The 4400

Season 4 Episode 13

The Great Leap Forward

Aired Unknown Sep 16, 2007 on USA

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  • This episode is seriously hurt by inconsistent/illogical actions by the characters.


    I don't know what the writers originally had in mind to finish the series but the ending as it was done now was clearly a rushed job because of early cancellation combined with the writer's strike at the time.

    In the first few episodes of the series in season one I was annoyed several times by irrational/illogical behaviour by some of the characters needed to create the storyline. This returned at a highly elevated level in the last episode.

    So Danny was building up promicin in his body. Gee... what to do.... Oh wait... Isabelle was also producing oodles of the stuff earlier in the series which they got out of her to fill a gazillion of tubes with which to inject people. And later we saw p-positive people donating promicin on a weekly basis to create new stock of the stuff. Oddly enough nobody even considers the possibility to do the same with Danny. Not even this supposedly rather clever scientist Burkhoff chappie.

    And wait a minute... didn't they have someone who was able to take promicin abilities away from people and return them to being p-negative? Yeah we've seen it done several times. Okay so this Collier dude was missing at the moment but did anyone even suggest they should increase attempts to find him (surely there would be enough p-positive people with highly useful abilities to find him) and have him take this undesirable ability away again from Danny?

    Nahhh..... doing any of these wouldn't have allowed for the killing off of Danny for a mildly dramatic effect totally not worth these stupid inconsistencies. I had hoped the Director's cut would at least have corrected these annoying inconsistencies but unfortunately not. Bad Director!

  • The Great Leap Forward

    The Great Leap Forward was a superb episode and great season 4 finale of The 4400. I enjoyed watching this episode but wish it was not also the series finale since the show was not picked up again. I think this episode wrapped up a lot of the plot lines, and any thing left open was easy to imagine what the out come would be. There were some surprises, action scenes, and shocking implications. This episode was fast paced and covered a lot of the stories. I really liked the end of the episode where Seattle has a new name. I wish there were more seasons of The 4400!!!!!!!
  • Dang this episode was good. USa should never have cancelled this show so soon.

    I have always admired the way the writers have handled pretty intense situations so perfectly. They balanced out gigantic events with a lot of character development and succeeded to make this show even more entertaining than it already was. I don't make a secret of the fact that I disagree with the general notion that the first few seasons were the best. For me, it only really became emotionally involving and an absolute must-see because of the explosive seasons three and four. Emotionally rich, never running out of Great Ideas and with a lot of diverse people that try to deal with a life-altering situation in their own particular way... this sci-fi drama had it all. It saddens me to think that it's never going to be continued, because I have invested a lot in this series.

    This finale was as good as The 4400 gets. It mixed an apocalyptic story with the tearful reunion of Tom, Kyle and Shawn. Somehow this episode balanced its message of despair and doom with a note of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel. But The 4400 never got to finish its story and you could definitely notice that. There were just so many clues to opened up a lot of possibilities for the future. And it was really scary to see Maya picking sides with Jordan Collier. Brainwashed, much?

    I will miss this show.
  • Is it coming back? not according to

    So i was checking out to see when some of my favorite shows will be coming back on. And not only did i discover that Journyman has been cancelled...but now the 4400 as well.

    Why did i see this show on a list of cancelled shows in the 07/08 season...there's no way that this show did not have the following to go way! Does anyone have any solid evidense that might cheer me up?

    I hope that i'm wrong, because there are so many other places that this show needs to go...and i'd like to see them...i'm sure that we all would.


  • What a great show, can't wait for its return

    The 4400, place it right up there above Heroes. I thought initially that the writers were very clever to limit the number of "mutants" to 4400, but then the promicin twist... cool (sadly a high death rate). Can't wait for the shoe to restart. Anyone know the planned dates for this. Truly missing the show. I only got into it after the end of the 4th season, watched the whole thing in 2 weeks as could not stop watching it. Anyone else done that either ? (god, why do these reviews have to contain a minimum of 100 words, once you have run out of positive things to say, you have to find some way of filling the space) !!!
  • I loved this episode of the 4400. The beginning was great, I loved how they were able to get rid of the marked in Tom & the end when you think everything is going to blow up it doesn't completely except for the fact that the 4400's have taken over Seatle.

