The 4400

Season 3 Episode 2

The New World (2)

Aired Unknown Jun 11, 2006 on USA

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  • The New World (2)

    The New World (2) was a perfect second half to the first episode of the third season of The 4400. I enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character development as the plot moves forward. I thought it was interesting how Matthew took a firm hand to Isabelle, who is after all just a child, and he really wrapped one around her. It was sad to see her going through all of this alone and scared. Richard takes Lily to the cabin in the woods where they had lived before Isabelle was born to have her last moments. This was a sad and touching scene. Richard is now left all alone with a daughter he doesn't understand. Shawn makes a critical decision to get the Nova Group off his back, however it may cost him. This episode had a lot of emotion, and was very complex. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Isabelle has to decide whether to live or not.

    An episode full of moral questions. Isabelle, who tried to commit suicide in the previous episode in order to save Lily, is given a lethal substance by Matthew and has to decide whether to inject it or not.

    Richard and Lily decide to leave and when they arrive at the little cottage where they used to live when on the run, Richard turn to Lily to find that she has died.

    A very sad moment and storyline. I always liked Lily, so her death was very sad. I certainly do not like Isabelle the same way, so I hope that future episode may change that.

    Shawn deciding to stop supporting the Nova Group and his decision to call in NTAC was surprising...
  • A great episode with a big moral side

    This episode, as a second part of the pilot reveals more of what left us clinging at the end of the second season. In this episode we finally hear news of Jordan Collier as Matthew is aware that he is alive and tries to keep him away from Isabelle. Lily dies as Isabelle failed to commit suicide. Kevin Burkoff starts showing signs of change due to the promicen injections. Finally Maya starts attending a 4400 school at the center. This episode reveals a little more about each character and entangles the action a little more.
    This show is getting more and more promising! Good episode and great show!
  • The New World continues...

    The story continues in Part Two in which we finally see more of Maia - thank God, as she wasn't really in part 1 much. Please give her more screen time, and maybe some other kids to act with. The music montage at the end is really good too. Can't wait for Being Tom Baldwin...
  • I don\'t really have anything special to say about this episode except that I didn\'t like the fact that Lily died, I was hoping they would find a way around it cause she was one of my favorite characters

    Other than the oncredible loss of Lily I just thought nothing really exciting happened even though it\'s the beginning of the new season. I do wonder what happened to gary Navarro because in the next episodes they don\'t seem to be looking for him anymore even though he did some bad thing to the government and the other 4400
  • Great show and great acting!

    This is a must see show and I hope that
    USA will show it for many more years to come
    After the Dead Zone will be over this year as
    Isabelle tries to commit suicide but falls without a scratch though Matthew tries to give her insight of what will be her future.
    And in injection that could lead to her death!
    No wonder I am loving this show each and every minute!
  • Lets throw some water on this guy then beat him up also evil guy gets creepy

    Which evil guy gets creepy? All the evil guys do in this episode. Watching somebody get tourtured was painful but thank goodness it stopped before the hooked up the wires seen in the background. This show really needs to stop trying to be so up to date. It just is not working here.

    Meanwhile we get a hint about the future or maybe future of Isabelle. They really need to rethink their plans for her. She was a strong baby, didn\'t just accept anything, now she is grown up and gets slapped around. What happened here?

    There are a couple plot holes here and there such as:

    What happened to Shawns druggie girlfriend?

    If Isabelle gre up as Lily grew older, why the huge age gap? 20 year old daughter and a 70 year old mother? Also why didn\'t her father also grow older? She is part of both of them.

    What is happening with Tom\'s son?

    Why didn\'t Isabelle live with her parents? It looked like she was living in the center while they had a house. It made no sense.

    A lot of things make no sense with this show. Sometimes they make up for the later but it is starting to look sloppy. The one-liners are chessey and so is the all of a sudden update on the womens make-up. The only people that still look the same are the men and Maia.

  • when you tought it couldn't get better after the season finale they release this .. simply amazing ! The ending song (Thirteen Senses - into the fire) is even better then the previous (switchfoot - this is your life). One eps gone and i'm hooked ag

    While the first season wasn't good but not extraordinary, the second season was just mindblazing, and i had doubts they could make another season of the same quality.
    After watching this pilot, my doubts are gone. They start building an intresting new storyline ( humans vs abductees), they are numerous unexpected turns and the end is better then anything i have ever seen.
    I especially love the Reiland caracter, he plays he's role extremely well and he's like the good guy / bad guy and you never know what rabbit he's gonna pull out of his head. i'm glad he survived a 4400 attack :-)
    We say goodbye to Lily but her lovely (ow yeah) daughter Isabel makes up for that. All the other stars are still present, and apparently even Jorden Collier is still out there somewhere.

