The 4400

Season 3 Episode 11

The Gospel According to Collier

Aired Unknown Aug 13, 2006 on USA

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  • The Gospel According to Collier

    The Gospel According to Collier was a perfect episode of the 4400. I enjoyed this entertaining episode because Jordan Collier has returned. After disappearing from Shawn and Isabelles' wedding Tom and Diana begin to search for him and discover he has been all over the country if not the world. Eventually NTAC gets their hands on him and question him. I thought it was cool that Tom got the ok to bring Alana back to help Collier remember who he is. What was learned about his time away was not only interesting but quite disturbing. April makes a surprise visit to Diana and Maia with good news. Maia has a prediction that will change Diana's life forever. I enjoyed watching as she gave in to fate. This episode show cased the skills of the writers, directors, and actors. Kyle is finally released from prison, and Jordan confronts Isabelle in a very awesome scene. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Jordan Collier has returned

    What a great and exciting episode.

    Last week's cliffhanger was correct, Jrdan Collier has returned from the dead or at least the presumed dead.

    Diana, Tom, Shawn and Richard all cooperate in the search for Jordan Collier and they manage to track him down but he's suffering from partial memory loss.

    Tom then strikes a deal and Alana is allowed to return and help Jordan regain his memory.

    When Jordan's followers show up en masse, NTAC doesn't have much choice and has to release him. Jordan accompanies Tom to the court and Kyle is released. I really loved that scene.

    Then the initial face-off between Collier and Isabelle, which promises to continue in the next two episodes.
  • Finally! The series takes a turn for the better. I think the first 10 episodes of this series was bleeding it to death. Now with Collier coming back in the picture, the will to watch is back!

    I wrote my complaints the other day about the series going the wrong way, bleeding to death etc. But with the coming of Collier, it put the series right back up where it belongs. With the rest of my favorites. Finally there's an opening towards beating the bad guys and a good twist in the story. This episode and the end of the previous one, really wants to make me look at the next one soon! That's what I was missing earlier.

    This is just what the series needed, a good guy against the evil spoilt girl. Now let's hope they can continue this work in the fourth season!
  • When I get my religion on a Sunday, it's usually sometime well before 9 PM.

    So last episode, Jordan Collier made his grand return to the center, with no knowledge of who he was. He kept his beard, but his hair was suspiciously longer. No big deal.

    Then, once he gets his memory back, JC (where have I seen those initials before?), with his long hair and beard (surely a coincedence) claims to have been resurrected from the dead (wait a second, this is starting to sound familiar), and that his death had to happen (o...k, now it's getting creepy), and that the final war between good and evil was coming (man, it's on the tip of my tongue).

    OK, enough sarcasm and hinting: let's face it, this episode is chock full of more religious undertones (and overtones) than a CS Lewis book. Aside from Jordan's obvious role as the Christ figure, there's also a clever reenactment of God banishing Lucifer from Heaven. Hell, we've even got Kyle in the role of Judas Iscariot and pretty much everyone else playing the Doubting Thomas.

    Do I mind? No, not really. I had been saying that the show started going downhill when Isabelle became the Anti-Christ. Now that someone has stepped up to stop her, things can get interesting.
  • The leader is back.

    That's right, Jordan Collier is back, and he has great plans with the 4400. This means the start of an exciting season finale. Jordan's compared to Jesus, and not only because he looks like him.

    Although there's not much brutal action in this eps, you can feel the intensity with the return of the boss, and his interaction with Shawn and Isabelle. And he's the first to say what we all wanted to say :

    Isabelle, go away and never return :-)

    Diana steals her sister's boyfriend, a "sexy hunk and a keeper". Let's see what his role will be in the future. I don't think he's really needed but maybe we'll get a cruel murder for sake of good drama :-)
  • Felt like the first season!

    With the return of Kyle Baldwin (Chad Faust) and Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell), this episode felt like the first season and first half of the second season. The stakes were raised, and the players were all in motion. Too bad the series really gets its blood pumping just in time for the season finale! Here's hoping that the fourth season will be announced soon.
  • Hey! Hey! Karina's back!

    Don't get me wrong. I know the focus of this episode was the return of Jordan Collier. But, the latter also served to bring Tom and Helena back together. Their reunion was almost as tearful as the one between Tom and Kyle. Not to mention, the one between Jordan and Sean.

    And, it was very clever of the writers to have Helena use her VR powers to cure Jordan's amnesia!

    As for his claim that he had actually lived through the centuries between the mysterious Catastrophe, and the native time-period of the Abductors? I think it more likely that the latter gave him a crash-course in their history, using techniques similar to Helena's.*

    Still, I can't help feeling that it was a little harsh of Jordan to say that Isabel had no hope of suppressing her "dark side." Wouldn't it avert the Catastrophe, just as much, if she did succeed at doing so?

