The 4400

Season 2 Episode 5

Suffer the Children

Aired Unknown Jun 26, 2005 on USA

Episode Recap

Jordan is on the floor writhing in pain as Shawn uses his power to heal him. While Shawn is mad about what Isabelle did to Collier, he sees it as a wake up call as he was forced to examine himself and remove the bad motives he had for the 4400.

In Fairview, Washington, a young boy plays the violin while a girl accompanies him on the piano. Their teacher, Heather Tobey, a 4400 abducted in 1974, attends to her students. The Principal, walks into the room accompanied by a sheriff and takes her into the hallway and arrests her for child abuse.

Jordan and Shawn are attending a park clean up campaign, when Shawn sees the security hassle two teens who take food from the table. Shawn orders his security team to leave them alone and he encourages the teens to help themselves to the food.

Tom and Diana travel to Fairview to investigate the charges brought against Heather and they arrive to see angry parents who are protesting to prevent Heather from coming back into the classroom. Tom and Diana question Heather's students and learn of the artistic talents they have developed since they began to attend Ms Tobey's class. One student plays the violin for them, and he only began playing until two weeks ago, and they also interview a boy who paints and a girl who sculpts, who never in their life would have known of their hidden talent. One student named Greg seems to be without any artistic talent.

Heather tells the agents she brought out their inner artistic ability by staring at a tiny flame in their eyes which becomes brighter after she stares at them.

Lily is behind the wheel of the car, waiting for Richard to come back from the store, when a cop pulls up beside her. Two officers get out and walk into the store. One officer recognizes Richard and calls him by name. He signals Lily to drive off, and she does.

Shawn is telling Collier about the teens. Collier tells Shawn to give them all the supplies they need but don't reveal his ability to heal.

Shawn's takes Wayne and Liv shopping and she tells Shawn that she wants to be a singer. Shawn buys Wayne a coat so he won't get sick and bought Liv a guitar.

Danny approaches a young woman who is reading Jordan Collier's book and he begins to lecture on cults and their negative activity, when her boyfriend and his friends arrive. Kyle wants to leave but Danny insist that he just backs him up in case there's a fight. Danny turns away from Kyle and the scene cuts to Kyle standing in his kitchen pouring out a glass of juice after her has experienced another blackout,

Richard is lying in a cell when Collier walks in.

Shawn has followed Liv to where she lives under the bridge. He listens to her playing the guitar; he has a crush on her. She knows he is one of the 4400 and asks if he has any ability. He just gives her a hug. Dewie, Liv's boyfriend, walks in on their hug. Shawn begs Liv to come with him. She tells him she doesn't want to be saved and orders him to leave.

Collier tells Richard he is safe and that he wants to make him and Lily an offer to live at the Center. He tells Richard that he has changed and to let Isabelle give him a test to prove he has changed.

Diana and Tom take Heather back to school. Greg walks into Heather's class and pulls out a gun. He wants her to change him or he will shoot. She talks him into letting the students go and she turns on the intercom while Greg isn't looking.

Tom and Diana are talking about security issues with the Principal when they hear Heather's voice over the intercom and the agents hear her with Greg.

Tom hurries outside to find Greg's father who is speaking to reporters about his dis trust of Heather. Tom informs him about what Greg is doing and Frank blames Heather for his son's actions. Tom tells Frank that he's the one who has twisted his son's mind, not Heather.

Heather is trying to tell Greg that only a handful of her students have artistic

talents. Greg wants to be one of them so he won't end up like his Dad.

After hearing Greg's confession of his hatred for his father he encourages his son to put down the gun. Greg, becomes touched by his father's words and hands Heather the gun and he cries in her arms.

Wayne runs into the 4400 Center to tell Shawn that they need help since Dewie is experiencing an overdose. Shawn heals Dewie, much to the surprise of Liv and her friends. A man walks up to Shawn to ask him to fix his leg as others begin to ask him for healing. Shawn tells the crowd he can't help everyone and he flee in his car.

Lily and Richard agree to make Jordan see Isabelle. She stares at him, and he touches her head. Nothing happens and she smiles and Collier kisses her hand.

Heather has decided to move away from Fairview as she needs time out to figure out how to use her gifts without causing the kind of pain that Greg went through.
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