    Really, i can't wait to see how this is going to turn out, there are endless possibilities and i'm sure now this will be another mindblazeing season. Keep it up !
  • A thrilling conclusion to an incredible episode. Some great twists and breathtaking moments. \"Into the Fire\" was a great choice for a song at the end, which was amazing as well.

    This episode is exactly why I watch this series. The premiere was a return to the never let \'em up style of some of the episodes in season 2.

    Lily\'s death was a sad ans surprising end to the episode, as was Kevin Burkhoff\'s further mutations and Maia meeting Tyler the remote boy.

    The way the episode ended was the way the season finale ended, with a great montage leaving several plot threads to continue next week in Being Tom Baldwin.

    Nova turning bits of the Sahara into wheat fields was a surprising twist that I hope will be followed up on. Perhaps a 4400 poison undetectable to man? Maybe it will turn people toward the 4400? Maybe something else, a mind control chemical? All I know is that I hope it isn\'t truly benevolent. That would be too easy.
  • I don't think we should read into Isabella's statement that she is destined to be "evil” or “bad." Keep in mind she is still learning and in is still in many ways a child...

    I read a review saying Isabella is destined to be bad or evil, which I do not think is the case. In Isabella's childlike mind, the fact that she had to make the choice to grow up or let her mother live is why she is feeling like she is an evil or bad person. I think Mathew Ross told her that she had to let her mother pass because she was destined for great things. In Isabella’s mind, this choice will make her evil even though this is not the case.

    All in all, I think the episode and the start to the season was a good one. The dialogue can be forced and the acting can be pretty lame at times (Tom Baldwin looking away from Ryland before entering the courtroom was classic bad acting),but the story is still intriguing and fun to watch. Does anyone else wonder why there are sound-effects whenever Shawn is “healing” someone?

    Again, good start and looking forward to seeing where this season takes us.
  • A strong return for a great summer series

    It’s been quite a few months since “The 4400” was airing new episodes, and in the meantime, it feels like the writing staff actually listened to some of the fan response from the second season. In particular, it’s almost as though they listened to everything I was saying and changed things accordingly. Granted, the plot threads all pointed in the right direction, but I can still crow a little bit, right?

    Perhaps the most obvious and well-timed change is this shift towards a more familiar dynamic. Those who remember the classic “X-Men” or more recent “Rising Stars” comic books probably recognize and appreciate the current themes at play. In particular, with nothing to inhibit the natural escalation of their powers, the surviving 4400s are discovering that they are more powerful than humanity ever imagined. Some of them are using that power to help, but others are going full-out Brotherhood of Evil Mutants on the world.

    To some, this may seem simple, but it places the characters into some rather complex conflict scenarios. From an external point of view, there are four camps, all more or less vying for control of the 4400 and their future. There’s the division within NTAC, which is representative of the division within the human population: some want to help the 4400 integrate and make their promised impact, while others want to eliminate or control the 4400. Among the 4400, there’s Jordan Collier’s foundation and Sean’s attempt to keep its ideals afloat, and then there’s the Nova Group, which has taken a more proactive approach to ensuring that the 4400 control their own destinies. All the characters are caught in this larger chess game, which allows for fascinating character arcs.

    Internally, Tom and Diana continue to struggle with the reality that they are, in a certain sense, compromised. Alana is portrayed as someone helping Tom cope with his emotional stress, but one could easily interpret that as a means of control in and of itself. Diana cannot deal with the larger issues posed by the 4400 without considering the effect on Maia. It continues to place them in the center of the storm.

    The 4400 themselves struggle with the loss of the promycin inhibitor. Some find it remarkably liberating, since they now have more power and better control. Others (like Richard) have discovered that their abilities are a lot harder to control, especially when emotions run high. It could be interesting for a future episode to explore the ramifications of a powerful 4400 losing control over his or her abilities, thus becoming a potential threat. Imagine how each faction would choose to respond. (And that’s right out of the “X-Men” playbook, I admit, but I think it would be fascinating on this more “human” level.)

    Sean is in a particularly troublesome place, and his emerging relationship with Isabelle could go in any number of troubling directions. Isabelle herself is probably going to be fairly unstable, and if she’s as powerful as she seems to be, the growing conflict could center on control over her future. Isabelle’s development has already been deadly (Lily’s death was a shocking but logical progression of the story), and it could bring up a lot more questions about the methods and choices of the “future humanity” that created the 4400 in the first place.

