The 4400

Season 4 Episode 13

The Great Leap Forward

Aired Unknown Sep 16, 2007 on USA

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  • Seems like the series has reached its end.

    Looks like it has been decided who will prevail. The future will change, for the better if Jordan is right.

    There doesn't seem to be anyone left to stop people with abilities, anyone from the future that is, with Isabelle dead (what a waste) and the marked assumed to be taken care of.

    I felt sorry for Danny, Shawn should have tried harder to save him, isolate him until he can locate Jordan so he can remove his ability. But I guess he just couldn't live with himself, killing 9000 people and all.

    I also feel sorry for Diana, it seems like she is the only of the main character that would not get an ability.

    I would have loved to know more about Cassie and her true nature.

    I hope there will be a new season. If there is I guess they will start focusing on the struggle between the P+ and the rest of the world.