The 4400

Season 1 Episode 2

The New and Improved Carl Morrissey

Aired Unknown Jul 18, 2004 on USA
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The New and Improved Carl Morrissey
Carl Morrissey is a lowly supermarket employee who happens to be one of the 4400. He uses his new found powers - enhanced reflexes and strength - to become a vigilante and fight crime in his neighbourhood. Lily is thrown in jail for violating the restraining order while looking in on her daughter and ex-husband's new life. Richard and Lily's romance begins to blossom.moreless

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  • The New and Improved Carl Morrissey

    The New and Improved Carl Morrissey was a perfect episode of The 4400. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a great story, interesting characters, and some 4400 action. Carl Morrissey was an excellent character, and I really respected the care he took in his work. This episode makes it easy to connect with the characters. Diana and Tom discover the man killed by Orson Baily was about to defraud Hundreds of Millions of dollars from an insurance scam. It was cool to meet the geeks of the theory room. It was fun to see Maia make her own future happen as she asked Diana if she could check on her, and then if she could live with her. Tom continues to hide his thoughts about Sean who is at odds with his brother over Nikki. Kyle has an episode at the hospital and is in surgery. I like how fast paced this series is, yet how easy it is to connect with the characters and story. I like every thing about this episode. The end was sad and may strike a few tears in some viewers. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • One of the 4400 begins to show powers that involve super strength and agility.

    I was hoping that this would be exactly how the show would progress in general. This episode centered on of the of the 4400 who returned and dealing with the situation that was presented to him. I found this to be very interesting and was hoping that each week would be similar in character, specifically, following around one of the returnees in their quest to reintegrate into society. While I certainly do enjoy the show as it is currently, a progressive story, it would have been nice to see a more episodic sci-fi series on television.

    This episode was well done, well acted, well filmed and really got me interested in the show past the pilot episode.moreless
  • Carl wants to use his new power to improve his neighbourhood, beginning with the park.

    One of the 4400 discovers his special ability and intends to use it improve the world, starting with his neighbourhood and the partk in which he proposes to his wife. The neighbourhood has worsened since he disappeared and he plans to change it, for the better.

    Unfortunately, he fails and his wife loses him again.

    A poignant episode fillied with good intentions that turn to nothing. The 4400 are still struggling to come to grips with having returned, Shawn, Lilly, all of them, including Carl, are full of good intentions that turn out to be dificult to turn into reality.

    A good episode with some decent character development and plot development.moreless
  • A man returns to his hometown after his return among the other 4400 returnees after the 'comet' appeared in the skies over Seattle. He's disappointed to find out that his town is overrun with criminals and fear. Who will stand up to make things change.moreless

    I have to say that while I really liked the Pilot of 4400, it was this episode that decided it for me. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

    It was exciting, an every-man released from quarantine goes home and is frustrated when he finds out that the park where he proposed is now over run with criminals.

    Back at his job, everything is just like it was before he was taken. A control freak boss doesn't allow him to spend more than the bare minimum of time with each customer, service is NOT a concern at this supermarket.

    Little things build up inside of him, raising the level of ire in him until it BURSTS and he's propelled into action. Cleaning the monuments in the park, defending a woman being attacked in the park, telling off his boss. He's super fast with super reflexes... is this what we'll expect from the other 4400s? What a great thing to have them all back if they are to become one-person clean up crews to take back out neighborhoods!

    Alas, Carl's speed and new skills don't mean he's knife-proof and we see the first 4400 die on us.moreless
  • Carl: “Please stop worrying. This is what I was meant to do. This is my destiny.”

    Although Carl’s story ended tragically, it looks like his death served for a greater purpose. His death spurred his community to action against the crime and corruption in Bradley Park. So Carl potentially lowered crime in his neighborhood and Orson saved Washington millions of dollars. Were the 4400 brought back with powers to help make the world a better place? Is it all part of a “master plan”? That would mean that somebody or something planned for Carl to be sacrificed. Who gets to make decisions like that?

    It was wrong for Sean to kiss his brother’s girlfriend, but I completely understand his attraction to Niki (beyond the obvious physical standpoint). She has been the only one there for him since he was returned. His classmates reject him, his uncle distrusts him, and his brother is freaked out by him. Like many of the 4400s, he’s lost and simply looking for a warm face, something Niki has provided.

    Lilly got dizzy two times throughout the episode. One of those times was in the apartment, which Lilly said she felt the baby didn’t like. Is her baby the cause of Lilly’s nausea? Does she/he have supernatural powers, as well?

    4400 Of the Week:

    Carl Morrissey “The Bradley Park Vigilante”

    Disappeared: February 16, 2003

    Power: Super Ninja Skills (or something like that)

    A Few Notes and Quotes

    - I like the theme song, as well as the opening credits.

    - Kyle is facing brain damage and is in surgery. What did Sean do to him?

    - Lilly deserves credit for realizing Heidi doesn’t need her.

    - Niki knows about Sean’s ability.

    - Maia’s ability was referred to in this episode as both clairvoyance and “second sight”.

    - Richard and Lilly are moving fast; they’ve already moving in together.

    - Tom: “Sean, we’ll talk again.”

    Sean: “Oh, I can’t wait.”

    - Tom: “So what, are we in Orson Bailey territory here?”

    Diana: “I wouldn't rule it out. Which would give us what, a telekinetic insurance salesman, a clairvoyant eight year old, and now, some kind of sad sack super vigilante?”

    Tom: “Hell of a trio.”

    And my favorite...

    - Linda: “So, am I a genius, or am I crazy?”

    Milo: “We don’t make that distinction in here.”

