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  • A cheesie attempt at the new genre of super narrative, many twist, supernatural drama in which 4400 mostly white americans are taken from the second half ot the twentieth century and brought to the present in order to stop some sort of catastrphe. Oh my!

    The writers seem to have no idea where they are going and too many returnees are getting way too powerful. The writers seem to have no real sense of how temporal mechanics actually work. They have set up an alien humanity that can alter the past, but aparently be immune from the effects of changed timeline in order to evaluate the changes they have made. Otherwise they would not be able to tell if what they did made any difference. The writting is very poor as is the acting. The NTAC characters always seem to come to the right conlusion really fast, even if none of the information they have should lead them. The Elizabeth characer, while a beautiful actress, just reads her lines, there is very little range there. There is nothing truely clever in the story and so far the only good twist has been that it was future man who took them, and not aliens as was popular belief at the time. I keep watching just to see it through to the end, though I have a feeling that this show is going to be continuing for a great while... unfortunately. This series wants to be a LOST or a Prison Break so badly, but is just third rate.
  • I can't get involved. It just feels so easy.

    I just don't get what people like about this show.
    It's so simple.
    Just get a bunch of superheroes and make them human.
    It must be realy easy to be a writer on this show.
    I enjoy sci-fi, but this is just so unrealistic.
    I have nothing againt the story, or the idea being unrealistic,
    a bunch of good shows has unrealistic stories.
    But the people, not only the ones thats part of "the 4400" but the agents and so forth.
    Are just so unrealistic, in the way they think, react and ineract.
    It just feels so, unfinnished, hasty ans easy.
    I don't buy it. Just not an interresting show.
  • ((4400 SUCKS EVEN NOW IN 2014))

  • Cliche Love Scenes - We Need A Change!

    Um, we don't have any gay people so far in The 4400. Granted, we have a mixed couple having babies together. But no Nancy Boys. I'm beginning to wonder about all these love scenes we are supposed to watch and like. I wanna see some men up on that screen do some of the things these straight folks are doing. If I have to watch yours, you gotta watch mine. Fair is fair! At least put a Gaysian in there. Sheesh! Anything but Hole Punchers. We've been there and bought all the T-shirts. We need a change!

  • Interesting Season 1. i was soo dying to know what happened?

    but after i have completed season 1 and somehow found out most of the answers, i just lost interest, i dont care what would happen to the little girl who can predict the future,
    or who is in love with who or why was his son taken and returned, blah blah... i just dont have the interest to watch it ..

    sorry 4400 fans, i just dont get it!
  • Not very original, but it's good.

    The 4400 is a very interesting story that I have not seen before. What happens after a person has been abducted by ETs and returns a number of years later. They find their loved ones dead. The neighborhoods they knew are gone. Their family had assumed they're dead and moved on. What would the readjustment be like? That is the story of this very fascinating miniseries is about. I will be sure to watch the rest of this series to see what happens. I'm sure some people will learn how to cope and some will not. But is there something more sinister going on? The 4400 is the cure for the summer boredom. I wish the networks would stop putting on one idiotic reality show after another and have shows that are at least have some ambition to them. Why does junk like The Simple Life and Fear Factor stay on the air and shows with ambition are banished to cable. That's where the viewers should go. Watch this show.
  • Fisrt two season great then it felt like a completely different show and not in a good way with more pulp sci fi and less intrigue what a waste

    hard to review a show as schizophrenic as this one
    it started off with a mystery
    abuction of 4400 people are sudenly returned
    we assume aliens as an orb from space brought them to earth.
    but as always its more complicated than that.
    we eventually learn that there here to prevent a catastrophe in human kinds future.
    the mystery slowly unravels and the ntac agents must enforce the law and hopefully ensure a bright future for the human race.
    and then the switch
    all of a sudden a main character dies and her baby suddenly grows up
    she an evil pantomime villian who cant act and has god like far so familar.
    now the ntac agents seem to get messages from the future all the time and promycin is available to all.
    quite what caused this shift in tone and content of the show is a mystery
    but i cant help feel cheated better they cancelled it than leave us with this low grade trash

  • Interesting premise...but they kinda ruined it...

    So what would happen if every missing person suddenly returned? And they came back with...powers?

    I think the idea of finding every missing person ever reported is kinda interesing. But i think this show really stretched it. I mean to say that they were all abducted by aliens or w/e and then they were all returned with like superpowers of some kind? Um, yea. Kinda stupid.

    To me, it could've been good. It's just a little the wall. I mean, it's a good idea. But it's just too extreme.

    I saw a few episodes. I was really bored.

    I mean the show would drag on forever. And it was like, it took them an hour what someone else could easily portray or get across in 5 minutes, so it seemed like a waste of my time.

