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    I liked the concept and show but season 3 was not great, had to move forward on that one, boring, same old, same old, it did end well, but yes the next series would be great, I have lots of idea's what could happen, I mean think of it, a new breed of people, we too are transforming but at a slow rate, evolving into higher beings with powers to create many things, this will happen naturally in the future, but yes what are the ethics around it, how will people adjust to others, who will use it for good, and who for evil, and age old question, and living proof. We all have powers or gifts at a lesser degree, we have powerful leaders, will they use their gifts to help mankind or not, we see it already on a microcosm scale, has mankind been able to use the new technology brought forth for good, or are they using it for destructive purposes, greed, selfishness, to make a lot of money. Look at geoengineering, gmo's, nuclear energy, fossil fuels, What has mankind done to this planet? I rest my case, if mankind cannot use the present technology for good, why would we be given more, more technology, more power, to destroy the human race/ That is the question, and this is why this tv series is compelling. I hope they bring it back, and people learn about the misuse of power. I would LOVE to write for this show.
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