The 4400

Season 3 Episode 10

The Starzl Mutation

Aired Unknown Aug 06, 2006 on USA
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The Starzl Mutation
Tom and Diana's investigation into a series of gruesome murders leads them to uncover another conspiracy within the government. At the 4400 Center, Shawn receives a gift from another returnee that allows him to see his future.

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  • The Starzl Mutation

    The Starzl Mutation was a superb episode of The 4400. I enjoyed watching this episode because it had an interesting twist in the plot lines as a rogue soldier from a secret government program begins to kill people with a special mutation, Shawn has disturbing visions of the future creating a huge dilemma for him, and Dennis Ryland plays politics well. I thought the main premis of this episode was great and an interesting development making the whole idea of the 4400 more complex and engaging. The end of this episode had a shocking moment and I look forward to watching the next episode of The 4400!!!!!!!moreless
  • Was it a directors choice??

    When I saw Tom running in the forest and before hitting the water I noticed that the back of his jacket said NTAC in big white block letters, BUT when he was fighting the mutated soldier he managed to lose the word NTAC on his back because when her partner tried to shoot the soldier she couldn't.

    That is because the director decided that both of them should have plain black jackets just to add to the drama, soldier dead facing down on the surface of the water.

    I wonder who checks for this type of errors, unless it was done in purpose.

    You decide!!!

  • After a present from a 4400 Shawn has vision of a possible future after his marriage to Isabelle.

    Excellent episode with lots of room for speculation. Shawn's visions, induced by smoking LOL, show possible futures. These visions will undoubtedly influence future decisions in general and with regards to Isabelle in particular.

    Tom and Diana are in pursuit of a serial killer, not a 4400, but a military man with a 4400 ability gained by promicin injection as part of a test programme by the US army.

    The big twist, saved till the very last bit of the episode of course, was the appearance of long-dead Jordan Collier. It appears the disappearance of his body was not a fluke and it also appears he's not dead or possibly no longer dead??moreless
  • 4400's getting better

    Shawn: So what you're saying is if I smoke this cigar, I'm going to see the future?

    Claudio: Your future. A possible one anyway. As I said, use with caution. You might not like what you see. But it seems an appropriate gift for a man on his wedding day.

    Shawn: Well, it is better than a toaster oven. Thank you, Claudio.

    Claudio: My congratulations to you. The Starzl Mutation is a return to fine form for The 4400. After the pretty lacklustre Home Front, Blink and Ballad of Kevin and Tess (although that one wasn't bad) comes a revealing, and interesting installment that delves a bit more into the ongoing 4400 story. Shawn seeing the future thanks to a cigar(!), gross corpses and a good cliffhanger too. So much better.moreless
  • I love this episode it has to be one of my favourites.

    This is a brilliant episode. It is so full of trauma. After a series of grusome murders leads Tom and Dianne to brlieve that a 4400 is involved. But instead of finding a 4400 they find a man who has been druged up to the heavens with promisson.(excuse the spelling)

    It is a compact episode that shows a bit of what is to come between Shane and Isabelle. It is very exciting but is let down by the lack of action in it. But a great twist in the storyline of the return of Jordan Colllier more then makes up for this.

    Over all a great episode that holds up to the high standards that are known on this show. Definetly worth a 9.5moreless
J. August Richards

J. August Richards

John Shaffner

Guest Star

Jamie Martz

Jamie Martz

Darren Piersahl

Guest Star

Donna Yamamoto

Donna Yamamoto

Paula Nakata

Guest Star

Peter Coyote

Peter Coyote

Dennis Ryland

Recurring Role

Jody Thompson

Jody Thompson


Recurring Role

Kavan Smith

Kavan Smith

Agent Garrity

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Featured 4400s

      * Claudio Borghi, disappeared 19 June 1961. He has the ability that let others see a possible vision of their future when he touches them or they touch something that has come into direct contact with his hands.
      * Edwin Garrett, disappeared 8 October 1980.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Claudio: (after giving Shawn the cigar) I think you will be surprised at the effects.
      Shawn: Hey, I'm not going to get arrested for having this, am I?

    • (At the park, after Shawn tells Richard the possible outcomes of marrying vs. not marrying Isabelle.)
      Shawn: Nothing's inevitable, right?
      Richard: Let's hope not. 'Cause believe me; I don't wanna die.

    • (As Diana and Tom are leaving Ryland's office)
      Ryland: Now if this program existed; and please understand, I'm not saying it does; you seem to think people would be shocked to know it was out there. Me, I think they'd be grateful. I think any good citizen would be thankful that his government was working on this; because you can be damned sure our enemies are.
      Tom: If everyone would be so happy why not just tell us about it?!
      Ryland: As usual, you have no idea of what the stakes are. Whoever controls promicin has a strategic advantage over the rest of the world. This is another Manhattan Project, Tom. And they didn't close it down because a couple of technicians got radiation poisoning. They kept on working and they were right to do that. It's made the world a better place.
      Tom: Not that you're admitting the program exists; right?
      Ryland: (After a short pause) What program?

    • Shawn: So what you're saying is if I smoke this cigar, I'm going to see the future?
      Claudio: Your future. A possible one anyway. As I said, use with caution. You might not like what you see. But it seems an appropriate gift for a man on his wedding day.
      Shawn: Well, it is better than a toaster oven. Thank you, Claudio.
      Claudio: My congratulations to you.

    • (Just before the wedding begins, Shawn is shocked to see a familiar person coming out of the crowd)
      Jordan Collier: Shawn... Shawn Farrell... Do you know who I am?

    • Tom: These soldiers you're creating; are you going to use them to defend the country? Or are you just going to send them after the 4400?
      Ryland: Is there a difference? Enjoy your nephew's wedding.

    • Ryland: I don't know, Tom. I've been working here for less than three months. I still don't know where the supply closets are and now you've got me heading up a covert program where I'm injecting promicin into United States soldiers?

    • Diana: Someone could've planted Darren Piersahl's fingerprints at the crime scene. Who knows? It could be a 4400, someone who can mimic other people's fingerprints.
      Tom: Maybe, but if you're trying to frame someone, why would you pick a dead man?

    • Diana: You want me to go to Shawn's wedding with you?
      Tom: It's not a date, okay? I figured you might be interested. Almost a thousand 4400s are coming.
      Diana: Oh, so it's a professional courtesy?
      Tom: Yeah, that's one way to put it. Look, to be honest, I'd rather not be the only one sitting at the NTAC table.
      Diana: You'd have a hard time finding a dancing partner.

    • Diana: If what you say is right, it would explain why the 4400 were sent back in 2004. Why they were all brought to Seattle.
      Tom: This is the only place the 4400 can reproduce and have kids with abilities. Any of this sound familiar?
      Ryland: I think I read the same theory in a supermarket tabloid once.

  • NOTES (1)