The 4400

Season 4 Episode 13

The Great Leap Forward

Aired Unknown Sep 16, 2007 on USA



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    • Tom: I can't help but wonder, when we walk back into the city, who's gonna be in charge. My side, or yours?
      Jordan: I think soon that distinction won't mean a thing.

    • Maia: See. I told you he was a good guy.
      Diana: Maia, can't you see what's happening? Jordan Collier is naming himself dictator of Seattle, there's nothing good about that.
      Maia: You're wrong mom. We are in charge now. It's better that way.

    • Jordan: The time has come for this city to begin healing. I never intended promicin to spread this way, but the sacrifices of the past few days have not been in vain! This tragedy, terrible as it may have been, had meaning, and those who died, are the heralds of a new age! Thousands upon thousands of you have new abilities, and in time, you will all contribute to this movement. A movement that now claims all Seattle as its home! We stood by the city in its hour of need, and we will now guide this city into the future. We're all miracles, every one of us, and together, we will do wondrous things. I've spoken to the world before of heaven on earth. Many of you thought it impossible, but now, I'm convinced, we will see it in our lifetimes!

    • Rebecca Parrish: You made your choice. You were our only hope for the future.
      Isabelle: Your future's dead now.

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