    I think when Mia says that it is better that the 4400's run Seatle opens up a whole new can of worms for next season and since most of you think that the series is over there is plenty of openings to add on to the story. Right now it is so twisted anything could happen at this point. I hope somethin more goes on and hope that you guys are wron about the hole sereis being over thing and that the show will continue, because what else will I watch during my summers. This is my Summer show of all time. I love it. It will continue I think.
  • A really nice ending for this series!

    I have to say that this season Finale was really great!

    Kyle has got really nice ability but sometimes I don't really understand it.. I think it is someone who leading him to a better ending...

    Shawn Farrell had a rough ending, nearly losing all his family.. he had a really tough desicion that he took when his brother asked him for a favour..he is grwowing as a character and we can see how hard he tries not to be like Gordon as he believes is not the good guy.

    Maia is great but it really was different at the end talking to her regarding Promise City and the changes in Seattle with Shawn's brother's ability we can see what a differance that has made.

    Isabelle showed that she can be good at the end she gave it her all. Isabelle really liked Kyle and she understood what their relationship meant. She was really to give everything she had to free Tom and Gordon.

    Will Tom Baldwin live with what he has done? He really knows how Kyle felt when he shot Gordon... Will he take the Promicin? And if he does will he get an ability or end up like those 9,000?

    Richard Tyler was really seen in this season but we can see that when we saw him he wanted to get his life back and the childhood back for his daughter Isabelle..but then he opened his eyes that he cannot change the past.

    Question waiting to be answered : What are the abilities of the other 9,000? Will Baldwin take the promicin? How is going Promise City is going change?
  • If the series is continued, they've written themselves into a corner. But it was fairly entertaining melodrama getting there.

    This episode was really over the top for a show known for being over the top and plagued with spotty acting. Over the top only works with solid actors (e.g., Al Pacino). Kyle's ability is really looking more and more like a plot device because you would think that this would have been a good time for her to turn up and give him some guidance. But maybe her only purpose was to lead him to this position and then abandon him with the choices "he" made. Shawn's brother is easily a larger plot device. His ability is the hardest to swallow and it's never clear how the promicin is spread. Does he have to look at you, breathe in your general direction, what? But as a plot device is pretty much achieves what the series needed to achieve in order for all the pieces to fall into place. It reduces Shawn's role as the compromiser and marginalizes his research. It finally puts Tom Baldwin in a position where he has little reason to not take the promicin shot. It puts Jordan Collier in place as a leader to bring heaven to earth. Richard is hung out to dry. Isabelle is dispensed of. Kyle and Shawn are finally reunited. On one hand, we have the series wrapped up in a big pretty neat bow in case it is not renewed. On another hand, when looking at the big picture, the bow starts to look smaller than we expected and maybe made out of some old re-used ribbon. Point being, the ending isn't really what I looked for. It doesn't really bookend the series with the ball of light storyline. We are only left to imagine what future society will result,what was intended for the 4400 and by whom was it intended. But in a way, the show might be better off this way.
  • Yet another dramatical overkill.

    My best bet is that Isabelle wasnt the most popular char so they decided to kill her this time, after all the convinient twists and turns they killed her just like that. Coulnt find some convinient gadjet or procidure. And the wisdom Danny brings is just pure gold - the more you desire or strive to be good the more chance someting will go horribly wrong and you'll end up a mass murderer. What else... Shawn killing his own brother out of humaneness ? With all the genious radical thinkers, billions of dolars spining around and they couldnt just get a helicopter with positive pilot that will drop to a small plane taking him to some god forsaken piece of land or whatever creative means you can think of. But hey lets just kill the guy for the drama - show that public we still go surprises. I guess the entire show is based on a moronic sacrificial point of view - sacrifice lives for a good cause thats the only waY! Instead of only sacrificing ignorance, stupidity, meaningless pride, and all them flawed things that drive human mids to disaster. I've seen influenced shows but this smells just like some filthy rich politician made the plot.
  • An awesome end to an awesome season!

