The 4400

Season 3 Episode 1

The New World (1)

Aired Unknown Jun 11, 2006 on USA

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  • The New World (1)

    The New World (1) was a perfect start to the third season of The 4400. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it picks right up where last season ended. Isabelle has grown and visits Shawn who is uncomfortable with the situation. I thought it was interesting how this affected Lily, and it was fun to watch Richard come to terms with what has happened. I felt really bad for Lily who was only 29. Meanwhile Tom and Diana try to track down TJ Kim using Gary Navarro and his mind reading ability. I thought this was a fast paced episode with a lot happening. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • A new organization, the Nova Group, claims to be a defensive organization for 4400s.

    Good start to the new season which nicely continues from the excellent season 2 finale.

    Ryland is on trial and is attacked by his attorney who's under the influence of a 4400.

    Many more 4400s are showing signs of ability now that the chemical is no longer used. This causes a lot of problems, Richard for instance, cannot control his telekenisis.

    It was shocking to see a grown-up Isabelle and an old Lily and seeing as Shawn can't heal it, it's not really a sickness.

    The ending was a nice twist, revealing the fact that Shawn used the centre's money to start the Nova group was surprising!
  • A great start for a promising season!

    Many things are revealed in this promising pilot. Some new 4400 are brought up with new abilities such as the power to control electricity and to produce light in the palm of the hand. Isabelle ages as does Lily (her mother). Isabelle, knowing that she is the cause of her mother's 50 years in one minute aging tries to commit suicide but miraculously survives without a scratch. We are introduced to the Nova Group, a group of 4400 "militia" that attack those who are against the returnees. Finally we acknoledge the fact that Shaun is involved with the Nova Group.
    A great start with promising caracters and new stories.
  • Season Three begins...

    "Anyone else feel like they're staring at a doomsday clock?"

    The 4400 saga continues where it left off in this pivotal albeit a little slow series opener. More 4400s and their abilities are revealed, as are the terrorist Nova Group.
    Isobelle is a welcome addition to the now quite large cast, and the actress playing her does well in displaying her innocence and suicidal nature.
  • Season 3 kicks off and it kicks off hard

    Well it wouldn\'t be the 4400 without surprises and great moments. Season 3 kicks off and it kicks off hard. We find out Lily has gotten old fast and it\\\'s because of Isabelle. It brings alot of character interaction and sub-plots that can go on for the remainder of the season. Isabelle is a great addition and alot to absorb but amazing well acted by Megalyn. I am sad to say goodbye to Laura Allen but I know she left the show on bad terms and will not be appearing again. Too bad, she was starting to grow on me.

    I can\'t wait for sunday to come along so I can continue with this great show.
  • I get shivers when I see the opening tune again ... it has begun !


    After a brief review of the second season the new action starts in court, with Ryland explaining his conspiracy program of injecting the 4400 with promicen. In court, a 4400 attempts to murder him but luckily he survives (he's a strong character, you really need him in this stories - that's my personal opinion on him).

    Isabel has aged 20 years, which makes her pretty pretty nice. The downside : her mother lily has aged 50 years, which makes her pretty les nice to watch. Ah well, fair trade.

    Nova, the terrorist fraction of the 4400 announces an attack on october 19th, but it ends up in them making a part of the Nubian desert furtile, which, for us humans, is quite good news.

    A lot more plots start/happen/end, what makes for a really good pilot of another promising season. nice !
  • Dull and Uninspired.

    I started watching this series at the beginning (seems like about 7 years ago now).
    The original concept of this show was a very brilliant idea, something that television isn't well known for.
    The first few episodes were exactly what I was expecting, great writing, great character studies and far above average offering in the sci-fi genre.

    The second season, however, lost it's momentum about half way through when the writers decided to make this more of a night-time soap opera with a tiny bit of mediocre science fiction thrown in.

    The latest season starts no better than the weakest of any of the other earlier episodes, except that it's twice as long, which makes for twice as much boredom.

    I'd expect a show titled "The 4400" to come up with more original story lines and stop focusing so much on the governmental agencies and aspects of the show. With 4400 returnees to pick from, you could focus on a completely different returnee weekly for years. Instead they've chosen a handful of subjects and try to interest us in their now dull lives. The agents are the focal point of this show now, so they should retitle it "4400 Hunters" because this is no longer really about the 4400, only a very minute fraction of them.

    I was generous in rating this show a whopping 4, because I'm still hoping one of the creators or writers or producers or even one of the actors or crew will realize that they're missing such a great opportunity for potential here.

  • An incredible season premiere. I spent two hours watching and one organizing the thing in my head.

    This episode was one big roller coaster ride.

    The first thing that captured my attention is the way the 4400s abilites are improving. While that could have been completely ignored in a lesser show, the way the effect of removing the promicin inhibitor is shown is top-class: Having Dennis Ryland stabbed.

    Even in a bed he delivers good acting and delivering the second best line of the episode.

