The 4400

Season 2 Episode 12

The Fifth Page

Aired Unknown Aug 21, 2005 on USA
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The Fifth Page
4400s across the world are coming down with strange and life threatening illnesses. Tom and Diana learn a horrible secret that the government may have directly caused the illnesses of the 4400s.

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  • A plague hits the 4400.

    When random 4400s are falling victim to some strange disease, causing them to lose their abilities, Ryalnd returns to NTAC and orders all the 4400 to return to quarantine.

    A great script and very well acted out too. The only weak point, I thought was the easy acceptance of Kyle at the home of the suspected killer of Jordan Collier. That storyline didn't feel realistic, though his feelings of guilt did.

    Lily and Richard disagree about the way forward, RIchard wants to stay with the 4400 and fight against whatever caused the plague, Lily wants to and does run.

    Both Shawn and Alana are affected by the plague, as is Maia, so Diana and Tom are very motivated to discover the cause and they find that it's probably caused by something the US government did.moreless
  • The Fifth Page

    The Fifth Page was a perfect and very entertaining episode of The 4400. I enjoyed watching this episode because it delivered important information through a complex story. The 4400 are all coming down with the same symptoms. Tom and Diana discover that NTAC is being secretive and not jumping at the chance of outside help to find out whats going on. Diana notices that The Fifth Page is missing from every one's charts. It was cool what they later discover, as it is a clue to the 4400 abilities. Tyler and Lily discover that Matthew and Ruth have been conducting tests on Isabelle, making Lily outraged and ready to leave, though Matthew tries to play it off as learning more about her. This episode was a great mix of events. I look forward to watching the next episode of The 4400!!!!!!!moreless
  • This show is freaking amazing

    This show reminds me so much of the X-Files! All the conspiracies and mysterious illnesses.

    I couldn't believe that it was Ryland who was behind why the 4400 were getting sick. I liked him! I was so disappointed to find out he trully was the one who ordered the cover up.

    And I'm excited to find out why some of the 4400 didn't have any powers. I thought it was weird that the future would take all of those people and then not give them any powers.

    And what they did with Isabelle was amazing. I never think of her as a 4400, just because she was born in the present. And the whole Lily and Richard thing was getting on my nerves. They use to be my favorite couple when it was them against the world. But now that Richard has decided to join in and believe the mission of the 4400 center, well they are just taking a down turn for me.

    Can't wait to see what they come up with next.moreless
  • Government conspiracy? Reminds me of The X-Files, which is a good thing. Very good episode.

    When I saw last week's episode and noticed Maia's illness, I knew this was going to become a bigger problem, and I was right. It seems all of the 4400s were coming down with some sort of illness.

    NTAC decides that they want to get all of the 4400's into quarantine, but it doesn't go over so well. When people think of quarantines, it's not usually because something good has happened.

    With some help, they're able to determine that the 4400s have been receiving injections of a substance which has caused problems with their immune system. This whole government conspiracy reminds me of The X-Files a bit, which I loved.

    Kyle reads in the newspaper that the house belonging to the suspect in Jordan Collier's murder, has been getting "tagged" with spraypaint. He decides to stop by one day, and the guy's girlfriend accuses Kyle of letting out the tire on her car, but he declines it and helps change her tire. He comes back later to help paint over the spraypaint, and someone living with her finds out that Kyle's father is a part of NTAC. When the woman is told about it, she wants nothing to do with Kyle.

    In recent weeks, Lily, has suspected that her child was being tested on. This suspicion came after finding little marks on her child's body. She eventually decides to follow the person who has been watching her, and it turns out that her suspicions were right. The people at the 4400 Center have been experimenting on her. She is believed to be some sort of Rosetta Stone for the future.

    As I mentioned, the conspiracy aspect of this episode was a bit like that of The X-Files, a show I loved. Kyle's subplot was interesting, I'm not sure how much longer until he finally admits to someone other than his father that he killed Jordan. He seems to be getting closer and closer to wanting to tell someone.

    The thing with Lily and her child also reminded me of The X-Files somehow. I was surprised he had her ex-husband take her and her baby away from everyone. I'm interested in seeing just where all of this is going.moreless
  • A good example of why I follow this show. A few surprise twists leading up to the season finale.

    The Fifth Page is a pretty good example of why I follow The 4400. Nothing is as it seems, and the government isn't quite as benign as Tom and Diana would like to believe.

    The "ending" (cliffhanger) is certainly a surprise, and there are quite a few twists on the way. I found Ryland a bit out of character though. Whereas previously it was made to appear that he had the best interests of the 4400 in heart but wasn't afraid to fight dirty, he is now being shown in a much darker light.

    Despite all this, there is one factor in this episode that I found extremely annoying, and that is Lily. I really don't like where her character is going... She is turning into a schizophrenic idiot. I'm not saying that schizophrenics are idiots, only that Lily is both. I find her character extremely difficult to watch, and really do wish they'd either write her out of the show, or deal with her obvious personality disorder.moreless
Keegan Connor Tracy

Keegan Connor Tracy

Alison Driscoll

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Tom Verica

Tom Verica

Dr. Max Hudson

Guest Star

Harris Allan

Harris Allan

Sam Marsden

Guest Star

Richard Kahan

Richard Kahan

Marco Pacella

Recurring Role

Karina Lombard

Karina Lombard

Alana Mareva

Recurring Role

Peter Coyote

Peter Coyote

Dennis Ryland

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Featured 4400s

      * Rose Woodard, disappeared 1 December 1991.
      * Matthew Lombard, disappeared on 3 May 1977.
      * Werner Loecher, disappeared on 19 April 1973.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Maia: I know who you are. You're the one who fixes people.
      Shawn: Yeah. I'm Shawn.
      Maia: How come you're in here? Why don't you just make yourself better?
      Shawn: I wish I could. (holds up hands) They're broken. Kind of like the rest of me.
      Maia: I used to see things. Stuff that was gonna happen. That's gone now, too.
      Shawn: It's funny, huh? When I found out I was different, all I wanted to do was to be normal again.
      Maia: Me too.
      Shawn: But you get used to it. Now that it's gone I feel like I'm missing an arm.
      Maia: It'll come back. Once we get better.
      Shawn: Any idea when that's gonna be?
      Maia: Not exactly, but my mom told me everything's gonna be fine.
      Shawn: That must be a nice feeling.
      Maia: Don't you have someone to believe in?
      Shawn: I used to, but now I guess I'm just gonna have to believe in you.

    • Dr. Hudson: Trying to decipher my handwriting?
      Diana: Just on the verge of giving up, actually.
      Dr. Hudson: Good. Bad penmanship is the best way for a doctor to keep his mystique.

    • Marco: (to Diana and Tom) I know you guys are kind of cavalier about putting your own careers on the line, but do me a favor - stop asking me to join in on the fun.

    • Richard: When it's all over I can go back to being camera shy?

    • Richard: (to becoming the new leader and face of the 4400 Center) But I haven't given an order since 1951.

    • Marco: You know I just opened a 401k? Yeah, pretty sure the government stops matching donations once you commit treason.

    • Diana: We did this to them Tom, we made them sick.

    • Tom: What if they want an incident?
      Ryland: Then we will give them one.

    • Alana: That is it; we are officially living in sin.
      Tom: Or just resuming our 8 year marriage.

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