    Wasn't this episode awesome? It had action and deaths - a long body count at the end of it! So poor little Danny got his promicin shot, only to have the worst and yet it could have been the best and coolest ability ever, had he been able to control it much sooner. To be brutally honest, I was glad to see him go, but not under the circumstances. Seeing poor Shaun having to kill his only surviving family member was very sad. It really did make me feel sorry for poor Shaun. Then there was Isabelle. I didn't think she had the capacity to do something that would set off the killswitch, but I was proven wrong. I didn't expect to see Isabelle die at all, but it happened. When the promicin virus swept through NTAC, it was so predictable that Diana, Marco, Megan and Garrity would survive. Megan's ability is the coolest! I'd kill to turn things into flowers! Marco's transporting while thinking of a location ability is cool, as well as Garrity's clone ability. It was a shame Tom was out of action, although Kyle did give him a syringe full of promicin.

    I'm hoping that there is another season. There are so many things they can build on, especially since the Marked storyline is still open, Seattle is now Promise City, and the fact that Cassie has just disappeared and also Shaun's fallout after losing both his mother and brother.
  • Just when I thought this show was heading down hill

    This was a great episode. I'm not too keen on writing reviews, so it takes something very bad, or very good to make me write one. This episode was fantastic!!!

    Finally they step away from all the soap opera relationships, and get back to the 4400, and in a big way! Sure it's nice to follow a bit of the interplay between the characters, but the title is "the 4400".

    In this episode we saw NTAC challenge by something that could have been fatal to their cause, and they knuckled down, thought it out and fought it. And with the help of the 4400.

    To the writers..... Well done!!
  • Wow what a good season finale!

    This season of 4400 was okay but I can definitely say that it went out with a bang. When Shawn's brother took the shot, I definitely did not see what ended up happening coming. It was a good way to kill off a lot of characters that really were not seen all that much or just had no storyline. The scene where Shawn had to kill his own brother was heartwrenching. I was actually sad to see Isabelle die especially since she had turned the corner from bad to good. The only thing I didn't like was the press conference with Collier at the end. I don't have an alternative ending but I think it should have ended differently.
  • Is The 4400 Being Cancelled?

    I was so blown away by the season finale of 4400. There was so much closure in this episode that it felt like the end of The 4400.

    Let's take a look at why I thought this. Shawn's brother Danny and his mother Susan are both dead. Isabelle is dead. Evil Tom is dead. Rebecca Parish is dead. Steven Ira Behr, the executive produce was in the crowd cheering as Jordan Collier came to power. They usually reserve stuff like that for series finales.

    The story was great but it seemed accelerated by Danny's 4400 ability. He was able to spread promicin like an infection and infecting everyone at will. This means that everyone in Seattle either died or got a power. This is exactly what Jordan Collier wanted. We got no real foreshadowing of this specific event. We got foreshadowing about the coming of a god. I remember something about time traveling that never really got fleshed out. The evil marked people storyline still confuses me. There were a lot of threads that were introduced that never went anywhere.

    I'm glad we wrapped up the Evil Tom story. The way they got the midichl.... nanites out of his system was that they flooded him with radiation and made Shawn bring him back to life. Clever!

    The cool payoffs to this episode is the powers that were revealed by the people who survived. Megan can turn metal into flowers. Jed can assimilate people and turn them into him. Not sure if this is just a projection but it is hilarious. The geekgasm is that Marco can teleport himself. (Do all geek boys want to have teleportation powers? :)

    All in all, this was great writing and very nice story arc. The story was fresh and unpredictable which is why this show succeeds in my eyes. Some of the extreme wrapping up of story lines distracted me because it started to feel like the stuff cancellations are made of. I hope I read too much into the episode and I look forward to seeing The 4400 next season.
  • well, the end wasn't that good!

