The 4400

Season 3 Episode 7

The Home Front

Aired Unknown Jul 16, 2006 on USA
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The Home Front
With Dennis Ryland's help, NTAC tracks down the remaining members of the Nova Group. Nikki pays Shawn an unexpected visit.

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  • The Home Front

    The Home Front was a superb and very intriguing episode of The 4400. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a great story, character development, and a little action. It was interesting to see how Isabelle deals with Shawn now that he told her they can't be together and can only be friends. Isabelle basically backs him into a corner regarding Nikki. Isabelle is definitely getting darker and I like it. Tom must deal with the fact that Alana helped Gary Navarro escape a raid. I thought it was great when Tom and Diana discovered Dennis Ryland's new job. The story of this episode was exciting and moves things forward in unexpected ways. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Alana decides to make some decision for Tom.

    Average episode with a surprising ending.

    The one storyline re-introduced Nikki, Shawn's former lover and ex-girlfriend of his brother Danny. It's obvious why she is introduced again, Shawn hasn't met other women and the storyline presumably involves Isabelle becoming jealous of Nikki, which, judging by this episode will work.

    When Alana betrayed Tom, by warning Gary Navarro about the NTAC raid, this really spelled the end of their relationship, I think. Even though when the storyline did develop along this line, I was still surprised when she did actually leave at the end of the episode. That's Kyle and Alana gone from Tom's life. I wonder, Marco hasn't been around in a while either, will they try a Diana/Tom relationship??moreless
  • Yawn...

    Ryland: The Nova group isn't a bridge club. You don't just leave.

    It should be exciting and moving. But The Home Front isn't. There's no conviction or sense of danger. Alana leaves, as does Gary Navarro, but that's it...Pretty average really.

    Oh, and no Maia either. It just gets worse and worse...

    Nikki: Last time I saw you I don't even think that you owned a belt. You used to wear the same flannel shirt every day for a week.

    Shawn: Things change, I guess.moreless
  • Just when everything was going so well

    It reminded me of something Joss Whedon said about Willow and tara in BtVS, that when things seem too good to be true you can expect something bad to happen and with Tom and Alana that happened in this episode and I find it sad that Alana's gone I liked her, but I'm glad that they saved Gary N, because otherwise it would have been hard for them too live with causing his dead, plus I love his ability. Secondly I loved the fact that Nikki was back, I always found that she and Shawn needed closure, well I'd rather see them together off course because she's way better than Isabel but then I would be scared that Isabel would hurt hermoreless
  • Un-interesting, Un-Inspiring, Filler

    This wasn't the most interesting storyline we've come across, essentially nothing really happened. We caught up with the Nova Group, well we knew that was going to have to be wrapped up ... since they found who they believe to be the 'head guy', and went about rounding up the rest of the yahooligans. blah!!

    I understand the re-introduction of Nikki into the fold and the antagonism that's going to create in the future, but again ... that was relatively uninspiring.

    I think this was just a filler episode to line up some essential ideas that will make the future storylines more palatable.

    Don't get me wrong I love this show, I think filler eppies are necessary in order to preserve continuity. I'm just looking forward to the next episode in the hopes that it'll be a bit more suspenseful.

    BTW ... where has Mia been lately?

Kathryn Gordon

Kathryn Gordon

Heather Tobey

Guest Star

Sharif Atkins

Sharif Atkins

Gary Navarro

Guest Star

Julia Tortolano

Julia Tortolano

Amy Paspalis

Guest Star

Peter Coyote

Peter Coyote

Dennis Ryland

Recurring Role

Kavan Smith

Kavan Smith

Agent Garrity

Recurring Role

Jody Thompson

Jody Thompson


Recurring Role

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    • Alana: I didn't want us to end, Thomas. Ever. And especially not here, like this.
      Tom: It doesn't have to end. I can come with you.
      Alana: You can't. You need to be here. You're one of the only good men left in this fight.

    • Ryland: Tom, you need to think about this. Tom, you're letting a terrorist walk free.
      Gary: No, I was a soldier. You created me. All I did was switch sides. Well, guess what? Now I'm done fighting. I'm walking away from the war.

    • Nikki: Last time I saw you, I don't even think that you owned a belt. You used to wear the same flannel shirt every day for a week.
      Shawn: Things change, I guess.

    • Ryland: What were you thinking, Tom? To get romantically involved with a 4400?
      Tom: What Alana did was misguided, it was wrong, but Gary wasn't part of the Nova Group anymore.
      Ryland: Are you actually gonna stand here and defend Gary Navarro to me? The Nova Group isn't a bridge club. You don't just leave.

    • Richard: (to Shawn) Isabelle's not giving up without a fight and we've both seen what happens when my daughter decides to fight.

    • (Gary is saying a prayer)
      Agent: Quiet back there.
      Dennis: It's alright. Let him pray.

    • Diana: Well, that went well. Tell me why do I have a weird feeling in my stomach?
      Alana: It's not easy to sentence a man to death.

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