The 4400

Season 3 Episode 0

The 4400: Unlocking the Secrets

Aired Unknown Jun 04, 2006 on USA

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  • Boring, not needed

    The opening of the 4400 has two intros. Both recall the history of the 4400 in music and video.
    -People taken away
    -People returned
    -People have special powers
    -Lot of bad things happen, people killed, people healed
    -Somebody grew up quickly

    Why did we need to have this show? It was just a long boring recap of the first two seasons. What other show needs recaps like this? Just get on with the show folks!

    I do have one wish, please cut out the other acting. It is like watching early Star-trek, painful at times, if you ham it then make sure to camp it up.

  • This was just a summary of Season 1+2 - only 20 sec. sneak peak at the end...

    This episode gets 3 points for a good 42 minutes summary of the whole season 1 and 2, and one point for the 20 sec. sneak peak about season 3 at the end. I missed interviews and statements from the cast and background people. Also background information and more infos about season 3 should go into such a special.
    There is nothing more to tell about this episode here.
  • Great show!!

    I always wanted to watch this show and I have had it Tivo'ed only to come to deleted them cause I needed room for something else , Damn was I a fool. This show is great I started watching a few episodes then I was planning on stopping cause worried that this show will be canceled i did not want to put much time in to it or fall in to the sitcom hook , so well this last weekend I was able to watch all of season two and catch up all the way up to season 3, Now I can't wait till next Sunday to come!! Im Hooked!
  • This show is a great example of why network TV should take chances with unique series instead of having them on cable.....NBC could have run this and had a bigger audience...but I'm glad it is on USA! I love their series!

    For those who have missed the first two seasons of 4400, or even us who would like a quick refresher as to what is going on, this episode is wonderful at catching us up. I am so looking forward to Sunday - hopefully some questions will be answered, although I'm sure we will end up with more questions!

    For those interested, USA will be running a repeat of this episode Sunday afternoon, a few hours before the big season premiere. For seasoned fans of the series, as well as newbies, I recommend everyone watch this to prepare for the start of the third season.
  • It was a very informative episode. It actually aired on NBC on June 3, and then aired on USA on June 4.

    This episode just went over the main points that had happened in the first 2 seasons. I\'ve only just recently gotten into the series, so it was very informative for me. It goes over all the main characters and goes over the whole series from the time the 4400 come back to when Maia predicts that the war is starting. It doesn\'t go over every episode, the story of Tess is not even mentioned. It\'s a great episode for the people, like me, who are just getting into the series.
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