    I want to say, this episode was good, but not for a season finale. I was hoping for another end. I just hope it will be another season :D but not in the summer cause I will go insane if I have to wait so much.

    Shawn didn't have to lose his mother and his brother too, in fact, none of them should die. I felt sorry for Isabelle too, maybe if she was helped by someone else to kill the black lady she would survive and live a long life near Kyle. And, about Tom, I'm glad she's not marked anymore, but they forgot about Alana, if he was in the 'future room' why didn't she made something to bring her back. But the most disturbing thing is: is Kyle's ability bad or good? This I really don't know. And poor Diana, she is alone again.

    In the end, this finale season was a tragic one, not a happy one how it should be!
  • A deathly virus attacks the residents of Seattle or should I say Promise City?

    Great season finale three people die and three people get brand new abilities. After Danny takes Promicine he spreads a deathly virus that kill among many others his mother. Shawn asked by his brother stops his heart so as to prevent the virus from spreading even more. Isabelle dies saving Tom and Jordan from the hands of the Marked. Meanwhile Meghan gains a new ability that allows her to change objects. Jed Garrity is able to dupicate himself and Marco develops the ability of teleportation(great one !) finally Diana survives the virus despite being Promicine negative because apparently she developed an antibody for Promicine. Finally Tom is tempted by Kyle at the end of the episode to take Promicine and Jordan names himself dictator of Seattle A.K.A Promise City. A new era with 4400 in command start at this show can't wait for next season !!!
  • Seattle comes under complete control of Jordan's movement.

    An exciting ending with mostly clever plotlines and great acting.

    I loved how Shawn and Danny stand together and how Shawn doesn't blame Danny for their mum's death. It shows how much he has grown as a character. Danny asking Shawn to end it, was heartbreaking and extremely well acted by both actors.

    The funeral scene was very moving, Tom, Kyle and Shawn trying to form a new family on the ashes of losing Susan and Danny was, of course, symbolic for the whole of Seattle.

    The closing scene of Tom considering whether to take the promicin shot was very powerful, though I don't think he will (if there's a fifth series).

    I liked the shot of Marco teleporting and Garrity creating his own double. Teleportation was one of those abilities that people always think about and it's not been featured yet. Marco getting this ability is a great homage to the character, who's grown so much and become much more important that just a minor sidekick.

    I hope that any future season will try and feature Diana and Maia more, they seemed very underused this season.
  • A surprising and enlightening season finale

    Once again, a season of "The 4400" ends with a distinct shift in the status quo, building on the unexpected release of promicin to the public at the end of the third season. Some of the plot resolutions for the plot and characters arcs felt rushed, but on the whole, everything was earned and the writers once again managed to bring a fresh perspective to their own concept.

    The battle lines had already been drawn in the previous episode, so this was the inevitable showdown with the Marked, the soldiers of the Future Elite. The solution to Tom's "marked" status was quick and a bit too predictable. Similarly, Isabelle's decision to sacrifice herself to free Jordan and strike back at the Marked was never in doubt. In fact, Isabelle's subplot was marred with substandard acting in general, in stark contrast to the rest of the material.

    The predictable moments, thankfully, took up very little of the finale. Most of the time was spent on a plot twist that paid off the season premiere in beautiful fashion. Danny, Shawn's brother, develops the ability to spread promicin like an airborne plague of remarkable potency. Within the space of hours, the entire city of Seattle is under quarantine and thousands are dead. The survivors, including NTAC and every other branch of law enforcement, are suddenly and irrevocably "P-Positive".

    The exceptions are Tom and Diana, of course. Tom is out of the picture for most of the crisis, dealing with the Marked and Jordan Collier, and Diana is immune to the disease due to her previous exposure to promicin during Kevin Burkhoff's initial experiments. That immunity provides the solution to the plague crisis, but not before Seattle becomes a war zone, overrun with panicked civilians, many of which are waiting for abilities to develop. This plot element plays on the fears regarding every potential super-plague in the news today, adding a new layer to the existing metaphors surrounding the promicin concept.

