absolutley worth to give a shot.
  • I find this show very interesting. I always got in to the x files and rosewell and taken. this is the next one I am loveing to watch. I just hate haveing to wait for the next episode.

    I find this show very interesting. I always got in to the x files and rosewell and taken. this is the next one I am loveing to watch. I just hate haveing to wait for the next episode. I aready baught the first season. I am watching season 2 on cable. I want to buy season 2 but I dont think it is out yet. I recomend this show if you are a fan of the movie taken.
  • 4400 people who have disappeared over the course of sixty years, then they reappear in a ball of light. Where were they? What have they become? I was on the edge of bed when this show premiered last year, such writing, great charactrs, grea

    When 4400 persons re-appeared via a ball of light the government created National Threat Assesment Command (NTAC) to oversee the returnees. Our main characters Diana Skouris & Tom Baldwin both of whom have personal stakes in the returnees (Tom's nephew is one and Di adopts 8 yr old Maia).

    The agents encounter many returnees who have powers of various capabilities like: telekinesis, healing powers, super strength, second sight, mind control and those who have no powers whatsoever. But, season two revealed that the government drugged them to reduce the development of new powers and the control of existing ones.

    At first the show was just going to be a mini series for the summer, but it turned out to be the most watched mini series in the history of television.......USA would've have been stupid if they did not flip this into a full slated show. Although the 2nd season was not as good as the first, 4400 is still in my top 5 list of shows that I watch.
  • This is a good show, but...

    Once this show killed of Jordan Collier (played by the truly magnificent and ever-so-sexy Billy Campbell), I lost interest. Had they cast this part as someone else in the beginning, I'm not 100% sure that I would've tuned in. I'd like to think I would, but... I know that had I found "The 4400" and Jordan Collier had died, not being played by Billy Campbell, I'd still manage to tune it, but alas... no Billy, no viewership.
  • I thought this show was good at the first season, and by the start of the second i started to get really hooked up, now i cant wait for the third season to start.

    Amzing show, some people said this show was a sifi show made in a stupid way.
    i wanna know whats stupid about it :
    1- Charachters are done very well.
    2- Special effects are awesome.
    3- story line started a little slow, but picked up really fast.

    I think some sifi shows fail cuz of they was the plot progress, but not this one, if you think its just a show that in each episode they bring a new charachter with new cool super ability and move the plot around it they you havent seen this show yet.
  • The 4400 is an influential, trend-setting show among the sci-fi genre of shows as it incorporates all various forms of drama, comedy, and suspense to make a singular unit.

    I have to admit, I didn't care for the 4400 when it first came out. I guess I catch on to fads a little late. But when I saw Season 1 for the first time, I was in Heaven. I couldn't believe how wonderful this show was, especially since I was in detox of Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel being cancelled. I needed something sci-fi to get my mo-jo going and the 4400 did it. The first season was incredible. The second season, not so much and as much as I love the 4400, I have to admit that season 2 jumped a bit....Maybe it was the addition of the baby with evil powers or Collier becoming the Messiah and being killed only to be resurrected in Season 3....I don't know. The 4400 is losing the originality that drew me in and it is becoming too formulaic and trite, I hope Season 3 fixes the problem of Season 2.
  • Awesome Show

    This show is awesome. It caught my eye because of the hottie Patrick Flueger, who played in the Princess Diaries. But it became more than that. I enjoyed him the most but the cast is excellent and the other characters bring the story to life. I can't wait to see the third season.
    Got into the second season late so i am waiting for it to come on dvd.
  • A different show...

    the 4400 is a good show...i think the first episode was the best episode...but it is still okey. The idee is different and good! But you have to like sci-fi stuff, otherwise you won't like this show!!
    The first season was the best one, but the second one is not bad either.
  • I needed something to replace the X-files ... I found it!

    The 4400 reminds me of the X-files which is the main reason why I started watching it.
    Although I don't think it is as good as the X-files it is quite similar. It also reminds me of X-men as well because everyone has special powers.
    Diana, Maia and Tom are my favorite characters.
  • 4400 abducted people returned to our time.

