The 4400

Season 3 Episode 7

The Home Front

Aired Unknown Jul 16, 2006 on USA

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  • The Home Front

    The Home Front was a superb and very intriguing episode of The 4400. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a great story, character development, and a little action. It was interesting to see how Isabelle deals with Shawn now that he told her they can't be together and can only be friends. Isabelle basically backs him into a corner regarding Nikki. Isabelle is definitely getting darker and I like it. Tom must deal with the fact that Alana helped Gary Navarro escape a raid. I thought it was great when Tom and Diana discovered Dennis Ryland's new job. The story of this episode was exciting and moves things forward in unexpected ways. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Alana decides to make some decision for Tom.

    Average episode with a surprising ending.

    The one storyline re-introduced Nikki, Shawn's former lover and ex-girlfriend of his brother Danny. It's obvious why she is introduced again, Shawn hasn't met other women and the storyline presumably involves Isabelle becoming jealous of Nikki, which, judging by this episode will work.

    When Alana betrayed Tom, by warning Gary Navarro about the NTAC raid, this really spelled the end of their relationship, I think. Even though when the storyline did develop along this line, I was still surprised when she did actually leave at the end of the episode. That's Kyle and Alana gone from Tom's life. I wonder, Marco hasn't been around in a while either, will they try a Diana/Tom relationship??
  • Yawn...

    Ryland: The Nova group isn't a bridge club. You don't just leave.

    It should be exciting and moving. But The Home Front isn't. There's no conviction or sense of danger. Alana leaves, as does Gary Navarro, but that's it...Pretty average really.
    Oh, and no Maia either. It just gets worse and worse...

    Nikki: Last time I saw you I don't even think that you owned a belt. You used to wear the same flannel shirt every day for a week.
    Shawn: Things change, I guess.
  • Just when everything was going so well

    It reminded me of something Joss Whedon said about Willow and tara in BtVS, that when things seem too good to be true you can expect something bad to happen and with Tom and Alana that happened in this episode and I find it sad that Alana's gone I liked her, but I'm glad that they saved Gary N, because otherwise it would have been hard for them too live with causing his dead, plus I love his ability. Secondly I loved the fact that Nikki was back, I always found that she and Shawn needed closure, well I'd rather see them together off course because she's way better than Isabel but then I would be scared that Isabel would hurt her
  • Un-interesting, Un-Inspiring, Filler

    This wasn't the most interesting storyline we've come across, essentially nothing really happened. We caught up with the Nova Group, well we knew that was going to have to be wrapped up ... since they found who they believe to be the 'head guy', and went about rounding up the rest of the yahooligans. blah!!

    I understand the re-introduction of Nikki into the fold and the antagonism that's going to create in the future, but again ... that was relatively uninspiring.

    I think this was just a filler episode to line up some essential ideas that will make the future storylines more palatable.

    Don't get me wrong I love this show, I think filler eppies are necessary in order to preserve continuity. I'm just looking forward to the next episode in the hopes that it'll be a bit more suspenseful.

    BTW ... where has Mia been lately?

  • Alana tips off Gary Navarro and gets in trouble for it. And the return of Nikki. Meh.

    I struggled with this episode a lot. First of all, Nikki returned. I liked the reason they brought her back and I liked that they had her away at school; it was a good way to explain why she wasn't around in season two after Shawn reconnected with his mom and brother. And while this was actually pretty well written and well acted, I never liked the character of Nikki. I would prefer her over Isabelle, but neither would be good for Shawn IMO. So her coming back really didn't do anything for me.

    The biggest reason I struggled with this episode was Tom's character. I had to pause this episode on the DVR numerous times to try to reconcile in my head Tom's actions. Considering the way the character has been in the previous seasons, I had a hard time buying that he would go to such lengths to save Alana when she was guilty. It doesn't really matter that Navarro wasn't with the NOVA Group anymore; he had been at one time, and attempted murder is wrong no matter who the victim. That should have been Tom's stance. She was guilty. He went up to bat for Kyle because technically KYLE was innocent. Alana was just plain guilty, and the idea that he would switch Alana for Gary with Ryland was just... gah. They redeemed him a little bit by getting Gary out of Ryland's clutches, but the whole thing with Gary saying "I guess you did eventually help me" was too much. That wasn't Tom's initial plan. I have loved Tom all the way up until this episode, and I'm not sure I can reconcile this with that character. I finally decided that if it took that much time for me to be okay with what a character was doing something was wrong. And that whole feeling I had about it overpowered everything else in the episode.

