The 4400

Season 2 Episode 5

Suffer the Children

Aired Unknown Jun 26, 2005 on USA



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      * Heather Tobey, disappeared 2 March 1974. She has the ability to bring out the hidden talents in children.

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    • Lily: There's no way I'm gonna let Isabelle anywhere near that man.
      Richard: But think about it, if Collier really has changed, it means we can get off the road, stop running.
      Lily: That's a big if!

    • (Jordan visits Richard in jail)
      Collier: You sure you don't wanna call Lily, let her know you're alright?
      Richard: Am I?

    • Greg: I don't wanna fall behind.
      Venner: Fall behind? With the grades you've been bringing home, you've been behind since your first report card.

    • (Shawn buys pizza for Liv and her friends)
      Liv: My very own fairy godfather, or are you just some rich boy looking to rent some down and dirty for the night?
      Shawn: I'm not here for that.
      Liv: What's the matter, am I not good enough for you?
      Shawn: Maybe I'm not good enough for you.
      Liv: I can get behind that.

    • Greg: My Dad says, these kids may seem normal now, but in like, two years, they may develop like, brain tumours, go blind, crazy, who knows. You guys should throw her back in jail.
      Diana: Your Dad, he wouldn't be Frank Venner by any chance, would he?
      Greg: How did you know?
      Tom: Oh just, wild guess.

    • (Liv and her friend are stealing food, when a guard apprehends them)
      Shawn: It's okay, you can let them go.
      Guard: They were stealing food.
      Shawn: Well, last time I checked, the food was free.

    • Danny: I used to blame Shawn for everything. Stealing Nikki, running out on us the way he did, breaking Mom's heart. But it wasn't his fault. The bastards who took him, sent him back a freak. They're the ones.
      Kyle: Guess they screwed us all up.

    • Kyle: You know, I bet they're talking about us downstairs.
      Danny: That's what they live for. If they didn't have us to worry about, they'd die of boredom.

    • Tom: I remember what Pop used to say, if you think you've got problems, wait till you become a parent.
      Susan: Little did we know.

    • Venner: I told you. I told you she was dangerous and none of you would listen.
      Tom: She's not the one holding the gun.

    • Liv: You're one of those 4400 guys huh? Can you make my eyes turn green? You able to walk on water?
      Shawn: I like your eyes the way that they are. And I can hardly swim.

    • Collier: But look, whatever you do Shawn, don't reveal your healing ability.
      Shawn: Why? 'Cause they can't pay?
      Collier: No. Because, if you heal one of them, you'll have to heal them all.

    • Liv: Protect the future, huh? Gotta have one first.

    • Collier: When I touched Lily's pregnant belly and was hit with that pain, I realized I'd been judged and found wanting.
      Shawn: By a baby that wasn't even born yet?

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