    The thematic connection to the beginning of the season comes to fruition when NTAC is forced to turn to Promise City for temporary law enforcement support. Kyle is more than happy to step up to the plate in Jordan's name, and once Jordan is back in charge, his movement is stronger than ever. Seattle itself becomes the new and improved Promise City, thus fulfilling the prophecy from Kyle's ability. Even Tom is tempted to take the shot by the end of the episode.

    This season finale leaves NTAC run by p-positives, the mundane government left to figure out what to do about it, Jordan Collier's movement as strong as it's ever been, and Shawn's political status as the voice of reason uncertain at best. That said, this could easily serve as a series finale, which it very well might be. It would be unfortunate if this was the end, but at the very least, this finale takes them out on a high note.
  • Is this the beginning of the end? may contain spoilers

    When I came to the message board I was very glad that I was not the only person who after watching this season finale (series?) stratched their head. It was a good episode, but not a great one. No real cliffhanger, like seasons 1, 2, and 3, just alot of closure. It has been apparent for most of the season that the writers where not sure where they were going with the show. They introduced many wonderful storylines but they all didn't seem like...well like the 4400. I missed the storylines about the characters. It did after all begin as a show about 4400 people who disappeared and were returned. How would the world be changed? How would these people and the people around them be changed? That I found to be the most interesting. Then the reason the 4400 were brought back was wrapped up quickly and then everyone began to have powers.... Tom wasn't Tom and Kyle wasn't really Kyle (who seemed almost to be taking over Shawn's life ie Isabelle & Jordan as well as the power Shawn had when he was ahead of the Centre)...there were the "marked" and a book of prophecies. How about digging deeper into Richard or Diana? Why replace Alana for Meghan? Both great but a bit unneccessary. There was a reason for these players to play these parts, why not introduce that instead of introduce new players and new plots. With all this said Season 4 clearly hasn't been my favorite season but it hasn't been bad... just different, I needed more time to understand where the writers were going with the "marked" storyline and "Promise City". As for the episode it was good, the directing style seemed a little different and was a bit jarring at first and I thought the acting was a bit lackluster in a few spots but loved the exchange between Shawn and Danny and again at Susan and Danny's funeral, creepy exchange betwen Maia and Diana (where have the two of them been this season!)and Tom as he woke up. Great job by Kaj. Diffently alot of closure. Isabelle is gone (her storyline was definitly backed into a corner, there wasn't really any place for her to go but to leave or die) and I assume Richard as well, Danny and Susan gone - though leaving Shawn with a new storyline (which he hasn't had all season), positives seemed to have won, and of course the scene with Tom, Kyle and Shawn was a big closure scene.... I hope the 4400 returns but I kinda hope it's the last season. The show seems to be losing steam and needs to go while it's still amazing and can give proper closure not drag out until it is no longer good or gets cancelled. I've heard that this episode was written to be like a series finale in case the show's not picked up for a 5th season... well they achieved this.
  • Seems like the series has reached its end.

    Looks like it has been decided who will prevail. The future will change, for the better if Jordan is right.

    There doesn't seem to be anyone left to stop people with abilities, anyone from the future that is, with Isabelle dead (what a waste) and the marked assumed to be taken care of.

    I felt sorry for Danny, Shawn should have tried harder to save him, isolate him until he can locate Jordan so he can remove his ability. But I guess he just couldn't live with himself, killing 9000 people and all.

    I also feel sorry for Diana, it seems like she is the only of the main character that would not get an ability.

    I would have loved to know more about Cassie and her true nature.

    I hope there will be a new season. If there is I guess they will start focusing on the struggle between the P+ and the rest of the world.
  • Thousands die, Isabelle goes nuts and the world changes. Is it for the better or worse?

    Picks up where it left off with Danny killing his mother with his new ability - spreading promicin as a virus. When he goes to the hospital half of the people drop like flies, while the others gain new abilities. Danny is given the inhibitor to keep him from killing, but this will result in Dannys slow painful death, so he asks Shawn to end his suffering. Even NTAC is affected as the virus spreads, killing some, giving others powers that are revealed as the episode ends. Marco now has the ability to look at a photo and teleport there and Megan can transform ordinary objects into something totally different.