    Anyway, i think if they had gone in a different direction with story, it really would have been a big hit.
  • Whooa we missed the boat !

    This series had some great potential, and an original view point on abduction ... raised some good questions, and I was all set to like it, alot.
    That was before it took a hidious turn for the worse. I think the pinnacle point was when a grown man ( Ex military I might add ) takes off running with his wife and 'gifted'baby in the woods to avoid trouble. PA-leeeeeeese.
    That was more idiocy than I could take, and I did try to stick it out. Nope, turned it off, and haven't been back.
  • Good.

    Well i guess that the 4400 is a good show, although the only thing that got me into watching the series was the mini-series. I like the actual show, but it just seems to have some of the wierdest, and out there plots. And it draws out the plot so it takes ages for anything good to happen. This is because it always shows new returnees, and after a while, it gets pretty boring. They should just stick with the main charaters, such as Lily and her baby. But other than that, the shows pretty good. If you can, please say if you agree or disagree with what i have said. Thanks.
  • Low budget ruins it...

    I've only watched a few episodes and the plot seems extremely interesting. I don't know if they're going to end like Lost or if they're really going to explain us what happened but it doesn't really matter. What matters is that the actors are terrible and it makes the show really difficult to watch. If they take the "Lost" approach, they've already failed because we cannot get attached to the characters.

    Unnecessary love stories, some uninteresting drama, bad actors, no memorable scene, but overall good plot.
  • what happend. the show just stop.

    the show had a new \"monster\" every ep.
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  • The show were really good, but at the 4th season I did just spoil, terrible ending.

    I really did like the first season of The 4400 , was quite nice, all the misterys , so many questions .
    I really like the character Maya , she really intrigues me .
    At the beginning the show did look something like a mix of Lox and the X Files , but at the end it did turn to some weird cult , I really did not got it , it look that they run out of ideas .
    THE PROPHECY ? You got to be kidding me , sundley we go from sci-fi to some lame second class horror/action show ?
    If the evil guys are from future, the would know what would happen, why they just didn't kill the 4400 when they arrived ?
    And the part of god on earth ? Really doesn't feet on the show, just look more a anime alike.
    I did like the show but the end was really truly disappointing .
  • Season One started off strong, but went downhill. It\'ll be a favorite to some, but not good enough to draw in new viewers or keep me watching.

    The 4400 started off really strong. The Mini-Series (pilot) is worth watching even if you have no intention of following the show. I watched all of Season One, but lost interest as it went along.

    The plot sort of fell apart, the abilities the characters were given made the show seem like a Role Playing game or Comic Book, rather than a Sci-Fi story. Add to that the obviously political slant The 4400 takes and the show seems like it has an agenda, which left a bad taste in my mouth.

    None of the actors nor characters are that strong, so it would make sense to develop them. However, the show started to become rather episodic (much like a comic book) and too little time was left to strengthen the main characters. They seem to be in limbo. Are they teen soap characters (The OC, One Tree Hill, Everwood) or are they in a Sci-Fi story (X-Files)?

    I\'m sure the show is a lot of fun for the serious fans, but I started to lose interest toward the end of Season One. By the time Season Two came around, I quit after one episode. For me, there are better Sci-Fi and Comic Book shows out there (Battlestar Galactica, Dead Zone, and Smallville) and The 4400 just can\'t compete. It\'s not a strong show and lacks the charm of a mid-level show. It\'s not bad. Unfortunately, it\'s worse off than that, it\'s just kinda there.

    4400 is a great show about 4400 people that have went missing over the years,and one day the all return in a ball of light.When the return the look the same as the day they went missing,even if it was 60 years ago.Some of the people later discover that they have been given a special abillity,which will later help save the world.I was a late comer to this programme and was recently watching the series heroes.The two programmes have similar ideas,but in my eyes heroes beats it both hands down.Well worth the watch,just not as good as heroes.
  • This is a good show, but...

    Once this show killed of Jordan Collier (played by the truly magnificent and ever-so-sexy Billy Campbell), I lost interest. Had they cast this part as someone else in the beginning, I'm not 100% sure that I would've tuned in. I'd like to think I would, but... I know that had I found "The 4400" and Jordan Collier had died, not being played by Billy Campbell, I'd still manage to tune it, but alas... no Billy, no viewership.
  • It's about Aliens and the government!