    For that reason, alone, I deducted one-tenth of a point from this otherwise perfect episode. And, believe you me: I can hardly wait for the next one! :-D

    *Remember how she and Tom seemingly spent ten years together, and it turned out to be an hour or less in real time?
  • Jordan is back and placing some well placed fear in the heart of those that need it. Isabelle looks pretty scared of Jordan and his unknown power he seems to have or is it a bluff?

    This show was great and couldn\\\\\\\'t have been a better set up for the 2 upcoming shows to end the season. Can\\\\\\\'t wait to see next week. I am eagerly waiting to find out what Jordans mystery power is and why the mighty Isabelle is all of the sudden terrified of someone. She flashed some anger and tried to scare Jordan but it back fired on her and ended up with her being the one that was scared and now with nowhere to go. Jordan the messiah or Jordan the key to the disaster that puts humanity in danger. Wonder how much we will uncover before seasons end.
  • The pieces are in place, and now the game begins...

    With only three episodes to go, including this hour, the season has been above average nearly the entire stretch. This installment simply continues the trend, and unless the writers completely miss the mark on the finale, this will be the most successful season of the series yet. This is something that other shows should take note of: it is possible to maintain quality over an entire season and still explore new ground. Stacked next to this, it’s no wonder that “Dead Zone” seems to be struggling and stagnating week after week.

    All that said, this episode was not perfect. The “A” plot was about as good as it gets, with an awful lot of positioning and politics tossed into the mix. Jordan’s return is, indeed, messianic, as was always expected, but it worked a lot better than I would have anticipated. Having him create a quasi-religious movement, without even knowing his own identity, before he re-emerges? Brilliant. Using this situation to grant Alana some kind of quick dispensation to come back when it counts? More brilliant.

    Jordan is now in the perfect position to exert political and social pressure to achieve his goals. Socially, his grass roots quasi-religious return supplies him with non-political pressure behind the 4400 and their future destiny. He has a lot of people willing to listen to his words and warnings, and in the wake of the Nova Group’s disintegration, the disaffected 4400 need a purpose. Jordan is even more of a perfect leader than he ever was before, and more to the point, he’s far more dangerous because of that influence. He would be the perfect candidate for leading the 4400 in a pre-emptive strike against Ryland’s forces, especially if he has seen the future and he knows that such action is necessary. Similarly, his move against Isabelle suggests the knowledge of her choices to come.

    At this point, speculating on the shape and scope of the near-term conflict is almost impossible. There are signs that Jordan and Shawn will be at odds. Jordan and Richard seem probably allies against Isabelle, and if Shawn sticks with Isabelle, that could explain Shawn’s visions from the previous episode. Tom got what he wanted from Jordan, who acted decisively once he had what he wanted. Could Tom ally himself with Jordan and against Shawn? This is all going somewhere, and the best part is that the pieces have been clicking into place all season.

    Alana’s return should put to rest any fears that Tom will be having a romantic relationship with Diana, and it also helps to alleviate my concerns about Alana’s role in Tom’s life. The writers have restored my faith in that regard; I probably should have known better, but they have me on the edge of my seat. Alana was critical to Jordan’s return, and she also knows a lot of what Jordan experienced. That could be very important.

    The only element of this episode that annoyed me was Diana’s subplot. Taken in concert with Alana’s return, it keeps Tom and Diana as professional partners, which is good. But this is even more abrupt that Alana’s initial appearance, and it seems like an odd reason to bring back April. It was nice to see Diana looking so hot and in this unusual plot thread, but it was a bit jarring to have this overlap with Jordan’s return. But when an episode needs a “B” story, something has to happen!

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes cover the “The 4400”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)
  • things look better but there is alot of questions to answer

    It was a good episode but just leaves to many wrong turns that can't add up in the end. Shawn's uncle was given he syringe to kill Isabelle to prevent the war but the visions that Shawn saw last week show slightly different outcomes when in the end it looks like they won't get married. With Jordan back he knows how to prevent the bad version of the future but can he really change it. so many people can see the future and go back in time and forward that it's all jumbled up. In all good ep lets see where it goes.
  • This is past, present and future..which is what we all think about in abductions. The characters are suited for their roles and very talented in script and have many available ways to show their talents.

    These people who were brought back, know their mission. To save the world in our future. Isabelle was rightly dismissed from the fold and the Center. She, on the other hand, is trying to figure out how to do good but, you don't force people to do what you want them to do. I'm glad to see some love, light and truth. This puts me in mind of the Christ and the Anti-Christ. Also, we have to save 'this world we actually live in' and this comes out in this one episode so well that it's frightingly true. Abductions? Well, from the beginning you always had good VS. bad. Very well done episode!
  • Jordan is back but he has a amnesia, Tom Baldwin is trying to help him to remember contacting Alana Mareva to do her mind thing on him. Jordan tries to help Kyle Baldwin knowing that it wasn\'t kyle himself that killed him.