    Tom, it appears, is now free of his Marked personality so he tries to free Jordan, but he reacts when told of their plan to kill Kyle and is taken prisoner. Isabelle refused to obey the Marked's orders to kill Kyle so she returns and kicks but - taking out one of the Marked along with several goons - one with a fireplace poker in the chest. Ouch! She succeeds in freeing Jordan Collier and Tom Baldwin but at a high price. The promicin plague is stopped by an ordinary dietary supplement that can make people immune to promicin. Jordan Collier goes to Seattle City Hall where his followers have taken over. What happens now? How many people in the world now take the supplement and not risk death promicin? Will peoeple be forced to take it so no new Positives will be created? Could the supplement be put into the food supply? As the episode closes has "Welcome to Seattle" with Seattle crossed out now saying "Welcome to Promise City" - very creepy. Now that Colliers people are in charge of a major city, what happens next? What will the rest of the Marked do, now that 2 or 3 of them are out of action? Will they try and take out Seattle? Maia told Diana it was good for "us" to be in charge - with a very creepy blank look on her face. Is Maia, Marked? Did Tom (while Marked) do more to her than just give her the promicin inhibitor? Is she Marked now?

    As weve seen over the last 4 seasons both good and bad people now have special abilities - many of which are lethal (as Danny demonstrated). After what happened this week, what is the rest of the world thinking? Which city will be the next to fall under the control of Colliers people? Will new people with powers blindly follow Collier? Collier reminds me of David Koresh or Jim Jones - I still dont trust him, after all he was willing to see 3 billion die to make his heaven on Earth dream a reality. How will normal humans react? Will there be a war between normal humans/the Marked and the 4400/Positives? Hopefully there will be at least a partial Season 5 to show the long term effects of everything thats happened so far.
  • I thought it was captivating and full of excitement.Isabelle hands down was my favorite character and hope she is still alive for next season.I thought it was a good twist that Diana was immune to promicine.This was a great finally.

    I loved the finally it was great. I even felt kind of sad when Isabelle died or did she? I also thought it was so cool that Diane was immune to promicine and all the other N-Tac agents abillities like duplication and teleportation I dont really know what to call turning a pen into a flower except cool. I really liked Isabelle she was so powerful I thought it was so cool how she just walked up to the house killing everyone instantly. All in all this was a really really good episode and a really good season can't wait for next season and cant wait to see what Toms abillity is going to be.
  • It goes with a BOOM!!!

    There are certainly some critics to be made for the fourth season, but just as certainly this season finale kindda made me wish to forget some of them. I follow the show since the beginning and I must say this season finale was the best so far. Why? The tension is on non-stop mode. Not only major characters face decisions which may result in them not being alive to regret, but also the not so well constructed tension between the "sides" of the story finally takes off and comes to a point of no return when everyone face someone with the ability to air spread promicin.

    Many important characters face their deaths and "The Marked" may have come to an end (although obviously it won't be so easy to get rid of them), deconstructing the image of stagnation the show was showing lately in my opinion.

    Plus, some characters (Tom and Shawn, for one) showed signs of getting in touch with their dark sides in face of the tragedies fallen upon them, making me wonder if there's going to be another side to the struggle of forces to come for the fifth season.

    And I won't even mention the fact that for all practical purposes Jordan is now owner of Seattle. Oh! I forgot! It's Promise City now.

    And after almost all the surviving major characters face themselves with the discovery of their abilities, will Tom accept Kyle's offer and take the shot?

    Unfortunately, only next year we'll find out.
    But I'm surely will be here to do it.

    Stay tuned with me!
  • I was very happy with tonights episode. The story moved forward, but we were still left with quite a few loose ends...

    I was very happy with tonights episode. The story moved forward, but we were still left with quite a few loose ends, and many deaths and new abilities.