    The highlight of the premiere, to me, was watching Diana and Dr. Burkhoff. This WAS the best quote of the episode.

    Diana: Are you injecting yourself with the promicin serum?

    Burkhoff: That's ridiculous! I'm injecting myself with a MODIFIED VERSION of the promicin serum.

    It will be interesting to see how Dr. Burkhoff develops. But that was a light note in a dark episode.

    Lily's aging, Isabelle's attempted suicide, Tom's start of what looks like an addiction to alternate realities, and worst of all Matthew Ross betraying his resurrected boss all made the episode a huge dark scary thrill ride, but one that was way worth it once you get off. One of the one-two-three-four... punch episodes that never let up. Exactly why this series rocks.
  • The best thing about The 4400 is that it still surprises. It isn't so successful that the network feels they have to force the writers into keeping a status quo. The trees rattle from time to time, and even come crashing down.

    The best thing about The 4400 is that it still surprises. It isn't so successful that the network feels they have to force the writers into keeping a status quo. The trees rattle from time to time, and even come crashing down.

    The biggest change in this episode (spoilers ahead if you haven't seen it, so stop here in that case) was the death of an original core charater. It's interesting sometimes to know the reason why these sorts of changes in cast happen. Was Lily written out because Laura Allen wanted to quit the show or because Ira and Craig thought it would be really neat to turn her into Tippi Hedren for two episodes? If it was due to the former, there is a zero chance Lily will return. If the latter is the case, she may return. After all, in science fiction all things are possible. Last season's finale already boasted a resurrection. Either way, it offered a ripping start for the new season.

    If only the season were 20 episodes long instead of 13...
  • I think the most interesting part of this series will be Isabelle\'s journey on the path of discovering the difference between good and evil.

    She has learned it\'s possible to choose, but as we all know in real life, it\'s not always cut and dried. Sometimes the choices are very hard to distinguish. Not everything is 100% good or 100% evil. \"Will the good of the many outweigh the good of the few or the one?\"
    This series reminds me of a series of books called WildCards which was edited by George R.R. Martin. A virus was released into the atmosphere creating \"extra\" abilities in people. People who had a clear thought of what they truly deeply wanted were turned into \"Aces\" and the people who had dark thoughts or were too emotional turned into \"Jokers\". Very interesting play on what makes things right and what makes things wrong. I look forward to the series to see how it plays out, so to speak. Will there be 4400 solutions or just one?
  • It was worth waiting for. . .

    For some reason though I thought that Isabelle would be evil fully grown up . . I did not expect the innocence and the complete blank page ready to be written on approach that they took with this one. I like it though, this way I like, this way I can see when and where the changes take place and which road she chooses to take. . . the good . . . or the evil.

    I am afraid for Shaun . . . I just feel like he is going to be up for some tough days ahead here.
  • Why I watch!

    This was a great show and that like one reviewer
    Here says is that she was sorry to see Lily killed off
    In such a way. Despite knowing that she would be no longer a cast member, I loved Lily as well.
    Tom & Diane are the glue to the show as they try to find out what has made the 4400 act strange and all that!
  • It was an okay season premiere.

    I don't know what I was expecting for this third season premiere but I know I really did not get it. I was bored for most of this premiere. Isabel is really naive which is to be expected so it will be interesting to see whether she ends up being a good girl or a bad one. The whole 4400 terrorist organization Nova was not surprising due to the events of last season. One of the saddest parts of the episode was when Lily died. I really liked Lily and Richard as a couple. How Richard deals with Lily's death and how it will affect his relationship with Isabel remains to be seen. I just hope that next week's episode is better than the season premiere was.
  • The season premire tells you one thing: Expect the unexpected.

    Whatever we thought was going to happen, it wasn't like this. I still can't believe they killed off Lilly and especially like that. Tippi was excellent as the aging Lilly, realizing her time was running out and wanting to do it on her own terms. The final scene with her and Richard was truly moving as we felt with him the loss of one of the original characters. It will be interesitng to see how Richard is effected by this.

    The thing with Isabelle is very interesting, how she seems immortal, which is more moving given Lilly's fate. How that guy seems to know so much about her is yet another mystery to add to the pile as is her strange abilities.

    The Nova Group was handled very well with several twists like the telepath working for them and the fact Shawn helped fund them. That their "attack" was an act of kindness was a brilliant stroke that makes them far more dangerous and intriguing than we had expected. The strength is how you realize they really do have a point with the goverment's control.

    It's good that Shawn is still thrown by all that's happening, reminding us how young he really is. That eccentric scientist is still a bit too goofy for me but the idea of him replicating 4400 abilities is something to play with.

    It's good to show Tom and Diane getting along with lives with 4400. I believe the alternate realities thing is going to have far more long-reaching consequences than Tom expects and I wonder how long it will be before Diane starts to interrogate Mya over what's going to happen.

    The acting was great as always with Peter Coyote still enthralling even when in a hospital bed. Overall, this sets the stage for what could be the coolest season ever for this show and I'm in it all the way.