    The best episode ever, been waiting for this episode the whole 3rd Season.Jordan Collier is back and now he has more fans than ever, even outside the 4400 Community. He has seen the future the past and the present and he ask everybody to join forces.He literally kicks Isabells as from the 4400 center and tells her to never come back. Now I know why she had to growup this fast, it would be real cruel killing a baby, monster or no monster. I am realy curious on Jordans power beside beeing imortal. He really had some guts talking to Isabell this way. She could use 4400 powers against themselfs so he should have a very intresting power(s). Just 2 more episodes left, it should be fun to see where this is going.....
  • Probably my favorite episode ever, it was that good!

    Fantastic episode! Jordan is finally back, and the whole story changes! Jordan has forgotten who he is, but he tells about how he saw the future, knows exactly what is going to happen, and how to stop it. So many important things happened in this episode, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! Maia tells Diana that she will marry Aprils boyfriend soon, and of course Maia is never wrong. Kyle comes back, and is released by Jordan. Then the most important part is the Jordan is back, with a bunch of followers. He has already told Isabelle that she can never be good, and to leave the 4400 center and never come back. He also tells her that she can't kill him. It's all getting incredibly tense, and the next two episodes look to be just as exciting!
  • The sighting of Jordan Collier at Shawn\'s wedding to Isabelle leads to a city-wide manhunt. Kyle Baldwin returns to the story when a confused Collier visits him in prison, and Maia sees a new vision of her mother\'s future.

    The story picks up in this episode exactly where the previous one left off, with Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell)disappearing into the crowd at Shawn\'s wedding to Isabelle. One cannot help but feel Shawn\'s excitement at Collier\'s return as the manhunt begins, from the suburbs of Seattle to the denizens of the city\'s underworld, where Collier has been preaching his knowledge of the future.

    Viewers are also treated by the first appearance of Kyle Baldwin (Chad Faust) since the second season finale, though he now has a hidesously short haircut. I guess that\'s required in prison.

    Diana Skrouris\'s sister April is also back in town now, with a new boyfriend, Ben, but things go awry when Maia has a vision of Ben marrying Diana. Personally, I couldn\'t help feeling sorry for April, when Ben dumped her.

    This episode also features the welcome return of Alana Mareva (Karina Lombard), also featuring a new look, as she is needed to help the confused Collier regain his scrambled memory. I guess being shot to death and then resurrected would mess up anybody\'s memory. :)

    That being said, I was on the edge of my seat through the entire episode, including cursing a blue streak every time the commercials came on, which is why I give this episode such a high-rating.

    With only two episodes left in the third season, one wonders what kind of action we\'ll get, and most importantly, will there be a 4th season?
  • Jordan's back!

    Excellent episode. Jordan's back and in the nick of time to stop the wedding. Whew, that was a close one! We learn that Jordan has lost his memory but knows the future needs saving. A visit with Alana gets his memory going again. Richard returns to the 4400 center and first things first, kick Isabelle out of the center. Woohoo. Isabelle shares with her father earlier in the episode that she's even the reason Jordan was shot in the first place. This brings even more evidence that shew was an evil little baby. Jordan does tell her as he is kicking her out that he's ready for her now...wonder what he means by that? Also, I'm still wondering about the vision that Shaun had last week showing him kill Richard and saying that Isabelle opened his is that going to play out?? Diana's sister returns with her future husband or so Maia shares with her that she saw in a vision. Even though I'd usually think she would be a rat for stealing her sister's boyfriend it's not like April hasn't already played the part of a rat by using Maia's visions for her own benefit. So go Di;)
  • Jordan's back and there's gonna be trouble....

    Only one major plot this week but the biggest one of the season. Finally, Jordan has returned although the amnesia angle was a good one. No doubt Shawn is grateful it caused him to dodge the wedding to Isabelle. Speaking of which, her revelation of what she did with Jordan was quite good.

    A good surprise to see Diane's sister back and the plot with her boyfriend was something big. Given what we saw about Diane's romantic history a few eps back, her new relationship might have some wrinkles left. Still, Mya's predictions are usually true so Diane may be in this all the way despite herself.

    It was good seeing Alana back but I'm betting she'll have more fallout from getting Collier's dreams. It was great to see Campbell back in his old ways, persuading people like the judge and such. the final scene with him and ISabelle was quite charged and you can tell the lines of battle are now totally drawn which is what we've been waiting for.