    Similarly, Dr. Burkhoff’s experiments with the modified promycin will no doubt lead to his future success as the father of the 4400 (in the usual temporal paradox fashion), but it may also lead to the circumstances that required the creation of the 4400 in the first place. What if an early version of the promycin booster turns out to have long-term side effects, but they don’t show up until a significant percent of the human population has already tried to alter their DNA to become one of the special ones?

    Despite the two-hour length and the massive amount of plot and character material to cover, this was a strong and well-paced premiere. It actually felt like it should have been a bit longer, which speaks to the depth of the narrative. There’s enough happening that the remaining 11 episodes of the summer season could be jam-packed with plot and character arcs. The producers did indicate that the series mythology was going to be the focus, but time will tell. If it does center on the rich array of conflicts, it should be more than worth the long wait.
  • Yays and nays.....As a faithful follower of The 4400, I eagerly awaited for this season premeire. Overall, I wasn't disappointed, but...

    The joy of writing sci-fi. Anything can happen and plausible explanation not required. I wondered how the storyline would go further and this episode offered some interesting twists, albeit unbelievable.

    Like others, the Richard/Lily storyline was one of my favorites, and I'm sorry to see it come to an end. I didn't care for the way she was written out, though. Isabelle's transformation literally overnight via use of Lily's neurons was just a little hard to swallow. Kudos to Tippi Hendren, however, for taking her out with grace.

    Shawn just seems overwelmed since Jordan's "death" and hopefully he can break out of his funk. Diana and Marcus (is that his name?) just don't click romantically, and hopefully Tom and Alana will make a go of it.

    Jordan needs to make his return and get this back on the right track. I wonder, howver, how he will treat Isabelle, as one of the last things he spoke of was her betrayal.
  • I found this episode to be a good start for season 3!

    I am very intrigued by the new powers the 4400 have developed. I think it makes the show more interesting. I found myself to be torn about who's side I should be on. I realize that it is not that simple, I think that is the point. Before I was always in favor of the 4400, but now I am curious if things will change. Isabelle introduced the already suspected notion that she was destined to be "bad" if that is what she chooses. This being the case, then how will she influence Sean? With Sean influencing the 4400, anything can happen.
  • It was worth the wait.

    I'm glad I didn't read any of the spoiler. I was really surprised that they killed off Lily. I kept thinking they were going to do same thing they did with collier. I was certain they'd find a way to bring Lily back. Finding out that the actress has left the show ends that idea.

    The love story between Richard and Lily was one of my favorite aspect of the show. So I wasn't too happy they ended it. It's going to be interesting to see how Richard deals with the fallout as well as his grown daughter.

    The only other thing that I didn't like was Kyle and Diana basically becoming the bad guys. Even though we know how much they care about the 4440. The rest of the world just see them as thugs now.

    Overall the writers have stayed true to the vision of the 4400, but this new militant faction is a logical extension of what we've seen in season 1 and 2.

    That's probably one of the best season premiers I've seen in a long time.
  • I\'m interested in seeing where this is going.

    I hadn\'t been watching the series at all until the marathon last weekend, and this premiere seems to be moving into the more predictable of the \"XMEN\" paranoid fantasy dystopii. The defensive arm of The 4400, NTAC being overridden by the Pentagon, the 4400 Center itself becoming something like a school where returnees can develop their abilities. A regular person injecting himself with promycin to mimic the effects he\'s observed (which despite differences in means and motive is sort of like Sen. Kelly in \"XMEN\" after Magneto exposed him to that machine).

    And then there\'s the most direct correlation with \"Angel\" -- the infant Isabelle is suddenly a statuesque mocha beauty who drains her mother\'s lifeforce and when given the choice of saving her mother and ultimately destroying everything chooses to destroy everything. It reminds me of the Jasmine arc at the end of \"Angel\" Season Four.

    \"Angel\" and \"The XMEN\" both had Joss Whedon involvement so at least they stole from the best. :)

    But the show is evolving naturally and whatever you want to say about it, you can\'t say it isn\'t interesting. Whatever\'s up with Collier, at least they\'re not forgetting about him. And Sean is changing a lot.

    It\'s too bad they can\'t find Kyle. He might be able to link with the Future again and see if things are going in the right direction -- if this is, indeed, what they had in mind.

    But even coming to the show very late, I\'m enjoying it, and I\'m interested in seeing where they go from here.
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