    And Isabelle just annoys me. Shawn, run. Run fast and far and never return. You are in danger!
  • " not giving up without a fight "

    Reyland is back with more power in one government agency, and thirsty to revenge on those ho throw him down. He tries to track down Gary Navarro and the remain Nova Group members

    Nikki pays Shawn a visit and old feelings came out. Isabelle understands that she is loosing Shawn, get’s jealous and treat’s her life. Richard is afraid of what Isabelle can do. Isabelle becomes Reyland ally to destroy the 4400

    Tom and Diana let their personal lives to get in the way of their jobs in NTAC
    Alana admits to have helped Gary, and get in serious trouble with Reyland, Tom help her to escape to the road.
  • No earthshocks this time, but still a very nice storyline with twists and turns

    Dennis Reyland gets some power again (HASKEL or something like that if I remember correctly) which makes me really happy since he's a very intriguing character and it seems they don't really want us to know which side he's on.
    Not only for Dennis but also for the others (most notably Tom) personal intrest are mixed with other intrest (for instance Tom who knows that Alana commited a crime but he doesn't to turn her in because of his feelings for her), which makes up for a very intriguing episode, that is centered around Alana and Garry. Trades and deals are made, but in the end who ends up where ? See the surprising plot yourself dudes !
  • Moral relativism rules the day

    This episode is the mid-point of the season, and as such, one would expect some major shifts in the direction of the season arc. I’m not sure that happened, but to some extent, there were some serious changes to the status quo. Ryland remains a powerful force within the world of the 4400, and characters find themselves compromised on a number of levels.

    I’ve often said that Tom and Diana find themselves in a compromised situation because of their relationships to members of the 4400, and this episode is a perfect example. Everything Tom does is a reaction to Alana being in jeopardy, and he circumvents NTAC and every other law enforcement agency in the process. Even as it stands, Tom will be lucky if Alana’s sudden disappearance doesn’t lead to an inquiry into his activities.

    Though he eventually changed his mind, largely because of the realization that Alana would never forgive him for screwing over Navarro, Tom was prepared to hand a man over for private execution to prevent his wife from being punished for a crime she actually committed. While the writers do try to soften this particular decision by making it clear that Ryland is on questionable moral ground in terms of his ability to hold Alana and others, the fact is that Alana aided and abetted the escape of a known terrorist.

    Alana is guilty, and she confessed to her crime. Legally and ethically, Tom should have taken her into custody, regardless of her motivations. Her justification was that she was protecting one of her own kind, but that was essentially the same justification given by the Nova Group for their actions. Tom may have disagreements with how society is treating the 4400 (including how easily Ryland escaped punishment for his actions), but he’s a law enforcement officer, and his wife committed a crime.

    While that should be difficult for Tom, I think he crossed the line in a major way when he sought to allow her to escape the consequences of her actions. Trading her freedom with Navarro’s life is just an expression of the amoral nature of his thought process. Diana, however, is equally compromised, because she allows her relationship with Maia to influence her own reactions to the 4400.

    It may be difficult for the audience to sympathize with Tom now, because his decisions have become so questionable. As long as the writers are willing to explore this twist honestly, without pretending that it was the right thing to do, I have no problem with it. In fact, it could work out better this way, since it adds another layer of relativism to the story. How long can Tom and Diana continue to support the 4400 in their current role, before they make the wrong move and get caught?

    Of course, this episode also brings up a rather big question: what was the point of introducing Alana in the first place, if she would simply end up leaving, thus depriving Tom of the psychological and emotional support Alana was supposed to provide? One gets the feeling that the actress wanted to leave for something else, or that the writers hadn’t worked out her role in Tom’s future. Whatever the case, it’s a plot point that needs to be addressed before too much time passes. (Especially since the “future humanity” didn’t intercede, which suggests they didn’t see an upshot to it.)

    Given Ryland’s current position of power, it’s rather disturbing that Isabelle has become his willing ally. After all, Ryland sees the 4400 as a massive threat, and Isabelle was apparently created to destroy the 4400. Ryland could give Isabelle the means and opportunity to achieve that goal, and this episode continues to demonstrate her lack of moral development. Isabelle has become so powerful that opposing her isn’t even an option, as Shawn’s decision to avoid Nicki emphasizes. When Shawn and Richard are brought together in common cause regarding Isabelle, it’s telling.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes cover the “The 4400”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)
  • The story arc of the Nova Group and Ryland comes to a powerful head with big changes for Tom.

    I have to admit, having Alana admit to helping Nova was good writing and her reasoning made sense. It was good to show Tom afraid of losing the one person who was making his life close to stable and her loss now could be a bad thing for him.

    Again, Coyote is great as Ryland, still so sure he's doing the right thing and using his old relationship with Tom to his advantage. But as the final scene shows, he may not be as in control as he believes...which bodes well for his plans with Isabelle.

    It was a surprise to see Nikki again and I liked how Shawn was so wanting to pick up where they left off. However, Isabelle's growing darkness means he can't and the breakup was bad to watch...but not as bad as Nikki dying would have been.

    Gary was great, so desperate and wanting to go back to a normal life. His "I was a ballplayer!" speech was good and I liked that shot of him praying as he was being led to his doom. I do hope we see more of him and of course Alana down the road. So while not as bang-up as some of the past eps, this was well done and throws a big wrench for Tom's life.
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