    Final Rating: 2 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

Kathleen Wilhoite

Kathleen Wilhoite

Grace Morrissey

Guest Star

David Eigenberg

David Eigenberg

Carl Morrissey

Guest Star

Peter Grasso

Peter Grasso

Burt Krochuk

Guest Star

Andrew Airlie

Andrew Airlie

Brian Moore

Recurring Role

Lori Ann Triolo

Lori Ann Triolo

Linda Baldwin

Recurring Role

Richard Kahan

Richard Kahan

Marco Pacella

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Trivia: EEG stands for electro-encephalogram. An EEG is a way to map the activity of the brain by placing electrodes over the patient's head.

    • Trivia: Enron was a trading and energy corporation that had fraudulent accounting methods. The corporation filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

    • Featured 4400s

      * Carl Morrissey, disappeared 16 February 2003, from Seattle, Washington. He returns with enhanced strength and reflexes.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Lily: I know this is going to sound strange, but that other place we looked at, the baby didn't like it.
      Richard: Maternal instincts kicking in already, huh?
      Lily: No, it's not that. It's that somehow, I know what the baby's thinking.
      Richard: Lily, the baby's barely two months along, it's not thinking anything.
      Lily: I can't explain it any more than you can explain where you've been for fifty years, or what's happened to us during the time we've been gone. I don't sound too strange, do I?
      Richard: Of course not.

    • Tom: So how have you been?
      Linda: Good! My lawyer was asking if you'd signed those divorce papers yet.
      Tom: I thought maybe if we had dinner one night... we could sign them together.
      Linda: You mean make plans that you cancel at the last minute?
      Tom: I'll bring the papers, we'll have a good meal, a couple of glasses of wine...
      Linda: And a good cry.
      Tom: That, too.
      Linda: Stefano's?
      Tom: Yeah. Where else?

    • Tom: Why take this guy, give him extra juice to think he can make a difference, send him back…
      Diana: Only to get himself killed, what's the point?
      Tom: I wish to hell I knew.

    • (Lily and Richard are dancing to "Mona Lisa")
      Richard: This was brand new when I disappeared, and now it's a… What do you call it?
      Lily: A golden oldie.
      Richard: I guess I'm a golden oldie, too.

    • Ryland: I'm telling you, Tom, there's a lot of chatter in DC about putting the 4400 back in quarantine, not that I agree. But if they're so dangerous, how is cramming them into one space any safer?

    • Tom: So what, are we in Orson Bailey territory here?
      Diana: I wouldn't rule it out, which would give us what, a telekinetic insurance salesman, a clairvoyant eight year old, and now, some kind of sad sack super vigilante.
      Tom: Hell of a trio.

    • Tom: One guy taking on three attackers doesn't sound that far-fetched.
      Victim: But, if you saw him, you'd think it was impossible. He was 35, 40, maybe five foot six and weighed about 150 pounds.
      Diana: So, not exactly The Rock, huh?

    • Danny: Look, we're the same age now, I'm not your little brother anymore.
      Shawn: Then, stop acting like a two year old. You're my brother, she's your girlfriend, it's all good, right?
      Danny: Yeah, right.

    • Diana: Marco.
      Marco: Skouris, good, I checked out your idea.
      Diana: So, am I a genius, or am I crazy?
      Marco: We don't make that distinction in here.

    • Gracie: Carl, where have you been?
      Carl: I got mugged.
      Gracie: Oh, my God! Are you alright? Did they hurt you?
      Carl: I didn't get hurt. They got hurt.

    • Lily: I hope I didn't embrass you?
      Richard: No, it's not that, I just figured he wouldn't rent you the place if I was part of the deal. I know, I know, it's not 1951 anymore, times have changed, but, sometimes, I'm just surprised at how much.

    • Maia: I never meant to scare anyone.
      Tom: We know that, sweetie. But why did you say those things to Mrs. Krause about her daughter?
      Maia: Because they're true.
      Tom: But how did you know?
      Maia: I just do.
      Tom: If I asked you whether it was going to rain next Sunday, would you know the answer?
      Maia: Maybe. I don't know. What's gonna happen to me now?
      Tom: The doctors here are gonna take another look at you. Oh, don't worry. It won't hurt.
      Maia: I don't believe you. It's gonna hurt, isn't it?

    • Tom: Why disappear a little girl from the 1940s, hold her for sixty years and then send her back with the ability to predict the future? I mean, what were they thinking?
      Diana: They? We don't even know if there is a they.
      Tom: He, she, it, take your pick. Somebody's behind this.

    • Carl: I learned something important tonight. I'm a different man. Those aliens, or whoever took me, they did something. They took me. They changed me. They made me better.

    • Carl: Grace, 15 years ago I proposed to you in this park.
      Grace: 15 years ago I was a size 2 and you had your hair down to your shoulders. Things change. From now on, you take the long way around.

    • Maia: And then can l go home?
      Diana: Home?
      Maia: With you, I don't like being here alone.
      Diana: You want to stay with me?
      Maia: You don't like being alone either. I can always come back for my checkups. Please. Diana: Look, Maia, l'm not even sure I'm the kind of person I want to live with. I eat cold pizza for breakfast and...
      Maia: That sounds all right to me.

    • (Maia is sitting up on the doctor's table with tears in her eyes)
      Diana: Hey, Maia. How long have they left you like this?
      Maia: A while. I think they all went on their coffee break.
      Diana: (scoffs) Well, you know... that's pretty dumb of them, isn't it?

    • Lily: Are you with me, because I remind you of the other Lily?
      Richard: Maybe at first. But now all I see is you.

    • Diana: It's a theory. That's why they call it the Theory Room.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Featured Music "Poison Well" by Insolence "Mona Lisa" by Nat King Cole "The Reason" by Hoobastank "Heaven" by Los Lonely Boys
      "Love Me" by National Product