    This made me sit up and watch it because of 2 people, Karina Lombard and Billy Campbell.
    But after I got over that (it took a while), the show slowly creeped into my tv schedule and have not looked back since.
    It's a very well written show that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
    I like how the villains are groomed and not just shoved into being bad, just to be bad. There is a reason for their madness.
    And who else will want to know more about the 4400, than the government, good addition there.
    I love the cast.
    They have new and old faces.
    I've then read more up on it and intend on purchasing the seasons.
  • one of the most pointless show in the history of tv

    Ok, I sat down and watch this show, and I can't find out how it's so popular. Its the most pointless and retarted show in the history of tv, first of all, the concept of the show is stupid, and the only thing i can say they did right is that now they have every one sucked into the show, they can have an unlimited number of cast so it has a chance to run a while.
  • Better concepts than average, but never quite held up in the execution.

    Like the movie "Signs," this show could never seem to decide if it wanted to be sci-fi or horror. The initial plot twist was enough to hook the viewer, and some of the follow-ups were good, but then it just got too bogged down to watch. I know we're supposed to suspend our disbelief for these things, but there's only so far you can go before you have to say, "That just wouldn't happen." This show, like so many dramas and movies, imagines both that we are beset by complex and sinister forces... and that these forces are too discombobulated to get anything right. Well, which do you want? This show would make decent viewing a few times, but nothing more than that.
  • On of the little things this show has is its own pace and atmosphere. But thats not enough. Just because other shows are bad and this is better doesnt make it quite good. Its just another show under the sun nothing special, it just follows the trend...

    The whole ordinary people extraordinary stuff is getting too old too fast besides the talk of influencing the social system and the tricks that every comic lover wants to develop. Good thing they dont call them powers, that would have been the king of corn. It was fine to begin with. But now at Season 3 the transformation began - the show takes the route to becoming a drama with sci-fi elemets than the other way around. Looking like some soapy show with thousands of episodes where 1 episode containts 10 minuts of real time and focuses all on worn out dramatical twists and turns.
    And promicin ? Aint that a flaw. If you brain starts using any part of self that gives any of these abilities then it means its evolving and if its evolving it will keep evolving, meaning you dont just get a random ability out of the box, you get to use a part of your brain that controls whatever and sooner or later you will endup having more abilities than you know how to use, and then there is the training, like the telekinesis part, you need to train to be able to effect someting even the slightest. The show isnt realy a great work of film making. True that it has its own plot and not some thing done a thousand times before but still cheap drama has been done countless times and it might spice up ratings for a bit, but in the end it will bury the show. There are critical logic flaws in the script from time to time. You cant realy say the acting is on a level that is enough of a pleasure not to care much about what story they throw at you. And besides. I'm pretty sure it will have a happy personal and social ending, and some one good guy or a grop will crush all the bad guys with no support from the general population.That is specificly targeted at people's concern about the development of the real world and especialy anomalies and problems we will facing and will get worse. Its sorta saying out loud "You are an average person? -Scram, go hide in the closet. only special people with powers can change the world we live in" Just because its more profitable for some people for the rest to sit and watch ordinary people with extraordinary abilities barely scratch the surfuce in order to change the world, instead of these people act on their very ordinary world with its very ordinary problems and ordinary people wathing extraordinary tv instead of acting on it. And the usual hollywood plot where the nasty corrupted goverment will be taken down by some courage in a few good guys ending up all good and jolly world. Just because real bad deals are taken care of by a few individuals in movie world doesnt mean the same happens for real. Some may speculate that i say that because i dont see my favorite faces or styles and stories in here. But hey, if you ever seen a great part of film making you would know its not just faces, neither some super evolved plot. There are many great films that dont have an academy award and certanly Al Pacino, Anjelina J, Bruice W and Samuel J arent in them neither is Marlon Brando. The read deal work of art is turning a simple ordinary story in to a movie masterpiece, no need for a super fancy story with no special story telling ability, and if you know cinema you know that there are these masterpices out there, and it doesnt need billions for fancy projects and great FX to make a movie worth remembering a life time. So the conclusion is;

    Will you be watching 4400 or any other popular show it realy depends on your favorite topics - the show has none above the average quality to offer, Neither story, story telling ability, acting or filming... Basicly most of the shows today turn into lethal in-dept character drama, wich in my opinion is quite lame. Who cares if on screen you see tech talk on repairing a star cruiser's hyperspace engine or a gay named Joe debates fixing the kitchen sink with his wife - The manner is the same who cares what the topic is. People looking for sci-fi to watch need to explore imagination, new ideas, concepts and all that not watch some petty drama. Besides whatever happened to moral integrity, this shows says out loud "The ends justify the means even if its at someone else's expense. -All we have to do is flag you as a leader and you are excused of any humane behavior"
  • i really liked it the first time but then..

    when it first came out i thought it was really good and i would stay up lator than i was supposed to, even tho i was extremly tired in the morning, i did it just so i could wathc it. But then when it finished i kinda gave up on it and thought it wouldn't come back. I saw a couple of episodes of the new series and thuoght it was no where near as good as the first. It just wasn't worth watching anymore. I thought it was kinda silly and un believable.. but i really enjoyed the first series, pity the second wasnt as good.
  • The pace and the "soap opera style" acting seriously destroy a great concept.

