The 4400

USA (ended 2007)



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  • The 4400 is an amazing show with a unique story and defining characters. Well written episodes, great acting, and the believability of the stories made this a fun and entertaining show to watch.

    The 4400 had a great mix of complex story lines through out the four seasons of its run. The mythological story had certain and recognizable religious tones which may have made the show controversial to some viewers. I really enjoyed the production quality of this show and all the small touches. I was satisfied with how the show ended but believe it had a lot of unfulfilled potential. There were some aspects of the stories I would have liked to seen more of or learned more about, especially Isabelle and her powers. When Richard and Lily were on the run and the tree's were bowing to Isabelle, that was a cool yet unexplained phenomenon I would have liked to know more about. This series is very original and could be considered the original Heroes as that show is very similar to this. The characters really made this show what it became as the actors all fit and played their parts perfectly. This is one of my favorite shows and I enjoy watching it from start to finish at least once each year. I only wish there were more seasons!!!!!!!
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