    I had, as probably many others did, guessed at the end of the last episode that Danny's ability was responsible with his mother's condition. However, I didn't expect it to spread to so many. It was interesting; however, that it only affected those not Promicin positive, and that it would have one of two effects (either death or an ability).

    Bringing Tom Baldwin back to life was of course a plus. I was hoping they didn't kill off his character, but with this show, you never know what they are going to do, as was evident by the main death of the episode.

    I also liked that so many of the main cast now have abilities (although I have to admit Marco's ability to evidently travel to whatever place he sees (or thinks of?) instantly made me think of Hiro from Heroes. I almost expected him to throw his arms up in the air and yell. Almost). It will be interesting to see where it will all lead. It's too bad Diana will never develop an ability, but it looks like Tom just might. Although, who knows, maybe Diana will become a liason between the positives and negatives since she is in a way on both sides (they can her a Promicin Neutral now!). Also, Jed Garrity's cloning ability will probably make a fun episode.

    I was happy to see Isabelle resisting her 'destiny,' even if it didn't last long. I have to admit, before I wouldn't have been very sad to see her go, but the character has grown on me.

    As for the ending, it's interesting how the sides had to work together and that the power seems to be shifting to the 'positives.' Maia's comment about them being in charge now was powerful. Although, one of the main things that will probably be talked and predicted about is whether or not Tom took the Promicin. However, my main thought of the episode is if Jordan had been talking to Severus Snape about his wardrobe!
  • As usual, the season finale wraps up arcs and paves a new path for the future in a bold way.

    At first, I thought Danny was doing a plague but that he was basically giving out promicin was a clever idea and the scenes of the breakout of deaths was jarring. I liked how he and Shawn dealt with the agony and pain of losing their mother together and Shawn being given the horrible choice of having to kill him to end his suffering. The breakdown between him and Kyle at the end was jarring as they finally make peace amid the horror.

    Tom was well done with dealing with killing people and trying to save Jordan. It's good to see Isabelle finally make the right choice at the end at the cost of her own life and the scene of her tossing around all the thugs was exciting. And it was fun to see Kyle taking charge with Jordan's plan while Jordan and Tom find their way to a truce.

    Of course, the big turns come at the end: Marco teleporting, Megan creating plants, that one agent duplicating himself, Mya saying this was all good for "us" to be in charge, Diana trying to figure if she'll get powers and Tom wondering if he should take the shot. And that last scene of Seattle now Promise City. One thing's for sure, Season 5 is going to have a lot to live up to and a brave new world will make the series one to watch for a while.
  • Love this show but needs work for season 5

    They really need to get some focus on the show, it's like Earth Final Conflict meets Enterprise. They have changed the story so often it's gotten confusing.

    First it was that the 4400 were sent back in time each given a power spacifically designed to help prevent the catastrophe and Tom and Diana were trying to find out how each power would help. Now it seems they were just given powers to introduce promison into the past, the Future could've sent a vial of the stuff and accomplished the same goal.

    The current Promise City storyline was already done last season as the "brotherhood" type group. They let that story die off and then repaeated it with this one.

    They have yet to exlain how Jordan Collier was brought back to life, and if he did indeed go to the future, then why would the future allow him to be taken and marked? Or Tom for that matter as he is supposed to be important to them and their goal? In the past they have always intervined. I.E When Tom tried to kill himself.

    Now don't get me wrong I love this show, but the only way it's going to survive is if they get some direction. pick and main story and stick to it. If they were smart they would do a postives vs humans storyline and draw in every single x-men fan out there.

    If they do a 5th season and it should prolly be the last, it should be them coming face to face with the great catastophe and showing how the 4400 stop it.
  • loving it alot can't wait to see what twist is next - love every episode never disappointed. rock on 4400

    even though it continues from the previous episode each show brings something new that completes itself and then leave you wondering how it will climax with the new episode and what new twist will it bring before the end of the show.

    it's like having a series of books about the 4400 and each show is a new book instead of each show being a new chapter, you get a new chapter everytime you come back from commerical and by the end of the show the book has ended, until you open the new book next week. I can't wait. looks like i will have to wait.