    I saw such positive feedback on this show so I thought I would TiVo a few episodes and see if I could get into it.

    To say I was disappointed is an understatement. The show was so slow that I nearly caught myself stopping it in the middle. But I wanted to see if it would pick up so I continued to sit and watch. I stayed until the end and still didn't understand why this is considered a "good" show.

    The acting and the way scenes were set up was as cheesy as daytime TV. I found myself rolling my eyes with the amount of over-acting and poor dialoge.

    I put this in the catagory of original idea ruined by poor writing. The actors/actress's are only following the direction of the writers.
  • A show that has been declining in umph since the second season- It needs some "fine tuning" to spice it up a bit. I feel like the main issue is not bieng addressed- You know, WHERE THEY CAME FROM AND WHY THEY WERE SENT BACK!

    What appears to be a comet slows, hovers and stops, then bursts forth to reveal 4,400 people who were presumed dead or missing over the past 50 years. They look exactly the same as the moment they disappeared, but some of the returnees now have special powers. After one of the 4,400 commits a murder a special division of the Homeland Security Department is formed to monitor them.

    BRIEF HISTORY:"The 4400" was 2004's highest-rated basic cable series. USA originally intended it as a miniseries, but the strong response led the network to order a second season, consisting of 13 episodes.
    STARS: * Joel Gretsch as Tom Baldwin * Jacqueline McKenzie as Diana Skouris * Mahershalalhashb Ali as Richard Tyler * Laura Allen as Lily Moore * Billy Campbell as Jordan Collier * Conchita Campbell as Maia * Chad Faust as Kyle * Patrick Flueger as Shawn Farrell * Michael Moriarty as Orson Bailey
  • Well this is a relly good show.

    Well this show is relly good. Like lots .Well if you like mysterys this is a great show for a mystery.I think you should try to watch it.Well thanks for your time. This show is great. Well Im not sure of what to relly say it sucks that you havet o write a 100 words or what ever they are. Well add me plz im new. Thanks a lot the new girl hahahahah. Destinee's the name. Well i hope you guys like this show. Hey i have to say that this is not any better then Dead zone. Dead zone is so much better.
  • I've seen this happen before.

    So, the 4400 was a great show, and I'm probably going to show my age with this review, but...

    I like this show at first because of the strange and challenging situations the main characters got into, but just like the x-files, this show has headed away from the story of people with abilities, and towards the soap opera romance that exist between the main characters. Sure this show maybe going somewhere and there maybe an overall goal and story to the show, but it seems so padded out by the networks (probably just because of ratings) that we are left with something very watery.

    It's a trend for shows today, i guess. for example; Lost, Battlestar gallactica, stargate atlantis, primeval... the list could go on.

    My opinion... choose one.. exciting show, or soap opera, and stick with it. The two never work together.
  • i dont get it

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  • This show has a lot of potential story lines and charactors.

    This show tells the story of 4400 people being returned back to earth after being taken by the future to stop the same thing happening to us. All of the 4400 come back with abilities like reading minds or seeing the future. This show has done well so far. The writing and the show its self have been overall very good. Considering the fact that the writers wanted this to be just a mini series i think they have done well to come up with great stories. I believe that this show is alomsot like X Files for a new genration. I know that i'm interested in the next season. I hope the show gets better and more exciting each season.
  • Worth making the time to watch. Well written and well acted sci-fi show with many sub-plots. 4400 people are kidnapped by people from earth's future and then sent back, each with their own special ability, to save the planet from a dark future.

    If you havented watched The 4400 now is the time to start. Get your hands on the previous seasons DVD'd or read up on the past episodes on the net and tune in Sunday evenings. I was fairly unimpressed with season 3, with the 4400 splitting into good vs evil. Didn't make sense as they are susposed to save the future.

    I disappointed as I was wit season 3, I am equally impressed with season 4. the lines between the "good vs evil" that was established last season is beginning to blur and the plot is beginning to take a direction that, at least to me, is more what I anticipated from the beginning; a mismatched group with different views and powers working to achieve the same goal.
  • This show is a great sci fi show sorta goes with the x files in some ways some not but this is 1 awsome show

    This show has great story lines and great actors any sci fi fan if u absolutly dont love this show then well no refund but everybody i no well people i told about the show they love it so if ur not into sci fi u can stil give this show a try but beware ull never quit watching
  • Interesting - sometime - Not.

    The first few was interesting (1-5), the next not something you just want to see everytime (6-8), and now dont see it. The serie was high rated by others - I think they just have seen the first few. There it lot of series out that better, more intessesting than this one.
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