The 4400

Season 4 Episode 6

The Marked

Aired Unknown Jul 22, 2007 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Nitpick: Halfway through the episode as the camera pans across the space needle, various people on the space needle can be seen waving at the camera.

    • Goof: Kyle calls Shawn from an underground bomb shelter using a cell phone, where it would be impossible for signals to reach a cell tower.

  • Quotes

    • Gabriel Hewitt: Thank you.
      Shawn: Don't thank me, just change.

    • Kyle: Was this you? Did you have this done?
      Collier: I did not.
      Kyle: I believe you. I'm sorry Shawn didn't.
      Collier: I'm sorry too. Shawn was like a son to me, and I've lost him. But I have found you.

    • Drew Imroth: Those look like x-rays. Is everything ok with you?
      Tom: It didn't work. Whatever you tried to do to me it didn't take. I'm still me.
      Drew Imroth: Of course you're you. We're all ourselves, aren't we? I mean, who else would we be?

    • Drew Imroth: Baldwin thinks it's some kind of play, mind game. When we need him, he will be there for us.

    • Jordan: (talking to Shawn) I understand that you want to build a bridge between positives and the rest of the world, but Shawn, I'm telling you, events are moving past that. We have big plans here, and when we're finished, the 4400 won't need the mainstream. The mainstream will come to us.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates

      Czech Republic: 08 May 2008 on Cinemax
      United Kingdom: 07 August 2007 on Sky One

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