    The 4400 is a very different kind of show. I've never seen anything like it and thats cool. I think the story line is the best, it's original in my book. I've seen every episode and my favorite one is the season 2 finale. I hope this show is on for many years to come.
  • after just watching the first season i feel i can write a review now. im liking what im seeing, but i feel it's kinda unfinished yet, of course with just 5 episodes in the first season that's not weird.

    shows about aliens have always caught my attention, it's something i certainly like. now it seems this show might not be about aliens, but the it already has caught me. for the moment im hoping the people who send the 4400 back won't be too involved, as time travel isn't one of my favourite things.

    the show started good, bam 4400 people show up and you got an interesting story. what you do with those people will pretty much determine the quality of the show. certainly enough interesting people have been introduced so far. there is also the risk of throwing too many people in the mix, but so far that hasn't happened. the story lines are fine also, some old stuff that has to be straightened out and some new stuff. as expected the population isn't too happy about then and they get attacked from two sides, as one side doesn't appear what it is.

    the problem after just seeing the first season is that much has happened but most is totally open yet. luckly there is a next season, because else it would be a big dissapointment. only one storyline has closed so far and opened into a big one.

    hopefully the second season will be able to answer some questions and work out the characters more. it can become a higher grade for sure, much will depend on the second season.
  • If The X-files and X-men had a baby...

    So, some future people kidnap you and some other forty three thousand ninety nine people all from different periods in time, ranging from months to years to decades and your all returned at the same place in 2004, as if that wasn’t freaky enough you may develop powers sometime in the near future and be expected to use those powers to save humanity from destruction through something called a ripple effect.

    You’d think it would be more complicated with a premise like that – and it is, not only are the 4400 returnees often from different places in time and packing some serious mojo, their also feared and mistreated by the common man and policed by a special branch of the government (Homeland Security), this show has a really good edge to everything and more often than not reminds me of a mixture between the x-men and the x-files (two x’s, neat), but it also has really good twists. It tends to lend itself a formula of showing a new 4400 each week developing or using a strange power they would otherwise not have and two agents from Homeland Security, Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris, dealing with the situation. By the end of the episode we’re treated to an explanation of why these people got those abilities and how even though it often looks nasty this is a good thing for the future. What’s great about these two characters is that unlike Mulder and Scully (the characters their most compared to) is that they both have social lives and while they have a great partnership, no romantic agendas are involved. They both have a personal attachment to the 4400 as well, Baldwin’s nephew Shaun was taken and in doing so put Baldwin’s son in a coma (he woke up as the representative of the future guys when Shaun displayed a power for healing, but now seems normal – see what I mean?!? Complicated!!) , Diana, is the adoptive mother of Maia Rutledge (a girl with precognitive powers) another 4400. The twists are great and make this a really entertaining show, well worth watching.
  • Refreshing from the boring reality TV on!

    I think this is great!!! Two thumbs up!! This show is so refreshing from all of the reality shows that are innodating our networks. Finally a show with a plot and one that keeps you hanging until the next show. This show gives you suspense and even romance and intrigue.
  • A smart and good show that has a good story line.

    The 4400 is a good show. It has a smart and interesting story line that could go on for so long. I love how they have the different 4400 with different powers each week.
    I can't wait until the new season starts because there was a major cliff hanger in the season finale.
  • Good - not great - but definately good.

    The original allure of this series were the big questions - Where were the 4400, why were they taken, and why are they back? I was glued to the TV for the first few episodes, but early on most of these mysteries were resolved. I was expecting an ongoing mystery like "Lost" but the show has gotten past that and become more of a serial series as the agents Tom and Diana stumble along trying to figure out what is going on and what needs to be done. This show is more along the lines of the X-Files than Lost, but it is definately worth watching for any fan of SciFi TV.
  • I really got into this show fast i enjoy every show i want to own all of the shows on dvd.I am really trying to find all of the show today because i missed them and went out to buy them all but only found the first season.

    I will watch every please show me how to find the rest of the shows online.The 4400 is off the hook I love to watch all the show over and over again.I cant wait to see the baby and what happens to the rest of the 4400.So i will be watching.
  • Certainly one of the best shows running at the moment. In one word: AWESOME.

    The 4400 is without a doubt one of the best shows running on TV at the moment. It is consistently well-written and intriguing. Perhaps the only real downside to this show is the fact that the seasons are just too short (the first season being a mid-season replacement with only 6 episodes and the second season 13 episodes long). But what can you do? Just wait for them to make more episodes, and waiting I am.

    A well balanced blend of quality drama with just enough supernatural/sci-fi elements to keep things interesting make this show really stand out. If you like big storylines that continue from one episode to the next you’ll love this show. If you prefer standalone episodes where it doesn’t matter if you miss an episode or two then you’ll probably want to stay away. Me, I can't wait for Season 3 to start.
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